The Cacao Connection

The Cacao Connection

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Cacao is a sacred raw chocolate that is used to open the heart during ceremony or personal practice.


This months Cacao Ceremony is celebrating the energy of Spring! 💐 Come and receive your own Golden Cacao egg, symbolising the potential of your own personal bounty and growth. 🥚
Book your slot by contacting me or via Space Runcorn. (And don’t forget that this month everyone also receives a free 20g sample of cacao as my gift from Random Acts of Kindness Day!)


🥰 I only just realised that today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! 🫶
Obviously, every day is the perfect day to spread kindness in the world but if having a specific day gives people that little extra push then how can that be wrong? 💗
So, as my Random Act of Kindness gesture I am pledging a free 20g sample of cacao to everyone who attends my March ceremony at Space Runcorn!
The booking link for March has not been set up yet so you’ll just have to keep your eyes open for it! 🤎
See you soon, Cacao lovers!

Universal love ceremony by Tracey Thompson on Apple Music 13/02/2024

🎶 I haven’t done this before but I thought I’d share the playlist that I had for tonight’s Universal Love Cacao Ceremony. Enjoy the vibes! 💗

Universal love ceremony by Tracey Thompson on Apple Music Playlist · 8 Songs


This stunning Universal Love oracle deck by Toni Carmine Salerno will be featuring in my Cacao ceremony tomorrow at Space Runcorn. What will the cards hold for you?
Book now - limited spots available!


Putting together the playlist for my next Universal Love Cacao Ceremony. 💝 I don’t know how I’m going to fit them all in as I’ve found so many gorgeous tracks! 🎶
Come along to hear for yourself! Only a few spots left. =ev-s3fz-20240213190000


Still a few spots left on this months Universal Love Cacao ceremony at Space Runcorn! Come solo, as a couple or bring a friend! Love will be all around, aided by mama cacao’s heart opening medicine! ♥️☕️ (Booking link in post)

February is about LOVE! 💙💚💛🧡❤️
Self love, romantic love or love of your friends, make 13th February your alternative date night with a twist!
At Space Runcorn, let cacao show you how to deepen and explore that connection. 🫶 =ev-s3fz-20240213190000

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 05/02/2024

What is Universal Love? It is spiritual. Personal. Global. It goes to the past, present and future. To yourself. To others. To the planet. To spirit. THIS is the love we will be exploring at this months cacao ceremony. 🌏💚🌀♥️🫶


Testing out this new strain of Cacao for our ceremonies. This is “Gorilla” from Sierra Leone. Deep flavour with this. Very yummy! Added a little pinch of “Ani-Masaki” spice blend which really lifts the warmth of this Cacao. Both will be part of my upcoming celebration of everything L❤️VE related at my next Cacao Ceremony at Space Runcorn.
Go on - treat yourself!! ☕️😋


Make someone you love some Cacao today! ☕️🤎

What’s your live language?

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 04/02/2024

🌀 Would you like to have a personalised Cacao Ceremony as part of a special event in your life? This can be for a Wedding, a Blessing, a birthday, a naming ceremony, a hen or stag a special date and so much more! From 2 people to many more I will shape the ceremony to your own needs. 🪷
Please do get in touch with your requirements and ideas and I will help bring it all to life with you! 🤎🙏🤎

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 02/02/2024

Day 31 of 31 Days of Cacao!

We made it - albeit a bit late! (My apologies.)
Cacao - saving the planet 1 cup at a time. 🌎

Can cacao save the planet? It certainly can make a huge impact. These words from Scientific American explain the impact of cacao plantations.

“When cocoa is grown sustainably, it can actually help save the world, not destroy it.
Cocoa beans grow in pods on shrubby evergreens that are often planted in the open but can also thrive under canopies of large rainforest trees. 🌴A well-managed grove of shade-grown cacao trees can store a significantly higher amount of carbon than maize or other annual crops —up to 150 metric tons per hectare compared with 10 or less for maize—and up to three times the amount stored by cocoa grown in full sun.🌅”

In addition there are millions of farming family members who rely on the success of their sustainably grown crops in order to survive. 🫶 Choosing a sustainably sourced ceremonial grade cacao will ensure that both the 🌏 and these families can continue to prosper.
The ancients called cacao The Food of the Gods and it’s beans were used as currency. 💰 Not much has changed today.
Enjoy your cacao ☕️ knowing that you are benefitting your own mind and body, the families who work so tirelessly to bring us this sacred medicine AND our Mother Earth!


February is about LOVE! 💙💚💛🧡❤️
Self love, romantic love or love of your friends, make 13th February your alternative date night with a twist!
At Space Runcorn, let cacao show you how to deepen and explore that connection. 🫶 =ev-s3fz-20240213190000

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 01/02/2024

Day 30 of 31 Days of Cacao!
(Forgive me being even later. Phone just out of phone hospital!) Cacao and the element of Water! 🌊
As with the other 3 elements seen over the last 3 posts, cacao is also connected with the element of Water throughout its cycle from growth 🌱 to cup. ☕️
As you may expect, the cacao tree will draw nourishment and hydration from the rainfall in the rain forests in which it grows.
The pulp surrounding the beans in the pod is moist and also edible! Some say it is quite like mango 🥭 in taste!
The process of “conching” the cacao, where the cacao butter is run back through the bitter cacao solids, renders the cacao more fluid to allow it to be moulded.
Then, in order to create the ceremonial cacao drink, it needs to be warmed in liquid to allow it to melt and create the beautiful alchemy of the ceremonial cacao drink. 🪷
Cacao is a natural diuretic so it will shift your fluids whilst at work in your body. (Always have fresh water to hand) Plus it’s heart ♥️ opening qualities provide the perfect base to connect with your emotions (emotions are associated with the element of water)
Enjoy the ebb and flow! 🧘‍♂️

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 30/01/2024

Day 29 of 31 Days of Cacao!
(Still a day behind but who’s counting?!)

Cacao and the element of Fire! 🔥
it will soon be February and time for Valentines Day but every day is the right time to tend that fire within, surely? 😉
In order to coax the growth of the cacao fruit at all, the tree needs the beaming rays of the sun to be shining down on it. 🌞 Here the connection to the element of fire begins for the cacao beans.
The need for heat 🥵 continues during the fermentation and the roasting aspects of the preparation of the beans 🫘
Once you are ready to prepare your sacred cacao drink ☕️ you need fire to heat your chosen liquid in which to dissolve your cacao but adding chilli 🌶️ black pepper or cinnamon, for example, can add that extra fiery kick to supercharge your own internal flames of passion!
Use that energy in your close relationships or creative endeavours- the choice is yours! ❤️‍🔥

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 29/01/2024

Day 28 of 31 Days of Cacao!

Cacao and the element of Air! 🌬️🌬️
As mentioned yesterday, the growth, creation and ingestion of ceremonial cacao is intrinsically linked with each of the 4 elements at every stage.
Here is how it is connected to the element of Air.
During growth, the cacao tree relies on air in order to take in its supplies of CO2 and to release oxygen as part of the process of photosynthesis. 🌴
Once harvested, aerobic digestion is a vital part of the fermentation process and winnowing - where air is blown through the collected cacao beans after they have been hand peeled - separates the remaining husk from the cacao nibs. 💨
Once we have the finished product available for our use in ceremony the heart and mind opening qualities of the cacao aid us in the delivery of larger amounts of oxygen to every cell in our body, usually supported by some form of activity to increase the heart rate such as drumming, chanting or dancing! 💃
Breathwork also lends itself beautifully to cacao ceremonial practice for this reason too amongst other benefits. 🫁

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 28/01/2024

Day 27 of 31 Days of Cacao!

Cacao and the elements! 🌴
The process of cultivating, fermenting, creating the cacao paste and then using it in ceremony ALL utilise links with the elements.
Today let’s look at Earth 🌍
Whilst growing and maturing, the cacao tree runs its roots into the earth, finding its stability. It’s then draws its nutrients from the earth in order to nourish itself and the fruit it bears. Our cacao pods!
During the fermentation process the cacao is kept carefully in boxes made from the wood of other trees which helps to maintain the correct temperature in this process and continues the link with as little contact as possible with non-natural materials.
In the process of crating the cacao paste, the nibs from the beans are ground with stone 🧑🏾‍🍳or wooden implements - all created from our earth.
And finally, in ritual or personal reflection and practice, the ingestion of cacao ☕️ and it’s earthly energies, helps to strengthen our own earthly bonds, vibrates through our base chakra and reconnects us to our Mother Earth. 🌍
(Elemental spiral courtesy of Ora Cacao)

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 26/01/2024

Day 26 of 31 Days of Cacao!

Cacao as a dye! 🤎

The solution made from cacao husks has long been used as a natural dye for fabrics or to paint fabrics in a batik style.
You can purchase kits to try this if you don’t feel confident in this yourself or just don’t have access to cacao husks.
As well as for fabrics, cacao can be used to add a rich golden to deep brown hue to hair 👩🏽‍🦱 or beards! 🧔‍♂️

Not only do you get a beautiful, natural colour from using cacao to colour your hair, it’s dense nutrient base will nourish your scalp and hair during the application. 💆🏻

For example, the cacao is packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals like zinc and calcium. Those nutrients work together to support a healthy scalp and hair. Plus, cacao can make a great hair treatment ingredient since it’s known to provide moisture, volume, and a glossy shine while nourishing new growth in the follicles. ✨

Let me know in the comments if you’d like a recipe on how to use cacao as a hair dye or hair treatment! 🥣


Day 25 of 31 Days of Cacao!

Less than a week left of different ways to bring Cacao into your life!

It is a full moon today so let’s look at Cacao and the🌛🌝🌜Moon!

If you’ve ever looked into going to a Cacao ceremony then you are likely to have seen ceremonies aligned to the full moon or new moon. Is this just a gimmick? 🌕

Well, as we now know if you’ve been following this series, using cacao during ANY ceremony will amplify its effects and your connection to the events intentions. 💓

BUT cacao itself does have a special connection to the moons cycle during its own lifetime. So it is the natural facilitator of moon related ceremonies.
In Mayan culture they recognise that the full moon is the best time to both plant and harvest the cacao. 🌱 So full moon ceremonies are a great time to use the cacao to open us up to times of reflecting on our achievements. Looking at what has come of the seeds we have sown and how we can grow from that. 🙌
During the new moon 🌚 the cacao tree is taking time to focus on its growth, forcing its energy into its roots in order to gather the nutrients and water needed for its work ahead. A New Moon ritual is, therefore, ideally suited towards the theme of gathering your resources for your future growth. ↗️

Something to consider if you are planning a home or arranged ceremony soon!

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 24/01/2024

Day 24 of 31 Days of Cacao!

Cacao for menstrual symptoms.
Bloated? Cramping? Mood swings?
Don’t worry - Mama Cacao has got you!

We are coming up to the full moon which is a time that many will be leading up to or already having their period.
And, for many, it’s not a time they particularly look forward to due to the reasons mentioned above, amongst others. 🥴
And it is no coincidence that craving chocolate also seems to go hand in hand with other things that may be happening at this time.
But, rather than head for the highly processed, sugar laden versions in your local store, take some time preparing in advance so that you can nourish your body with a serious and effective hug in a mug.

A mug of ceremonial cacao prepared as in my video in my earlier post in this series will, in itself, provide magnesium to aid with cramping, potassium to help with fluid retention and the flavanols and anandamide boost and lift the mood. 🤎

If you wish you can add to this by using a brew of raspberry leaf tea in the liquid part of making your drink.
Adding ginger can aid with nausea or including cinnamon will boost the cacao’s anti-inflammatory effect.

Tailor your cacao to your own personal needs and make it a regular part of your self care at this time. ❣️


Day 23 of 31 Days of Cacao!

Using Ceremonial Cacao before giving or receiving tarot/rune/oracle (etc) reading or before giving or receiving healing. (And other similar activities.)
☕️ As has been mentioned before, one of the reasons we use Cacao is for its ability to open our hearts and minds, to foster deep connections and improve the clarity of our thoughts. 🤔 💭
This is why it is used in Cacao ceremonies where common practices will include the use of oracle cards 🃏 and/or intention setting. 📝

However, you don’t have to be (or visit) a Cacao practitioner to reap its benefits in other spiritual or esoteric pursuits. (But please consult a qualified practitioner if you are considering using doses above 20mg)

These same properties will add such an enhanced dimension if you are giving readings or healings but ALSO when receiving the same! 💆🏻

👊 SUPERCHARGE your reading or healing sessions with Cacao!! 💪

Photos from The Mayan Wisdom Project's post 23/01/2024

Mayan Wheel of the Year! ☀️

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 23/01/2024

Day 22 of 31 Days of Cacao!

IxCacau - Goddess of Cacao!
As you may imagine, through the history of producing Cacao, the Mayans felt the success of their crop was due to the Deity who blessed the crop with success. And Her name is IxCacau. (Pronounced EETCH-Ka-KOW) 🤎
It is easy to find out Her myth in Mayan legend on the internet rather than me printing it at length here (🥵) but, in short, IxCacau is honoured for bringing the families and the village success in the cultivation of their cacao crops. Cacao was used to feed armies before war, to fire up their resolve 🔥 and focus their minds. 😠
IxCacao was also revered as a fertility Goddess and a nurturing Deity. Hence, imagery and statuary of Her often depicted her breasts in the form of cacao pods, ready and ripe to feel Her followers.
Here are some images of Her today. The first is my adaptation of an incense burner that I already had, with clay added to make her into a representation of IxCacao for my ceremonies! She’s not finished yet but has turned out ok so far! What do you think? 🤔

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 22/01/2024

Day 21 of 31 Days of Cacao!
(Oops - a little late again! Sorry)
Is Cacao suitable for everyone?

Obviously, people either use Cacao to heighten spiritual connection or for its immense health benefits. But, as with everything taken to influence the body, you should always do your research about any cautions or contraindications as well as just the benefits. 🧑‍⚕️ And, if ever attending a ceremony where Cacao is involved, ensure your facilitator is fully trained and insured as they can advise on any concerns.

💊 Antidepressants
10-20g dose for anyone taking antidepressants and 5HTP consult health care professional if there are any concerns. Those on MAIO antidepressants should not consume cacao.
🤰🏽 Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Cacao is generally considered safe in pregnancy and during breastfeeding if taken in moderation. We recommend a serving size of 10-20g for those pregnant or breastfeeding.
It is best to begin consuming cacao in a smaller quantity (10-20g) to assess sensitivity.
It is best to begin consuming cacao in a smaller quantity (10-20g) to assess sensitivity.
🩸 Bleeding Disorders
Consult with a doctor prior to consumption if you have a bleeding disorder or are consuming any related medication.
👧🏼 Children
It is best for children to begin consuming cacao in a smaller quantity to assess sensitivity (5-20g dependant on age).
🫀 Heart Conditions
Consult with a doctor before using cacao and also begin with a lower dose (10-20g).
🌡️ High Blood Pressure
Consult with a doctor before using cacao and also begin with a lower dose (10-20g).
🫠 Low Blood Pressure
Consult with a doctor before using cacao and also begin with a lower dose (10-20g).
😵‍💫Sensitivities (e.g caffeine or stimulant sensitivities)
It is best to begin consuming cacao in a smaller quantity (10-20g) to assess sensitivity.
🩺Medication or supplement use
It is best to consult with a doctor about all drugs and supplements you are using or considering, prior to the consumption of cacao.

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 20/01/2024

Day 20 of 31 Days of Cacao! 🗓️

Can you believe we have had 20 different days of looking at how we can bring cacao into our lives? 🥰

Today I am looking at things that you can add to your cacao recipes to give them a little added oomph!
There are extra ingredients that you can add to your cacao either for their flavour and/or for their beneficial effects. Here are some suggestions but, as ever, the list is only limited by your imagination!
🥀 Rose petals or a rose tea infusion.
🍄 Various mushroom powders such as Lions Mane or Reishi.
💙 Blue Lotus flower
🌶️ Chilli, turmeric or cinnamon powders.
🍃 Mint leaves or a mint tea infusion
These ingredients can be infused in the milk then strained before adding the cacao if they are not in powdered form.
Do some research to discover the various benefits and suitability of these and other possible ingredients but most of all enjoy experimenting! ☕️🍓

Photos from The Cacao Connection's post 19/01/2024

Day 19 of 31 Days of Cacao!

The Cacao Connection!

Yes, it’s no fluke that I chose to name my business The Cacao Connection because this magical plant medicine works in such a powerful way to open up our connections with others as well as ourselves. It is no accident that lovers share chocolates on St Valentines Day! I will simply provide a list of scenarios where the use of ceremonial grade cacao will add a boost of openness in the connection s you make in everyday life The list is not exhaustive by any means but should get you thinking in the right direction about how you personally can benefit from Cacaos heart and mind opening qualities.
* Use cacao before lo******ng! You will find a new level of openness and connection that you may otherwise not have experienced!
*Take ceremonial cacao before going out dancing on a sober night out. You will feel freer and more connected but without the negative effects of drugs or alcohol.
*Make your work colleagues a cup of cacao to promote open conversations and bonding at work.
*Use cacao to aid you feeling more free and open when playing with your children. It will help you find you own inner child who wants to come out to play!
*Create a special time to honour your partner or your bestie by sharing Cacao together. Feel the blissful bond between you with cacao melting any unconscious barriers away.

What other connections could you make? ☕️💗


Day 18 of 31 Days of Cacao!

Cacao ☕️ vs Cocoa.🍫

I have obviously been harping on about the incredible nutritional and physical/emotional benefits of introducing ceremonial grade cacao into your diet. But is it really THAT different to a high grade cocoa, or even cacao nibs?
Well, the higher the cacao (raw chocolate) content of whatever you buy, the better it is for you nutritionally. But there will always be the fact that it has been manufactured and processed to a higher degree than raw ceremonial cacao. This results in a loss of nutrients and the addition of sugars, dairy 🐄 products, sodium 🧂 and other not so beneficial ingredients which can harm rather than help your well-being.
Do your research. 📋 🖊️ 🤔


Day 17 of 31 Days of Cacao!

Cacao-t and about!
Cacao is the perfect accompaniment to your hiking adventures for good reason.
Obviously, a warming drink when out on a chilly day is always welcome. But a flask of cacao will make sure you have that super boost of feel-good hormones mid hike which then gives you the pick-me-up that you need to keep on going!
Naturally, we already know now about all the general health benefits that cacao will be bringing anyway to compliment your exercise efforts.
But ceremonial cacao’s effects on the blood pressure and our mood also mean it is the best way to set yourself up for taking time out and just appreciating the moment and your surroundings. Find a comfy spot to perch on. Pour yourself a cacao. Savour it slowly. Spend some time in quiet meditation. Make this your new hiking routine! 🏔️

10-Minute Go-to-Glow Meditation with Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman 16/01/2024

Day 16 of 31 Days of Cacao.

Todays post is a little different. Today it was announced that the founder of Keith's Cacao, Keith Wilson, “The Chocolate Shaman” has very sadly been called to Spirit after a short illness.
I shall raise a cup of Cacao in his honour and I encourage you to join Keith in this beautiful Go-To-Glow meditation that he recorded some years back. Listen to his soothing voice and be transported to his beautiful home through the magical sounds of nature in his surroundings.
Travel well, Keith. A-ho.

10-Minute Go-to-Glow Meditation with Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman Experience the magic of Keith's Cacao: 10-minute, guided meditation with Keith Wilson, the Chocolate Sh...

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