Comfy Critters

Comfy Critters is a place where you can buy luxury hammocks for your small furry friends, ideal for: Rats, Ferrets, Degus & Chinchillas etc...


Come and get your order in! All you need to do is message me. If you have ANY questions regarding the hammocks then feel free to message me also! Thankyou x

Mobile Uploads 25/04/2015

Only 3 hives,2igloo's,1 tunnel & 1 fleece centre hammock left in stock! Get ordering now! For pictures,prices & questions comment below or message me :-) We don't bite :D

What are you waiting for? Place your order now! You can pay via paypal,cheque or bank-transfer

Here's a picture of one of my girls,Lily, below

Pets enjoying their hammocks/beds 09/04/2015

Thankyou Sophie Berry for sending this picture in of one of your girls,Indie, in the tunnel☺️ Looking nice and cozy.

Don't forget, I have a "SLASH SALE" on at the minute. Go and take a look to see what has been reduced! Got any questions? Message me or comment below!

SLASH SALES!! 08/04/2015


Collection Warrington or postage available within UK

Zebra Igloo- WAS £10.50.
NOW £8.50 (Collected)

Chocolate Igloo- WAS £10.50
NOW £8 (Collected)

Cheetah Hive- WAS £12
NOW £10 (Collected)

Leopard Hive- WAS £12
NOW £10 (Collected)

Chocolate Tunnel- WAS £6.50
NOW £5.50 (Collected)

Leopard fleece centre hammock- WAS £6
NOW £4 (Collected)

Pets enjoying their hammocks/beds 06/04/2015

Pets enjoying their hammocks/beds

Hammock Price List 06/04/2015

This is the price list for all the hammocks that we have had in stock in the past. We hope to bring new hammocks and maybe some other things like tunnels, sputniks etc in stock. We will then create a new price list for all the new items that are in.

Make sure you 'Like' our page to keep up to date with all our deals and new items! If you have any questions, comment below or leave me a message😊

Remaining Stock Left (All Sorts of hammocks) 28/03/2015

This is the only stock I have left at the moment, if you would like a clearer picture of anything you see here or the prices etc, just message me☺️ Feel free to share with friends & family and tag people in my posts😀 Thankyou x


👇👇👇What do you want see?👇👇👇

Who would like to see other things besides hammocks for small animals? Maybe like tubes/tunnels, wheels, hamster balls, hay racks, plastic houses, hamster/baby rats sputniks (21x19x13 cm)? Let me know in the comments👍 I can't promise I'll be getting all/any of the stuff but I will definitely look into it👓


*Please read*

Because I'm only posting with-in the UK at the minute and I have just ended a competition to giveaway a free hammock, this means I am still only posting with-in the UK and I have just realised I have likes from all over the place which is great but this means they unfortunately won't be able to win because they are not in the UK so please, if you are in the UK comment on this post so I can draw the winner like that because knowing my luck I'll probably pull someone out from the U.S lol. If this post gets no comment or only one, the person that comments will receive it or no one will get it all. So please help me out here and comment if you're in the UK! If you have commented and know some else who has liked this page and is in the UK tag them so they can have a chance of winning too! Thanks for understanding x


🎉🎉As we have reached 80 likes, I will be announcing the winner later today. HUGE THANKYOU to everyone who has "Liked" our page🎉🎉


🎉🎁🎉29 more likes till I'll announce who has won the competition! Keep sharing the status' and this page! What are you waiting for? Get sharing!!🎉🎁🎉

Mobile Uploads 27/01/2015

Just 38 more likes to go till I'll announce who has won the competition!For our new "Likers", all you need to do is "Like" this page and you'll automatically be entered into a chance of a winning a hammock of your choice (Depending on whats in stock).


**I'm currently only posting within the UK**

Timeline Photos 22/01/2015

Right, who would enter a giveaway I was to hold one? I'll be holding one when we reach 80 likes. Sounds like a long way away doesn't it? Well not if YOU help!! Simply share this status or this page with everyone you know and ask people to like THIS page to be within with a chance of winning a hammock of your choice (Depending on what I have in stock at the time), I'll be choosing the winner by a random selector so its fair and everyone gets a chance of winning. What are you waiting for? Get sharing!!

-----> Comment below once you have shared to see how many active likers we have :)


10 new likes within 3days!!! Thankyou😘


Oh my!! 20 Likes!!! Thankyou all so much💜 x


Theres still some stock left! Get ordering before its too late!

Mobile Uploads 17/01/2015

Lets get Comfy Critters' likes up! Share the page with all your friends and family! Indie (Pictured below) wants to know how long it will take to get to 20 likes! Lets get to 20 (Or more would be great!) likes!!!

Hammocks with a fleece centre 28/12/2014

Hammocks with a fleece centre

Slipper Hammocks 28/12/2014

Zebra Print Slipper Hammock - Stunning hammock with a luxurious plush padded shell - non slip base and a removable thick reversible cushioin which is the same material as the outer on one side and a fluffy fake wool material on the other. The toy measures 30x20x20cm (12"x7"x7"). This product can either sit in the base of the cage or can be hung from the edge of the cage by the clip at the front. This is also ideal as a nest for elderly pets.


Igloos 28/12/2014


Tunnels 28/12/2014


Tunnels 28/12/2014

Chocolate Hammock Tunnel- When hanging the diameter of the holes at either end is about 10cm (4") . This clips to the cage via metal clips. This item is machine washable at low temperatures. The measurements are 36cm (14") long (excluding straps) and 10cm (4") hole diameter.

£6.50 if collected. Collection is Warrington
Postage £1.30 in the UK

When I'm having a SLASH SALE, this tunnel is £5.50 so please ask if I'm having a sale so I can give you the correct price!

Check out my page Comfy Critters for more hammocks, designs and deals!

Hives 28/12/2014


Quilted Flat Hammocks 28/12/2014

Quilted Flat Hammocks





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