Cheshire brush

Cheshire brush


My latest all hand painted in epithans 2 pack apoxy topcoat ⭐✨✨✨
☆ We Have Our New Sign!☆⁠
How beautiful is our new sign, all hand painted by the very talented Carl Tickle from Cheshire brush
All the Crewe Market Hall signs have been carefully painted and we can't wait for you to come and see them! ⁠
We're opening on 19th May - Not long now!!⁠
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Just sent you a pm 👍

Traditional signwriter and narrowboat painter. Happy to help and advise on any of your boat painting queries. Contact via web site for quicker response

I have been a traditional signwriter since I was 14 and narrowboat painter since I started my business in June 2005.

Operating as usual

Photos from Cheshire brush's post 11/04/2021

Big shout out to Churysus 😇 'the god of gold' 🙏🙏🙏 after helping turn the unpredictability of gold leaf into this show stopper. 🌟💫💫

Photos from Cheshire brush's post 06/03/2021

We have been doing quite a few of these canvas recently as they have become really popular. They are 3ft x 3ft and cost £250.
Price may vary depending on size, amount of wording or for something abit more custom made like a solid board.

Photos from Cheshire brush's post 15/01/2021

Fresh out of my top secret, climate controled, covid free, self isolation pod I give you RAINMAKER. Not sure what the fellow boaters will make of the slightly worrying name. 😬😬😬


Painted and gilding this incredible cast iron medallion, such a stunning piece of history and so rewarding and privileged to have worked on. The last pictures are the bridge it was saved from that was built in 1812 in the grounds of the Egginton estate in Derbyshire and is believed to be the 8th oldest bridge in Britain. It was built by Coalbrookdale, the famous builders of Iron Bridge in Shropshire. In the lower picture you will see as it was in the 1920’s in its full glory. The coat of arms are of the Every family who lived on the estate until 1940 when the estate was sold. The bridge was later vandalised. Today there is little left of the bridges skeleton. Structurally unsound with many sections of the ironwork missing or corroded, thankfully the 2 medallions servived and now have been fully restored to there former glory.


My summer covid-19 lockdown boat. One boat and time I will always remember. 🌈 #COVID19


A boat I painted this year was inspired by a beautiful unique bridge. The number 76, Macclesfield is known in the design world for its amazing masonry skills at the time the canals were built.


Living proof from my very clever mate James 👌👏👏
The correct way to look after an paint job, even the signwriting hasn't faded.
Any paint will break down under uv rays and also not helped by harsh car cleaning chemicals, so the trick is to put a barrier between the paint and the sun. WAX, WAX, WAX!!!!!


A signwriting job I did early on in the year before we all got locked down. This was definitely a joint effort between me and lynda, constantly passing ideas and colour options back and forth. Turned out great and was really pleased with the outcome 🐇🌝


Hard times ahead for many so why not just clear coat your existing paintwork prolonging the life of your paintwork, sealing any troubled areas and bringing the original colours back to life all at small fraction of the cost of a new paint job.


NHS rainbow tiller arm.

Tiller arm from a few week ago before the marina went into lockdown 😀🌈👨‍🎨 #nhswecare


I recently painted this personalised canvas for the wonderful Perry family.


Christmas bargain on these! £80 before the year ends 🎅🤶🎅🤶🎅🤶


Little house sign in time for Christmas! 🎅🏻🌲🤶🏻☃️❄️


A modern take on ‘one summer’
One from a while back still one of my favourites.


My new favourite van. Loved doing this job!!! Really was a privilege to work on this, especially when you have a great relationship with the customer and they trust your judgment implicitly.


A few Signwriting and boat painting projects I’ve done over the years.
Hope you like and please share 😊
Many thanks


My latest paint job and Signwriting project ‘greased lightning’
Hate long names but love unusual colours! 💥⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Please share far and wide. All shared are extremely appreciated 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


A late night session Signwriting this Land Rover before it goes off to the fury camp 🥊 🚛


My proud little girl showing off part of her hand painted artwork! 💖🚴🏽‍♂️👩🏼‍🎨


A slightly aged looking hand painted Latin inscription for a local monastery. Very tricky to get all the spacing correct due to the shear amount of words. Not a straight forward job as the 2 adjacent 7.5 meter walls had different surface areas due to a plaster coving to one of the walls. The inscription is 18.5 meters long in total.


A delicate lining job on this little beaut! 👌🏻


When the customers can’t decide on 1 name, then you just somehow have to use both. 😬😬😬


Mirror mirror! ✨✨✨✨


A few progress shot of the coming to life of the dragon. 🐲


One or 2 of you may have come across NB dragon recently, but here’s a little video I made before he set off through the 7 kingdoms into Kinver. Hope you enjoy. 🐲
(no white walkers were hurt during the making of this video).


Sometimes you have to rope in a little help from team Tickle and the Amazing iPad Pro. 👌🏻


Another time related theme, but still very enjoyable.


Pin striping on another Bentley classic this week. I seem to be lining one of these type of jobs every month.
I love this work, and it’s so great to see lots of old and new vehicles going down this route, from restoring old classics such as this, to an Ibiza dj just wanting that extra hand crafted touch. 👌🏻💫


Little project I've been working on at home over Christmas, even treated my self to some 24crt leaf for the brickwork!
Wanted to do this for some time now but not had the opportunity.
Quite pleased with how it turned out but just didn't have it on me to distress it as much as I first initially liked.


Painted this one a while ago but it's the first time I've posted the stills.
Really pleased with the way everything worked out with this regards to the colours, design and the abundance of coach lines which 99% narrowboat are known to have. I also decided to spill the astronomical clock outside of the cab which is 2 meters in lengths which also seemed to have worked quite well and helps to emphasise the simply elegant bass porthole.
This boat is definitely quite unique and different from the usual approach to the design and painting of a narrowboat and is definitely one I am most proud of.


Painted and written 'mallard' a few weeks ago. A very traditional name and style but I attempted to modernise it a little with the emerald green shadow and roman fairground style font. Customer also requested very sketchy ducks. 🦆🦆🦆


This weekends signwriting and pinstriping efforts. All colours and design are copied from his grandfathers original truck which has been fully restored and is also immaculate. These should look great together. Just can't wait to see the old fella hitching a ride.


My mates badass 70's triumph is finally complete after I traditionally written, pinstriped and gilded it for him a while back.
Love or hate it this has got to be one of the most unique motorcycles I've ever seen, let a load had the chance to work on. Steve loves restoring old bikes and his passion for it is clear when viewed in person, he's already bought his next project and is considering passing this on to someone that will appreciate it.
So please tag anyone that may have an interest in this unique bit of kit.


Cheshire brush


Photos from Cheshire brush's post

A great way to save on materials is to paint everything at the scale of 1 mm. 👌🏻
Couldn't believe the condition of this 1932 Humber push bike, not a single tell tail sight of any previous rust or signs of repairs. The level of accuracy and measurements of each original detailing was insane,

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NHS rainbow tiller arm.
A modern take on ‘one summer’One from a while back still one of my favourites.
A few Signwriting and boat painting projects I’ve done over the years.Hope you like and please share 😊Many thanks
A delicate lining job on this little beaut! 👌🏻
When the customers can’t decide on 1 name, then you just somehow have to use both. 😬😬😬
Mirror mirror! ✨✨✨✨
One or 2 of you may have come across NB dragon recently, but here’s a little video I made before he set off through the ...
Sometimes you have to rope in a little help from team Tickle and the Amazing iPad Pro. 👌🏻
Please please help to share some of the services we offer including; traditional signwriting, narrowboat painting, gold ...



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