Hannah Hairdressing

Hannah Hairdressing


It’s finally new hair day!!! Hurrah!! ❤️🎉🙌🎉🙌🎉🙌🎉🙌❤️ And a MASSIVE Thank you to the gorgeous Hannah for opening her salon earlier than planned to get me ready for my 50th Birthday celebrations!!! You’re the best 😊🙌🎉❤️ ######
Thank you Hannah Bond. As always lovely to see you and absolutely LOVE my hair. So nice to finally have it done after 8 months x
This is an actual photo.....😉
End of a lousy week what better way to start a week off work than relaxing with a prosecco while you get your done. Thank you Hannah for the chat, the laughs, the book recommendation (as always) and the haven away from the world that was your salon for me this afternoon. 😊😊
So, no pressure, but I need you to make me look like this on Saturday....
Never fails me 🙌🏻 obsessed with my new cut and colour. THE ABSOLUTE BEST ❤️❤️

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Operating as usual


Maternity Leave❤️❤️❤️

Maternity Leave❤️❤️❤️


Maternity leave update 🖤👶🏻👶🏻🖤

Maternity leave update 🖤👶🏻👶🏻🖤


Diary OPEN.
Bare with me as I reply to you all.
I'll be opening messages in waves as to not offer the same space out to often.. But as always, first to accept the appointment takes the appointment.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon xx

Photos from Hannah Hairdressing's post 05/04/2021

Salon Opening update!


Lockdown 3.0 update on this beautiful sunny day ☀️💛
Some good news for a change... Let's stay hopeful 🤞🤞🤞

Lockdown 3.0 update on this beautiful sunny day ☀️💛
Some good news for a change... Let's stay hopeful 🤞🤞🤞


😭 Lockdown 2021..


2020 Wrapped Up..🎁
And just like that, the salon is once again closed for Christmas break.
What a year its been, one like no other. I want to take the opportunity to thank every single client that walked through the door and every person that ordered your hair care from me.
Choosing to spend your hard earned money on a small business like mine means so much more to me than 2 clicks on Amazon will ever mean to them.
Thank you for choosing me.
Thank you for all the care you have taken coming in the salon and adhering to the sometimes barbaric rules.
One rule in particular comes to mind, the inability to provide you all with Prosecco this year🥂🚫 😅 It has hit us all hard.😂
But in all seriousness, thank you for all your efforts to keep yourself and others safe, it has meant I have had ZERO covid19 cases, keeping the Salon open for as long as the Tiers allowed 😁🙌
Lastly, Thankyou for all your lovely Christmas gifts not only for me but for my little one too. She has been spoilt and it means alot that you think of her too. ❤️
Now, I hope you all have a wonderful, and Merry Christmas. 🥂🤪 And a Happy New Year..
Here's to 2021, or as I like to call it Covid 19, Season 2.. 🙄🤣
Lots of Love


Christmas Hair..
Fresh Balayage.
Babylight haylo placed right where your Christmas Cracker sits 😂 creating this gorgeous soft Balayage 😍🎄❤️
#hairgoals #babylights #balayage #freshhair #blondehighlights #blonde #christmashair #fudgeheadpaint #olaplexprofessional #winterhaircolor
#warringtonhairdresser @fudgehair


This Transformation was a curse and a pleasure rolled into one, here are the 4 stages we went through to achieve this colour
This client trusted the process and looked after her hair at home with Olaplex products.
Thus meaning we completed the Process with hair in better condition and a stunning gloss.
But it was not without its problems.
Removing the red proved harder than I have experienced before.
Why is it Red hair never stays Red enough when we want it, but we cannot always remove the red tone entirely either?
(there is an answer for this but I'll save you the science lesson😂 we've had enough for one year 🔬🧪👩🏻‍🔬🙄)
#hairbyme #fudgeheadpaint #redhair #redhaircolor #hairtransformation #blondehair #olaplex #blonde #longhair


2020 got us like.. Meh


Tone and Wave..
Gorgeous Tonal adjustment today with Olaplex to bring the condition back to life for this new mum after *harsh hlightening some time ago (*not my work) leaving it a little crusty and.. "Bleugh"😂
Styled with Olaplex No6 and protected with No7.
Waved with straight ends to give a care free beach wave
See Episode 1 tutorial to achieve this look at home.
#hairbyme #fudgeheadpaint #olaplexprofessional #olaplex #beachhair #beachwaves #softwaves #ghdwaves #balayage #brunette #rootstretch #hairtoning


All you in the business will understand when I say this..
That colour that just you CANNOT capture its true gorgeousness on camera.
Lost on a deserted island for a month kind of Balayage.
Treated with Olaplex series throughout the entire colour change means leaving with hair in better condition than she arrived in.
#hairbyme #fudgeheadpaint #olaplexprofessional #olaplex #olaplexshop #olaplexwarrington #warringtonhairdresser #longhair #balayage


See previous post for context


This image is me. I skin tested yesterday with tint as I’d not tinted my hair since having covid. I used these products on my hair only 8 weeks ago and was fine. Within fifteen minutes I could feel the area tingling. I wiped off after 30 minutes and it was raised and red. It then felt wet and was blistered. Fast forward to this morning and this is my ear now. Nearly 24 hours later. Imagine I hadn’t skin tested. This would’ve been my whole scalp and down my forehead.

If you’ve been covid positive since your last hair appointment, be honest and have a skin test. Covid changes our immunity and I would hate for anyone to risk their own safety.

Please share this message if you’re in the industry as the reality of covid linked to PPD allergy is very real.



Tap to read.


Back in time for Christmas 🤍
Salon is open and in full swing ready for Christmas.
Im still taking orders for Olaplex Gift boxes and it's lovely to hear how you're all enjoying it so far.
Products are also available to take away in salon too.
Looking forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks.
@olaplex @olaplexuk


That part where you no longer have Black hair... Not quite Blonde, but lighter than Brunette... There's a word for that... BRONDE.
You're welcome.
Repost Sept 2020.
#hairbyme #fudgeheadpaint #olaplexprofessional #olaplex #haircolour #warringtonhairdresser #brunette #bronde #blondehighlights #instahair


Blonde Dreams..
Repost from a million years ago.. Or Just February 2020.
Baby Highlights create the most natural looking blonde hair. Placement and sectioning is so important and may be completely different for each and every client.
Looking forward to seeing this lovely lady soon.
#hairbyme #fudgeheadpaint #olaplexprofessional #olaplex #haircolour #hairstyling #haircare #instahair #blondehair #blonde #christmashair #babylights #highlights #blondehighlights
@olaplexuk @olaplex @hannah_hairdressing Fudge Professional


Goodness we were wild back in 2019..
Will we ever watch a person blow out candles the same way again? 😂😂



I cannot take any credit for this Colour, this is all her own...
Yep.. It actually grows this colour!
I'll take the credit for this cut and style, but let's face it even with this mighty restyle, nobody is looking at that. 😍
Thoughtful hair donation to @officiallittleprincesstrust

*September Repost*
#hannahhairdressing #hairbyme #REDHAIR #redhead #naturalcolour #lobhaircut #chopoff #hairchop


Christmas Gift Boxes Available to order.


Christmas Customised Gift Boxes.
Simply message with your Budget.
Answer a few simple questions.
And your gift will arrive beautifully Wrapped ready for the Big Day.
Nudge your Partners my way if you fancy getting your hands on a box of treats for your hair this Christmas.


Olaplex Trial Kits are now completely SOLD OUT..
The large trial box is still available..


(NOW SOLD OUT) Olaplex Trial Kits are only available for a limited time.
They've been great for you to all try the amazing products I use in salon for only a fraction of the price.
My supplier still has 'limited' stock available. So now is your time to order before they go..

Trial size bottles of..
No3 treat
No4 shampoo
No5 conditioner
No6 smoothing styler.
FREE delivery to Warrington and local areas
PICK UP service available.
FREE environmentally friendly gift wrapping.
£4.99 Royal Mail UK delivery outside these areas.
@olaplex #olaplexprofessional #olaplex #olaplexshop #olaplexwarrington


Swapping those natural Ash tones for a Warm Copper Glow.
Babylights to frame the face and enhance her gorgeous freckles.
Keeping 'Natural' as the main criteria for this little transformation.
Repost Sept 2020
#brunette #hairenvy


Christmas Gift Boxes Available.
Send your partner/parents my way to ensure you get one under your Christmas tree this year..

Gift boxes can be customised to your needs and Budget.



Anyone else feel like they're stuck in that 1993 classic film Groundhog Day?
Or is it just me..
But here we are ready to open again on the 3rd Dec.
Extra days have been added to December, all available appointments have been posted in my Stories. January's diary is open also.
Dont forget you can Order all your OLAPLEX haircare needs at any time.


Winter Reds.. ❤️
@fudgehair Head paint used-DM for formula

#redhair #redhaircolor #redhaircolour #fudgeheadpaint #winterhaircolor #winterhaircolor #winterhaircolour #redbrownhair #christmashair #warringtonhairdresser #olaplex #olaplexprofessional


Love wrapping up these cute boxes..
Perfect stocking filler🎄🎅
What can be better than giving someone the gift of good hair? 😉👌🏼


What is a Toner? ...WHAT does it do? .. How long does it last? ⠀

•A toner is any colour pigment that is applied in most cases after you hair has been lightened, but can also be applied to darker depths too. ⠀

•It adjusts the tone of your hair colour, usually to counteract and neutralise brassy tones. ⠀

•In darker depths a toner is most commonly used to add warm tones, increase the richness of tone and neutralise unwanted (usually red) tones. ⠀

•It will not make your hair lighter- the only way to lighten hair is through lifting agents, such as Bleach and Highlift tints. ⠀

•A toner will normally last 2-6 weeks. But of course this all depends on the strength of toner, the colour of the toner and the health of your hair, how often you wash your hair, and what you’re washing it with. ⠀
Silver tones being the hardest to maintain, in some cases silver tones may not last longer than a week. ⠀


•Silver / Violet Shampoo? ⠀
Yes .. use it (in most cases). It can great for keeping brassiness at bay and brightening your colour up. But just keep in mind these sort of Shampoos have a tendency to strip out your salon chemical toner, which is stronger, personalised and more effective. Only to replace it with its own colour pigments. This can mean your colour may look a whole lot brassier all of a sudden. Do your research! I’ll be posting my favourite toning shampoos in my stories soon. ⠀

•Cream toning- there are so many on the market, some (not naming and brands) can leave lasting unwanted tones on the hair, even though it claimed to ‘wash out’ within a certain time frame. ⠀
This can make colouring your hair in Salon a lot more complicated. ⠀
I find forums the best for finding out what products are really like. ⠀

Any Questions? Feel free to comment your question.

#tone #toners #hairtoners #silverhair #brunette #rootstretch #minktoner #toninghair #haircolour #hairdye #balayage #silvershampoo #silvertoner #violetshampoo #hairbyme #silverhair #greyhair #goldenbalayage #brunette #bronde #naturalcolour #olaplex #warringtonhairdresser #fudgeheadpaint #haircolour #hairstyling #haircare
@hannah_hairdressing @fudgehair @olaplex


Just DON'T look at the date🤪


Christmas Preparations have begun at Hannah Hairdressing.. All to be revealed..
#christmashair #christmasshopping #christmas #shopsmall #snallbusiness


Rose Gold Christmas Gift Wrapping now AVAILABLE.
FREE with any order. Simply add to your basket or mention in checkout.
Packaging and wrapping is completely recyclable or reusable (Ribbon).
I LOVE a well wrapped gift, there is something about seeing something beautiful under your Christmas tree.
It took some time to find packaging with the Christmas magic, but also met my need for it to be completely recyclable. I'm excited to finally show you.


Perfect Christmas healthy hair hamper.. 🖤🎁

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SOFT WAVE TUTORIAL.Ive promised I'd share a really easy way to achieve this look for some time, I've finally got round t...
So the salon is now closed for Christmas and Maternity Leave. A BIG thank you, to each and every one of you for being so...
( just let me have a sniff 🤰🏻)
SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER DUO SETS BACK IN STOCK!1L £26300ml £16300ml Violet toning £19
Who doesn't love a Wedding.. helping a lovely Bride start the celebrations while prepping her hair with a fresh colour a...



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