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Hello Gourmand Café, nous vous souhaitons un très bon premier anniversaire. Happy birthday 🎂 🍻 🎁🎉🍾 😘😍 . Gros bisous
Hello gourmand Café. Nous vous souhaitons un très bon premier anniversaire : happy birthday 🎂🍻🎁🎉🍾😘😍 bisous de n
What a gorgeous little find 🥰
Please can I ask where abouts are you?

Gourmand! café is now open in Warrington. Authentic homemade French cakes, pastries, breads, sandwi

We are working in an environnement where is handled flours, nuts, dairy, eggs, and other allergens. Please let us know if you have any food allergiesor intolerances.

Photos from Gourmand café's post 15/09/2023

Bonjour / Bonsoir les gourmandes et gourmands :)

Whether you like rugby or not, why not get yourself one of our "Apéro Platters" to enjoy at home this weekend? Be like the French and "faîtes l'apéro ! !" (Have apéro !!)
"L'apéro" is that moment just before lunch or dinner where we like to have a drink and take our time nibbling some food like "saucisson" (cured sausage), charcuterie (cured meats), vegetables with dips, crisps, olives etc...
Can be enjoyed whilst watching a good movie too 😉

If you like the wonderful French artisans and organic cheeses and cured meats that we put in our sandwiches, you will love our platter.

Bring France 🇨🇵 to your home 😃

Apéro for 2:

1 baguette tradition
Jambon de Pays (Country ham or cured ham)
Rosette de Lyon
Pâté de Campagne
Choice of 1 1/2 saucisson sliced
(Plain, Hazelnut, Beaufort cheese, chilli, herbs, pepper, bull)
Choice of 2 cheeses
(Camembert, Emmental, Roquefort Ambras, Bleu d'Auvergne, Cantal, Comté Vieux, Brie de Meaux, A.O.P. Rocamadour goat cheese)
Cherry tomatoes
French cornichons
Mixed Olives

£25 of French delights for 2 to take home (24 hours notice required) or also available to eat in the shop.

Feel even more gourmand and add anything from our stock to be purchased by the weight or piece.

If you need French cheeses and Cured meats platters and baguettes for your special events, let us know what you need and we can arrange a platter for you. 24 hours notice required.
Or tag anyone who would be interested.

Feel free to ask us more details and get the best authentic French food experience at home or in our shop.

Merci et Bon appétit!! 🙂

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Bonjour tout le monde,

Vous allez bien ? 😀
Gourmand is back since yesterday for another great week full of "gourmandises" (treats) before some celebrations. Can you believe it? Gourmand! will be celebrating its second Anniversary next Thursday on 21/09!! Unbelievable...
We'll have a special menu available on that day and many special cakes and some competitions taking place from Wednesday so make sure you can pop in for the treats and/or get ready to play!!

Unfortunately today we're already sold out of Baguettes tradition so can't make any sandwiches but we have omelettes, scrambled egg's, Friands saucisse à la moutarde and Salads.

For dessert indulge yourself with one of our coulant au chocolat cœur caramel beurre salé (homemade buttery salted caramel), Choux chantilly, Lime and mascarpone Verrine (cup) with fresh fruits, Lime and mascarpone fruits tarts, our popular Mousse au chocolat or one of our classic French tartes aux fruits (fruits tarts) 😋

If you're after some little treats we have Chouquettes, Financiers (Plain or with chocolate chips), Chocolate and pear muffins, Chocolate chips and pecan cookies or our beautiful cake on the stand: Chocolate and banana cake topped with milk chocolate and soured cream icing and banana chips 🤤

Unfortunately all the pastries are gone but if you'd like to reserve some for (2 max) you can do so by sending us a private message or ring us in the Café.
If you need more than 2 then 48 hours notice is required. We highly recommend to reserve our pastries now to guarantee availability as they've been so popular over the past 2 months. Make the most of having an authentic French Boulangerie Pâtisserie on your doorstep 😁

If you'd like to come in this Sunday for either the Brunch Set Menu or the Special Sunday lunch (porc à la normande), please DM us to book by Friday 4pm. Merci 🙂

⚠️ No booking will be taken for Sunday 24th September as it will be the Warrington Running Festival and we will be open only from 8am to 1pm. There won't be any hot food and we will be serving only what we'll have in the display (cake, muffins, chouquettes, pastries...).

We're here until 4pm. À bientôt !!


Do you know what will happen soon?

We will celebrate our 2 years Gourmand! anniversary 🎉

Therefore on Thursday 21/09, we will skip the usual menu for a Special Menu 😃

Please note that it will be Special Menu only, and we strongly advise to book in advance 👌
We will still be able to do something for those having a food allergie or intolerance.

We will celebrate with a Special Menu including a special offer for sandwiches or a special 3 courses meal with a drink:

Sandwich + Dessert £9
Starter + Dish + Dessert + Drink £21

Dessert is: Traditional crème brûlée (limited quantity and for eat in only) or any selected cakes and tarts from the display.

So book now to celebrate with us and enjoy a proper French meal 🙂

Please DM us by Sunday 17th September to book a table. Merci 🙂

Bon appétit 😋

Gourmand café
58 Sankey Street

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Coucou tout le monde,
It's hot out there and even inside but stop by Gourmand café for a refreshing summer drink all homemade from scratch by us 😎
Yes our popular "Marlène" or "gnamakoudji" is back in stock 😃🥤 It's made of ginger, lime juice, pineapple juice and fresh mint leaves. This is originally from Senegal but a friend in France introduced us to this lovely drink (the whole story is in one of our previous posts all dedicated to that drink).
And grab a slice of the Cheesecake Judith made of a cinnamon biscuit base topped with a lime juice and zest yoghurt and cream cheese filling.

So refreshing!!

We also have many other treats and drinks.

We're here until 4pm.

À bientôt !!

PS : Please DM us as soon as possible to book your table for either the Brunch Set menu or the Special Sunday lunch for this Sunday. Bookings are highly recommended to guarantee availability of your preferences and to avoid any disappointment. Merci.
⚠️ We only take bookings for Sundays.


Photos from Gourmand café's post 07/09/2023

Coucou tout le monde,

Comment ça va aujourd'hui ? How are you today? Not too warm? How's the back to school and/or back to work week is going?

It looks like we're going to have a full last week of summer before autumn comes so here at Gourmand! we make the most of it and adapt our cakes and menus.
The "Plat du Jour ", dish of the day, is "Salade niçoise" and we have plenty of lemon and/or lime base cakes and desserts. Look at those beautiful "tartes au citron meringuées" (Lemon meringue tarts) 😍
If you are more into classics and chocolate we have some "coulant au chocolat" (melt in the middle chocolate cake", "Chocolat Liégeois" (chocolate cream dessert), crème caramel and chocolate and pear crumble.
You can also pop in for one our refreshing homemade drinks such as "la Citronnade" (homemade lemonade) or our latest drink "la Marlène" made of ginger, lime, pineapple juice and fresh mint leaves available to drink in or to take away.
We have yummy classic French "coupes glacées " and as a special today we have the "Profiterole à la glace vanille", a chou bun filled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and served with warm chocolate sauce 😋

If you're after little treats we have financiers (almond cakes, plain or with chocolate chips), Lemon and poppy seeds muffins, chocolate chips and pecan cookies, Lemon drizzle cake and Palmiers (puff pastry rolled and baked in brown sugar).

For lunch we have Quiches Lorraine, French onion soup, salads and sandwiches.

Due to the warm weather we have changed our special Sunday dish for this week and we will serve our delicious and refreshing "Salade Gourmande", made with French heritage tomatoes, roman heart lettuce, grapefruit slices, walnuts, croutons and slices of Baguette Tradition with choice of French cheese. Dessert will be crème brûlée.

Dish only: £12.90
Dish + dessert: £15.90

⚠️ You can now book your table for this Sunday for either the Brunch Set menu or the special Sunday lunch. Please DM us by Friday 4pm. Merci 🙂

We're here until 4pm.

À bientôt !! 😀



Les Gourmands sont en place pour Paul Taylor in Manchester !! / We're ready for Paul Taylor!! And funny and great to see some of our customers here 😁


Yes there is still time to vote for us so if you'd like to see us keep our crown as "Best Café" in Warrington to reward our authentic and homemade from scratch yummy food and treats, please vote:

- under the relevant Warrington Guardian post
- under the relevant Warrington Guardian tweet on Twitter (or X)
- under the relevant article on the Warrington Guardian website
- by using the coupon available in this week Warrington Guardian edition

Link to article to vote:


Votes will close at midnight on Monday 4th September.

Merci for your support 🙏

There’s still time to vote for your favourite café or coffee shop in Warrington.
Who should win our Best Café or Coffee Shop 2023 from our shortlisted top ten?
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Photos from Gourmand café's post 03/09/2023

Bonjour tout le monde 😀
Profitons du soleil ce dimanche 🌞

Let's enjoy the sunny Sunday 👌

If you are out in a park or by the beach, we won't blame you.
But if you are around, we have some delicious treats still available so you can finish the week in the best way.

Get some refreshing snack or dessert, to eat in or take away.
We are open till 3pm and we have:
Coulant au chocolat
Crème caramel
Chocolate chips and pear crumble
Signature Fruits salads
Mousse au chocolat
Choux chantilly
Crèmes brûlées
Lemon Drizzle cake
Profiterole glacé

And "coupes glacées " (ice cream sundaes)

Gourmand café
58 Sankey Street

Merci 🙂


Bonsoir / Bonjour tout le monde,

Just wanted to share this post about Paul Taylor, an English comedian who lives in France for over 10 years and who's being mocking us Frenchies and French culture for years... and we love it 😄
Do you know him and his videos?
We highly recommend them, especially the series "What the f**k France?!", all available on YouTube as you can learn loads about France and our culture.
The videos are mainly in English but he also switches between languages but don't worry as there are always subtitles, in French and in English. This is great whether you learn French or English.
And he also has 2 bilingual comedy shows, "Franglais" and "So British... ou presque" also available for free on YouTube.
Finally the great news is he's currently touring the world with his new show "Bisous Bye" and will be playing in Manchester and Liverpool early next week. Tickets are still available so if you are bilingual or feel comfortable in both languages, don't miss out 😃

One of the videos we relate to 😄:
"Les boulangeries"

Paul Taylor

Do you know Paul Taylor
This British comedian living in France does mostly stand up in English and in French. He humorously points out cultural and language oddities.
You can find on his YouTube channel his first show “ ” as well as episodes of his television series “What’s Up France?”.
You can also check his Instagram page
A perfect way to improve your French.... and your English ;-)... ! 🎤
Let us know what is your favourite skit from him! 💯

Photos from Gourmand café's post 01/09/2023

Coucou tout le monde,
Vous avez la banane aujourd'hui ? Il fait beau et c'est vendredi !! Et vendredi tout est permis 😀
Are you all good today ? The weather is nice and it's Friday!! And on Friday it's treats day!! 😀

We're here until 4pm with many options for lunch such as:
French onion soup
Plat du jour (dish of the day) which is Sirloin steak with French fries North of France style

And of course the "Bánh Mì", our special Vietnamese sandwich made of half a baguette tradition, homemade char siu pork, carrot pickles, coriander, cucumber and mayonnaise (sriracha sauce optional). This is only available on Fridays and will be until the end of summer.

For dessert, you can treat yourself with a Coulant au chocolat, a raspberry (or strawberry or blueberry) lime and mascarpone tart, a Café Liégeois, a crème caramel or a Flan parisien au chocolat (shortcrust pastry filled with a chocolate crème pâtissière baked in the oven).
We also have our classic French "coupes glacées" (ice cream sundaes) such as Banana split or Dame blanche (3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, our homemade vanilla chantilly and almond flakes) 😋

There are also some Lemon and poppy seeds muffins, Financiers, Madeleines, Palmiers and Lemon drizzle cake to go with your cuppas this afternoon.

You can buy our artisan homemade baguettes tradition to take home to enjoy and why not get some French cheeses and/or cured meats from our Deli Section?

⚠️ Also this is the last day to book your table for this Sunday for either the brunch set menu or the special Sunday lunch.
Bookings are highly recommended to guarantee availability of your preferences and to avoid any disappointment.
Litter reminder: Sunday is the only day where we take bookings as we cook and bake based on reservations. There are always some spare but it's limited.

Merci et à bientôt!!

PS: Please vote for "Best Café" in the "Best Of' Competition with the Warrington Guardian by Monday 4/09 midnight 🙏


🥳 We’ve made it to the shortlist again thanks to your amazing support !! Now it’s time to VOTE your favourite café ☕️ 🥐🥖🍰
Would you help us win for the second year in a row and bring this award to France (well your little piece of France on Sankey Street) 😁? 🤞🏼
There are 3 ways to vote :

▪️by commenting on the ORIGINAL Warrington Guardian Facebook & Twitter post, see below ( counts as 1 vote)
▪️by commenting on the Warrington Guardian website here https://trib.al/ASVQIZ4 ( counts as 2 votes)
▪️by purchasing this week’s newspaper and e-mailing a picture of the voting slip to [email protected] (counts as 5 votes)

Please vote by Monday 4/09 midnight at the latest.

Merci 🙏

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Which will get your vote?
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Photos from Gourmand café's post 30/08/2023

Bonjour les Gourmandes et les Gourmands 😀
Vous avez la forme ? Are you all good?

We're back for another week of "gourmandises" (treats) and we believe it's the last holiday week before the kids are back to school so why not take them to France for a delicious homemade and authentic French cake, dessert or lunch?
With Gourmand! it's easy to travel to France, no passport needed 😁
In our Café, we don't do frozen food or ready made meals that will be popped in the microwave, we do everything from scratch, on site, just the 2 of us in respect of authentic and traditional French food. When you come to us it's like going to grandma's house in France, nothing fancy but everything's nicely made with time and love 😊
We are an unique place 🤫

Today there are a few pastries left, we have chouquettes, financiers (almond cake Plain or with chocolate chips), Lemon and poppy seeds muffins, Palmiers (puff pastry rolled and baked in brown sugar), Vanilla biscuit de Savoie (vanilla sponge cake with a crunchy caramelised shell), Fruits tarts, choux chantilly, crème caramel, coulant au chocolat, Café Liégeois (coffee cream dessert topped with our vanilla chantilly) suitable for gluten free and our "coupes glacées" (ice cream sundaes).

For lunch, we have quiches. French onion soup, salads, omelette and le plat du jour: Sirloin steak with French fries North of France style.
We're sold out for baguettes tradition so can't make sandwiches.

Please note that today as an exception we will close at 3.30pm.

You can now book your table for this Sunday for either the Sunday brunch set menu or the special Sunday lunch where we will be serving Battered fish with ratatouille and steamed potatoes, a South of France dish.
Please DM us by Friday 4pm to book.

⚠️ Bookings are highly recommended to guarantee availability of your preferences and to avoid any disappointment.
Sundays are the only days where we take bookings, from Wednesday to Saturday it's walk ins and first come first seated.

À bientôt,

Julien et Olivia


Bonjour tout le monde,
Comment allez-vous ?
There's still time to nominate us for the Best Café Competition so please submit your nomination by Monday 28/08 12pm 🙂 Merci.
Nomination can be done under the relevant post from Warrington Guardian on Facebook, the relevant article on their website or using the coupon in this week's newspaper.

There’s still time to tell us who should win our next Best of 2023 competition – Warrington’s Best Café or Coffee Shop?
Tell us which is the best café or coffee shop in town 👇
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Bonjour tout le monde 🙂
Here we go again.
Last year you amazed us by voting us "Best Café 2022 in Warrington".
Let's see how it goes this year 😀
There are some amazing hidden gems, small independent businesses in Warrington, could we be one of your favourite?

Please vote for Gourmand café following Warrington Guardian instructions:
First, head to their FB page, or have the paper with you.


You will be able to vote in one of three ways:

- By commenting under the relevant post on our Warrington Guardian Facebook or Twitter pages = 1 vote

- By entering via the online article on the Warrington Guardian website = 2 votes

- By entering via the Warrington Guardian newspaper = 5 votes

The following Wednesday evening they will announce the winner of that category on social media.

Usual Newsquest competition rules apply.

Merci beaucoup 🙂
Thank you for you continuous support 🙏

Julien et Olivia

Who should win our next Best of 2023 competition – Warrington’s Best Café or Coffee Shop?
Tell us which is the best café or coffee shop in town 👇
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Kind reminder for this week:

We will be exceptionally closed this Wednesday 23/08 and Thursday 24/08.

Friday and Sunday open as normal.

Saturday, we will only be open from 10am till 11.30am.
Last order 11am.
This is due to a private event happening in the café.

We highly recommend to pre order your pastries to take away on Saturday as eat-in service will be very limited on time.

Merci 🙂

Photos from Gourmand café's post 20/08/2023

Bonjour tout le monde 😃
Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui ?
Are you watching and supporting the Lionesses or enjoying a nice and relaxing day at home or in town?

We're here until 3pm today with many scrumptious homemade food made by the 2 of us on site.
For lunch you can find some quiches, French onion soup, salads, omelette, Apéro Platter, Camembert Platter and we have a few spare portions of the dish of the day or special Sunday lunch "Parillada de la mer" (seafood Parillada).
This is made of clams, mussels, king prawns, scallops and squid cooked plancha style and served with chargrilled vegetables and samphire 😋 A proper summery dish from our classic beach resorts in South of France that we used to enjoy on a Sunday out with our families growing up 😊
For dessert you can have 2 scoops of ice cream made by Daresbury Dairy Ice Cream to nicely finish your meal at the beach, the Gourmand café beach 😁 All that for £15.90.

We don't do sandwiches on Sundays.

We also have a yummy selection of other treats, cakes and desserts so make sure you pop in before we close.

⚠️ Please note that next week as an exception we will be open only from Friday to Sunday and on Saturday we'll be open ONLY from 10am to 11.30am before closing for a private event.

As usual and especially since we were nominated in the Best Croissant UK 2023 competition, you can pre order your pastries for collection for next week. Please DM us with at least 48 hours notice.

Merci et à bientôt!!

Les Gourmands.

Photos from Gourmand café's post 19/08/2023

*** La Charlotte Poire/Chocolat ***

This is our classic of French pâtisserie this week made of homemade "biscuits cuillère" (lady fingers), filled with chocolate mousse, poached pears and finished with our homemade vanilla chantilly and chocolate shavings 😋

This cake is part of our selection of cakes for special events. Available for 4/6 people or 6/8 people. Please DM us for further information.

All our cakes for special occasions require 1 week notice.

Have you tried the Charlotte cake yet? Do you have a favourite between our strawberry one and our chocolate and pear one?

Bon appétit!!

Photos from Gourmand café's post 18/08/2023

Bonjour les Gourmandes et les Gourmands 😀

Hope you're having a great day.

If you are in town today pop in for some unique and scrumptious treats such as pain au chocolat (a miracle that we still have some pastries at this hour of the day 😁), madeleines, banana, chocolate chips and pecan muffin (the last one), Lemon drizzle cake, crème caramel, chocolat Liégeois or café Liégeois, lemon meringue tart, mousse au chocolat and our delicious Charlotte chocolat poires (pear and chocolate Charlotte cake).

Also we still have a few tables available for the Brunch Set menu on Sunday and for the Special Sunday lunch (seafood mix) so DM us to book to guarantee availability of your preferences and to avoid any disappointment by Saturday 4pm at the latest. Merci 🙂

À bientôt !!


*** "Marlène" or traditionally known as "Gnamakoudji" ***

This is our latest and Special summery drink that we make from scratch in our Café. This drink originates from West Africa where it's really popular in Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali or Morocco. But what is it and how come you can find it at Gourmand! ?

So here's the story: On our last trip to France, at the end of June, we visited one of Olivia's long time friends, Roxane, who lives with her wife, Marlène, their little boy and their Jack Russell in the Parisian region.
As we brought a typical fizzy wine from the Moselle region where we spent a few days before our Parisian trip, Roxane wanted to put it in the freezer so it'll be all fresh for dinner. There she found a big bottle of a special drink that Marlène loves. "Oh my, she puts another bottle here. This is a drink made by her colleagues' wife and that she absolutely loves. She always buys and comes back with a lot of bottles. She only drinks that."
"But what is it?" "Oh it's a kind of a juice made with ginger. It's a little bit spicy and she loves it!!"

So of course when the "Apéro" time came with different drinks and nibbles, Marlène gave us some of this special drink to try and we loved it... well especially Olivia who became obsessed with it!! Unfortunately Marlène didn't know the name of the drink and was unsure how it is made.
So after weeks of thinking about it once we were back, Olivia made some research then peeled loads of ginger, added some juice then produced liters of that special drink made of ginger, lime juice, pineapple juice and a bit of mint.
This is a little bit spicy and it tickles your throat but it's so refreshing and so nice on hot days.
And Olivia loves it so much then of course she'd like to share this gem with you all so we've added it to our special drinks options for Summer.
It is available now to enjoy in or to takeaway so come and try it 😃 We serve it with slices of ginger, lime and pineapple.

We named it after "Marlène" who introduced us to this delicious drink and we'd like to highlight some fun facts about it:
Marlène, whose family is from Portugal, was introduced to this special drink by her colleague who is from Senegal. Olivia whose parents are originally from China and Vietnam is obsessed with this West African drink so it's now in your little piece of France in Warrington, England 😆 This perfectly represents the multiculturalism of France 😄


Send a message to learn more

Photos from Gourmand café's post 12/08/2023

*** Framboisier ***

This week with the return of the sun and because it's still summer we've decided to make a "Framboisier". This classic of French pâtisserie is made of 2 sponge discs soaked with raspberry syrup filled with crème diplomate (mix of crème pâtissière and whipped cream) and fresh raspberries then finished with our homemade vanilla chantilly and more raspberries.

This is one of the cakes you can find in our selection of cakes for special occasions.

Standard size cake for 8 people. Please DM us for any enquiries.

Have you tried it yet?

Bon appétit!!

Note: Sorry it is a "crème diplomate" in the cake and not a "crème mousseline" (mix of crème pâtissière and butter) as wrongly said on the picture attached.

Photos from Gourmand café's post 05/08/2023

Bonjour tout le monde 🙂
We hope you are all very well despite the weather.

You know we love to treat you right and always bring our French touch.
So we have complimentary personalised biscuits since the beginning that come with any hot drinks in the Café, and if we don't have those biscuits we provide our homemade sablé biscuits or chouquettes.

So the personalised biscuits are all handmade by Vous avez un message , a company based in the Parisian region, France, and we work directly with Delphine, the owner and baker.

She personalised the biscuits with your text.
They are traditional "biscuits au beurre" (butter biscuits) made and baked on order.

Our new batch was delivered last week with our 2 personalised texts:
"Gourmand bébé !!"
"Oh con, trop bon"

We always get this look wondering what it means or spotting out customers trying to find out the meaning 😄

So do you know what they mean?

As you know us, everything in our Café has a special meaning for us and it is never randomly picked.

So we will give you the answer:

"Gourmand bébé "
It is dedicated to the fabulous Friends series whose Olivia is a big fan since the beginning of the series. A few episodes took place in London and if you watched the series, you all remembered the famous "London Baby!!" from Joey and how excited he was to visit the English capital. So Gourmand! is the place to be and you should be as excited as Joey to visit us 😆

But it is also dedicated to "Olympique de Marseille", Julien's favourite football club, where we say: "C'est Marseille bébé".

"Oh con trop bon".
It is the way we say "oh my (bloody hell could be a good translation too), so good" in the South of France.

So now you know 🙂

PS: Funny story, we were supposed to collect this order directly at Delphine's lab when we were in France at the end of June but we were stuck in the Parisian traffic and couldn't make it on time so missed the opportunity to finally meet her face to face. Hopefully we'll be able to meet this talented lady on our next trip to Paris 😀


Bonjour tout le monde 🙂

For the past month we've seen a lot of new faces coming in for our unique, authentic and homemade French treats but especially for our artisan pastries made from scratch in our little Café / Boulangerie /Pâtisserie 🥐

This is thanks to different articles in Warrington Guardian but especially the one about us being selected among the 85 businesses across the UK taking part in the first Isigny Ste-Mère Best Croissant UK 2023 Competition.

The 10 businesses with the most votes will be invited in the Grand Final in London at the Savoy to present 10 similar croissants to a panel of professional judges (bake off style).

We now have received the results of all public votes and even though we didn't make it to the final, we're proud to be the 25th business with the most votes out of the 85 in the UK selected initially.
8 out of 10 finalists are London based (thousands and thousands of customers per day) and the other 2 are from North London and North west London.
As it was a popular vote, the result is not really a surprise as they obviously get more rallying in the capital, plus some of them are lead by some of the best pastry chef highly recognised.

Anyway, we would like to thank you for voting for us, sharing the posts and stories and campaigning for us. Merci beaucoup for your support.
Hopefully we'll make it to the final next year.

Since then our pastries have been so popular and we're sold out every day now within a few hours. On Saturdays we're still sold out within half an hour (if not less).

Thank you so much for enjoying our authentic artisan pastries and let all your friends and family know that for authentic French treats, Gourmand café is the only place around.

Now to avoid any disappointment, it is highly recommended to:
- Reserve your pastries (max 2) for collection the following day.
- Pre-order your pastries (minimum 3) with 48 hours notice.

Merci 🙂

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58 Sankey Street

Opening Hours

Wednesday 9am - 4pm
Thursday 9am - 4pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm

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A contemporary cocktail bar and restaurant. Excellent for parties and reservations.

The Dog And Partridge The Dog And Partridge
Manchester Road, Paddington
Warrington, WA13TZ

Welcome to the NEW Dog and Partridge Hotel. We have recently undergone a full refurbishment (Nov 2013

Delgados Delgados
19 Honiton Way
Warrington, WA52EY

Delgados Restaurant provides exceptional authentic Italian food in a family friendly atmosphere.

The Cottage Indian Restaurant The Cottage Indian Restaurant
90 Church Street
Warrington, WA12TF

Dedicated to authentic Indian food, cooked using the finest fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. We a

Chocolate Gems Chocolate Gems
Warrington, WA34JE

Creating unique, artisan, handmade, seasonal chocolates. Bespoke orders for events, anniversaries, w

Walkers Sports & Social Walkers Sports & Social
Long Lane, WA28PU
Warrington, WA29PA

Sports and Social club Wide range of drinks available Card Payments Accepted 2 x Function rooms

CopyCat Cake Crafts CopyCat Cake Crafts
Edgewater Park, Latchford
Warrington, WA41GD

Copycat Cake Crafts - We bake it, you fake it! Customised, personalised cakes, bakes, cookies, conf

The Bulls Head, Warrington The Bulls Head, Warrington
33 Church Street
Warrington, WA12SX

Great beer great atmosphere.

Филибето - Български магазин в Уорингтън Филибето - Български магазин в Уорингтън
43 Lovely Lane
Warrington, WA51LZ

Bulgarian shop Магазин за български продукти, Warrington, WA5 1LZ, 43 Lovely Lane www.mybgfood.co.uk

Little Planet Coffee House & Grill Little Planet Coffee House & Grill
Cockhedge Way
Warrington, WA12QQ

Coffee Shop and Cafe specialising in Breakfast,Brunch and Lunch . Sister cafe to the well establishe

Cinnamon brow farm club Cinnamon brow farm club
Cinnamon Brow Farm, Perth Close, Cinnamon Brow, Fearnhead
Warrington, WA20SF

Cinnamon Brow Community Center & Farm Club.