Lowton & Golborne Slimming World Groups

Lowton & Golborne Slimming World Groups


Feeling very pleased with myself this week..lost 4lb since Saturday giving me my stone award today...and slimmer of the week...bring it on ! x
Well wine yes. It's Friday. But made wedges now with primula light , spices and a tad of blue cheese.. yum bloody yum.. !!!

Lowton Travelodge
TUESDAY 5pm & 6.30pm
CLAIRE 07725 039399

Lowton Travelodge
SATURDAY 8am & 9.30am
VICKI 07941482466

Heath Street Methodist church
WED 9am &10.30am 4.30pm & 6pm

Operating as usual

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Love this ! ❤

You can’t beet a delicious meal full of Free Food 🤩! Filling, satisfying and slimming – yes you can still enjoy fabulous food whilst losing weight beautifully 🤗. Natalie (slimming_world_2022 on Instagram) followed the recipe from our Free Food A-Z recipe book. Have you heard we’re celebrating our Free Food Festival? Find out what it’s all about and how you can get involved in the competition here 🏆: http://ow.ly/869N50HO439

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Celebrate without the syns


Asian Noodle Jar

Timeline photos 29/01/2022

Timeline photos

Doing some weekend meal planning? Find tips, tricks and tasty recipes in the shiny new issue of Slimming World magazine, coming soon to a group near you 👀✨. Pop your feet up and grab a cuppa ☕, because there’s plenty of inspiration to fill your menu and your tummy throughout the colder months and into spring!


Start your weekend with our podcast !


Get your brand new member pack in group this week. Message for FREE joining offers, days and times xx

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Hey good cookin’!
At Slimming World, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way of being able to cook a delicious meal from scratch 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳.
Whether you’re short on time or too tired after a hectic day, the Slimming World food range – available exclusively at @IcelandFoods – can save the day!
As well as firm favourites like curries, pasta bakes, noodles and more, from today you’ll find even more fabulously filling dishes joining the range… just the thing to keep your weight loss on track throughout January and beyond! Get in touch to find out how you can enjoy meals like this as part of a successful slim down 💌!


🍔🍟 Love food? So do we! Here’s an example of the scrumptious food you can enjoy whilst following our famous Food Optimising eating plan.

A delicious hearty full English breakfast including lean bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, egg and beans, followed by a satisfying lunch of a tasty chicken pasta salad packed with spring onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, pasta and fat-free vinaigrette. Finally, enjoy a homemade cheeseburger and chips! I know what you’re thinking... can you really eat all of this and lose weight? Yes, you can!
12 sessions across 5 days
Come and join us no need to book
Comment below or pm for more info


📓 🍎 Kids back at school? Now is the perfect time to kick-start start your new year routine, if you’d love to reach your dream weight in 2022 visit one of our friendly groups, we have 12 sessions over 5 days to choose from.
See you soon ❤!️


Free recipe magazine and FREE joining voucher.
Groups are
TUESDAY with Claire
WEDNESDAY with Jenna


Offer extended until 29th Jan. ###

Join Slimming World today 07/01/2022

Join Slimming World today

12 sessions spread over 5 days
Pick the day that suits you best

Join Slimming World today FREE membership

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Have you set a goal to make healthy lifestyle changes in 2022 or do you have a New Year’s Resolution to slim down ✨? Kick-start the new year by tucking into generous-sized portions of delicious food, all whilst losing weight beautifully 🥰! Pick up a copy of the The Mirror or Daily Record between the 3rd and 9th January or the Daily Star between 3rd and 11th January for recipe ideas, hints and tips, real-life slimmer stories and a free membership offer when you commit to six weeks of slimming 🙌. Pop in your postcode to find your nearest group here: http://ow.ly/Luo050Hhhsm

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We are ready to help you achieve your 2022 weightloss dream !!!!

💜Claire runs Tuesday evening at Lowton Travelodge
❤We are so pleased to welcome Jenna who will be running Wednesday morning and evening at Golborne Heath Street Methodist Church
🧡Vicki runs Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday morning at Lowton Travelodge
Message for offers and more details ###x


A New Year's Eve message from our founder Margaret Miles-Bramwell.

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Timeline photos

Lumbered with leftovers from your Christmas Day feast 🥘? This one-pan creation transforms veggies, turkey and a few storecupboard staples into a spicy Slimming World curry that takes just 30 minutes to make – perfect for a relaxed #BoxingDay dinner ❄! Find the recipe over on the Slimming World blog: http://ow.ly/wSs350HfjHG

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A very Merry Christmas to you all
We are taking a very well earned rest but will be open again next week
Lowton - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday
Golborne Wednesday
Have a good one 🎄


Just a little extra support to help guide you through the coming festivities
Golborne groups open today 9 & 10.30am, 4 & 6.30pm
Lowton groups open Thursday 7pm & Friday 8&9am
Sorry not open Saturday But there is an early 8am Friday to make up for it 😊

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🎵 On the second day of Christmas Slimming World gave to me... a brand new, supercharged new member pack 🎁. That’s right, something wonderful is coming to all existing Online members and group members who attend between the 26th December 2021 and 15th January 2022 inclusive, as well as all new joiners 🤗! Are you excited to get yours?

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Grab a copy in groups this week only £1.95 for members ###x

Our groups are open and running safely 🚀⭐! As well as all the unrivaled support, motivation and friendship you'll find as a member, you'll also be able to unwrap the new issue of Slimming World Magazine exclusively at a member-only price 🎁. Who can't wait for their copy?


💥𝔻𝕚𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕥𝕚𝕔 ? 𝔻𝕚𝕕 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨 ? 👀

Slimming World welcomes members with diabetes to attend group to obtain support in making positive, healthy lifestyle changes to manage their weight.

Taking guidance from Diabetes UK, DMEG (British Dietetic Association Diabetes Management and Education Group) and nutritional guidelines for diabetes care Slimming World has developed specific guidelines to support our members with diabetes💪🏻

If you’d like to find out more about joining our group, feel free to get in touch 💌
💥Kerry, Claire, Vicki 💥

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Timeline photos

Real-life Slimming World groups are open and running safely, and we’re ready and waiting to help you achieve your weight loss dreams 🚀⭐. Whether you’re a member already or you’re thinking about joining, we want to reassure you that our number one priority is to keep you, your Consultant, your families and your weight loss success safe. You can find a summary of the measures in place here: http://ow.ly/tj4u50H86fk


Claire and Kerry will be here today. Spreading the Slimming World love. If you would like more info and offer details pop and say hi ###


Eeekkkk ! Kerry and Claire will be at Golborne Parkside craftfair tomorrow 10am -3pm come and see us for a chat ###


Baby it’s cold outside
But baby it’s warm in group
Always a warm welcome in a Slimming World group ❤️



Meet Linda Stearn, Slimming World's newly crowned Diamond Member of the Year. She tells Anna and Clare how she lost a life-changing 7st and has kept it off for 12 years.

Whether you're still en route towards your target weight or you're already maintaining within your target range, there are takeaways for everyone in this episode.

Presented by Clare Freeman and Anna Mangan.
Produced by ASFB Productions.
Slimming World Podcast is sponsored by Slimming World.


To find your nearest Slimming World group go to: slimmingworld.co.uk

If you are local, get in touch to find out how you can get 12 weeks 🆓 membership



Positive thoughts throughout Christmas and into the new year. We can help you sparkle and shine ! ❤ we will be spreading that sparkle in groups this week ###


W͜͡h͜͡a͜͡t͜͡ i͜͡s͜͡ 'f͜͡o͜͡o͜͡d͜͡ o͜͡p͜͡t͜͡i͜͡m͜͡i͜͡s͜͡i͜͡n͜͡g͜͡'w͜͡i͜͡t͜͡h͜͡ S͜͡l͜͡i͜͡m͜͡m͜͡i͜͡n͜͡g͜͡ W͜͡o͜͡r͜͡l͜͡d͜͡?͜͡

Find out more HERE ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Message us or pick up the ☎

#slimmingworlduk #swtastethefreedom #slimmingworld

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Omg ! 😲 if you would like details of joining now or in January give us a shout x

Lowton & Golborne Slimming World Groups updated their address. 02/12/2021

Lowton & Golborne Slimming World Groups updated their address.

Lowton & Golborne Slimming World Groups updated their address.


Who wants this feeling this Christmas? 😍
Don’t wait for the New Year
Make your dreams come true now
Join one of us now
📱 or PM for more info


🥳 ’Tis the season to feel supported 🙌🏻

At Slimming World we know that party season can feel like a slippery slope, with so many temptations everywhere 🚧

This is why we surround our members with support – and pack our websites with tips, tools and really good reads to keep you on track through even the trickiest times 🥰

If you’re dreaming 💭 of a slimmer Christmas - send us a message 📱



We cant wait to hear all your ideas this week ! As consultants we love a bit of Body Magic.
Two of us like to run and one of us is a Tap dancer ? Who does what ? ### guesses below

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Coffee morning
Did someone say free?!
How Slimming World "at Home" Virtual service works
Our Virtual service.
That feeling
Omg !
#goldenbus who's coming ? Xxx
Simple, easy cooking. #womanslimming
This is how the real women lose weight-25stone between them #womanslimming#foodoptimising



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Welcome to Slimming World with Nicola. Grappenhall: Mondays at 5pm and 6.30pm Tuesdays at 9.30am, 5pm and 6.30pm Ex-Servicemens Club Chester Road, WA4 2QG.

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Slimming World Group with Georgia Every Thursday at 9. 30am, 5.00pm & 7.00pm Love life, love friendship, love Slimming World