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The Elves were out in force a week last Monday!
Chief Elf Kirsty of Colony Networking shared her top tips for blending social media with networking.

There'll be no live stream for a couple of weeks, but I'll be back on Monday 4th January with Maeri Howard The Make and Do Studio talking about how to build your email list in 2021.

Hit the subscribe button and click on the bell on my YouTube channel so that you don't miss out!

You can catch kirsty and myself here:

Have a lovely Christmas everyone x
Looking for advice on best place to find dress making patterns for children please?
If you are a size 16+ this might be of interest.
A big thanks to Maeri, for our class this morning. We did the course for rusty or beginners sewing. There were definitely a few ‘oh, I see’ moments!

Totally loved it!
Hi my trusty old Frister Rossman sewing machine that is pretty ancient is just about to die 😭. Can anyone recommend a replacement machine as I don’t have any idea on new models etc! I’d prefer something more than a very basic but don’t need it to be that fancy! Please help - thanks in advance 😊
Valentine's Day love bugs for the kids.....
Hi, Maeri has given permission for me to tell you here that I have an overlocker for sale. It's a Bernina 1150mda. It's a recently discontinued model. Details are still on the Bernina website. This was the middle model that they sold when I got it. I would describe the condition as 'used, not abused'! Unfortunately I can't find the box.
There are many 5* reviews on

The brochure.....

I was going to take an average of the last three to sell on ebay, but there has only been one recently, a new in the box one. I am looking for around £400 for the machine if I have it serviced first, prepared to accept less if it isn't done. My time scales for getting it done might not be the same as yours! The needle threader doesn't work, but that didn't bother me, as I used the tweezers provided instead. This would be fixed with servicing of course.

I also have a Janome 6600P sewing machine for sale. I will try and get details together for that. I'd rather sell locally if possible, as it's a lot of hassle packing things for shipping.
Singer treadle sewing machine.
This beauty is over 100years old and is in excellent condition. Selling due to house move. Please contact me if you are interested and want further details.
Many thanks.
Capri Trousers Workshop. I really enjoyed the challenge, as making fitted trousers had always been a ‘no-no’ for me. It was a real achievement to come home with a decent attempt at a pair of capri trousers. Fitting is the most tricky part and took a bit longer than originally expected but thanks to Maeri for her flexibility and allowing us a bit more time to get together to complete.
The best advice is to have a go and consider your first pair as a prototype – wearable of course – but the perfect fit hopefully will come from practice and maybe a bit more tweaking on the pattern - after all we change shape all the time don't we! Thanks again Maeri and am happy to recommend this workshop to friends.
I completed the Capri pants workshop this week and am really pleased that I actually managed to make them to fit. Thank you Maeri for the expert fitting guidance and the patience of a saint. Your workshops are brilliant as you explain everything so clearly and we take away all the hints and tips to help us with future makes. You also gave me back my sewing confidence and look what I have made over the weekend - a Colette Sorbetto!
Maeri, can you let me k ow if you’re available for the second overlocker workshop please. Thanks, Chris All Sewn Up

Opened in 2009, the Studio encourages & inspires all level of crafters by offering a wide variety of workshops for the modern maker. The Make and Do Studio started in 2009 with one simple desire - to have high quality workshops on sewing and textile related arts in the Cheshire area.

We work with a hidden treasure trove of fantastic local tutors who are passionate about teaching their skills and they reflect the Studio's ethos that crafting is for everyone. We have since expanded our original line up of sewing classes to include complementary workshops such as a complete home furnishings section teaching making roman blinds, making lined curtains, and piped cushions. Our sewi

Operating as usual


The last thing we did before we moved was finish painting the front door.

I actually started scraping it the first week of lockdown.

It was becoming my own personal Forth Bridge.

So with 36 hours to spare, we got the painting going and finished it, literally, as we were busy packing.

For those of you that have asked, we are renting it out. So that door had to say “welcome to your new future memories”.

(Scroll through to see the before, during and after). 👌

#futurememories #doorsofinstagram #victoriandoors


So let’s talk about paths - specifically new paths.

I’ve had quite a few DM’s asking me if I am going to create another studio now that I’m here down in Oxford,and the answer is no.

The physical space in the house that we are buying isn’t the same as it’s more open plan.

I also know that personally, I have what I call a “10 year entrepreneur cycle “where I tend to change gears into something different about every ten years.

So the next cycle is about to start!

Has anybody else got a similar experience or is it just me?

#entrepreneur #tenyearcycle #newpaths #oxford #wantage


Well, we are officially southerners (this is a pic from this morning's walk).

If you want to follow me on this next adventure, it might be best if you follow me on Instagram as I tend to update that pretty regularly.

The account is
which for the moment (even though the Studio isn't there anymore) I am keeping the name.


Okay- here’s a few things up for grabs: two different cutting matts 👇

They are used so have marks etc but they still have alot of life!

There are 2 of the grey one - this only has inch measurements on the front. So they are £5 each.

The green one has inch measurements on one side and centimetre measurements on the back. There is only one of these and is £7.50.

I also have two acrylic rulers, 6”x 24”, both used so have scratches etc. £6.50 each.

If you want one, either post below or DM.

[08/28/20]   If you have been following us, either on Instagram or via our newsletter, you will know that the Studio isn't opening again.

We made the decision to close our doors because we are moving down to Oxford so that we can be closer to my husband's work and so that we as a family, spend more time together.

If there is one good thing to come out of COVID, it is that it gave us a chance to rethink what we wanted our lives to look like. And it meant having to make some big decisions but for the best reasons.

I have managed to sell off or give away most of the bigger stuff but now have some used or smaller items that I will list here. They have to be paid for via Paypal and picked up by bank holiday Monday.

So watch this space today and tomorrow and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.


What did being 14 look like?

In last week’s newsletter, I talked about the the fact I have been a serial journal writer since I was 14.

You know - the time of life when you learn about boys.


Body image stuff.

How to swear ( or maybe that was just me?)

I said I would start sharing the better bits of these journals as I made my way through them.

So here you go. 👇👇👇👇

( what do you remember from being 14? Please share!)


Announcement number one: my two word summary on home schooling ( not for children’s ears) and announcement number two: newsletter is out tomorrow

#stocktonheath #newsletter #homeschooling


I’ve made the mistake of deciding to repaint our Victorian stained glass front door.

Truly painful how slow this is going.

Care to share any projects you started in the time of Corona that you now regret?!?

#stocktonheathvillage #frontdoordecor #frontdoorproject #frontdoorsofinstagram @farrowandball


My lovely daughter finished this last night.

Let’s pinkie promise to take care of ourselves this Sunday, shall we?

#proudmama #pinkypromise #embroiderylove


So we’ve made it through another week.

My key chain says it all.

I just poured myself a g and t and plopped myself outside in the sun. At first I thought it was a tad early for a drink but, as I just said to a friend of mine, “if I have any chance of getting hit by a potentially deadly virus, I’m going down with a drink in my hand!”. 🤣

The newsletter is out tomorrow/ I’m on a roll!
Check your inboxes at 8am.


Just in case you all need reminding!

It's Wednesday the 22nd of April, which can only mean one thing......The Sewing Bee is back tonight ✂️✂️✂️
#aberdashery #aberystwyth #wales #sewingbee #excited #✂️ #sewingfix #sewing #sewinglove 14/04/2020

Great British Sewing Bee 2020 Series 6 - The Foldline

Just in case you didn’t see the announcement about the Sewing Bee in the newsletter.... Read all the latest Great British Sewing Bee 2020 series 6 news here. We chat about the sewing bee episodes each week and featured sewing patterns!


The newsletter should be in your in-box folks.


[04/04/20]   Hello strangers!

For those of you that received a newsletter this morning out of the blue, it was sent by accident.

I didn't realize it until MailChimp pinged me this morning and said "your newsletter is sent" which twigged me that earlier in the week, I was showing someone how to set up the send function, and forgot to turn it off.

So my apologies!

For those of you that have received my newsletter in the past, you will know they have pretty much gone into hibernation. I just didn't have the energy to create them and decided to listen to my inner voice that said to take a break.

But recently, especially with all of us now being homebound in some way, I have found myself wanted to start creating it again. It was always a way to share the positive things in life and I feel like we could really use it again.

And I could use it too.

If you want to sign up, you can do it in the Sign Up link above.

With any luck - I should have it ready to go in a few days.



[02/25/20]   Good morning folks!

We had to rearrange our social sewing session from a few weeks back due to the wind and rain.

The rescheduled one is this Wednesday from 7-10pm. We have one space available and it only just occurred to me to post here to see if anyone was interested. I haven't put a link up on the workshop schedule for it but if you want to come along, it is £17.50 for the session.

Post below or DM me and we can sort it out.


Hey are you dressmakers out there I may have a new workshop in the making… Watch this.👇👇👇👇👇


We have one space for tomorrow's Curtain Making workshop that starts at 10 am.

You leave with a fully lined and finished set of small curtains - having said that, they are big enough to cover a small-sized window.

We provide everything - even a sewing machine if required.

Want to join us?

Click the link.


This Saturday is the first All You Need to Know to Sew workshop of 2020.

We've got a few spaces if you want to join us?

And don't worry if you think you can't learn - teaching is my superpower.


My first make of 2020 wasn't really a make.

It was a fix.

My daughter is in love with a pair of my really old Levi 501's that I kept, even when I outgrew them years ago. But there isn't much left around the backside or the undercarriage.

So, my first "back in the saddle" project for 2020 was getting them to the point where she could wear them without her bum hanging out.

Our first All You Need to Know to Sew beginner workshop for 2020 is on Saturday the 18th of January if you want to learn how to use your machine so that you can keep your daughter's modesty in check too!


Okay - for those of you that have emailed me to ask about what overlocker to get from Santa, here is my top suggestions:

For entry level (which is good enough for most people):
Brother M343D Overlocker.
Janome 9300DX Overlocker.
Brother M1034D Overlocker (you have to look harder for this as it is no longer produced)

If money wasn't an issue, I would get a Juki MO-2000 (not much change left from 1100.00 but it is amazing).

And if you want to learn how to get the most out of whatever machine you buy, then our Overlockers for Beginners two-hour workshops is a great place to start. 10/12/2019

What should you really concentrate on this Christmas? | The Make & Do Studio

I was rooting around the Studio website this weekend and found this blog post I had completely forgotten about but I wanted to share it again this Christmas period.


Bag Hardware | The Make & Do Studio

For those of you that want to make clasp bags for gifts this holiday season, I am putting one last order into the wholesaler (I purchase them from a manufacturer in Hong Kong) which should arrive by next Tuesday.

If you would like to pre-order them, which makes it easy to know how many to bulk buy, please contact me via DM or leave a message below. I offer a discount for ordering in multiples! 27/11/2019

Just One Quilt: Jo’s Story

Hey all you quilt makers out there!

I thought I’d share this article with you. I’ve interviewed Jo several times for various articles and she is absolutely lovely - her quilting is so modern and fresh that you can’t help being inspired by it.

She is also very open about the fact that she actually gathers a lot of inspiration from the older quilters that she hangs around with, which I believe in as well. Watch Jo’s Story here Jo Avery is a bright and fun quilter and teacher, and her personality is reflected in her beautiful work – usually brimming with colour and a whole host of techniques. S…

[11/24/19]   Good morning Make and Do people-I’ve had a lady from the studio email me asking if anybody is going to the knitting and stitching show in Harrogate on Friday as she would like to share a ride if possible. She is local to Stockton Heath, Could go on our own but that was a nice chance for people who have similar interest to meet and enjoy the day.

Anybody interested?


Newsletter time again!

Here we go folks - newsletter time this weekend!

Join us in our love of all things creative by clicking the link in the banner above or the link in the comments section.

And we look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


No. No no no no no.



So could this rotary cutter be the best hidden secret?


I had a woman contact me over the weekend who asked if they could give me her mothers fabric collection as they didn’t know what else to do with it (her mother had passed away a few months ago).


See how much stuff they dropped off.


👋 hello there!

Newsletter is coming out on Saturday - want a preview of what is included? - and an update on where I am at with my treatments.


And if you don’t get the newsletter, but would like to, click the signup link above or I will include it in the comments below.


I often ask people if they can send me photos of their projects if they need to be finished at home. The lovely Jane from Stockport sent me these images yesterday from our Quiltmaking workshop.

This workshop was different from the normal QM one as Jane was a confident sewer, had a fantastic machine but just wanted to fine-tune her knowledge (she admitted to having tried to make one but didn't' feel like she got the finish right).

So we designed this one from scratch - literally, got a piece of paper out, picked fabric swatches and started to do the maths on what we would need to cut. We double-checked all of the quantities needed for the different fabrics, and using the rotary, cutter, away we went.

If you fancy having a go at this (or giving the workshop as a Christmas present) we are adding a date in January.

I also thought I would share Jane's lovely comment on how I teach as I had never thought of it this way before but she is absolutely right.


For those of you that want a reminder, our sewing machine and overlocking servicing is this Thursday the 31st. This will be the last one before the new year.

We have two slots left - if you are interested, we've got a link to more information via the post, or DM me and we can chat.


My handy trick for getting rid of old rotary blades (and of you don’t know what that is, watch and you’ll find out!).


Last week I bumped into a lady who said how much she enjoyed my videos on Facebook and that I haven’t been on in awhile, And she was very kind to say how much she missed watching them.

And she’s right, I’m not been on since the summer and there is a reason why, so I thought I would share it with you.


When is a newsletter NOT a newsletter?

When is a newsletter NOT a newsletter? When it is one of ours!

We send it out every other Saturday and I always get an email or a DM saying how much one of our readers loves it - usually the words "quirky articles" and "feel good" are included when they tell me why they like it.

You can join us simply by clicking the "Sign Up" link above and then once you have added your email address, check it for one final okay.

And then 8:00am Saturday morning, get your cup of tea and get ready to smile.

[10/14/19]   We have gremlins in the website!

If you have tried to register for a workshop recently and the website won't complete the transaction (it tells you that it is a full workshop or won't move past the screen that allows you to complete the registration) it isn't you! We need to upgrade a few bits of software on the website and hope to get it done today or tomorrow.

If you want to get on a workshop between then, please DM and I can add you to the list on this end.

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What did being 14 look like? In last week’s newsletter, I talked about the the fact I have been a serial journal writer ...
Announcement number one: my two word summary on home schooling ( not for children’s ears) and announcement number two: n...
The newsletter should be in your in-box folks. Enjoy!
Hey are you dressmakers out there I may have a new workshop in the making… Watch this.👇👇👇👇👇
Newsletter time again!
So could this rotary cutter be the best hidden secret?
I had a woman contact me over the weekend who asked if they could give me her mothers fabric collection as they didn’t k...
👋 hello there! Newsletter is coming out on Saturday - want a preview of what is included? - and an update on where I am ...
My handy trick for getting rid of old rotary blades (and of you don’t know what that is, watch and you’ll find out!).
Last week I bumped into a lady who said how much she enjoyed my videos on Facebook and that I haven’t been on in awhile,...
When is a newsletter NOT a newsletter?
Tomorrow is my first newsletter since our summer hiatus and guess what - WE ARE ON FIRE ( literally!) as I show you what...



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