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The Wise Old Woman

A family-run business selling healing crystals and crystal jewellery. Based in Cheshire, UK.

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Capricorn, the disciplined and ambitious earth sign ruled by Saturn, finds resonance with specific crystals that align with its grounded and practical nature.

Capricorns may find solace and empowerment in Tiger's Eye, a stone that aligns with their practicality, boosting confidence and grounding their ambitious pursuits.

Rose Quartz, with its gentle and nurturing energy, can assist them in cultivating self-love and fostering harmonious relationships, providing a softer balance to their determined nature.

Garnet, another crystal linked to this sign, enhances Capricorn's determination, fostering a sense of stability and commitment.

These crystals complement the Capricorn energy, helping individuals born under this sign to navigate challenges with strength, perseverance, and a steadfast approach towards their aspirations.

You will find all of these stones in our zodiac box for Capricorn, which contains a raw Garnet Necklace on a 18 inch sterling silver snake chain, a beautiful 8mm Tigers Eye bracelet and a Rose Quartz tumble stone. All package together in a gift box.


On the twelfth day of crystal bliss my true love sent to me, twelve fluorite bracelets, eleven agate key rings, ten malachite pendants, nine opalite owls, eight tingsha bells, seven clear quartz towers, six labradorite points, five amethyst gems, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.

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Enchanting Rainbow Fluorite, not just limited to beautiful pieces that can be used as decor, we also offer Rainbow Fluorite hearts as individual pieces but also as necklaces sat on a black cord and bracelets allowing you to wear your crystals and add a touch of magic to your outfit.

Rainbow Fluorite is renowned for its harmonising energy, bringing balance and clarity to your surroundings. Each point exudes a mesmerising spectrum of colours, enhancing the joyful ambiance of your holiday celebrations.

The benefits of wearing Rainbow Fluorite include clarity and focus: Experience mental clarity and heightened focus. In addition to this you can also experience emotional harmony and tranquility into your life.


On the eleventh day of crystal joy my true love sent to me, eleven agate key rings, ten malachite pendants, nine opalite owls, eight tingsha bells, seven clear quartz towers, six labradorite points, five amethyst gems, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


On the tenth day of crystal light my true love sent to me, ten malachite pendants, nine opalite owls, eight tingsha bells, seven clear quartz towers, six labradorite points, five amethyst gems, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


On the ninth day of crystal dreams my true love sent to me, nine opalite owls, eight tingsha bells, seven clear quartz towers, six labradorite points, five amethyst gems, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


On the eighth day of crystal dreams my true love sent to me, eight tingsha bells, seven clear quartz towers, six labradorite points, five amethyst gems, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


On the seventh day of crystal power my true love sent to me, seven clear quartz towers, six labradorite points, five amethyst gems, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


As the New Year unfolds, may the vibrations of positivity, love, and prosperity resonate through your life. May each moment be infused with the energy of hope and the brilliance of new possibilities. Here's to a New Year filled with sparkling opportunities, radiant joy, and the harmonious frequencies of success. Happy New Year!


On the sixth day of crystal love my true love sent to me, six labradorite points, five amethyst gems, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


Discover the vibrant world of Tibetan prayer flags – a symphony of colours and spiritual significance.

These flags, adorned with sacred symbols and mantras, are not just decorative; they carry the hopes and blessings of the people. Hung high in the mountains or your own backyard, they're believed to spread positive energy, bring good fortune, and promote harmony.

Embrace the ancient traditions and elevate your surroundings with Tibetan prayer flags – each fluttering strand is a whisper of serenity and a brushstroke of culture.

Bring home a piece of the Himalayas and let the winds carry your dreams to new heights.


On the fifth day of crystal grace my true love sent to me, five amethyst gems, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


On the fourth day of crystal hope my true love sent to me, four selenite wands, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


Elevate your well-being with wisdom

Amethyst, a mesmerising gemstone, offering more than just visual appeal; it packs a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance your life. Incorporating amethyst into your daily life, be it through jewelry or decor, is a wise decision for the following reasons:

Known for its soothing properties, amethyst helps alleviate stress and anxiety, creating a serene environment for emotional balance.

Dubbed the "Stone of Wisdom," amethyst sharpens the mind, promoting mental clarity. Whether in your workspace or worn, it boosts decision-making and focus.

With a deep tie to spiritual realms, amethyst encourages spiritual growth, intuition, and self-awareness when kept close.

Historically seen as a protective stone, amethyst wards off negativity and purifies surroundings. Placing it strategically at home or wearing it acts as a shield against negative energies.

In holistic practices, amethyst aligns with the crown chakra, fostering spiritual connection and energy alignment for a harmonious flow.

Improved Sleep: Associated with aiding sleep, amethyst in your bedroom or worn as a pendant contributes to a more restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Incorporating amethyst is not just a fashion statement; it's a conscious choice to invite positive energy, clarity, and balance. Whether through a stunning necklace or strategically placed clusters around your home, the benefits are boundless. Discover amethyst's transformative power and embrace its wisdom for a journey towards positivity and enlightenment."


On the third day of crystal calm my true love sent to me, three rose quartz spheres, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


On the second day of crystal peace my true love sent to me, two howlite hearts and a sparkling unakite tree.


Embrace the enchanting energy of the Wolf Moon, the first full moon of the year and the initial one after the winter solstice. This celestial spectacle holds significance across various cultures, symbolising a time of reflection, renewal, and spiritual growth.

Harness the lunar power to amplify the energy of your crystals. Place them under the soft glow of the Wolf Moon to cleanse and recharge. The moonlight acts as a natural purifier, rejuvenating the crystals' vibrations and enhancing their metaphysical properties.

For this special occasion, certain crystals resonate strongly with the energies of the Wolf Moon.

Amethyst, known for its calming influence, aids in introspection and connecting with higher realms.
Clear Quartz amplifies intentions, offering clarity and focus during this transformative lunar phase.
Moonstone, with its ethereal glow, aligns with the moon's cycles, fostering intuition and emotional balance.

Take a moment to set your intentions and meditate with these crystals, allowing their energies to harmonise with the potent vibrations of the Wolf Moon. Embrace the stillness of the night, connecting with the universe and tapping into your inner wisdom.

As you bask in the moonlight's glow, visualise any negativity being released from your crystals, leaving them purified and ready to support you on your journey. The Wolf Moon serves as a celestial reset button, allowing you to shed old energies and welcome new beginnings.


On the first day of crystal strength my true love sent to me, a sparkling unakite tree.


Wishing you a Christmas season filled with the sparkle of joy, the warmth of love, and the magic of cherished moments. May your days be adorned with the brilliance of laughter and the clarity of happy memories, just like crystals reflecting the beauty of the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas! 🎄


Celebrate the magic of Yule by embracing the powerful energy of crystals! These ancient gems have been cherished for centuries, not only for their dazzling beauty but also for their profound impact on health, spirituality, and vibrations.

Amidst the winter solstice festivities, crystals can play a pivotal role in enhancing well-being. Amethyst, with its calming properties, can promote inner peace during the hustle of the holiday season. For spiritual seekers, clear quartz serves as a versatile companion, amplifying intentions and connecting with higher realms.

Crystals aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they carry unique vibrations that resonate with our own energy fields. Harness the earth's energy with grounding stones like black obsidian, ensuring stability and protection as you navigate the Yule season.

As the Yule log burns bright, let the fiery energy inspire you to embrace your own vitality. Crystals like citrine and carnelian can ignite the flames of passion, creativity, and courage, empowering you to manifest your desires in the coming year.

In the spirit of Yule, consider incorporating crystals into your rituals. Meditate with them, create a crystal grid, or simply carry one in your pocket to stay attuned to their transformative energies. This Yule, let the crystalline magic weave through your celebrations, bringing balance, healing, and a touch of enchantment to your festive moments.

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Dive into the magical world of Pine Twig woods this Christmas!

Join Otis and Tiger on a whimsical adventure as they embark on a quest to reverse a spell gone wrong. In this heartwarming fairy tale for children aged 8-12, experience the enchanting journey to Mount Echoneenon to seek the help of Amora, The Glamour fairy.

Will they conquer the challenges along the way and find a way to undo the magical mishap?

Unwrap the joy of friendship, bravery, and the magic of the season with "Otis and Tiger's Enchanted Quest" - the perfect gift to spark imagination and wonder this holiday season!


🕯️ Bath Magic: A relaxing ritual with crystals and candles

It’s just a few days until Christmas and this time of year can be overwhelming for many. We wanted to share our bath ritual with you to help you relax and unwind.

In the quiet of your bathroom, bath magic unfolds - a serene blend of crystals, oils and candles transforming your routine into a ritual of self-care.

As you draw the warm water, select some essential oils to add to your bath. Lavender is calming, Tea Tree is soothing, Eucalyptus is refreshing. Find something that suits you.

Add crystals like calming amethyst and love-infused rose quartz, placing them around the tub. Their energies, attuned to the water's flow, create a sacred space for introspection.

Light candles, as the flames flicker, visualise warmth and light infusing your being. Hold the crystals, infusing them with your intentions, and place them near the water. The synergy of focused intention, crystals, and candlelight transforms your bath into a powerful, relaxing experience.

Sink into the water, feeling stress dissipate with each breath. Let the crystals cleanse and balance your aura, guided by the flickering candles into a state of deep relaxation. Bath magic becomes a mindful journey, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated, and spiritually nourished.


Discover the power of crystals at our online shop!

Unveil the your inner magic with our exclusive deal – 5 exquisite crystal bracelets for just £40!

Why choose our crystal bracelets?

Enhance your well-being: Each crystal carries unique energies to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Stylish and meaningful: Elevate your style with bracelets that not only look stunning but also hold powerful symbolism.

Balance and harmony: Experience the positive effects of crystal vibrations promoting balance in your life.

Transform your aura with this incredible offer!

Use the code 5FOR40 at the checkout.

See the collection in the offer here:

Embrace the enchanting benefits of wearing crystals. Limited stock available – don't miss out on this opportunity to shine from within!


Elevate the festive spirit by gifting crystals that sparkle with positive vibrations.

Tuck a shimmering moonstone into your stocking for emotional balance, or a vibrant aventurine for luck and prosperity.

Black obsidian offers protection, while blue lace agate soothes the soul.

Unwrap the magic of crystals this Christmas, sharing joy and healing energy with your loved ones.


The magic of crystals lies in their ability to connect us to the Earth's energies and promote a sense of mindfulness and well-being.

This festive season, gift the power of positive energy and create moments of joy that last a lifetime. 🌟💖

Explore the magic at

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✨ Elevate your space, cleanse your energy, and embrace a life filled with positive vibrations – all with the enchanting magic of sage smudging from

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Introducing the Love Bundle, an ideal gift designed to enhance love, positivity, and peace in your life. Featuring carefully selected elements:

Rose Quartz Bracelet: Embrace the 'love stone' and open your heart to all forms of love. This bracelet surrounds you with the energy of love, promoting healing and inner peace.

Selenite Wand: Experience mental clarity, deep peace, and spiritual enlightenment with powerful Selenite. Use it in meditation to clear negative energy and achieve calm and tranquility.

Rhodonite Tumble Stone: Promote self-love and emotional healing with the beautiful Rhodonite tumble stone. It aids in healing emotional wounds, allowing you to move forward with renewed self-love and acceptance.

Agate Slice Key Ring (color may vary): Carry the grounding energy of Agate, promoting emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Enhance inner stability and self-confidence wherever you go.

Amethyst Heart: Complete the bundle with the Amethyst heart, a high-vibration crystal with healing and cleansing powers. Representing faithful love, sincerity, calmness, patience, and peace, Amethyst magnifies the energy of the other crystals as a Crown Chakra crystal.

Give the gift of love, positivity, and well-being with our carefully curated Love Bundle.


Well also be here this evening, if you are local, pop in and see us x

🎄Wednesday night we will be attending Lymm Golf Clubs Christmas Market, open 5-8pm with £5 to pay on the door you’ll be treated to a mulled wine and mince pie!🎄
Fabulous stalls to enjoy and stock up on your Crimbo gifts! 🎅🏻🎁x

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