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Out of office this weekend ✌️ 💃 But representing while I’m at Glasto with a last minute Georgia top from a recent pack 😁 Perfect for a speedy sew. Fabric from a shop near Walthamstow Market.

If you need anything while I’m away this long weekend, the FAQs should help. Otherwise, I’ll reply when I’m back!

Photos from In a Haystack's post 31/05/2023

is such an exciting place to shop! Take this Alice Temperley jacquard, for example. What a treat to find something like that! Lovely feature them in May’s .

The shop specialises in contemporary vintage-inspired deadstock and vintage (unused) deadstock fabrics and haberdashery. Nicki puts a lot of thought into how she sources them, and travels all over the country to find her favourites.

Another lovely touch Nicky offers is fabric advice if you have a project in mind. And she’s happy to send you fabric videos too!

Let me know if you see any particular fabric gems!

Aaaanddd it’s Sewing Bee time tonight woohooo. Who’s watching?


This is Michelle, who runs which specialises in recycled fabrics for activewear.

When I interviewed her for the , Michelle said “My business niche is recycled fabrics, and to date my fabrics have been made from over 190,000 recycled plastic bottles”. It sounds like a really interesting process. I’d love to see it in person some time!

Photos from In a Haystack's post 30/05/2023

Steph set up as a great option for home sewists of lots of different sizes. There are so many patterns to choose from, whether you're looking for activewear, casualwear, or even cosplay outfits.

I particularly love the incredibly versatile Everything tank, with the optional bralette.

When I asked Steph (swipe to see her!) about her business, she said “Rad’s origin story is a little wild. In the midst of the chaos of learning that I’d be laid off (my workplace at the time was moving out of the state), and recovering from a hysterectomy, and finding out I’d had ovarian cancer, I decided it was time to chase my lifelong dream. I was going to give it a go, and it was either going to be spectacular”. Well, I think we can agree it’s the latter. Let me know which pattern you chose this month!


Who else loved the first episode of the new last night? 🤚

Glad to see is back, created by and run by this year.

The first challenge reminded me of this by .sewingpatterns from a long ago haystack pack… so here’s my entry for week one 😊

Loved all the cut-outs this week so I’ll definitely have to give one a go. Any recommendations? I know the one was popular!

Photos from In a Haystack's post 28/04/2023

Have you tried any Michelle Sews patterns ? This is Michelle herself. Swipe to see the featured pattern in this month’s (although, as usual, you get your choice of patterns!). I love the placket, and sharpness of this design. It’s gorgeous in drapey summery fabric too.

Michelle set up Michelle Sews to help people make timeless business casual clothes. So far there are three lovely patterns, with more coming soon.

When I asked her about any key memories, Michelle said “My all-time favourite small business moment has got to be exhibiting at The Stitch Festival last month. I signed up months in advance thinking I’d give it a go, only to start panicking as it approached. I showed up on the setup day of The Stitch Festival 2023 like a deer in headlights, but so many lovely exhibitors took me under their wing, giving me advice and encouragement, and lending me bits of useful equipment. Honestly, I felt sad to say goodbye to them at the end of the show! The show itself was a bit of a whirlwind, and I learned so much each day.” I love that 🥰

Photos from In a Haystack's post 23/04/2023

Thanks to everyone who came to the first ever yesterday! It was very fun having my first ever fair stall and meeting so many of you. Great to see some sewing pals I hadn’t seen in a while too 🥰

Big congrats to for organising, and to the other stall holders for making the experience so lovely.

I couldn’t decide which photo to share so you get both. Which would you have chosen? 🙃

Other photos are of the great talk by and a couple of fun modes of transport to the event 🚲 ⛴️

And, last but not least, hello to all my new followers from the fair! Thanks for joining 😁

Photos from In a Haystack's post 11/04/2023

Super excited to have been invited to In a Haystack’s first craft fair! In such good company too - swipe to see some of the other shops who are joining.

Tickets are free, the venue is beautiful, there are workshops and a talk by from … so what are you waiting for? Join us! 😁

I’m so looking forward to meeting people I’ve been chatting to on here in person! Will you be there?

There’s a giveaway on the Instagram page so have a peek at that for some good prizes.

And, last but not least, please share any and all tips for exhibiting at a fair. This newbie will be very appreciative 😊😊

Photos from In a Haystack's post 08/04/2023

Did you spot the ‘treat’ in April’s ? It’s pattern cutting and construction tutorials from Drafting Diaries!

If you haven’t come across Drafting Diaries before, it’s a new venture from pattern cutters and (swipe to see them!). Every month, they pick a theme and give us three lessons on pattern cutting and construction.

I’m very pleased that this month’s theme is ‘shirts’, in line with the theme.

The next class is on 11 April so be sure to sign up before then if you’re interested and hopefully I’ll see you there! It’ll be recorded for anyone who can’t make it.

Photos from In a Haystack's post 31/03/2023

Have you heard of ? This is Rosie who runs it! In March, some of the profits are being donated to .uk so have a peek today if you’re interested! ( I’m looking at you and your challenge earlier this month).

Rosie and her shop are featured in this month’s . I think Rosie was destined to have a fabric shop because, when I interviewed her for the pack, she said “Sewing has always been a part of me, and since I was a little girl, I would be staring in empty shop windows, mentally placing where I’d put the shelves of fabrics and the till.”

I’m also not-so-secretly hoping our paths cross because Rosie likes wild camping and spending time outside too 😁

Swipe to see some of the fabrics that caught my eye and have a peek in the shop for more!


This is Melanie from featured in this month’s !

Melanie describes her designs as “inclusive vintage and historically inspired sewing patterns” so if that’s your jam, you know where to go!

The pack features the Coquelicot skirt because I absolutely loved the flexible closure, adjustable as your body changes. Melanie is wearing another lovely pattern here though - whimsical ruffles and ties galore.

What are your favourite features on patterns? Are you a sucker for an interesting detail like I am?

Photos from In a Haystack's post 29/03/2023

.vintage.buttons must have the most interesting buttons around. Swipe to see some of my favourites.

They’re all from the collection of a man called Mr Buffin, now sold by Aga who was a bit taken aback when many thousands of buttons arrived at her house in a trailer one day!

Very pleased to feature this lovely shop in March’s . Which buttons caught your eye?

Photos from In a Haystack's post 28/03/2023

And that’s a wrap on my pattern cutting and draping course 😢 adult learning is the best. I definitely want to do more.

Swipe to get a rough idea of the dress I’m looking to make. Imagine it in fabric, matching bodice and skirt slits, and with gathers across the hips, which I hadn’t cut into the pattern pieces at that point.

Anyway, if you’ve been thinking of doing a sewing-related course, I say go for it. It’s been such a good way to spend a Monday evening.

March Meet the Maker day 28: adapt

Well, that’s the beauty of pattern cutting. You can adapt patterns and garments to look the way you want them to look. For this dress, although I was basing it on a photo of a garment, I adapted it a bit too. I overlapped either side of the slit on the shoulders, added gathers instead of darts, and chose the specific position of the slit.


I fangirled so hard at today (can you do that with a location rather than a person? I’m going to say yes).

Earth toned wonders all around 😍 Have you been? I got the four remnants in the photo, and was really tempted by that turquoise linen and the bowling green linen.

Ended up getting the rust twill for trousers, olive cotton jacquard for something very cropped (it’s just a little remnant), and the other two linens for floaty spring/summer tops. Have a look at my stories to see the top inspiration.

Such a beautiful shop. I could stroke those fabrics allllll day.


🐌 It’s The Sewists’ Postcard Swap reveal day! How beautiful is this card by I got from Jo ?

A sea scene is always going to be a winner for me, and I loved reading the message inside too. Thank you for telling me a bit more about you and your life, Jo. And thank you so much for this gorgeous card ❤️

I’d love to see everyone else’s cards and postcards too. Please do share on your grid or in stories with . And tag me, if you want, so I don’t miss any and can re share 😊

Please remember to mark yours as sent and received on Elfster so we can keep track.

And if yours hasn’t arrived yet, keep an eye out over coming days in case there was a delay.

If you haven’t sent yours yet, don’t worry! Life happens so just pop it in the post when you can. If you can send an anonymous message to the recipient through Elfster to tell them it’s still coming, that would be great.

Thanks so much for joining in with the postcard swap. It was so nice getting a card amongst the bills. And it’s thoroughly warmed my heart to see the ones you’ve been sending and receiving. Thank you! ✨

Also thanks to everyone who spread the word about the swap. Way more people joined than I was expecting and that was great to see.

Photos from In a Haystack's post 08/03/2023

Happy International Women’s Day! There are so many things we could talk about today, but let’s go for

This is a challenge run by Jess to raise awareness of the condition, as well as funds to help tackle it. Swipe for more information on the illness, the challenge, and how you can take part. Keep an eye out for the Instagram Lives with .fabrics and !

A little shout out to the amazing women in my life too, like these three gems pictured here and many more who make my life so much more vibrant! Thank you 🥰

And a shout out to all the wonderful women I’ve featured in the , and subscribers I’ve met along the way. Meeting you all is a big part of why I love running this business. Thank you too 😊


Sewing tip: when sewing with fluffy fabric, be sure to stroke it as much as possible throughout the process 👌

I had one of those Sundays when I had loads of energy and felt really happy, and it was all channeled into sewing (and singing along to 00s classics). Isn’t that such a good feeling, when you can wistfully slide into your happy place?

I was making February’s featured pattern, the from . It was just what I needed because it takes just a few hours from cutting out the pattern to putting it on, thanks to the dolman sleeves and minimal pattern pieces. I can tell I’ll be reaching for it a lot. Did anyone else choose this pattern?


Last few hours to join us for this year's Stitchers' Postcard Swap!

In a Haystack Postcard Swap 2023 | Elfster

Stitchers' Postcard Swap 2023 • In a Haystack 26/02/2023

Hi everyone! Last chance to sign up for this year's Stitchers' Postcard Swap!

It's open to anyone who likes sewing, wherever in the world you live. You can find out more here:

Stitchers' Postcard Swap 2023 • In a Haystack It’s time for the second annual stitchers’ postcard swap and you’re invited! It’s a fun way to meet other people … Read More

Photos from In a Haystack's post 24/02/2023

Well hello there multiple things I like:
👕 This month’s featured pattern made the day after the pack went out (good effort, Heather Fabulosew )
🐕 A friendly pup
🐘 A cheeky little elephant (the best animal of them all)

I think this is such a lovely version of the . The cuff and main fabric mix pairs really well. And it looks so comfy!

Plus, it’s a quick sew, which is exactly what I’m in the mood for. So guess what my Friday night plans are 👀

I’d love to know what’s on your sewing table this weekend. And who else has made a Georgia or other Blue Dot pattern? 🤚

Photos from In a Haystack's post 19/02/2023

Photo 1: woohoo I’m learning to knit (thanks to my friend who’s teaching me)
Photo 2: maybe soon I can make epic things like this 🐙
Photo 3: maybe not… what on earth happened there? 😆

Photos from In a Haystack's post 17/02/2023

Having the best time diving deeper into pattern cutting and draping. I really recommend evening classes if you can access them. Some local authorities have quite cheap ones, for example. It’s so nice to have a regular enjoyable, social activity to look forward to every week.

It reminds me of when I used to play basketball all the time, doing something I love without the need to plan a social encounter! A naturally social, fun, interesting, regular activity.

Have you dabbled in pattern cutting? Who are your favourite people on Instagram to follow? is my go-to at the moment!


Have you discovered ? Run by Jennifer, it’s full of sewing supplies ‘for the modern stitcher’.

Jennifer has always found comfort in sewing. She said it gave her a sense of purpose as a child, when she was otherwise quite shy. Now she loves to teach sewing so she can see how kids ‘light up when they make something’.

Jennifer also goes to costume events like a regency era tea party. I think that sounds so fun. Have you made any costume or historical garments?

Last chance to use your discount if you’re a member of the so be quick 😊


The most joyful photo of a fabric shop award goes to… featured in January’s . If you’re quick, you can still make use of your discount if you’re a member of the pack 😊

When I interviewed then for the haystack pack, Fiona and Marice said “We aim to have a positive impact, enabling our customers creativity, problem solving with them and helping them reach their sewing goals. It’s a fun, relaxed, inclusive and safe environment”. I hope I can visit some time soon!


Look what’s back! Link in bio to join in 😁

It’s time for the second annual stitchers’ postcard swap and you’re invited!

It’s a fun way to meet other people who sew, and get a surprise postcard from who knows where through our letter boxes.

How does it work?
To join, sign up by 11 February. Then you’ll be matched with someone else. You’ll send them a postcard and get one back from a surprise person. I’m excited and hope you are too!

Please share this post in stories and tag your sewing friends, if you’d like to, so we can spread this far and wide! The more the merrier ⭐️


I’m sure you know but have you also tried , run by Heather and Tereska? They’ve been featured in December’s .

When I asked about the transition to running a fabric shop too, Heather said “I had been happily running Closet Core Patterns, for over eight years […] I couldn’t shake this stubborn idea, a vision of a perfectly curated one-stop-sewing-shop, with every fabric as sustainably and ethically sourced as possible. I wanted to create a fun, inspiring place where you could get everything you needed to sew your dream wardrobe, and do it with the knowledge that you had made good choices for our planet.”

That sounds pretty good to me! What do you think of their selection? Beautifullll.


This is Donna who runs featured in December’s . Remember to download your choice of patterns if you’re a member of the pack. I especially love the Florence blouse with those amazing shirred sleeves.

With a background in engineering, construction, and dressmaking, Donna makes sure the patterns are clear for anyone to follow.

“Seeing people struggling with pattern instructions inspired me to create my own patterns that are truly written with a beginner in assumptions, no gaps, and packed full of helpful hints and tips. I'm also with you every step of the way with a free YouTube tutorial to stitch along with.”

Are you a YouTube tutorial kind of person? I definitely am. It’s my favourite way to get to grips with a pattern. Hope you enjoy browsing this lovely selection.


This is Sarah who sells vintage fabrics in her lovely shop, , featured in December’s

They’re from the 50s to 90s and come in an assortment of colours, patterns and prints.

This is what Sarah said about her fabrics when I interviewed her for the pack: “Buying vintage fabric is a fun way to recycle, giving a new lease of life to a unique piece of fabric. I source fabrics from the 1950s to 1990s, individually selecting each piece for its quality and style. Each piece is unique, giving the customer the chance to create an individual garment.”

Have you sewn with vintage fabrics? Which decade is your favourite?

If you’re in London, look out for the fabric swap Sarah’s organising with later this month - details on their pages.


🎄Happy Christmas everyone! Signing out for a few days✌️ I will be wearing this festive flamingo jumper as much as possible 🦩

Just in case anyone needs a list minute gift… how about a haystack pack? Discover sewing patterns and shops every month for as long as you like. Pause or cancel whenever.

Looking forward to kicking off the new year with some lovely businesses and *such an amazing pattern 🤤* in January’s pack. Join us if you fancy it!

Photos from In a Haystack's post 21/12/2022

So pleased with this last minute Christmas gift! It’s a scrunchy key fob for my brother.

Super quick and easy. Just make a scrunchy using the burrito method, pop a label into the hole you pulled the fabric back through, then sew to close the hole and keep the label in place.

This label worked really well. The fabric is from Ghana. A friend picked some up years and years ago, didn’t use it, so gave it to me 😁 The key chain part was just one I had in the house. Quick, easy, free, and fun 🤩

is also sharing gift ideas so have a peek if you’re still looking for things to make 😊

And remember you can also gift (or request!) a haystack pack for Christmas. You can buy them up to the very last minute, gift certificates available, and subscriptions from just £10 🎄Curious? Join the pack!

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