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It’s winner announcement time 🥁 …. For my handcrafted silver and crystal Xmas tree earrings…. 😃

1= Congrats Veronica Hudson.. Well done amigo- a little box of tree shaped sparkle and bling will be coming your way very soon… 🎉 💎 🏠

2= Congrats Barbara Shelley .. and appreciate all your previous custom at BB fairs. I’ll be popping across to Widdy very soon with your little gift of handcrafted Christmas pezazz 🎁 🧑‍🎄 🚗

3= Congrats to Gill Bent .. I know what you’re thinking.., 🤔.. you didn’t enter haha -
I put some customer names in a hat for the third pair of earrings and your name came out.. congrats lovely., Ill Dm you to arrange delivery/collection which ever suits 😘.., 🎁

Well done all and thanks to my awesome customers and friends who support my little business! Xx 🤗 it’s appreciated more than you know!

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Do you fancy winning a special unique Christmas gift for that special someone that’s a Christmas? ❤️ 🎁 🎄.

Something that is going to be enjoyed year after year and that no one else has? ( Not available in the high street! ) 🥰

Then your in luck is in as I’m going to raffle off 3 pairs of my own design handcrafted sterling silver and Swarovski crystal earrings ( pierced ears) to give away.. 💎 🌲 ✨ 😃 ( worth £12.99)

All you have to do to be in for a chance of winning is any of the following…

Share this post and /or tag in your friends in the comments below ( 1 free entry)

Buy an raffle ticket ( £1 a go) - (simply pay me by friends and family on PayPal via my email address
[email protected]) ( =2 free entries)

Both of the above ( extra entry)

I will announce the winner by tomorrow evening in time for postage out.

Happy Christmas from BB HQ 🎉

Wishing all my customers and friends a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Joanna x

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Wellbeing fair -Fairfield Old School Warrington
… last couple of hours ….plenty of Christmas gifts galore… pop on down if local… ❤️ 🌱


Great 👍

Last chance to book your place for our Menopause Meet-up at Widnes Library tomorrow!

There's some freebies in it for you 👀


Yep! 226% though? Wow even I’ve underestimated the power of plants! 👏🏻 ❤️ 🌱… my focus blends defo needed this morning seen as I woke at 5am 😂 plus cacao in my ☕️ 🏃‍♀️… have a great weekend all.

Recent study shows 226% improvement in cognitive performance of those who diffused 7 different essential oils compared to the control group. The experiment lasted six months, and they were assessed before and after, using neuropsychological tests and MRI scans.

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Looking forward to another Birchwood Beneficial Blends Bonanza. !! 🎁 ❤️ 🌱

Hope to see some of you there, we were outside Waterfields last time if you want to track us down 😂 😋..

Sandra Dwyer will have her awesome jewellery as ever and there’ll be lots of top quality traders for getting that independent unique gift ..

Thanks to Independent Street for organizing

Should be another good one!


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Little bit of excited to be inside Birchwood mall this Saturday sharing my blends with the East side of the town! 😃 🛍️

First fair I’ve done with Independent Street fairs.. mostly due to my repeated failure to invest in a gazebo 🙈.. 😂 ⛺️

Always a great display of independent and artisan businesses at Lisa’s fairs .. as seen at Bents last month and the Woodlands my home patch… 😊

No doubt I’ll still be a customer again despite being a trader this time!

Any shares/ promote welcome 🙏

❤️ 🌱
Joanna x

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Great afternoon at the Cats Protection Warrington Adoption Centre yesterday, (so much interest in the cats there- quite a few were reserved by the end of the day .. just as well or I’d have had them lol) 😂

Great chats with likeminded people ( cat mad like me), and money raised for such a good cause!
Defo doing to do the Oct and Christmas open days too.. ❤️ 🐈 🐈‍⬛ 🐱.

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Really looking forward to this one! Everyone who knows me knows im cat mad 😂.. so when I saw my local cats protection league were looking for stall holders I jumped at the chance!
I’ve rehomed more than a handful of moggies from Warrington CPL shelter over the years including our latest addition Dove and can’t tell you much love and happiness they have all given me and my Rozz ❤️ 🐈 🐈‍⬛
Please share this event if you are local and even better come along and say hi. 👋 Sat 22/7 from 11am.
You might see some beautiful cats you can’t resist at the same time!
😻 😻


Friday nights going to be amazing, a ladies pamper and self care evening… 🤗
An evening full of being and relaxing… don’t we all need a bit of that right now!? 🙏
Looking forward to sharing my oils and getting to meet some awesome ladies both traders and attendees.. ❤️ 🌱 💃
Rainford Village Hall Friday eve from 6pm if anyone is interested .. spread the word ladies…
My first time at an event by Lyndsey May Healing .. (heard some great recommendations from those who attended previously) … so looking forward to it! 😊
See you there!


Chat GPT created a poem for me! Wow 🤩 what a buzz !

In the realm of wellness, let us explore,
A tapestry of nature's treasures we adore.
Behold, beneficial blends, harmonies untold,
Where healing whispers in each mixture unfold.

In gardens of herbs, their scents divine,
Essential oils entwined, a potion so fine.
Lavender's calm and soothing embrace,
With peppermint's zest, invigorate and chase.

Citrus symphonies, lively and bright,
Lemon, orange, grapefruit, a zestful flight.
Vitamin-rich treasures in a vibrant blend,
Revitalizing souls, from beginning to end.

Nutritional elixirs, a feast for the soul,
Fusing fruits and greens, a bountiful bowl.
Spinach and berries, a sweet kaleidoscope,
Nourishing bodies, offering vitality and hope.

Tea leaves dance in warm water's embrace,
Chamomile's embrace, serenity's grace.
Ginger and turmeric, a fiery delight,
Soothing inflammation, easing day and night.

In fitness realms, a symphony of motion,
Blending strength, agility, devotion.
Cardio's heartbeat, pulses with might,
Yoga's serenity, stretching towards light.

Minds find solace in cognitive blends,
Meditation's calm, where clarity transcends.
Mindfulness and focus, in harmony unite,
Expanding consciousness, igniting inner light.

Beneficial blends, nature's gift we embrace,
A harmony of elements, a healing space.
In these blends, we find our paths aligned,
Where wellness and balance forever entwined.

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Another fun day selling me wares!!


New venue! Looking forwards to trying a new wellbeing space to show case my oils ! 😃
Even get a little return trip across the Mersey Gateway.. joys 😂.. 🚗
Hope to see some of you there , should be a great day out..
Always lots of lovely people at these fairs who know how important self care is. ❤️
Have a beautiful bank holiday weekend all X


New venue. Easter Market 🐣
Any BBBFs local to St Helen’s be ace to see you!

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Stainless Steel car diffusers and key rings in stock. 🎉

Car diffusers clip neatly onto your in car air vents... simply choose your coloured pad and pop a few drops of your favourite oil or scent on it.. then pop on your warm air … ooh aroma enhanced car journeys 🚗., ❤️ 😃
. I recommend oils that pep you up a bit for day time driving.. my focus and lift blends are popular in combination with these 🍋 🍊 👀

They can also so help clear your airways if you’ve got a cold! 👃 ( who hasn’t atm 😂) .. ( try eucalyptus melissa lemon and peppermint)

Diffuser key rings, great to make your pockets bags and purses smell nice.. well.., where ever your keys go you’ll smell your favourite aromas! 💼 👜 🧥 🏡

If you want to change the pad colour and fragrance in these just switch to another pad that is included with each purchase!

Will take these to my next fair end of next month at Rainhill but if you want to buy/ reserve let me know…

Hope you are all doing ok and managing to keep warm and well .. 🤗…

As always if you want a special blend making for any situation you’re in right now let me know and I’ll get my natures aid box on it with a tailored made blend. Love 🌱 xx

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What an awesome well-being fair at the Old School today! 🎉 🎄 🎁

I wanted to cancel when I looked out the window this morning.. ❄️ 🥶… 😞 … 🛌.. ❄️

I had to well and truly give my head a wobble to get up and out 🙈 ….

Luckilly my mate offered to drive .. 😆 but we were convinced no one would come! 🚗 🤷‍♀️

After whacking my diffuser on .. Frankincense 👑 and Sweet Orange .. 🍊 I started to turn my frown upside down! 😂

Started buying gifts off the other traders and thinking positive!

Turned out to be one of the best fairs I’ve ever done.!!!

Met someone awesome new customers ( well 2 special ladies in particular-who bought all my gift sets and serums and diffuser necklaces!! ) 🤗 ..

Lesson learned ( for the zillionth time) keep giving and being positive .. watch it come back to you! ❤️

I was so positive I even felt were going to win at footy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 😂..

Oh well can’t win them all!
🤣.. pass me a beer!

Happy weekend, keep warm and be careful out there!

Jo xx


My next fair is Saturday at Fairfield Old School.. looking forward to this it’s always a great atmosphere … 🤶.. treatments, workshops and gifts galore.. one more next weekend at Sankey ( Woodlands) 17th Dec .. pitching up for the first time there.. 😊…
Take it easy.. can be a stressful time of year..
Will remain available for last minute gift ideas too or orders from my website up until 19/12 .. 🎁
give me a shout if you need anything.. happy to help


Great day at the Trigger Pond today for their Christmas fair…😊 🍻 🎁 🌲 💎 🐕 🥘 🎶

Thanks to the ( Silverfox Macrame) Simon and team for making us all so welcome.- hope you do some more fairs! 🎉

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Couldn’t resist making some jewellery to add to the collection for tomorrows Christmas fair..

Swarovski flower beads and cubes 🥰.. ( sterling silver and gold hooks) … 💎..

It’s been a while since I’ve got me pliers out! Hope people like them .. !

Getting my creative mojo back! ❤️ 💎 xx

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New !! Aromatherapy gift sets have been lovingly prepared here at BB HQ ! 💥 🎁 🎄..😃

I’ve put together 3 main collections for those wanting to spoil their loved ones either an uplifting or sleep delux package or a cute mini roller relax bundle..

Many a time I have found customers say what do you have for relaxing or sleeping ? and I go through all the options either diffuser, body, bath, etc .. then they look a bit overwhelmed 😂…

So a way to solve this is to get one of each products from
the ranges in a gift set… it’s also a cheaper way to get a few items which you could decide to split and gift or use individually.. the choice is yours ! 🤷‍♀️ 🎁 🎁 🎁 💵

I’m able to mix and match to across the ranges if people want to select their own set ( depending on what oils I have in stock) . Go for it, you might have a set person or need in mind..

Just give me a shout and I can talk you through some options!

I’m doing a fair in a local pub/ restaurant tomorrow ( Trigger Pond Penketh /Sankey) so will be taking the gift sets featured here with me.., anyone free to pop in come say hi 👋

Gotta put my tree up later ..🌲

How’s yours looking? 👀

Have a lovely weekend stay warm and cosy ..( 17 layers of clothes! )

Keeping it natural

Joanna x ❤️ 🌱

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Xmas fair at Wade Deacon School Birchfield Road Widnes! Loads of gorgeous stalls- diffuser on with energising blend 🍋 …. 👃…and breathe! Have a lovely weekend all.. ❤️ 🌱 # # #

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So happy to be delivering an order of relaxing room sprays to the founder of a CIC that helps children and families with well-being and self care. 🤗

Whilst making these blends with the aroma of geranium, mandarin, clary sage, lavender and chamomile, I found myself feeling a lot less stressed and grounded .. even I underestimate natures remedies sometimes! 🙈

Can’t wait to hear how the group get on with their sprays at home with their families! ❤️ 🌱

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All set up at the Old School Fairfield Streeet Warrington for the Wellbeing Day…
Lots of workshops and gifts galore.. come on down!!


Next Sundays event.. need to get making after yesterdays fair!.. nothing much left to sell 😆…
Pop along this is always a great event with treatments, stall holders, and amazing cakes and soups from Stephs kitchen 😋..

Nearly here. Widnes Wellbeing Festival is next Sunday from 11am-4pm.

Stalls, gifts, readings, therapies, cafe and a raffle supporting Recharge and Restore CIC .

The Studio Widnes is such a great venue for this event.

See you next week?

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Looking forward to my second fair at the Old School … seem to be set up and organised ahead of time for once… so coffee time.. and energising blend on the go!
Local peeps pop on down and see me .., Fairfield Street Warrington opposite St Elphins Park .. 11-4.. lots of therapists and gifts galore …

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Introducing Beneficial Blends-How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything


Thankyou for your interest in my new business-Beneficial Blends.

My name is Joanna and I have been developing Beneficial blends as a business venture for the last 12 months. My love of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for health and wellbeing goes back much further in time since I first discovered a little shop in Leeds called “Id” when I was a Psychology student in 1992. The shop was a treasure trove of crystals and jewellery and smelt heavenly due to the number of essential oils and josh sticks they sold.

I first fell in love with a blend of Melissa oil that was in a small thin dark bottle with a label decorated with a shining sun. I can still remember the effect this discovery had on my mood ,every time I smelt and dabbed the blend onto my wrists and my radiator in halls. It completely took me away to a happy place with no stress about exams or money or anything else. It made me smile and feel more confident. After that I was hooked and started building up a collection of essential oils including Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Orange and the must have staple of Lavender oil.

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Do you fancy winning a special unique Christmas  gift for that special someone that’s a Christmas? ❤️ 🎁 🎄.Something that...
Do you fancy winning a special unique Christmas  gift for that special someone that’s a Christmas? ❤️ 🎁 🎄.Something that...
Congratulations to Anne Marie Bryant for winning my Christmas giveaway competition!!! 🎉 🎉 I’ll be in touch tomorrow to g...




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