Idin Jewellery

Idin Jewellery

Looking for unforgettable gift for your loved ones or something gorgeous for yourself? Why don't sta Many of them are one off item only.

We offer many range of unique and lovely jewellery that is so affordable for every one. To view our full range of products, please visit

About Idin Jewellery

Idin Jewellery is a family-owned and -run business, located on the beautiful (and rainy) Scottish West Coast. You find a wide range of fashion and costume jewellery with us as well as beautifully designed Scottish Designer Jewellery.

Not only do we serve the ladies markets but we also want that the modern man won’t be disappointed and will be delighted with a choice of urban and more traditional designs.

Last but not least, your daughter(s) and granddaughter(s) won’t be left out either: At Idin Jewellery, we provide the full range of colourful and cute jewellery that will make your girl’s eyes sparkle, just as our jewellery does.

No matter what style of fashionable jewellery you are shopping for, Idin Jewellery is giving you a warm welcome to our shop. Please visit us at

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