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Raising awareness of Mental Health issues- specifically trauma related such as PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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So it really hit home yesterday for me how serious this Virus is. As someone with multiple health diseases and disorders I already knew I’d be personally locking down for at least the next 12 weeks as recommended by my GP. Well this idiot decided yesterday to go to the shop, chemist and then take a walk round Lymm Dam just to get our for a bit as I’ve already been self isolating due to symptoms. When our BoJo made his speech last night (who I think I may secretly have a little crush on 🤣🙈) I lay there on my lovely, lovely man (who cannot say no to my puppy dog brown eyes at all...sorry sweetheart, love you really 😘😍) thinking oh my god, I could actually die from this. People are dying by the thousands and hundreds all over Europe and the world...I realised how stupid I’ve been going to the shop etc.

Please, please, please stay home everybody. Don’t make excuses about how you need such and such which isn’t an essential or how you can’t stay inside or how it won’t affect you. Think of the elderly and those, like myself, who are extremely vulnerable. You would be devastated if one of your family members died out of your stupidity. It really isn’t worth the risk. You are saving lives if you listen to this advice. Please, save lives, and stay safe. Good luck. Love to you all. ###


Another catch up and our response to the death of Caroline Flack.

I’m finally a practitioner again! Life is much more positive now I’m back in work!

Watch my vlog to find out more!

Love, G x


Having been a lover of Caroline Flack for a long time I was really saddened to hear of her death. She was yet another member of the court system to have been found guilty until proven innocent. Regardless of whether she had committed such a heinous act- and believe me any act of violence is just that, heinous- suicide is a heartbreaking event and a horrid way to die.

Mental Health is often hidden. We can’t see what a person is going through and they’ll often hide behind a smile. Please check on your friends, family, anyone. Text that person that hasn’t spoken to you in a while. Give them a call. You never know what’s going on behind closed doors.


...Sorry about the scratchy voice but I’m poorly sick 🤕

We should be talking about MH every day, not just once a year!

I hope every body enjoys this little catch up with me...Slightly co-conscious today with Anna...Hoping for a better day tomorrow!

G/A 🦇


This is why I started this page...If I can raise one bit of awareness I absolutely will!

G x


Catch up with the last three weeks...😑😞

Bit of a catch up video as I’ve had a few of you ask how I am and why I’ve not posted a video. I look a little more human today so I decided today was an okay day to vlog. I’ll post a more informative video towards the end of the week...if it’s a good week!!!

Hope you’re all well?

G xoxo


Hi everyone! I am so sorry I have been so quiet...Unfortunately recently I’ve been going through some really rough times and it’s taken it’s toll on my emotional health.

I had a big switch a couple of weeks ago to Anna which led to some really horrible thoughts and feelings. Thankfully I’ve had the support of the local mental health team and also my therapist.

I’ll be posting a vlog in the next few days once I can get everyone a bit straighter in my head!

Hope everyone’s good...x


Hey everybody! Happy New Year to you all! Today is a very special anniversary post so I hope you’ll all enjoy me sharing the day with me. Have a great day,

G & The System ❤️


Thank you all so much for all the likes...today is a special anniversary for me so I had to share this with you. I hope you enjoy sharing in my progress....

G& The System x


Sorry, a very switchy video today! Feeling a bit emotional/emotionless...I caught Anna on camera at some points! See if you can notice.

Bit of a longer one tonight...

Introducing Anna 🤦🏻‍♀️


Hey everybody! You good? How was everybody’s Christmas Day/Boxing Day?

I spent the day with my grandparents. We had a lovely time and spent the day being merry, opening gifts and being together. Although it felt like a very bittersweet day for us all.

I got an amazing gift which I love and Pip feels is amazing. So now we’ve got her blanket which we sleep with, and Serge the giant Sloth, who takes up about 3/4 of the bed! The joys of trying to make a whole system happy!


A very Merry Christmas to all of my lovely followers. I hope whatever you are doing today brings you joy and peace. Loads of love,

G&The System ❤️


DID & Me updated their business hours. 24/12/2019

DID & Me updated their business hours.

DID & Me updated their business hours.


Thank you so much to those of you who have followed me so far...If you could share my videos far and wide I’d be very grateful- I want my story to be able to help others and reach those who may not necessarily be able to speak out themselves.

Thank you to the utterly fabulous Stephanie for my Christmas Card and for the copy of your new book ‘I AM Stephanie’. It’s been really nice connecting with another system and I look forward to the new ventures of next year for us both!

And finally, a very merry Christmas to all of my followers and their families. Once again, my inbox is open to anyone who needs it over Christmas. Take care xx


When I’m having a bad day I always try to remember why I became a therapist. Having had many courses of therapy I always sat in the ‘client chair’ and thought, “I could do a better job than them”. I’m sure many of my clients think that now I’m in the ‘therapists chair’!
People say the only way we can heal is by ourselves but I don’t believe this is true. When in therapy it’s definitely 50% the therapeutic work and 50% what the client does at home. It really is humbling to walk alongside a client during their journey and I am honoured to walk along side many people each year.

Photos from DID & Me's post 23/12/2019

Channeling Anna&Christina today because we feel angry and sad but want to block things. Today feels tough but I’m getting through it! My switches seem to get worse over Christmas as, like it is for many, I find it such a triggering time. My head kinda feels like a washing machine again today. Today I’m going to the cinema with my Nana which is exciting! I love going out with her as she really calms me down and gives me a bit of tough loving.


Things People Told Me After My Rape

*TRIGGER WARNING: Rape and Sexual Abuse*

So I came across this video and thought about all the things that were said to me after I came out about the Sexual Abuse I experienced. Mostly it was well why didn’t you come out about it at the time. Sometimes we are so scared to come forward and to tell people because of the shame and fear that was instilled by our abusers. I was told that nobody would believe me and that my family would blame me for it all so I kept quiet. We need to dispel the shame that comes with being abused or raped. That’s why I want to raise awareness of the after effects of abuse and the mental health issues that can occur after it.

G x


So here’s my little catch up! Sorry it’s been so long...I’m a bit all over the place with life at the moment so it may not all make sense and my head was very loud doing this with no make up on 😱 lol.

I said in the video I’d add crisis numbers for those struggling over Christmas...Here they are:

The Samaritans: [email protected]. 116 123

If you are in immediate danger please call your local crisis team or present at A&E. Also consider 999 if you feel unable to keep yourself safe. My inbox is also open all Christmas if anybody needs a chat. Don’t struggle alone.

Merry Christmas,

G/A/C x


Wow!!! I am so so sorry guys...I locked myself out of my Facebook account for several weeks! I do have a new video to upload...thanks for all my new likes!!! G x


Good grief! Thank you for all of the comments and shares overnight! It makes me really happy to see those of you who have taken something, either personally or professionally, from the video!

So we’ve officially hit 50 likes this morning! And as promised I said I would do a live video...I’d love to see as many of you as possible there! It will be around 8.30 tomorrow evening- yes before I’m a Celeb for those of you who watch it he he! If you leave your questions in the comments I will do my best to answer them in the video!

I’ve also decided to start sharing snippets from my journal- some of these may be triggering or upsetting- I will add content warnings. They’re very personal to me and start from March this year. I’ve come a long way since then!

G x


My video has now been added...enjoy and comment with any questions x


Well, 30 likes I promised a video at 3pm UK time...So here it is! What DID is, when I noticed symptoms and an introduction to two of my alters 😊 when we reach 50 I’ll do a live Q&A session! Please keep liking and sharing! I’d love to reach 75 before Christmas!

G x


Wow wow wow wow! We are at 40 likes already!!! Once we hit fifty I will do a live video where you can ask any questions about DID, my aims and experiences! Share, share. Share! Thank you so much!

Peace and Love,

G/E x


So we’ve sprinted past 30 likes overnight! I’m extremely happy! Thanks for everyone’s support! I’ll upload the video at around 3pm UK time, we went out last night and didn’t get in until 2am! So we’re feeling pretty tired! Happy Sunday!

G x


So chuffed to see all the new likes! Thank you everyone and feel free to share the page- the more people this reaches the better! When we hit 30 likes I’ll be uploading my first video!

G x


Thanks for the new likes! When we get to 50 likes I’ll do a live video question and answer session, and see what happens!


Hi Everyone! My name is Gemma (the host), I’m 26 and I’m using this as a platform to raise awareness for mental health, specifically from Trauma Related Disorders, in me they are Complex Trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder. These started after several traumatic events through early and late childhood and then more within late adolescence and adulthood.

I’ll be explaining a bit more about DID and CPTSD as we go on. I’m also a trained Counsellor myself so I plan on sharing my reflections from my practice with clients pre diagnosis and going on from there!

G x

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Catch up with the last three weeks...😑😞


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