D Reynolds-Smith Child/Adult Hypnotherapist and EMDR

Treatment for PTSD, Anxiety, Panic attack, IBS, Depression, Confidence, bedwetting and many more. Specially trained in treating children. Flexible appointments and confidential treatment.

Specially trained in bedwetting, anxiety, mindfulness, irritable bowel syndrome and EMDR (PTSD). Fully insured and vetted. NHS experience and recommended by Alder Hey.

Operating as usual


Effective and fully researched IBS treatment. Affordable and pleasant delivered via mental health professional.


Researched Irritable bowel treatment in 5 sessions over 3 months. Only 450 pounds for all 5 sessions. A small price to pay for changing your life in a positive way.


Excited about my new Associate starting soon. Fully trained and ready to go very soon. Lauren is a senior mental health nurse and has worked with borderline personality disorder and trauma. More appointments available with shorter waiting times.

D Reynolds-Smith Child/Adult EMDR & Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher updated their address. 18/01/2021

D Reynolds-Smith Child/Adult EMDR & Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher updated their address.

D Reynolds-Smith Child/Adult EMDR & Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher updated their address.

hypnotherapywarrington.com 02/09/2020

Child and Adult EMDR and Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy Warrington

The return to school may increase anxiety in some children. This is understandable and help is available for any child refusing to attend school or who is struggling with the prospect hypnotherapywarrington.com or hypnotherapyliverpool.com

hypnotherapywarrington.com EMDR Child Adult Hypnotherapy in Warrington, Cheshire with Dawn Reynolds-Smith anxiety, panic attacks, phobias. Skype messenger and face to face available.


Hypnotherapy in Turkey 🤪


Interesting watching children on The news comment on how they like one to one online learning because they are less conscious about asking questions. It’s something children tell me all the time. This is a positive of online learning.


day two - Mindful Listening

Another chance to see - Day two of mindfulness and increasing your practice.


Looking at the most searched mental health word at the moment, and not surprisingly it is anxiety. The NHS is only just opening up it's mental health services (it should not have closed), but the list will be massive. I treat anxiety and other related conditions. Just in box me.


Just a reminder - as I have been offering this for years - there is a 10 pounds deduction for keyworkers.


more mindful kindness

it's been a while. Remember I offer a 30 minute free appointment - all appointments currently via facebook messenger and hypnosis too!


Apologies for not posting mindfulness for a few days as I’ve had courses on line. Hopefully will do one tomorrow pm.

hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk 16/04/2020

Functional neurological disease

Read my article on FND

hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk Functional neurological disease (FND) is a condition in which there is a...


more gratitude/appreciation

Short mindful session on people in your life.


Mindfulness and cultivating gratitude.


Dont worry about eating too much while self-isolating - there is help now or when this is all over. Skype sessios are available now!


mindfulness and ratiobreathing - note - yu need to do the ratiobreathing for about 3 minutes to rewind panic!


D Reynolds-Smith Child/Adult EMDR & Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher

Nazia Ali

This is a way of checking your body for tension the mindful way!!


day 3 body scan mindfulness

This is a way of checking your body for tension the mindful way!!


day two - Mindful Listening

Day two of mindfulness and increasing your practice.



If you are the victim of domestic violence, figures are showing lockdown is making this even worse for you. The police have reassured that they will still attend calls for help. https://www.nationaldahelpline.org.uk/ if calling 999 and then unable to speak press 555. Also there is the domestic abuse helpline



Spent week doing some FaceTime therapy and my clients are loving it.


Can't sleep? Keep waking up? Tired all the time? Just imagine a full nights deep sleep with hypnotherapy.


Unfortunately you will be unable to call me or send messages as phone not working. Please email me at [email protected]


I hope you have all had a lovely peaceful day. ###


Why not let your mind help you overcome IBS? What have you got to lose?


If you spend your life worrying where the toilet is, in crippling pain and suffer from IBS. There is a fully researched way to help. See my website for more information. Hypnotherapy warrington.com


I'm booking up for January and February for weight loss and Gastric band weightloss. There are weekend and evening appointments available too. My email is [email protected] for more information.


After my last post, it's amazing to discover that research says you can cut your chances of type 2 diabetes if you have more friends and a good social life!!!


Friends are so special. Tell a friend how much they mean to you today.


I see so many posts on FB of people struggling with sleep. Hypnotherapy is excellent at teaching your mind to switch off at night, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep and then when you are sleeping so much better, life seems so much nicer.

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day two - Mindful Listening
more mindful kindness
more gratitude/appreciation
day 3 body scan mindfulness
day two - Mindful Listening


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