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Out there to help people lead and improve a healthy active lifestyle to be happy healthy and confident with there new body and life.

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A big welcome to my new recruits.

Now I know that starting a program can be such an overwhelming process.

Knowing what to eat
If your calories and protein will be bang on
How to stay accountable
If you will be able to deliver the strength exercises
Will you be able to complete the tasks given in the program

I understand that this can be a very overwhelming time so I’m here to combat that.

Firstly, every client will not even get a program until 3 days down the line this gives them a little room to understand how a program works in coaching videos.

Then I jump on a kick start 1 to 1 zoom meeting so they can ask me any questions they are struggling to understand plus I run over questions about everything that they want from a program.

What foods they love
What running schedule looks like
What is there experience with strength training
Finding everything about their social work and family life

Only then I can set a realistic plan for each client.

And for me I think I’m a pretty level-headed guy…

Would I really want you to be perfect and hit every task? HELL NO!

Because if it was me in their shoes, I know I wouldn’t tick every box ether.

I’m here to hold them though the whole process and if there’s a problem, I will make sure I can solve this straight away through a message and voice note.

Pretty excited now for all these guys to hit some amazing wins! Let’s get some results!

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A 10k PB for Sam! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏅

The progress just keeps moving forwards but this is all down to her hard work within my programs.

PBs hit , weight dropped and a new happier healthier lifestyle!

Here is what Sam had to say about my programs so far!

January 2022 Vs May 2023

4 Stone 9lbs Lighter and 86cm gone!

Sunday saw a new 10KM PB.... I've been running for over 15 years so a PB this far into my running journey is huge!

Armed with the tools given to me and knowledge learnt from Dan, I'm so excited to see what both my weight loss and running journey holds for the future... I'm even eyeing up a Marathon for next year!

But more importantly, I’m finally understanding how to fuel my body correctly resulting in my relationship with food being the best its ever been!

Amazing work Sam! 🙌🏃🏻‍♀️

Before I wrap this up, I need to be super clear:

Working with me doesn’t give you some ‘secret’ formula to hit PBs and drop excess lbs.

(Any coach who says otherwise needs to exit the industry fast 👋)

What working with me DOES do is:

- Reduces the overwhelm

- Sets a method around your lifestyle

- And holds your hand throughout the whole process

So if you’re on-board with the above, have you seen my track-record of results and want me to take the thinking out of the strength and nutrition process?

Message me, get started and we’ll get plans in place ready for you.


Half marathon PB for Sam! 🏅🏃🏻‍♀️

All of the effort and hard work is paying off.

This is the reason I love my job!

The boost in motivation and confidence with a sense of accomplishment!

This is why I love helping people!

Before Sam started with me she had been on group template programs and tried lots of methods but a big game changer here was to make sure we fitted a program around her lifestyle but also give her understanding and reassurance and support any time she needed it.

It's the reason I stand by the program to be life changing!

Want to know more about how I could get you results like Sam? DM me the word Results and I can give you info.


Going from strength to strength Linda is still carrying on her progress since finishing my programs!

Maintenance is a word which is never thought about but it is the most important part of a transformation with fat loss and performance.

She has been able to sustain her progress to have the understanding around programming for strength and nutrition to support both running and fat loss.

I can now see the confidence in Linda with her running and heading into the gym free weights area which is never a daunting place for her now!

Linda is educated and now has the tools!

My programs are there so you never need one again!

It just goes to show how far Linda has come!

It's been life changing!

If you want results like Linda and support?

Just DM me the words RUN LEAN
And I’ll drop you some ideas to move you forward personally.


If you want to lose weight and improve running performance pick one and periodise this through your yearly calendar.

Things to think about when you want to lose weight and improve running performance!

What is your biggest priority goal right now?

What races have you got that you would like to perform well?

Nutrition considerations for fat loss for runners will be 5 days a deficit with 2 days at maintenance to help support recovery and maintain running performance and recovery.

Strength considerations for fat loss, compound full body workouts will generate and use lots of energy which could impact your recovery to perform well with running but support a body transformation.

Then switching this over to performance in running for nutrition you would need to consider increasing your calories to maintenance for each day and an increase in carbohydrate loading for short intervals through the week for increased running mileage and intensity.

For running performance with strength you will have to avoid full body workouts to help with recovery to perform well in running and move to exercises which do not use a lots of energy but are very sport specific like glute and stability strength movements.

If you’d like me to audit YOUR current nutrition set-up and spot some easy fixes – you guessed it – just shoot me a message referencing this post and I’ll come back to you with the next steps.


How many times have you said to yourself that you were going to change only for this to stop because you try to become too damn perfect!

The guilt or frustration of either throwing the towel in, or you decide to try and catch up and restrict.

We expect too much then our own self-worth starts to decrease.

The reason is we are not realistic with ourselves & usually set crazy targets in our mind.

Understand that the change in your diet is a normal part of your life.

Our lives change and sometimes you have no option to change your nutrition.

But if there is something to fix then sit down and think of some reasons on how can I improve next time?

Draw a line and move on.

Life happens and things which that go on within it will impact your nutrition sometimes.

Accept that you wanted to it at the time it may have been well worth the change even in a stressful situation

Have a think if it’s something you need to change to reach your goal.

What could you do next time to improve on that situation?


This goes to show how powerful a life changing program can be!

Nicola like so many others on my program have been on restrictive meal plans and a group exercise app's.

I stand by making sure I listen and understand every person who comes to me about what they actually want and hold their hand through the whole process!

The biggest part Nicola mastered on my programs was to just keep accountable and build that relationship and trust.

If there was a question she always reached out and I would always reply with a message, voice note or call to help.

There have been ups and downs within the 6 months, but we worked together as a team to solve this.

Nicola has lost a total of 34lb and completed her first marathon at London and then the next week ran the Manchester marathon.

Completing 2 marathons back-to-back over 7 days is an achievement in itself.

She is now down 8 inches in her club vest which goes to show her body transformation results!

But you know what the BIGGEST goal is?

Drum roll please…

It’s now been a year and she has been able to maintain the results!

Nicola had gone on to say

“ I was in a very dark place when I reached out for his help. I piled on loads of weight through the depression of being injured and not being able to run, the one thing that keeps me happy broke me and I just ate my feelings every day. Now my relationship with food has never been so good. I'm confident now. I've one more personal goal to achieve. Two little words but I hope you know how sincere they are, Thank You”

I mean this when I say that this is a passion of mine!

I do this because I want this to be the last program you ever sign up for!

Want results like Nicola?

DM me the word RESULTS for more info.


My first big step as a new qualified MNU nutritionist 4 years ago I decided to make my first BIG first step talking about nutrition which was a massive failure!

4 years ago, I was standing on stage talking about nutrition at a run expo.

It was a train wreck!

My notes I made the wind swept them on the floor!

I forgot what I was supposed to talk about, and I cut my talk short.

I felt embarrassed, anxious, and felt like a true failure!

But the biggest thing I did was not let it get the better of me.

I tried live videos which didn’t go well!

If I look back through my videos I would probably cringe!

I started 1 minute stories which used to take me 20 minutes to do!

But I kept going and jumped back on it!

Now thinking about caparison, it’s important that we should always look at the bigger picture when it comes to any goal!

The fact that you didn’t give up!

Over the years I’ve invested time to design my programs!

Money to invest into me becoming a better coach!

And never give up mind set because I’m passionate about my career and the results I want!

Like any goal we could fail countless number of times!

We may need to sacrifice a bit of time and digger a little deeper into our pocket.

Willing to accept failure is a big part of your journey

Then think…

Why did this happen?
What could I do to change?
Do I need to ask for help?
Do I need to make more time to prioritise my goal?

Like any goal you require to become happy you must have to change things all the time and accept that failure is a normal part of growth!

Learn from it, change something and move on and never give up on your dream goal.

Have you ever failed on a goal?

How did this help you grow?

The person who wins is the one who NEVER GAVE UP!


Take time for yourself to transform your body and Health!

Focusing on being able to relax can then interlink well with your nutrition and training!

Whatever your way is, do it regularly!!!

For me hiking has always been my therapy.

When you focus on self care you start to become more organised and accountable!

You don’t use food or alcohol as form of coping!

Sleep improves you feel less grumpy with no cravings.

Performance with exercise goes up.

And you're just a happier person to be around!

Doesn’t that sound like a healthier, happier way to move forwards with your transformation journey?

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It's been a while since I dropped an intro post so I thought I'd post something here about my life!

❤️I started to walk 4 years ago because it cleared my head when I felt low but now I've become hooked on the outdoor lifestyle. Trail runs , paddle boarding and hiking it's now part of my life!

❤️I have one dog in the family called Boo. She is very important to all of us but I struggle to take her out for walks but she has now moved away to Spain with my mum.

❤️I consume pizza every Friday! Shock horror coming from a nutritionist and fitness coach ey?

❤️I’m the type of runner who is unsociable! I run to switch off and de-stress! Pre coffee, tunes on and zone out!

❤️I love everything about how lifting weights and running makes me feel. It’s the reason I do what I do!

❤️My goal was to build an online business 4 years ago and I decided 6 weeks ago to pack in all of my other work and take the plunge full time!

The reason for this is I value this service more than PT to support clients goals and I also want to have flexibility with managing my own hours and work remotely.

If I'm happy in my career then this reflects down on my business. It's the work life balance I want!

❤️My biggest life goal right now is I want to travel the world as I have learned so much and experienced some amazing moments. The experience taught me a lot about what I want out of life right now.

Over the past 2 years things have really been put in perspective for me that I should never take things for granted.

Because if there is something you want out of life it's important that you do things now!

I hope in years to come I can look back on my life and say I lived it without any regret that I missed out.

I think the best way to be sometimes is just being yourself so I hope you’ve learned a little bit more about me!

Lots of love!

Dan ❤

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How to avoid fad dieting is my biggest task as a nutritionist to help people get amazing fat loss results that last!

In my webinar I will be revealing my 5 most important points to avoid any fad diet plan again to get you feeling Lean and Healthy.

If you are ready to take that next step I am going to be covering all points needed to help you on that journey come February 1st at 7pm!

This support is all FREE and you can join now and your place here


EXCITED but NERVOUS about launching my new weight loss webinar.

As you know I post content on here lots, but I don’t think it’s enough.

Sometimes it’s really hard for people to get support off content alone on the gram.

Scrolling past endless posts and maybe getting a snippet of ideas.

But I feel I have the answer to a better way by interacting with you all personally in a webinar.

This will give people the chance to interact with me and find out what people need support with.

I will set out common questions on big issues faced around nutrition and exercise and I want you to reply back so I can SOLVE them SIMPLES!

Part of this is to build more of a relationship with you too and give you some valuable support to go away with.

I want people who sign up to the webinar to have some clarity and be treated as individuals.

NOT told what to do, but more to LISTEN to you on what you need help with.

You would be surprised how much this helps me to become a better coach at my job, because everyone has different difficulties faced when they want to change.

FREE Webinar 👇


I honestly don't get the reason for doing crunches.

There are so many other ways to build a stronger core!

So how do we build on this? ⠀

Something I feel has be said is that you do not need to isolate an area and it’s been shown that compound lifts where you are actually bracing core muscles are shown to be more effective than isolated exercises. ⠀

An old school crunch is not even needed and there are so many better and safer ways to strengthen the core.

I think it's the way I see people doing crunches which makes me cringe.

That kyphosis posture of rounded shoulders throwing yourself forwards.

To perform any compound exercise with the correct technique the core muscles need to be used and engaged so why not do this plus you'll be working in so many other areas too!

I feel isolated exercises can be used as a conditioning exercise to help you perform the delivery of big lifts but please don’t feel the need to work this area because you don’t.

If you love a good plank exercise go for it but remember the big priority exercises which give you the biggest wins to build a stronger you within your programming.

Push ups
Bent over row

I would love to hear what your favourite exercises are you working on to build strength around your core?

Please don't say crunches! 😂😂

EXCITED AND NERVOUS about delivering my first ever webinar on the 9th.

Interested in joining next monday?

Click my bio


A BIG question around nutrition I’d LOVE to know from YOU!

I’m currently running a webinar starting on the 9th August and there are 2 big issues faced usually when I help people to maintain their diet and I would love for you to let me know what yours is?

Is this:

A. Family and work commitments

B. Social life

If you could comment A or B I would love to hear your thoughts on this 👇👇👇

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It’s Saturday and I’m working!😂🙈

Be honest, I love my job and I have real passion for helping people.

I really want to create a better service but also provide helpful content for you all.

I've worked my ass off over the years becoming qualified, looking at research and also creating a 1 to 1 online coaching program which creates a life changing result!

The next couple of months are going to be big and I’m usually my time now to get my s**t sorted out.

Because what else is there to do?

Podcast done this morning all around endurance performance on weekends ✅

Reading up on fitness testing notes to create strength and conditioning assessments for running performance for my clients ✅

Also have been opening up my MNU books again recently to go through some nutrition research papers! ✅

Enjoying the process and excited for the future!🙌

🎙podcast head over to my bio

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Truth 😘

So many people judging!!!!

Who the hell are they to judge you!🤷🏻‍♂️

Eat the way you want and be happy!

Timeline photos 28/02/2021

Sun + coffee + Running = 😊

Things which can lift your mood can be the simple things especially in this stage we are in.

For caffeine its important to know a few benefits:⠀⠀
✅It reduces feelings of fatigue.⠀⠀
✅Spares muscle glycogen to help assist performance.⠀⠀
✅Improves endurance performance.⠀

Now post workout its all about protein.

✅ 25g protein is enough to help with recovery

✅ The first hour of a protein feeding would be helpful after a run but it’s not priority and you could wait up to 2-3 hours post exercise.

Now it’s all about walking and getting those steps in.

Have a great day everyone!

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Don’t mask your habits, solve them!

Handing a plan for someone to follow always masks the problem.

Because when we hit the end date we don’t know what to do next.

People will be willing to sacrifice giving up things for a short period and putting pressure on themselves.

Being aware that this could put you into another deeper hole with your habits each time this happens.

So let’s create a good relationship!

Its Friday, and pizzas on the menu for me 🍕

What you on?


I have seen Linda grow to become stronger and more confident with her running.

The value in my programs online has come from working with Linda personally in check ins each week and chatting to her personally on video calls whilst building education around nutrition and strength.

We worked together on exercises around injury prevention and performance.

If an injury flared up from running, with had a chat around conditioning to support this.

If she got stronger on an exercise, we upped the intensity

Nutrition was added around her running schedule and chippy tea on a Friday was always included every week.

A big part of success in my programs is commitment and showing up with accountability whilst putting a small amount of effort required.

Linda always did this, and it shows in her results of 2018-2019 hitting 604 miles to completing the 1000 mile stone in 2020.

A big part of my programs is not just the success of the number of miles but the happiness that comes with this of running stronger and more comfortable.

The picture shown of Linda, completing her first half marathon she had a realistic goal of 2.30. She smashed this time out the window, with a an amazing 2.10.

The time here was amazing but the accomplishment of how this has made her feel with running over the past 18 months is even better!

I’m now looking for 2 clients now onto my 1 to 1 coaching program.

This program is geared towards runners who want to drop body fat and get faster times through nutrition and strength & conditioning to make things simple and practical.

Spots of limited I’m looking for people who want to make that change today, to apply click my bio

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Going low on carbohydrates can help you run faster times!!!

You may think I’m crazy here but there is a big reason!

Factors affecting endurance performance have been shown in studies that consuming carbohydrates all the time can be blunting your ability to use them correctly!

You will rely on them too much and become inflexible at using them at the correct time!

You will use carbohydrates with low intensity and have nothing left in the tank when you need it most.

Fats are an important energy resource when there isn’t much effort required.

Becoming fat adapted by training low on carbohydrates can help you require fats as energy for fuel.

Using low / medium / high carbohydrate days of switching your macros and varying calorie amounts for fuel for the work required can help you!

Who else relates running to their nutrition?

Training runs may not feel great training low, but they are placing stress to help you perform on the days you want to get that PB time when you are training high!

You’ll feel like you have that extra gear when the time comes!


The success from running faster and building on milage from the clients I work with is we relate their nutrition to the running goal and their habits faced daily.

We talk each week and discuss things around how their week is going!

Cravings, upping mileage, increase pace, family commitments, work!

We aim to build a foundation around strength work whilst using progressive overload each week to suite each individual around conditioning their running performance!

Increasing reps, weight, moving onto more advanced movements.

It all entails into a successful program.

Coaching spots are live this week and with 2 places available,head over to my bio to find out more

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Want to learn more about endurance nutrition? Hit save on this one and get started!

Start testing the methods and remember to tag anyone who may need this right now.

Now I’m ready to open my programs again for my next wave of clients.

I am Looking for 5 people who want to improve running performance and reduce body fat through nutrition and strength and conditioning.⠀�⠀�This is online training program geared towards people who have a busy lifestyle and want to make things simple and practical.⠀�⠀�Spots are extremely limited and I am only looking for 5 people who want to make that change today!⠀�⠀�To apply please click my bio to book your call to see if you meet the requirements.

@ Warrington, England

Timeline photos 23/02/2021

Feeling negative about any of the points here is unhealthy.

For a healthy lifelong change with your nutrition, you need to work on being able to accept this!

There is more to heath with nutrition than may not know.

Timeline photos 22/02/2021

Feelings of disappointment and guilt is something we all do.

Is that a useful thing to tell yourself?

Is this thought helpful?

Is telling yourself you failed making you feel any better?

Think of reasons why did this happen?

Is there anything I can change to help with this?

Would it be the best thing to draw the line, forget about what it was and move on?

You need to get back to a point where you are making positive changes within your life.

Set yourself daily habits right now which create the easiest wins!

Identify the things that you really need to change.

Avoid doing everything at once because it is never realistic!

Clients I work with I set daily habits of things they really need.

A little bit like a checklist.

Simple and easy to follow!

Usually coming from basic tasks before we even sit down and start finding out a macro and calorie target.

If this is something you need to find out what this is.

From today I’m now looking for 5 people who want to improve running performance and reduce body fat through nutrition and strength and conditioning.⠀

This is online training program geared towards people who have a busy lifestyle and want to make things simple and practical.⠀

Spots are extremely limited and I am only looking for 5 people who want to make that change today!⠀

To apply click my bio to see if you meet the requirements

Timeline photos 21/02/2021

8 miles completed and feeling ok considering my run was fuelled with mainly fats last night!

A cheeseburger was on the menu!!🍔

Sometimes we can overthink our running performance goal.🧐

Calories are priority over any macro ratios.🔥

Being at maintenance or a slight surplus is cool.🏃🏻💨

Avoiding over fuelling or under with calories and finding a good balance is the main thing to think about.👍

Even consuming saturated fat which is deemed a bad it’s actually not and if you have a good balance of omega 3 and 6 its healthy!🍳🐟

Consuming fats as a energy resource through periods of the week has been shown in study’s to actually help with endurance performance!🏃🏻💨

When high carbohydrates are consumed and varied it’s can help you use them at the correct time within a race.🚀

Carbohydrates should be used at a high intensity but if you are consuming this too much you will become inflexible and this will create you to only work at low intensity’s!

You won’t have anything left in the tank for when you want to increase that pace in a race!!!😥😓

Check out my podcast all around periodisation of carbohydrates I find it a really interesting subject.😊❤️

Link for podcast 🎙📻 is in my bio

Timeline photos 21/02/2021

The weekend is here and it’s got me thinking about everyone’s running performance.

Most runners long and intense runs usually come on weekends!

What is your go to carb whilst on the go?

Whilst exercising it has been shown to have some great benefits depending on how long you are training for will depend on how much you may need!⠀

Think about how long and intense your running is?

If you carb up correctly leading up to a race you may not need any at all whilst on the go!

Carbohydrate periodisation for running performance podcast 🎙📻 click my bio

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Dan’s Story

Dan at Fresh Lifestyle Fitness is here to help people Transform there bodies whilst improving running performance.

Programs are set out online to help you with nutrition, strength and conditioning with an active healthy lifestyle.

Dan works with clients personally on a 1 to 1 basis or online to find the best method for you to reach your goal. Programs are designed and adapted regularly for each individual to help clients Improve on their weight loss and performance goal in the best possible way which is suited to there lifestyle.

Dan prides himself on a program which is designed for you and your habits you have through the lifestyle you lead.

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