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British grown flowers for bouquet delivery, flower arrangers and DIY weddings/events around Guildford


A 'Thank you' bouquet. Also delivered that day was a 'Thinking of you' bouquet and an 'I Love You' bouquet. Obviously these are simplifications, the gift tags and their words convey a more complex array of emotion, a privileged snapshot into the lives of the sender and recipient. Whether it's healing, celebration, joy, thankfulness, forgiveness, or rememberance, flowers connect people in so many ways.

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 11/05/2024

Well there's a sight I thought I'd never see over my polytunnel!! We were in bed reading when Offspring texted from Sheffield to say were we outside looking?! We rushed out, and couldn't quite believe it! Whilst other photos I took came out a little too colourful, I'd say this is how our eye actually saw them. They ebbed and flowed, rippled and reformed, changing from a deep magenta pink to glowing green. At one point the owls were hooting and the bats appeared, truly magical!


Tulips, Stocks, Euphorbia, Camassias, Ranunculus, Redcurrant foliage and one lone snapdragon who was too much of a diva to be left out! What are your favourite bouquet ingredients and why? Let me know in the comments and I'll let you know when you are likely to see these in bouquets and bunches this season.


I don't often have time to arrange my own flowers, but if I do, they'll likely be in a simple jam jar like this. Popped on the table or next to my bed, they give me a lot of pleasure and I really should do them more often.
It's been a funny start to the season hasn't it? the ranunculus are pretty much over, as are the tulips. All the shrubs and perennials are three weeks ahead, yet the annuals are sulking due to the cold and wet. If anyone is in any doubt about the effects of global warming, they only need to look at a Flower Farmer's Diary!
🌸 Anyway, if the current weather situation isn't putting a smile on your face, then I'd suggest going out into the garden, snipping a few blooms and cheering yourself up. 🌷Obviously, if you'd rather I created one for you, leaving your blooms intact in your garden, then take a peek on the website or order via messages. They're perfect for host/hostess gifts, too, all packed in a bag, already in water. No need for frantic hunting of vases when you hand them over either! 😆
Have a lovely evening folks, and let's hope tomorrow is a sunnier day!


Farewell or Funeral flowers are hugely personal, and they're something I really do enjoy creating. This year, I've been talking to more funeral directors, making them aware that there are alternatives, if their client's ask. I've also joined a brilliant partnership between who are working hard to promote a more sustainable approach to funeral flowers within the UK.
These flowers were very personal for me, created a few weeks back, for the anniversary of the passing of my lovely mum-in-law. I miss her hugely. Simply placed at her graveside until they have done their thing, they can then be composted in their entirety.

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 06/04/2024

The Ranunculus have landed! I'll say no more.

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 04/04/2024

Calling all residents in and
I am passing through your villages this friday 5th April and can deliver £20 or £10 bunches of tulips straight to your door! If you know anyone who lives in this area, who you know would be delighted to receive some flowers for the weekend, why not treat them?!
If you've not bought flowers from me before, then do check out my profile at 5* ratings on Google. All flowers grown here in Guildford on my flower field, harvested by hand, no pesticides and 100% home compostable wrapping. Minimal carbon footprint compared to imports too, so win win for you and the planet!
Please share this post to anyone you think might be interested, it would mean a lot.
Email me [email protected] Whatsapp me on 07967 179421 or drop me a message on Instagram before 9pm tonight.
Larger bunches £20 ( approx 15 stems)
Small bunches £10 ( approx 7 stems)

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 02/04/2024

Anyone for tulips? Special offer this week, large bunches for £15 available to pick up here or free delivery in Wood Street Village on Friday evening or Saturday morning.
🌷 Please don't compare these to the tulips you buy in the supermarket, they are an entirely different creature! They last for ages, growing and bending in the vase, ageing so gracefully. I've a mix of colours, mainly pastels, but very few orange ones left now, sadly. All wrapped in 100% home compostable wrapping or just pop it into your recycling bin.
🌷 The last photo is a tulip I had indoors for over two weeks and it still looks beautiful, dont you think? Message me here or drop me an email [email protected]
Each large bunch contains approx 12-15 stems


Happy Easter, lovely flowery people! Here's one I popped together last night, tulips, narcissi, muscari, forsythia, epimedium flowers, snakes head fritillary and all held together with twisty willow. It seemed rather fitting to arrange this in my old chicken feeder!🐣

🌷The mechanics inside are simple, gravel at the bottom for stability, and then a 'mossage' which is basically a sausage of chicken wire with moss, rolled up and then wedged inside. Top it up with water and then use a pen to create gaps to insert the stems. Plastic free, I'll reuse both the moss and the wire in other arrangements another time, no floral foam needed!

Hoping everyone has a lovely day today, however you choose to celebrate it. We're having family over for lunch as my boys are home from uni and it was their 21st last week. But at the moment, I'm watching the AA rescue hubby's pride and joy car from the middle of Guildford. Lunch may not be as prompt as I was hoping 😆🌷


It's not too late! Still got a small capacity for seasonal flowers and tulip bunches this weekend. Pick up only from Wood Street Village. Message me here and I'll get back to you!


Thank you so much for all your orders this week, I've certainly been kept on my toes! I'm now sold out for the rest of this week, although I'm sure I could rummage a small seasonal bunch if you twist my arm 😂🌷

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 07/03/2024

Seasonal delights from the field! What could be more jolly to pop on your bedside table or table top thsi weekend? Fragrant rosemary, zingy yellow narcissi and some beautiful early cherry blossom!
🌺If anyone would like flowers for Mother's Day (or your favourite Grannie, Auntie, sister or friend!) that arent going to break the bank, then they are up for sale on my website or message me via FB or Instagram. Cut off for orders Friday evening please. All delivered in a small gift bag with gift tag and wording of your choice. Deliveries will be saturday afternoon or Sunday morning between 9 and 10.30am
🌸No bouquets this year, sadly, as the weather has been against me on my taller stems. But that's seasonal flowers for you!
🌼Free delivery in Wood Street Village or small paid delivery elsewhere in Guildford or free pick up from my front door.


🌸Dreaming of a DIY wedding? Dive into our wedding buckets! From July to October, you can expect some of these beauties stealing the show! Dahlias are focal  flowers, high value, adding a good splash of colour where you need it. With their incredible symmetrical forms, they work well in urns, table decorations, bridal bouquets and button-holes alike.
🌸Alongside dahlias you'll also find a mix of secondary flowers (like cosmos, or zinnias), whimsical floaty textural elements (like seed pods and grasses) and herbs and foliage for that extra scent and freshness. Everything you need to craft gorgeous, seasonal arrangements for your wedding day.
🏠 Looking for more info? Check out our website's homepage or hop over to the shop to place your order! Available May-October


I love love love when brides share their wedding photos and I couldnt have been happier when this one popped into my inbox the other day! Dancing cosmos, peachy dahlias, scented feverfew and little nods of blue love-in-a-mist. 'Warm Pastels' was a colour scheme I was asked for a lot last year, and I'm hoping it will be just as popular this year as it really makes my heart sing! If romantic, naturally grown flowers, grown with a heart and a conscience are important to you, then please do get in touch and we can chat further. I offer DIY buckets of flowers for the budding flower arrangers in your family or I can create all the wedding party flowers for you, as well as table arrangements, milk churns and pew ends. And if you're eloping, an order of a single bouquet and button hole will always be welcome!
Beautiful shot by

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 08/02/2024

DIY wedding flowers...
There seems to be a lot of posts about them on the Grid right now, so I'm going to dedicate a few posts to them. So what are they? In their simplest sense DIY wedding flowers are flowers that you buy and then use to create all your flowery needs at your wedding. Whether that's bouquets, buttonholes, or flowers for inside or outside your venue. If you have creative friends and family, who are happy to pitch in just before your big day, then its a wonderful way of adding a personal and fun touch to your wedding! I sell buckets of blooms for this very purpose, foliage and flowers cut to a colour theme, bursting with freshness, scent, movement and texture. You do all the arranging, saving you money on the floristry, so it's a great if you're keeping an eye on costs.

BUT...Arranging flowers can be mighty stressful, take it from me! While it might take x number of minutes to arrange a vase of flowers for the table, if you want 30, plus 6 bouquets, and 8 buttonholes, then multiply that up and you'll realise that if you haven't got a good team of helpers, you will need a lot of TIME the day before your wedding, which is when often you are at your busiest! So here at Homestead Flowers I offer what I call my Part Curated option. I'll use my expertise to make for you any part of the wedding flowers that you don't feel a) confident tackling or b) you know you won't have the time to do. Some couples just ask me to make the bouquet and button holes (as these are the most photographed), leaving friends and family to take buckets of flowers to decorate the venue. Or if you would like me to make ALL of your floral arrangements then that can be organised too.

If you want to know more about my DIY flower options, then email or message me and I will send you my 2024 info sheet.


About time I posted a photo of me on the grid. So here I am, hidden by a bucket of flowers! I'm Lisa and I run Homestead Flowers, growing and arranging scented seasonal flowers for intimate weddings, funerals and businesses in the Guildford area. I also supply wholesale to other talented florists in Surrey and London, and once a month, you will find me selling bunches and other flowery wares!
Once a week I work as a gardener on a private estate with 🌸Kate took this photo of me last summer, and the flowers I am holding are ones we grew there, all ready for us to arrange for inside the house. Kate taught me all I know about growing annual flowers, and I wouldn't be where I am today, without her support and encouragement. We all need mentors in our lives, and I'm lucky that mine is also my best friend! We've shared a lot of laughter (and a few tears too) in the 10 years I've been working there.
This year sees some exciting developments at Homestead Flowers, a new flower barn to get creative in and workshops on the horizon too. I'm so excited to be able to share this space and my flower field with you all in future years, I can't wait! Thank you for following! 💞


Delicately wired pastel blooms for an early July bride. She chose to have dried flowers rather than fresh, so the crown could be enjoyed for many years to treasure as a keepsake. Such a lovely idea. 💞

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 19/01/2024

As winter grips the field with ice cold fingers, these dried flower wreaths and arrangements are a beautiful reminder of all that has been and all that is yet to come.
Each wreath is truly unique, hang them on your wall, from the door, a wonderful present or a special treat for yourself.
Brides, thinking of a flower crown? Dried ones mean no wobbles with wilting flowers and a special keepsake that can be treasured forever.
I grow all these flowers here at Homestead, each stem carefully picked at optimum time for drying, and then dried in a darkened, warm, and well ventilated space. Rest assured no chemicals or dyes are used, all these colours are as nature intended.
For more details drop me a message or look at my website (link in bio) I can ship anywhere in the UK too!


Flower farms in the UK come in all shapes and sizes. Some are field upon field of flowers and shrubs, something I can but dream of.💗 Some are fields attached to actual farms, others are fields attached to gardens. There are flowers being produced for weddings, events and funerals in private gardens, within country estates or on allotments all over this land. 💐Whether they're privately owned or rented, there will be women and men working on them from dusk to dawn 12 months a year, even when the flowers aren't blooming.

A physio asked me last week what I did for a living. 'How wonderful!' she exclaimed. I knew what she was thinking, the vision of wafting along a row of flowers (possibly in a dress with a wicker basket) a snip here, a snip there! In the next breath, she asked whether I did any form of regular exercise?! I tried to enlighten her, but I'm not sure she got it.
Anyway, here is my Flower Farm. It's a one acre plot, with a quarter as my actual garden and the rest given over to flower production. I'm not an 'actual' farm and therefore I don't have equipment apart from a trusty wheelbarrow. So if you're wondering what I do for actual exercise lovely physio, please come and help me shift this lot from the front drive all the way to the bottom of my acreage! (Aged 53 and three quarters!) Anyway, a hot bath awaits, and a recipe from .diet.plan to restore my aching bones! Have a lovely eveningfolks! 😍

Compost (brilliant peat free compost, just the best)

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 08/01/2024

🏵Whilst it's not usually recommended to plant your narcissi bulbs in January (Sept/Oct/Nov is ideal) I've learnt through the years that some horticultural 'rules' can be bent a little. So if, like me, you find a few bags of forgotten bulbs (oopsie!) lurking in your shed, then get them in now whilst the ground isn't frozen. Don't think you've missed the window and chuck them out!

I sometimes feel that new gardeners can be put off a little with all the advice out there as to when and how to do things, which is a shame. If you're not sure, just give it a go. What's to lose? The worst that can happen with late bulb planting is that a few might not flower (come up 'blind') or they might flower a tad later.

This is Narcissus Pink Charm, which should be flowering its socks off come April, ready for the first bouquets of the season!💐

Last few photos highlighting how even a simple photo for Instagram can turn into a challenge with two dogs 'helping'😆
Tools .de


Flasback to October. The beautiful young woman I made this bouquet for bounced into my life aged 4, clutching a balloon, and was officially the cutest, most photographed person at my wedding!
Roll on a couple of decades, and one of the highlights of my flowering year was to be asked to create the flowers for her own wedding a couple of months ago. I'd intended to make the bouquet in autumnal shades, but was drawn instead to romantic shades of pink partnered with a touch of vibrant red, bringing a touch of the grown up to these classic wedding colours. Much joy and happiness be yours, lovely lady!

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 05/12/2023

Just a little selection of some of the goodies I will be taking to sell school Christmas Fair on Saturday 9th December 2-4pm
🌟I'll also have ready-made wreaths and table decorations to order for your Christmas tables.
🎄I'm really looking forward to chatting to everyone about the joys of British Flowers, the importance of seasonal flowers, and letting more local people know they've got a flower farm right on their doorstep! 🐝🌸
If you're a local resident, please spread the word. It looks like it's going to be a fun and festive afternoon! 😄 🌟

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 25/11/2023

Behind the scenes from last week
💫 For a variety of reasons this year I've left the dahlias in the ground. I had chosen the most well drained and sheltered spot for them anyway, so that was one box ticked.
🌼 Next a thick layer of home grown leaf mould, then a snuggly layer of sheep fleece, before topping off with mypex plastic breathable sheeting.
🌼The sheepfleece is a by-product from the fantastic packaging from . brought round by the lovely wedding cake maker who knew I could make use of it on my flower field. I can also use the cardboard to supress weeds on other areas of the field, so nothing will get wasted from their packaging. ♻️
🌼The mypex is unfortunately essential as my dogs (and the local fox population) find the sheep fleece very yummy 😆 but I reuse it year on year. Photo shows just one layer to show what was underneath, I added another later to cover completely.

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 23/11/2023

🌿✨ Elevate Your Door with a Handcrafted Eco-friendly Christmas Wreath! ✨🌿
Transform your door into a haven of natural beauty with our sustainable Christmas wreaths! Celebrate the joy of the season while also making a conscious choice for the planet. 🎄🌍
Crafted on a sturdy willow base, each wreath is totally unique, adorned only with naturally dried flowers and seed pods—no air miles, absolutely no floral foam, and no plastic baubles/plastic flowers 🌿🍂
✨ Why Choose Our Wreaths?
• Customisable: Your vision, your wreath! Choose a rough colour scheme, and we'll bring it to life. No two wreaths are the same, each piece is carefully designed to be as individual as you are.
• Embrace sustainability. Crafted with love for both your home and the planet, our wreaths have a low carbon footprint, being made from materials sourced right here from our flower field. The base is made from willow grown and harvested here too! Everything is locally sourced. If you wish to compost your wreath at the end of the season, then remove the ribbon (use it on a future birthday present, or save it for next year!) and then pop the whole lot on your compost heap or in the council green waste bin.
• Make a Greener choice this Christmas: Our wreaths feature naturally dried flowers and seed pods collected from the summer months, embracing the beauty of nature without harming the environment.
All wreaths are approx 45/50cm diameter (great for a normal sized front door) and are £65.
Larger wreaths/bespoke sizes, please ask for a quote
🌸 How to Order: 📩 DM me on Instagram to place your order. 📧 Email me at [email protected] for enquiries and orders.
🚚 Free Local Delivery Available! Free delivery to Wood Street Village, Fairlands and Normandy. Small charged delivery services within rest of Guildford. Free delivery to Shamley Green on Friday 1st and 8th December only.
Limited availability! 🌟🎁


After what seemed like the majority of my day fiddling around listing festive goodies on my website, I was rewarded by a Webshop that wouldn't work! No amount of fiddling with settings, tweaking things here and there, or throwing my diary at my laptop seemed to alter the fact. Items are in your cart, but you can not check out😤 Arggg the frustration!!! My IT guru son Callum is busy with uni coursework, so I'm left with a defunct shop for the next few days. So if you'd like to order a wreath or one of these pretty table decorations, then have a look on my website for details and prices, but email me on [email protected] or DM me here on Insta.
Who said running your own business was easy? 🤷🏼‍♀️


Good morning! 👋🏻
On a grey old day like today, it's good to look at this dried flower wreath and be reminded of sunnier times when all these flowers were growing on the field outside my bedroom window. Nigella, helichrysum, statice, silene, and a beautiful origanum called 'Kent beauty', which gives me just a handful of precious blooms each year.
I sell just a limited amount of these wreaths each year, they'll be offered on my website (link in bio 🔝)in the next few days, but if you'd like to snap one up before then get in touch. [email protected]
💫Do save this post if you'd like to purchase one as a gift over the Christmas period. I can ship anywhere within the UK.
Silk, botanically dyed ribbon


One of my favourite wreaths this year, simple and understated, looking just as good hanging on the wall as on a front door!

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 14/11/2023

My season for fresh flowers might be over, but I still have bouquets of everlasting flowers for delivery or pick up. Many dried flowers that you buy online are bleached and dyed. I don't do this, I dry my flowers in the dark to retain the colour, and if I want a particular variety to be particularly pale, then it gets hung in the greenhouse. The sun then naturally bleaches it slowly over the summer, no chemicals needed! With careful handling and by not placing your flowers in direct sun, they really will last forever, so a great gift and one that keeps on giving all year round!

Photos from Homestead Flowers's post 12/11/2023

WREATHS! ⭐️ Yes it's that time of year again! So this year I'm offering a few different colourways, with a choice of ribbon colours too. Which is your favourite? White and sparkly, a little bit of blue, gold and glittery or sumptous burgundy? All on a willow base, grown here at Homestead Flowers, with the finished wreath approx 40ish cm. I'm hoping to add Rosehips and berries as long as the birds don't beat me to it!

Happy to mix and match colours, just say when ordering. Want to add your own embellishments? Then my basic wreath (photo 5) is the one for you, just greenery and choice of ribbon colour.

Basic greenery wreath £45, Decorated plus ribbon £65, Half wreath £30. Lager, bespoke commisions catered for. DM me to order 🌟x


A great day for dried flowers at today, meeting new and regular customers and flying the flag for British Flowers. Next months market is 3rd December and alongside we'll be selling Christmas wreaths, evergreen foliage, and decorations to make your Christmas table look fabulous!

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