SHS- Synergy Homeopathic Software UK

SHS- Synergy Homeopathic Software  UK


I have used MacRepertory and then ReferenceWorks when it arrived, since 1987! I would not ever need another application for homeopathy.
Happy New Year, I would like to ask you for a favour, we need your help :-}. For the past few years us Homeopaths have been under attack in Australia by pharmaceutical companies and now, by our own Government. As you know they are determined to get rid of us. Now, however, we are fighting back bigtime and if this video is to help save homeopathy, we need to ask you and your friends to sign our important petition. It would be so good if you could please share it on your page too, and in case you need the youtube video, here is the link for that! 🙂

If you are a Homeopath or homeopathic student interested in buying or updating your homeopathic sof

Operating as usual


"Psychiatry and Homeopathy- A Beginning"

Powered by Restream Mahesh Gandhi DATE - 21/01/2021 TIME - 8PM - 9 PM 10/12/2020

Interactive session on SHS this Saturday
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Synergy of Approaches
An online conference
(Fri–Wed) November 6–11, 2020

Plus an extra session on November 5th:
Hidden Secrets of Using Homeopathic Software

Inspired by the highly acclaimed Links Conference (Heidelberg), the Meeting Point Conference (London), and the Homeopathy One Conference (Bruges), Synergy Homeopathic is happy to announce that the conference that was previous scheduled for Croatia is now online.
Schedule details and pricing are coming soon!!

Seven renowned homeopaths will come together to share their different approaches. The similarities and differences will be discussed, with the goal of determining how best to integrate all the approaches in practice.

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion on the last day.
The topic will be "Approaches to Calcarea."

An Extra Session is scheduled for Thursday, November 5th!

Hidden Secrets of Using Homeopathic Software
Moderated by:
Massimo Mangialavori, Rajan Sankaran, and Paresh Vasani

These homeopathic masters will take turns revealing how they use the various software functions to arrive at curative prescription


North West College of Homeopathy

It's not long now 'til we shine a light on Row 2 and the Carbons with the brilliant Dr Jonathan Hardy.

The session will now be recorded and available to watch up until the 30th August, so if you wanted to come along but aren't about on that day then you can still book in - and watch later!


The Student/trial Edition of SHS is now available to download from the Synergy website for only £19 for 3 months. Follow the link below


You don't need to shut SHS down to make changes simply reload here. This is also where you can alter the view to suit your own needs


So the SHS release is now rolling out across each country. Here are some videos to get you started...enjoy! 20/01/2020

Hope | Synergy | Bryonia-alba

Remedies with Rajan is a FREE two weekly 15 minute Materia Medica session . Check out Bryonia here and bookmark the page if you like it so you can see the next remedy in two weeks time .


So we now know that the new SHS (modern integrated MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks )will be released in November. Here is your first view of how it
will look. 17/09/2019

Can I give you some help with your MacRepertory ?

Can I give you some help with your MacRepertory ? - I am sending this as I believe you have downloaded the Academy Edition of MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks either recently or at some time in the past. I look after the UK for Synergy Homeopathic and I want you to know that I am here to help you.  I want you to love your software and to do that yo... 08/08/2019

Survey : Questions

Your chance to shape the fine details of SHS- the New Synergy Homeopathic Software -


Some very welcome news...........
The Pre release prices for the new integrated SHS program have been extended until August 31st. 09/07/2019

SHS Pre-Release Details and discounted Pricing

Exciting times!  Synergy Homeopathic Software (SHS) is a transformative, state-of-the-art program for all your homeopathic needs. Buy in the pre-sale period to get it for less. 


SHS- Synergy Homeopathic Software UK's cover photo


SHS- Synergy Homeopathic Software UK


Synergy are releasing a brand new “state of the art” software package in the Autumn that is MacRepertory ReferenceWorks all integrated in one program and more. It will simply be called Synergy Homeopathic Software- SHS for short. They have tried hard to deliver what people have said they want .There will be a Vitalquest module available at release and further expert modules coming such as Bonninghaussen and Massimo Mangialavori. A cloud version will also be coming that means it can be used on the go. It is all very exciting. There is a special pre release price being offered until July 31st. I am more than happy to chat about it to anyone interested.


SHS- Synergy Homeopathic Software UK


National Centre for Integrative Medicine


It's not too late to book onto our fantastic Summer School with Annette Sneevliet this weekend. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the best teachers in Homeopathy. She will be teaching a 3-day seminar in Bristol on 5-7 July 2019. Dr Julie Geraghty says that Annette's skill is bringing together different systems so that everything 'joins up' and case taking and case analysis becomes much clearer. She is an expert in using Michal Yakir's Table of Plants, Sankaran's Kingdoms, Miasms and Sensation approach, Jan Scholten's Periodic Table as well as Mahesh Gandhi's evolutionary chart of the animal remedies. Annette integrates all these approaches seamlessly, so that we know where we are in the case-taking process, and how to proceed. There will be a live case on either the Saturday or Sunday. You can book for any of the three days individually or preferably attend all three!

Please contact our Academic Administrator by emailing [email protected] or call 0117 973 8035.

Further information also on our website 22/05/2019

Further information for those interested in the Bristol Summer School.

Further information for those interested in the Bristol Summer School. -


North West College of Homeopathy

A wonderful insight into a conference in India looking exclusively at remedies from milk: Lac Remedies for Human Maladies


Tiger CM Dance performance by Dr. Joshis Care team

Looks like Tiger CM is fun!


Synergy Homeopathic

Have questions about MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks or Homeopathy in general? Get them answered during our live Q&A Sessions with Kim Elia. The three free sessions start February 9th; if you can't attend live, they'll be recorded! Click below to register.


Synergy Homeopathic

Message me if you are in the UK and interested!

Shore's BIRDS book is now updated for Visionary 2.0 owners. If you're not a Visionary owner, you can buy it at a discount! Sale runs through 1/31/19. Check out details here:


The School of Homeopathy

Hi All, here is an event being put on by one of our teachers Bob Blair, please contact Bob if you are interested (see below). There are only 12 places!

Advanced techniques for greater success with the Sensation Method

A course of two 3-day weekends with Bob Blair

Fri 26th – Sun 28th April
& Fri 14th – Sun 16th June

Cost: £385
Early bird (before 1st February): £350

Stroud Venue:
St Luke’s Therapy Centre
53 Cainscross Rd, Stroud GL5 4EX

This immersive 6-day course is designed to change the way you look at your cases, giving you tools with which to prescribe successfully in cases that fail to go clearly all the way into the Level of Sensation, and to prescribe with enhanced reliability and confidence in those cases that do. Using a mixture of video and paper cases from my own practice the advantages of the Synergy Approach will be demonstrated and the 8-Box Method clarified; you will engage in practical exercises as you become acquainted with specific techniques.

Key areas covered include:
• Advanced methods of repertorisation, including sectoral totalities as well as precision sub-rubrics, plus materia medica/provings searches;
• Course corrections and target locking, by which we use symptoms, affinities and pathologies to lock onto the specific remedy within the group arrived at;
• Role of Genius (and Phatak’s Repertory/General rubrics);
• Case forms, hot spots, anchoring and the importance of ‘the bit that doesn’t fit’;
• 8 Box Method explained, clarified, simplified: how to move from boxes to remedy;
• Stepping back: overview, synthesis and the Magic Formula for success;
• Case management and the significance of newly arisen phenomena.

Bob shares his knowledge, experience & research, accumulated over more than 15 years in full-time practice, with generosity & passion. Before becoming immersed in the Sensation Method, Bob trained with Jeremy Sherr; he now delights in synthesising information from a variety of sources & teachers, and in communicating different approaches to case-taking & analysis, adapting the process to suit the individuality of each patient. Bob teaches at the School of Homeopathy in the UK, where he has clinics in Cambridge & Nottingham; he has delivered guest lectures at The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, having completed its first ever Teacher Training program, & has recently been teaching in Australia.

Synergy is not Rajan’s apology to classical homeopathy, it is a practical way of working, complete with its own toolkit, which assures greater clinical success than can be achieved by using the Sensation System alone. Those following in Rajan’s footsteps are achieving a higher proportion of reliable prescriptions, by integrating the methods of both the traditional and the contemporary approaches to case-taking and analysis. This course will provide you with the practical tools to join them on this journey.

You will need at least a basic understanding of the workings of the Sensation Method, such as might be acquired from attending a course in the UK, in India or online, and/or a number of seminars and webinars. You will need to have such a basic foundation in Sensation case-taking and analysis, including knowledge of Kingdoms and Sub-Kingdoms, in order to understand how this approach can be dove-tailed with more traditional classical methodologies. (Students in their final year at a college teaching Sensation are eligible.)

Working with software is not essential but is highly recommended; this having been said participants working with paper repertories have attended this course in the past and were not disappointed by what they learned. I intend to show you how to get the most out of software (primarily MacRepertory and Reference Works, but also Radar Opus, with which I am less well acquainted, though the general principles hold true for all software); please make use of any available online tutorials beforehand so that you are familiar with the basics of how your software works.

Testimonials – 2015 courses

“If you wish to know how to build on the Sensation Method to get better results, then this wonderful course is for you. Based on Sankaran’s Synergy Approach, Bob shows you how to synthesize traditional classical homeopathy with the Sensation Method and to develop different strategies for success within this approach. He is fast emerging as one of our great thinkers and teachers of homeopathy.” Anne, Synergy Course, Manchester 2015

“What Bob achieved felt like alchemy. Somehow his passion for the subject and love of teaching took the collective energy of the people attending and elevated us. He is a rare and extraordinary teacher and left all of us wanting more.” Nicki, Advanced Sensation Casetaking, Manchester 2015

For further information or queries, please contact me by leaving a message on
01223 424544
or by emailing via [email protected]
Cancellation Policy
Full refund up to 12th April; 50% thereafter

Places are available on a first come first served basis; numbers are limited to 12.

Please email contact details, including tel. no., to Ruth Preece: [email protected]
You will then be emailed an invoice to pay online by card/paypal to complete registration.

Alternatively send your details and cheque, payable to Bob Blair, to Ruth Preece:
18 Beaconsfield Place,
Newport Pagnell, MK16 0EA


So useful 09/12/2018

Bird Remedies | Lotus Homeopathy: Health News You Can Use

Festive homeopathy🎄 Posts about Bird Remedies written by Lotus Homeopathy, Inc.


Synergy Homeopathic

Very useful!

See how Andre Saine's new MMPP Group Additions Repertory is showcased by Kim Elia in one of Synergy Homeopathic's free tutorials. Kim uses MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks to present a case of vertigo and depression.

Visit to learn more about us.


Handing over the proceeds of our raffle to Greg White. This will be the first donation to the new Peter Fisher International Development Fund


A fabulous weekend at the Faculty Congress


The other song' Clinic- Care Beyond Compare

One of the most frequently asked questions is "For how long do I need to take homeopathic medicine?"

Dr Rishi Vyas amswers this question

Reach out to us on 022 42616666 top book an appointmetn with our homeopathic doctors

Visit to know more about us 07/10/2018

Its that time of year again and now is the best time to upgrade your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks

Its that time of year again and now is the best time to upgrade your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks -


Synergy Homeopathic

Do your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks programs include all of Rajan Sankaran's books? Now they can! Synergy Homeopathic is offering 2 new Booksets: The New 2018 Bookset and the Vintage Bookset. Contact your dealer or order through Synergy's website.


Homeopathy Software - Vital Quest Presentation by Dr. Roger Morrison

Enjoy 😊

TO PURCHASE VITAL QUEST - EMAIL US: [email protected] Homeopathy Software - Vital Quest Presentation by Dr. Roger Morrison In this recorded webina...


The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS)

As you might know, Geoff (Johnson), a homeopathic vet practicing in the UK and with many years experience in homeopathic prescribing for animals and humans and teaching for professionals and farmers, is running a trial on homeopathic treatment for dogs with osteosarcoma and he needs more volunteers to provide cases for him.

It would be a great help, if you could put the link below onto your website to create more interest and help Geoff succeed in his quest. And while you are at it, please email it to your colleagues, canine friends and anybody you think would be interested in knowing about this trial and maybe referring a case to Geoff. This could be a vet or a friend, who has a dog with osteosarcoma and want to help support research into the effect of homeopathy in these challenging cases.

Only cases of osteosarcoma can be considered. No other cancers can be admitted into the trial.


Synergy Homeopathic

Only £8 at the moment instead of £22. Contact Mandy Hall if interested.

Do you have this book in your MacRepertory keynotes? If not, add Levi's Homeopathic First Aid book to your program while the sale is on! Sale ends August 1st.




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