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Simon Allsop with a nice chunky common, one of many he’s caught recently while testing one of our new baits.

Photos from Bossbaits's post 03/08/2021

Dan Shearn and Craig Bale had a great weekend at Bramble mere , landing a load of Scaley bangers up to mid 20’s.
They both used a mixture of 14, 18 and dumbell CCM with pop up hookbaits.


Steve Sweeten with a nice one from the beautiful river Wye.
As usual, caught on a CCM hard hookbait, with matching groundbait with plenty of whole and crushed 14mm CCM freebies….


Not a bad way to start the season …
Big Greg with a big Severn barbel. His first fish from a new stretch of the river , on his first trip out this yr.
Caught using a heavily glugged CCM dumbell hard hookbait, with a pva bag of whole and crushed boilies, fished over a kg or so of freebies….
Will be a very big fish come winter time.

Photos from Bossbaits's post 31/05/2021

Mega result for Birty...

Paul Birt with the Pearl at 38.08 , from Spitfire pool.
Birty was hoping to trap the wood common after landing the long on his last trip 2 years ago. But instead landed an even rarer visitor to the bank. This is the first time its been out in 3 years , and fell to a new bait that we’ve been testing for a while now...


Simon Allsop a 28lb + known as split fin from Woodside lakes. This is the second biggest fish in the lake, Simon also caught the biggest , the lumpy common a week or so previously. Both fish falling for 14mm CCM wafters fished over a few matching freebies.

Timeline photos 13/05/2021

Alex Stanley with the biggest of 3 fish, caught during a quick overnighter on a Cotswold pit, Alex used 14mm CCM with matching cork dust wafter hookbaits.

Photos from Bossbaits's post 10/05/2021

Paul Birt used just a couple of handfuls of crushed CCM, mixed with a few maggots, to tempt these 2 nice Yateley North lake commons.

Photos from Bossbaits's post 03/05/2021

Tom White with some scaley Bramble mere bangers from the weekend.
Tom used 14 and 18 mm CCM with matching wafter hookbaits, to land 8 fish with the best being 26 and 28lb.

Photos from Bossbaits's post 28/04/2021

Matt Page had to endure sleet, snow ,hail, rain and freezing winds whilst on a weekend trip to little farriers . But still managed to temp these 3 nice low 20’s.
All caught using a test batch of one of the new baits we’ve been playing about with recently....

Photos from Bossbaits's post 11/04/2021

When it was still cool to take bait to France....
Bryan Tuck, John Daley and Lee Mcglone smashed it at Gigantica’s road lake last year, Landing 54 fish between them during a week long trip.
Bryan, john and Lee all caught fish over 50lb with John becoming the first angler to land fish of 10,20,30,40,50 and 60lb in a session.
All caught using 18mm CCM with matching pop up or wafter hookbaits....awesome!

Heres just a few of the pics.....

Photos from Bossbaits's post 29/03/2021

Closer to home this time.....

Alex Stanley with some amazing waterpark carp from last year,
including 2 very special ones at 45 and 48lb+.
All caught using 14mm CCM wafter hookbaits fished over whole and crushed 14mm free offerings.....awesome 👏

Photos from Bossbaits's post 25/03/2021

More river action ....
Steve Sweeten with a few of his river wye doubles from last season. Steve caught well all year ,landing fish to over 11lbs and countless smaller ones.
Steve used a combination of CCM 14mm dumbells, matching hard hookbaits, CCM groundbait and plenty of glug. Well done mate.

Photos from Bossbaits's post 21/03/2021

Couple of chub from last season. Both caught using CCM dumbells with matching hard hookbaits.