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My name is Ellen Butler, and I have been passionate about the benefits therapeutic modalities provide for our equine companions since owning my first horse in 2012. To further my interest in this subject, I decided to complete a degree in BSc (Hons) Racehorse Performance and Rehabilitation. In 2022, I graduated with a First-Class degree and gained a trophy in recognition of being the highest achi

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🌞** Maintenance massage for Sunny**🌞
Today I noticed some slight tension in the cervical region of Sunny in the session. This may be because of the change of environment, stress, or being worked in a more consistent work in an outline.

🐴The muscles of the neck isometrically contract when working in an outline. Therefore, it is advised that you allow the horse to stretch in between the riding session as they may fatigue if they are new to working in this frame.

🐴Isometric contraction occurs when muscle length remains relatively constant as tension is produced (Sciencedirect, 2023).


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🐴A relaxing massage for Sunny 🐴


Don't know what to buy your horsey friend for Christmas?
Why not treat their horse to a maintenance massage?
Gift vouchers now available 🎁


🐴A heat pad and massage session for Muffin 🐴


Stretch into the weekend like Kizzy

Photos from Team E.B Equine Massage Therapist's post 28/11/2023

A maintenance massage for the regular client Sunny 🌞

Photos from Team E.B Equine Massage Therapist's post 08/10/2023

Sunny enjoyed a nice relax and snooze during his maintenance massage. He is now fresh for the start of the week 🐎


A maintenance massage and heat pad therapy session for Jaffa.


New announcement!


With the weather being extremely hot these past couple of weeks, just think about its effects on the ground surface. Training on multiple surfaces is recommended for the physiological adaptation of tendons/ligaments and musculature.
HOWEVER, hard ground caused by dry weather conditions can cause concussive forces on a horse's limbs when it is moving at speed. The concussive force is mainly absorbed by hoof structures before being dissipated upwards into the bones, joints and soft tissue.
Furthermore, hard ground = fast ground

Common injuries include:
- Splints
- Bruised soles
- Tendon injuries
- Sore shins (subchondral bone disease)

Photos from Team E.B Equine Massage Therapist's post 02/06/2023

A maintenance massage for Mickey and Minnie the other week. Followed by some post massage kisses.
To book an Equine massage please pm the page and I will get back to you.


Evidence to support the effects of relaxation by manual therapies (Birt et al,2015)

Flowtrition therapy = light, specifically placed
touches applied to the muscles located along the head,
neck, back, and legs of the horses.

Horses that were in a treatment condition (receiving flowtrition therapy) showed:

- A significant decrease (P


An interesting seminar held at Reaseheath involving the importance of the social licence to operate in the equine industry.

Also, practically evaluating 24 pain associated behaviours in the ridden horse with Sue Dyson 🐎



The walk is a four-beat gait and its sequence is left hind, left fore, right hind, right fore.

How can you assess the walk day to day?
- Hand walk your horse on concrete and listen to the beats of their walk. Aim to listen to the regularity of pace during this gait. Doing this will enable you to detect as a horse owner if your horse is showing differences in this gait when it seems 'off'.

Why is the walk an important gait?

Research suggests that walking has the lowest peak force (3.1kN) in comparison to trot and canter gaits (Takahashi et al.,2010). Therefore, walking would be the most suitable exercise for horses returning to work, and those recovering from an injury due to the low intensity and low force applied; thus, resulting in less concussive impact on the limbs.

Additionally, walking over ground poles and raised poles (cavalettis) is used as a therapeutic technique in rehabilitation programmes to promote and train proprioceptive awareness, core muscle activation, posture development, and neuromuscular control. Shaw et al., (2021) found that the use of ground poles at walk resulted in a significant (P

Photos from Team E.B Equine Massage Therapist's post 27/01/2023

A maintenance massage for Toby.

After massaging a few horses, there has been a predominant theme of poll tension.

The atlantoaxial joint is characterised as a pivot joint, therefore a large amount of axial rotation is possible at this articulation. Axial rotation is produced by unilateral contraction of the dorsal re**us capitis major, caudal capital oblique, longissimus capitis and atlantis, longus capitis, splenius, semispinalis capitis, and cleidomastoid muscles.

In order to assess poll tension, the horse's head position needs to be lowered so that the poll musculature can relax and the nuchal ligament can take over as primary support of the head (Haussler, 2012).


Team E.B Equine Massage Therapist would like to wish everyone a happy new year! Thank you to the clients that have supported us throughout 2022. We are looking forward to see what 2023 has in store for us.


A routine check-up for Muffin with the additional use of the thermal heat pad to ensure that the muscles are relaxed during the massage session.


What are the benefits of massage?
- Reduces stress and increases relaxation
- Improves circulation
- Eliminates toxins
- Reduces pain and muscle soreness/tension

Book your massage appointment today.
Β£40 per session

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We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!




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