John E Refurb specialise in the remodelling of private residences. From re-tiling the bathroom, painting the bedroom to laminate flooring in the livingroom

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Living Room Renovation and then some! 🎉

This home is so full of love and laughter but the living room was looking a little sad to say the least.

- We stripped the wallpaper and replaced with plaster and paint.
- Removed the fireplace and replaced with modern electric heater.
- The corner shelving unit is now complemented by a bespoke shelving unit to house the home’s gadgets.
- Extra Electric ports were constructed to ensure all the electric had their place.

This has been particularly satisfying to complete and we have managed to make new friends in our latest clients too 🙌🏾

Could your living room do with a refresh! It need not take so long. Most of our single room renovations projects wrap up in under 3 weeks!

Get in touch at [email protected] or on 07399148822.

Photos from John.e.refurb's post 16/08/2021

Bathroom refit.

This bathroom was in love of major TLC. It’s unrecognisable!

It was a joy giving this family an refreshed bathroom, it even introduced us to new materials.

It’s important when designing for your home that you consider the practical implications of the materials used during building and for maintenance once construction is completed.

We provide a completely inclusive service. This means that our quotes always include the materials, equipment and labour costs. Sometimes we have clients who want to source their own materials and we are happy to use materials you choose but we’ve found that most clients are far happier without having to work on the project themselves too 😉

Bathroom changes can give a transformative feeling to your home. Let us know how we can help you at [email protected] or on 07399148822.

Photos from John.e.refurb's post 16/08/2021

2nd toilet downstairs.👍🏾

No one regrets having an extra toilet at home 🚻 .
This client had been told by 2 contractors, the work was impossible due to the small space and a 3rd gave a ridiculous quotation for the job.

They were hesitant at first as we don’t come cheap but we’re soon convinced once they saw our plans. It took only 3 weeks to get it done - even though we had some ‘surprises’ to negotiate!

The client was so pleased with their experience, we’ve refitted their new bathroom, flooring, bespoke living room shelving and replaced their entire kitchen too. Their trust is really encouraging and we are happy to for every recommendation they have made of us😁

Could you do with an extra toilet or en-suite in your home? You’ll be surprised what can be achieved with careful planning, the correct resources and professionals.

Contact us at [email protected] or 07399148822.

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Custom made drawers for Marshall’s Babershop.

Carpentry 🪚 🔨 was the first craft I learnt and I simply love it.
These drawers were created to align with furniture already present and to bring some natural sleekness to the newly furnished shop.

It was made entirely from scratch and sanded to perfection. I could run my fingers on their smooth surface all day.

Do you need some bespoke furniture? Get in touch and let us get something beautiful made for your home or business.

Contact us at [email protected] or 07399148822.

Speak Soon,

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Woah! What a journey this project was.
Buy-to-let refurbishment.

A total refit of a 2 Bedroom Flat.
-We moved the wall of the kitchen into the bathroom to make it bigger.
-Ripped out the old bathroom and modernised it with an electric shower and floating toilet and electric heater.
-Electric heating fitted throughout the flat.
-All walls stripped, plastered and painted.
-New double glazing windows fitted
-Flooring also had to be balanced as it had become damaged through former jobs on the ground floor.

We worked with 3 contractors for this project and our client was overjoyed with the result, it was rented immediately we completed!

We take on projects that speak to our skills and quality standards. If you are buying property to sell, get in touch. We are happy to help you think through your thought and requirements.

Let us know what you would like us to construct for your home.
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So much storage. ❤️

This project was so much fun as it was a new build property for a lovely couple who simply wanted to organise all their things. And we believe that we have delivered on this. No reason for things to go missing or unworn.

You get what you pay for. We are seldom the cheapest option and so far we have not had a disappointed client. We get repeat business until they have nothing to fix😆

It’s our pleasure to help you feel pride and joy in your home.

Let us know what you would like us to construct for your home.
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Sleek and Clean 🤩.

This was a particularly gratifying project as it was a complete refit. The client was clear of their vision and provided a lot of guidance before leaving left us to make the magic happen.

See the last 4 images for what it looked like before.

Let us know what your vision for you kitchen is and get it realised.
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Photos from John.e.refurb's post 15/08/2021

Bespoke Inbuilt Wardrobe.

Space measured and allowances made for awkward old house angles😄

The client was a delight to work with as she trusted us with her vision of a functional and bright wardrobe to house her fantastic array of shoes and clothes in her purchased home.

Let us know what you would like us to construct for your home.
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