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Just Love Brows


Had my brows done today absolutely fabulous experience. Jo was really good. My daughter cant wait to go and have hers done. Thanks Jo ###
Still not sure what HD Brows is all about?

Here's a brief description on the Treatments that Jo Just Love Brows will be offering

✨HD Brows
“Consider HD Brows the full monty of brow treatments (a brow MOT, if you will). Rather than a single hair-removal technique, this treatment does a little bit of everything—from waxing, threading, tweezing and tinting.”

HD Browscuplt
Brow Sculpt is brow lamination with a bespoke HD Brows twist. Whether you dream of achieving that full, fluffy eyebrow look, want to create symmetry in uneven brows or tame unruly hairs, our BrowSculpt brow lamination treatment is for you. This corrective treatment helps you to achieve your desired position for up to 6 weeks.

Just Love Brows - HD Brows Official Stylist Offering HD Brows, HD BrowSculpt (brow lamination) & Nou Third Thursday of every month at The VB Lounge, Marsh House Lane Warrington

Operating as usual

Photos from Just Love Brows's post 15/09/2022

Happy Hollie!
First time HD Brows treatment for Hollie and she loves them!
🖤HD Brows £25


Please note as a mark of respect for Her Majesty The Queen
I will be closed on Monday September 19th


Your Majesty … Thank You Ma’am 💜


Autumn ready brows.. a busy week with lots of wonderful clients coming in for their treatments after a full on summer ..
Great to catch up with your summer stories and get brows ready for new terms , weddings , parties and general fabulousness!
I’m fully booked now this week and next.
Appointments available from Monday 19th September onwards.
HD Brows £25
Hybrid Brows £25
HD Browsculpt £35 (until October )
HD Brows Express £15
Patch test required 48 hours before your appointment.




Almost the end of August already! I’m back from holiday and ready for magnificent brows… September is already pretty booked up but I’m opening up my diary to a few extra dates, please message me to book.
Thanks Jo x


💚 Next available appointments 💚

My next available appointments at VB Lounge are Thursday September 15th, I have some availability for end of August in my brow studio, September is getting quite full already so if you have a special event in mind please try to book early , I want your brows looking incredible for it!
Availability below, thanks for your support 🦩


Love it when my clients are so happy with their brows!
HD Browsculpt ( brow lamination) achieving that full fluffy brow look. Lasts up to 8 weeks.
£35 (rrp £45)

Photos from Just Love Brows's post 11/08/2022

Just Browsculpt doing it’s thing!! I had the lovely Laura pop in for her first ever Browsculpt today, beautiful brows to sculpt and what a fabulous result!
🖤 HD Browsculpt £35


Just on holiday .. I am away from August 18th until August 24th , please note I’m also closed on Bank Holiday Weekend.
Filling up already for September.
Please book via WhatsApp or messenger 💚🦩


Did you know you can now book your appointments via WhatsApp?

Just Love Brows is now on WhatsApp. 08/08/2022

Just Love Brows is now on WhatsApp.

Just Love Brows is now on WhatsApp.

Just Love Brows is now on WhatsApp. 08/08/2022

Just Love Brows is now on WhatsApp.

Just Love Brows is now on WhatsApp.


Monday motivation! HD Browsculpt with bespoke tinting using Light Ash and Natural Black resulting in fluffy brows!
Patch test required.
🖤 Browsculpt & HD Brows treatment £35


Thursday VB Lounge what a treat for the gorgeous Viki owner of The VB Lounge.. HD Browsculpt creating that fluffy brow look.
Lovely full brows, finished with HD Pro Pencil and HD Brows highlighter .
Viki will use Tint Lock Serum daily to look after her brow hair during lamination.
She loved a little sit down for an hour! Well deserved 💚
Browsculpt £35


Just Joyful! Lovely Joy just back from her holidays and she popped in for her usual HD Brows treatment, fabulous condition, great shape , finished with HD Browtec in Vamp and Brow Glue.
🖤 HD Brows £25

Photos from Just Love Brows's post 12/07/2022

Tuesday transformation, swipe left ⬅️…my lovely regular client wants to to achieve a natural brow and cover any grey brow hairs , using bespoke tinting in light ash it’s a perfect soft cover, finished with Browtec in Smoke and Brow Glue , holiday ready brows!

🖤 HD Brows £25
🖤 HD Brows Browtec £19.50
🖤 HD Brow Glue £16.00

Accepting new clients, patch test required.
Message or WhatsApp to book.


New clients welcome at my brow studio in Daresbury or at The VB Lounge Warrington- the third Thursday of every month.
Next availability is July 19th.

🖤 Please message to arrange your patch test.


Just A Wax! Even without tinting look what brow mapping and precision waxing can achieve.. finished with a little HD Brows Brow Glue of course !
💚 Just Wax £10
🖤 HD Brows Express - tinting and waxing £15
🖤 HD Brows £25 includes full HD Brows finish.


Just Love Hybrid Brows.
My client loves this bolder look obtained with dark brow hybrid tint , stays on the hair for up to 7 weeks and skin stain for up to 7 days.
Special price £25 includes Saint and Serenity brow cleanse , brow scrub and hair removal.
💗 patch test required.


Tuesday Treat! My lovely client is ready for her holiday ! Classic HD Brows 🖤
Fabulous brows.. finished with HD Brows Pro Pencil and Brow Glue.
HD Brows £25
Message to book , patch test required.


Appointments available VB Lounge July 21st 💚 1.30pm , 2.30pm or 4pm only message to book.


Thursday transformation with HD Browsculpt… Just Wow 🤩
Finished with Browtec in Foxy 🦊
🖤 HD Browsculpt is lamination with a HD Brows twist.
(Normally £45)


Holiday and wedding guest ready , my lovely new client experiences her first HD Brows treatment with me today, tinting, waxing, threading and tweezering all opening up the eye area to show off those fabulous eyes! Finished with Browtec in Vamp and HD Brow Glue.
Both products worked so well and can be retailed for home use and so starts another fabulous HD Brows journey!
🖤 HD Brows £25
🖤Browtec £19.50
🖤Brow Glue £16
VB Lounge


Just Love Hybrid Brows.. for the fuller powder brow in light warm brown , holiday ready brows.


How’s your summer diary looking? Holidays coming up? Event to go to?
My diary is getting quite full for brow bookings , so if you’ve got somewhere fabulous to go to.. get your brow game on and book in.
No price increase during 2022
HD Brows £25
HD Browsculpt (lamination) £35
HD Brows Express £15
Just Love Hybrid Brows £25 offer price for summer.
Patch Testing Required.


Just Love Hybrid Brows!
My client has been coming to me regularly for HD Brows but today wanted to try the new hybrid tint which stains the skin giving that powder brow look for up to 7 days and on the hair for up to 7 weeks. No reach for the pencil every morning.
If a bold fabulous brow is what you’re looking for .. hybrid is it!
Treatment includes brow products from Saint & Serenity- foaming cleanser and brow scrub.
And usual hair removal .
Patch Testing Required.

Photos from Just Love Brows's post 27/05/2022

Just Love HD Brows on this wonderful client.VB Lounge
Encouraging new growth and a fabulous colour with bespoke tinting, a great result.finished with pro pencil and HD Brow Glue 🖤
HD Brows £25

Photos from Just Love Brows's post 27/05/2022

Holiday Brows Ready!
My client has regular HD Browsculpt treatments and really looks after her brow health which is essential with lamination, fabulous results using HD Browsculpt and bespoke tinting in light ash and a touch of black.
Finished with highlighter and just HD Brows SOS Brow Balm for a glossy finish and conditioner.
HD Browsculpt £35


Neighbourhood Weekender ready! Love the fluffy brow look on my fabulous client. Ready for Neighbourhood and her holidays.
Service : HD Brows. £25
Finished with HD Brow Glue 🖤
Appointments available Monday 30th May
Patch Testing essential.

Photos from Just Love Brows's post 16/05/2022

Happy Hybrid Brows! My client decided to try hybrid brows today, she’s delighted with the result.
Treatment: Just Love Hybrid Brows in Brown/ Dark Brown Hybrid Tint 💗
Patch test required.
Hybrid tint stains the skin for up to 7 days and on the hair for up to 7 weeks. No make up required.
£25 message to book.


Next available appointments VB Lounge
Tuesday June 7th
Message to book
HD Brows/ Browsculpt


Next availability 💚 Daresbury Studio Only Monday May 31st 3pm or 4pm .
Patch test required.


Tuesday transformation! What an absolute pleasure to be able start this special client on her HD Brows re-growth programme after she kicked cancer’s a*se and finished her chemotherapy and for the first time in a while she rediscovered her brows! 💓
The journey started with a full HD Brows treatment using bespoke tinting and waxing/ threading and tweezering finished with a little SOS Balm treat/ massage, then finally HD Browtec and HD Brow Glue…🖤
I’ve recommended applying castor oil for brows nightly , encouraging growth and keeping brow hair healthy.

HD Brows £25


Just Joyful!
Joy popped in for her regular HD Brows appointment, bespoke tinting, waxing, threading and tweezering plus very little finish required just a little HD Browtec in Vamp plus of course HD Brows Brow Glue 🖤
VB Lounge
Message to book or arrange a free patch test.


🇬🇧 Please note I will be closed for the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday 👑weekend- Wednesday 1st of June until Tuesday 7th of June when I will be back at VB Lounge, Warrington.
Please book early if you need a brow appointment 💙❤️


Easter 🐣 Holiday ready!
HD Brows classic as we continue with my lovely clients re-growth programme.
🖤HD Brows £25
Patch test required.


Easter 🐣 🐰 appointment available
April 14th 12.30 VB Lounge
HD Brows / Browsculpt/Hybrid Brows


Just Love 💗 Hybrid Tint! New treatment available to book from April .


New treatment coming soon…
💗Just Love Hybrid Brows.
A brow treatment which includes Saint & Serenity products - rinse, buff and restore.
Hybrid tint , it’s a tint with the lasting power of Henna , Hybrid tint stays on the skin for up to 7 days and on the brow hair for up to 6 weeks.
The treatment includes hair removal with wax and tweezering.
Patch test required.
I can’t wait to share this treatment with all of my clients .
Look out for treatment launch offers.
Message to book.


Holiday HD Brows ready for this hard working NHS hero 💙
Added a little Nouveau lash tint with a classic HD Brows treatment, finished In Browtec and HD Brow Glue and she’s ready for the beach 🏝 ✈️
🐣 Easter appointments almost full.
🖤 HD Brows £25
💜 Nouveau Lash Tint £10
Patch test required,message to book.


Spring is officially here this weekend 🌷🌼 as we look forward to lighter nights and longer days if your diary is starting to get full with lots of lovely plans and events make sure you book your brows , appointments for Spring and in particular Easter 🐣 are filling up fast.


Just classic HD Brows for my lovely regular client, wedding guest ready! Creating that soft brown colour using bespoke tinting and as a treat I used the new Saint & Serenity products to rinse and buff the brows prior to treatment, finished with HD Brows brand new aftercare saviour SOS Rescue Balm as a mask to treat dry skin and help with dry brow hair plus a complimentary brow massage.
To add these luxury services to your next brow appointment just either drop me a message or let me know on the day of your brow appointment.
🖤HD Brows £25
🖤HD Brows including luxury mask/ massage £30
Available in my brow studio and VB Lounge Warrington


Natural and classic -HD Brows for my client who is continuing to make fabulous progress in her brow re-growth journey , treated with Saint & Serenity rinse and buff prior to her
HD Brows treatment.
Add a rinse, buff and restore brow mask with a massage to your brow treatment today, luxury from start to finish.
Brows tinted with light and dark brown bespoke tinting , mapped, threaded and tweezering, finished with HD Brows products Pro Pencil and Brow Glue.
HD Brows £25
HD Brows with Saint & Serenity products including brow restore mask and massage £30


Mum and daughter brow day! Second visit for classic HD Brows for this lovely mum and daughter.
They look amazing!
As a special treat I used the new Saint & Serenity brow care range, first the rinse to cleanse and then a brow buffer which helps with dry skin and promotes healthy brows, prevents in growing brows. This treatment can include Brow Restore a treatment mask for healthy brows, this can be added on to any brow treatment. Pure luxury to compliment HD Brows and Browsculpt treatments.

Bespoke tinting at its best, mixing light ash and a touch of natural black to create this soft ash finished with Browtec in Smoke.
🖤HD Brows £25
Patch test required for all new clients ts or clients with recent medical changes.
Message to book.

Just ...Love Brows!

Hello and welcome to Just Love Brows, I am Jo an official HD Brows Stylist, I am also a fully qualified Beauty Therapist, I like to focus on brows as I am brow obsessed!

I am based in Moore, Daresbury and Sandymoor, which means you can have your HD Brows treatment at my studio/home or in the salon or I can come to you.

HD Brows and HD Brows Sculpt (Brow Lamination/ Fluffy Brows) are available by appointment with a patch test required at least 48 hours prior to treatment, please avoid fake tan for at least 48 hrs prior to your treatment and if you have botox please allow at least two weeks after your botox before having HD Brows.

Beautiful brows are just an appointment away...

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HD Brows 50% off ends tonight 🖤
Are You Ready For Brow Sculpt?
Training manual time!
Why Choose HD Brows?





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