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Signs your shadow self is screaming to be heard, seen, felt, accepted and bought forward to become whole 🖤


Today 11/01 is the 111 manifestation portal.

In numerology 1+1+1+2+0+2+2=11

11 being a master number of strength and power, elevating the already powerful energy around us today.

So we are surrounded by all the number 1’s which are also about coming into alignment and making wishes come true!

Aswel as this, it’s also the new moon in Capricorn, so another perfect time to manifest and set the goals in to stone, plant the seeds for this years dreams.

So today is a perfect day to set aside some time, to journal as if you already have what you desire, write down on bay leaves your dreams and wishes and burn them and blow the ashes out to the universe, sit/lie and visualise your dream life, in as much detail as you can

Also write how you are able to work along side the universal energy to make sure these seeds that are planted begin to grow, blossom and bloom, until they are there staring right back at you.

Believe they are already here, they are already yours.

Have an awesome day 🖤🔥


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Are you ready 🔥🔥🔥

It's time baby cakes to really let the 💩 from the past go.

Huge karmic cycles closing out TODAY!

Unleash that inner god/goddess within who has been screaming to be reborn

It's your time to step through the power of new, step through the darkness with your head held high, allow the light of your crown to guide the way, don't be afraid, you get one chance at this life, push through every wall, every blockage with almighty force.

Don't allow ANYONE to drag you down, or make you believe you haven't the potential to step in to your dreams. You want something?? Then GO for it! No matter the opinions or judgements from others. F**k them! This is YOUR life!

I believe in every single one of you. I believe in myself.

It's time to step through that doorway of newness and begin the next journey in life. Make it your most epic🔥

Get ready for the ride of your life 🔥


HUGE 50% off crystal clearance sale now until 31-10-2023.

Shelf 1 uploaded on to stories.

Keep an eye on stories for the next 5 days. ♥️♥️♥️


A month of Magic 👻🖤🔮

Save the dates if you want to make the most out of the energy 🔥


It’s the last full supermoon of the year 🖤🔥

Before we head into eclipse season 😅

Todays moon is in the fire sign Aries. So if you’ve been feeling frustrated, angry and full of rage, you are not alone.

These feelings are coming up for a reason to be let go off finally 🖤

Here’s a little ritual I will be doing, so wanted to share 🔥

I just love fire and burning under the moons 😍

With me totally forgetting I had planned a live on the full moon when I’m not actually in this evening, I’m out doing a ritual night, so I will be postponing the live until next week 🖤

One day I’ll be more organised 🤪

Enjoy the full moon everyone 🖤 the energy has me hyped up in a good way 🎉🔥


Hi everyone,

The sun is shining today 😍🍁

It’s come to my attention that I created the live event for Saturday 30th September 3.30am 🤣🤣🤣

That is deffo not the time or day, not sure what’s gone on with me this week 😵‍💫

So live sale is Friday 29th September at 7.30pm 🥳

Have a great day xx


Hi everyone,

I was drawn to pull some cards today 🖤

So if your feeling drawn to any 1,2,3 or 4

Let me know in the comments and I will reveal later today 🖤

Have an awesome day x


Ok so all jokes aside….. Lets talk self love 😍♥️
Many people hate (I don't like that word) what they see in the mirror.

How many times have you looked at yourself and either thought or said something negative about your body, rather then something positive?

Our words are soooo incredibly powerful, they manifest our reality. So if your someone who constantly puts yourself down, more or this energy is going to be attracted into your life, causing more negative self talk and image.

Mirror work is hard to begin with. It can bring up sooo many thoughts, emotions, sometimes feelings of repulsion. It's so important that when you do mirror work, to allow those thoughts and feelings to come in BUT switch it up baby to something completely opposite and positive.

For example- "ergh I hate the way my stomach looks" can become "wow my stomach is so powerful, it works so hard sending out all the nutrients into my body and breaking down what isn't needed. I am so grateful for my stomach"

Now I know this can sound and feel absolutely bizarre and bonkers, but over time switching up those negative feelings and thoughts into positives and gratitude works insane wonders on your mindset.

You will find over time you will not only fall in love with every inch of your body but your whole mindset changes and therefore more positives are attracted into your energetic field, as your vibe is always raised.

It's ok to have off days, mirror work doesn't have to be every day. But in the morning when you go to the bathroom just take a look at yourself and say "God dam im hot, im so beautiful, im an absolute king/queen/god/goddess….What ever you fancy.
Yeah you may not believe it at the start, but keep with it and watch the magic unfold.

Since I started mirror work, my actual image has changed... Or has it?? Or is it just my mindset and the way I view myself? I have no idea but what ever it is It's working
Give it a go and any questions just drop a comment or send me a DM
Lots of love you beautiful, magical beings xx



Now on Etsy until 23/07/2023

Link in bio

Photos from A Crystals Whisper's post 10/07/2023

Hey everyone,

Here is some upcoming availability I have for treatments.
if you would like any information on treatments please let me know ♥️

Lots of love xx


A video exercise to help move and release stored trauma/stuck energy.

This can really help with physical/mental/emotional health.

Give it a try if you feel called to ♥️


Hi everyone,

Here is some upcoming Availability for in person/ Mobile/ distant healing sessions ♥️

If you would like any information on sessions please get in touch via Dm and I can email i🥲all information over.

My price list is pinned to the top of the page as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day and Happy Summer Solstice ☀️☺️


Here is a video explaining the new moon ritual for anyone that’s wants to try ♥️


Here is a video explaining the ritual if any one wants to try ♥️


It’s the New Moon in Ta**us 🌑♉️

A moon of financial abundance 😍 and much more….

How is everyone feeling in this energy?

So new moons are an awesome time for manifesting and bringing in new beginnings.

But before any manifestation takes place, make sure you also take time to release what no longer serves you. This allows room to open up for newness to enter.

A great way to release is journal, burn, draw, paint, declutter, allow your body to move in a way it wants to, sit in nature and get everything off your chest, thank the place your sat and walk away. Scream, cry, punch a pillow 🤣 what ever you feel guided to do. Then sit and feel inside the free space.

Then it’s time to manifest. To start off get in the zone. This can be done by setting intentions, meditation, music, dance, raise your vibration in a way that’s aligned with you.

You can write your manifestations, chant them whilst staring at a flame, create a vision board for the next month or the next 6 months, what ever you fancy. But it’s important to raise your vibe first and get in with the feelings.

As hard as it can be try and free yourself and really get in to the emotion and feeling of already having what you desire, why you are creating your manifestations.

Here is what I will be doing
-Lighting candles and Incense
-Grounding myself
-Writing down what I want to release, reading it out loud. folding the paper 3 times away from me. Then burning it. Show my Gratitude.
-Getting in to the high vibe zone.
-Flame Gazing
-Writing down what i am ready to bring in.
-Writing down my top 3 manifestations.
-Folding the paper 3 times towards me.
-Holding the paper to my heart centre and visualising the energy transferring back and to between my heart and the youniverse.
-Pop the paper in a bowl, sprinkle some sugar on to sweeten the manifestation, sprinkle some salt on to protect the manifestation, add 3 pieces of garlic on top to draw in abundance, place a bayleaf on top and a piece of citrine.
-hold the bowl in my hands and visualise the energies of my desires already here, give thanks.
-Thank the flame and blow it out.
-Place the bowl with everything in and place it in the far left Corner of my house
-Say the affirmation below out loud.
-Take a minute, with hands on heart (right over left) and show gratitude.
-Leave the bowl until atleast Tuesday 23rd May or until the next new moon what ever is best for you.
-Pull some cards, spend the rest of the new moon energy as high vibe as possible. Act delusional like everything you desire is already here.
-Carry on with normal Life.

Now this is just an example of what I will be doing. If you feel called to manifest, follow your gut on what to do. But by all means try the ritual above.

All my maifestions came in last month🔥
- A gift of flowers (A client turned up with a bouquet of flowers for me)
- A £1000 ( my car insurers gave me 2 random refunds totalling around £987)
- New clients (2 people I have never met got in touch and booked sessions)

Also don’t worry if your not feeling it today, the energy will be around to Monday 22nd May, so it can be done between now and then.

What ever you do or don’t do, have fun, remember how bloody amazing you are and I hope you all have the most amazing rest of the week ♥️

Lots of love ♥️


Wow wow wow 😍

This feedback 🙏

Honestly I’m so happy and grateful for my path and feeling so aligned 🙏

If your feeling drawn to a session, I have availability next week 🙏♥️

Just send me a Dm ♥️or comment below ♥️


Incredible feedback 🥹🙏 I’m so grateful Thankyou soooo much ♥️♥️♥️


Hi everyone,

Apologies for the severe lack of posting on my page ♥️

I planned to come back with a bang this week and got struck down with food poisoning ♥️ I know and trust I’m being told to take a step back for a reason. I felt so drawn today to do some cards for everyone though.

This is my new tarot deck which I am totally in love with, it’s the first deck I have made such a connection with straight away ♥️

So if you feel drawn to a card, please close your eyes, take 3 nice deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, open your eyes and feel which card you are drawn to- 1,2 or 3.

I will pop a little guidance for each card on the comment section later this evening ♥️

I will be offering private tarot readings in the very near future as Iv now found the deck that aligns with me 🙏 if anyone is interested ♥️

Have an awesome day xx

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Signs your shadow self is screaming to be heard, seen, felt, accepted and bought forward to become whole 🖤
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A month of Magic 👻🖤🔮Save the dates if you want to make the most out of the energy 🔥
It’s the last full supermoon of the year 🖤🔥Before we head into eclipse season 😅Todays moon is in the fire sign Aries. So...
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