Cheshire Pheasants

Cheshire Pheasants


I would like to invite your page members to join my
Facebook group "UK and Ireland Squirrels The Grey Area”.
You could make all the difference
The purpose of the page is to coordinate a Grey Squirrel cull for the whole of the UK and Ireland.
They are destroying are Song Birds, Wild life and Trees.
There is also a Resident woodcock problem and Grey Squirrel could be the main course with them on the decline By eating there eggs..
Or there is always Pine Marten's If you have red squirrels near you and would like to protect them,
please help create a Grey Squirrel Exclusion Area and re establish our endangered Red Squirrel into the UK and Ireland.
We need 20,000 members for this idea to work we have 6,150 and is having results in the North East,
I am looking for Squirrel Hunters but also people who cull rats, rabbit's, pigeons and crows,
to turn their attention to grey squirrels control.
I am also looking for professional's, landowners, farmers, gamekeepers, pest control and wildlife experts
We also need local council's and public who want to give support or join the Group.
Please join a Local group which goes by your OS Explorer map page numbers.
To do this please PM me the first half of your post code and i will send you a link to the group
Please DO NOT put your KILL or Natural Kill photos on this group
Please don't leave this Grey Squirrel problem to the next generation.
Other than that, please join in the conversation Please tell me ( by PM ) a little bit about yourself if you shoot,
trap or other form of grey control..
And what part of the UK and Ireland area you are in
If you know anyone who would possibly like to be in this group can you please tell them and
Please make a Red squirrel happy Thank You Brendan.2018
Look at this on eBay

Pheasant & Partridge Poults and Mallard Growers for delivery across the North West, Midlands, North Wales, Yorkshire and Scottish Borders. The Darbyshires have been farming our 16th century farm since the 1800s.

I am the fifth generation and started rearing pheasants and partridge under broodies collected from around the farm back in the seventies when in my early teens. These were released on the farm for my friends' shooting enjoyment. A small incubator was soon acquired and extra eggs bought in. The following year there were more incubators, more eggs and a lot more shooting fun. The rest as they say is history! John Darbyshire

Operating as usual

Photos from Cheshire Pheasants's post 09/03/2018

Another batch of pen sections ready for the extra sheds. Only 200 more to make!

Timeline photos 10/06/2017

Mallard growers. Due to a great start we have about 60 surplus growers ready now.


The first of this year's pheasant chicks.


First batch of Mallard ducklings have arrived for 2017.


Melanistic day olds for an order. Will have stunning plumage and fly like rockets. Some don't like them but I love them!

Timeline photos 10/06/2016

Ex-layers starting to go out!


One week old pheasants getting flighty!

2016 10/05/2016



And the first mallard have arrived!


Just for starters!

Timeline photos 26/04/2016

Just giving the valves a final clean. In the dog house again!

Photos from Cheshire Pheasants's post 20/04/2016

First day old partridge arrived today. Client wants to shoot on the 1st of September. It's going to be a long rearing season.

New Sedgemoor sheds 14/04/2016

Due to expansion, 6 new Sedgemoor sheds going up.

Pen sections 05/04/2016

Pen sections

Timeline photos 31/01/2016

Me- all dressed up!


This is my page for my Game Rearing Buisiness. Please like and share to help it on it's way. Thank you. John Darbyshire

Untitled album 31/01/2016

Untitled album

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