Elemental Coaching: Body Mind Nutrition

Elemental Coaching: Body Mind Nutrition

Let me help you find your AWESOME!

I'm Lou, an award-winning Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Certified Coach who empowers people to build healthy mind, movement and nutrition habits for body transformation and deep health that lasts. Qualifications & Awards:
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, (PN1)
Gold Medal Winner, WorldSkills UK, Fitness Trainer, 2018
Personal Trainer, Level 3
Ante & Post-Natal Fitness, Level 3
Kettlebells Instructor, Level 2
Circuits/Bootcamp Instructor, Level 2

Guided Wellness Journal - ELEMENTAL COACHING 29/11/2023

It’s back! My little stocking filler for feeling good & doing good. Every penny of profit goes to help people in Ukraine, Gaza & elsewhere suffering humanitarian disaster. Order online inc. P&P or £10 hand-delivered locally by the author(me!😊) 🎄❤️🌏🕊️

Guided Wellness Journal - ELEMENTAL COACHING 52 Weeks of Feeling Good Live your healthiest, most energised year yet, one week at a time! All profits from remaining copies donated to DEC & Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal With 52 well-being missions and a weekly fillable journal page, this book helps make it simple for anyone to build the mindset, b...



Please pass on / share if you know someone who may be interested. Thanks! 🤩….

Do you love working with kids and young people to help them develop a love of movement while having FUN? If so, we want to talk to you! Heyl CrossFit is looking for a coach to help expand our popular kids and teens programme. We’re looking for someone who is:

⭐️Able to plan and deliver kids and teens movements skills, fitness & fun sessions with energy and enthusiasm.

⭐️Has experience of coaching or working with young people, (e.g teacher / teaching assistant / school holiday activity leader / other relevant role).

⭐️Has a relevant coaching qualification or is willing to do one to enhance their other relevant experience.

⭐️Ideally, is available to & excited about leading our kids and teens programme to expand into schools, school holiday sessions etc, with the support of other coaches.

(Coaching only role also potentially available for the right person).

What we offer:

✅Hours and pay dependent on qualifications, experience and your availability to expand the programme.

✅A super friendly and supportive coaching team in an awesome CrossFit community.

✅Full support and development sessions from our coaching team.

✅Discounted gym membership and access to our fabulous, new sauna & ice bath therapy room!

If interested please send a brief note about what you have to offer and why you’re excited about the role with your CV attached to Heyl CrossFit Head Coach & Owner, Ted Mulhearn at [email protected] by Thursday 14th September.



Nothing will get you feeling fitter, more capable & more mentally & physically healthy. All in a super supportive community. ❤️🤩

Great savings on membership. Only 10 spaces. Absolutely all fitness levels very welcome. All details below. Jump on!


Super-happy to complete my CrossFit Level 2 Trainer qualification & loving every minute of coaching at Heyl CrossFit Ltd! Nothing will get you feeling fitter & stronger in a massively supportive & fun environment. Always happy to chat if you'd like to know more.

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Strive for progress. Whatever that looks like for you.

My first year of successfully qualifying for the CrossFit Open age-group quarterfinals! 🎉

UK age group ranking: 28
Europe age group ranking: 177
World age group ranking: 881

I still have so much to improve and movements yet to conquer but every week I feel progress - a little heavier on a lift, a couple more unbroken repetitions, a little technical improvement. It’s keeps me striving and it makes me HAPPY! 🤩

Proud at age 44 to feel stronger and more capable the I ever have. Excited to see what else I can do.

Maybe by age 70 I’ll be at those Finals. 😂

Find what keeps you striving to be the best you can, just for you, and enjoy every little milestone of progress. There is no better feeling. ❤️

Big thanks to CK Athlete Shots as always for fantastic Titan’s Twos comp photos!



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Introductory sessions start TOMORROW. Only a few slots left!

As an athlete and coach at Heyl CrossFit, I can’t shout this loudly enough! If you feel stuck in a rut with your health & fitness, CrossFit could TOTALLY turn that around.

You’ll find no better way to get fitter, stronger & healthier in a fully coached environment and hugely supportive community.

CrossFit is constantly varied; mixing bodyweight movements, cardio, all types of free weights, (barbell, dumbbells & kettlebells), and building towards gymnastics movements such as pull ups. And it is for EVERYONE!

The highly experienced coaching team will support you to progress from wherever you are at. ALL fitness levels and capabilities welcome.

To book, message Heyl CrossFit on Facebook at Heyl CrossFit Ltd or email [email protected]



Limited slots and our January course was FULL, so book ASAP!

As both a member and coach at Heyl CrossFit I can’t recommend it highly enough!

You’ll find no better way to get fitter and feel stronger and healthier in a fully coached environment and hugely supportive community.

CrossFit is constantly varied; mixing bodyweight movements, cardio, all types of free weights, (barbell, dumbbells & kettlebells), and building towards gymnastics movements such as pull ups. The highly experienced coaching team supports members to start from wherever they are at.

ALL fitness levels and capabilities welcome!

To book message on Facebook or Insta via Heyl CrossFit Ltd or email [email protected]

Or drop me a line with any queries. 😊

Affirmations for Productivity: Beginning the Day with Focus 31/01/2023

Feeling like time is always running away from you? Try this…
I’m finding it hugely helpful today, coming back to a long ‘to do’ list after 2 weeks of being away for work and fun. Enjoy!

Affirmations for Productivity: Beginning the Day with Focus Begin your day with focus with these affirmations. These affirmations focus the mind and have you working with time- not against it. Prepare your brain so th...

5 Minute Meditation For Focus 16/01/2023

A great 5 minute meditation if you need to get calm & focussed before tackling something!

5 Minute Meditation For Focus ...

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🤩Right then lovely people! Your ultimate New Year (re)kickstart is here. 40% DISCOUNT & FREE GIFTS UNTIL 16TH JAN ONLY!🎉

11 days in to 2023 and are those new year healthy intentions still a little stuck on the starting blocks?

My awesome kickstart package is here to help! You'll get...

💥A tailored bundle of 9 super-clean nutrition products to supercharge your healthy eating and boost your well-being.

💥Brilliant recipes & meal plans to help take the brain strain out of healthy eating and help build healthy habits that work for you.

💥3 complimentary surprise gifts for healthy eating & glowing skin!

💥A complimentary opening and closing consultation and my
support remotely for 30 days as a certified Nutrition Coach.

Comment below or message if you want in!💜

Package cost: 274.60 (RRP 451)

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Time to give your New Year good intentions a boost?

Second week back to 'normal' & the busy days can make sticking to our healthy living intentions harder! My guided well-being journal is here to help. All profits to charity, so you can feel good AND do good. ❤️🌍

UK wide delivery by courier, £12.99. Order at:
Message / comment for free hand delivery in Hayle area: £10

Wishing you a happy, healthy and energised 2023! 🤩



Only 3 out of 10 slots left so book NOW!

Absolutely LOVE coaching and training here and can’t wait to coach this next beginners course!

As a coach & athlete at Heyl CrossFit Ltd I can’t recommend it highly enough as THE BEST way to get fit, strong & healthy for life and realise just how unbelievably capable you are in the most supportive and fun community! ❤️

With the cost of living at an all-time high we have decided at Heyl CrossFit that we want to help as many people as possible by reducing our beginners course price and giving participants a discount on membership.

To book message Heyl CrossFit Ltd on Facebook or Insta or email [email protected]

Absolutely all fitness levels and capabilities welcome.


⭐️Give the gift of a happy, healthy & energised 2023! 🎁

All profits to DEC & Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.💙💛 Order your guided well-being journal ASAP in time for Christmas!

Feeling Full of Energy A 5 Minute Meditation 01/12/2022

For anyone, like me, who could use a strong coffee and a mental energy boost this morning…Take 5 minutes out and enjoy!

Feeling Full of Energy A 5 Minute Meditation This powerful 5 minute guided meditation breathing practice, combined with visualization, is designed to give you a refreshing energy boost! If you've been ...



Join my no-chat WhatsApp group to see all the deals!🤩💜



Frozen chopped beetroot going in my protein shake today. A great source of:

✅Vitamins C & A
✅Folic acid (Vitamin B9)
✅Minerals including magnesium, potassium & calcium
✅ Could reduce high blood pressure*
🤩 Tastes AWESOME with chocolate protein powder!

If you’d like to get some super-clean ingredient protein powder in and give this a try, drop me a line about my nutrition range.

*Source: British Heart Foundation. For study participants who drank 250ml beetroot juice per day.


🤩SuperShake SuperBoost & Black Friday deals incoming!🎉


I LOVE coaching these sessions and am constantly inspired by the energy & enthusiasm of all our kids and teens. 🤩Contact details below to book a free taster session!


Here’s one for those of you that LOVE the clean-ingredient arbonne nutrition & well-being lines! 😍 Extra 15% off on top of existing client discount! Comment or message by 9pm to order or enquire lovely people. 💜


“I’m an endurance bod really…don’t know that strength will ever be my thing.”

Fast forward 4.5 years of CrossFit. I still really love running. But turns out strength is my thing.

And the barbell is one of my happiest of happy places.

And coaching other people to become and feel as strong and capable as they can is one of my absolute favourite things to do.

Who knew?

Always be open to letting the thing that scares you become the thing that lights you UP!

Photo from the BEST all day playdate with my awesome Heyl CrossFit Ltd teammates at the Pandora’s BOCS
competition, Truro, 29th October.

Photographer CK Athlete Shots

Photos from Elemental Coaching: Body Mind Nutrition's post 06/11/2022

The BEST fun with the loveliest people at the Halloween Fundraiser Competition for mental health charities Heyl CrossFit Ltd this morning! 🎃👻🤩💪

This is a community that looks out for each other and will look after anyone who is struggling. Never alone. Stronger together. Silliness guaranteed. ❤️😂



This is me, deliberately NOT exercising intensely!

This week for me has mainly been about chilled riverside runs, more sleep, good food and not touching a barbell.

Because rest, my friends, is MAGIG! Actually it’s science. 😂 Here is why we need to take regular breaks from intense training:

✅WE GET STRONGER: Muscle repair & growth happens when we rest. Challenging exercise creates microscopic tears in our muscle tissue. During rest, cells called fibroblasts repair the tiny tears, helping the tissue heal & grow, resulting in stronger muscle fibres. No rest, no gains!

✅WE REFUEL & PERFORM BETTER: During exercise we deplete our muscles of glycogen, (carbohydrate). We need to rest & eat well to replenish this. If we workout when our muscle glycogen stores are depleted, not only will our workout SUCK because we feel like a sack of underfed spanners, but we also increase our chances of muscle fatigue and soreness post-exercise. Rest and refuel people!

✅ WE REDUCE INJURIES & NIGGLES: When we are overworked we are much more likely to lack focus and move with poor form, thus risking injury. We also risk repetitive strain injury if we train continuously without enough rest and enough variation in the movements we perform. So rest, but also make sure you switch up your training and don’t just do the same thing, (e.g run), all the darn time.

✅WE SLEEP BETTER: Hormones like cortisol and adrenaline produced during exercise boost our energy and help us through our workouts. Ace! But overtraining can cause us to overproduce them, which can lead to inability to wind down at night & poor sleep. Rest helps these hormones return to a normal, balanced state. Better sleep = better progress.

So how and when do we rest? It’s different for everyone but as a guide…

💃 If the regular exercise you do is light cardio, e.g brisk walking or gentle swimming or dancing, crack on and do those every day as long as you feel good!

🥵 If your regular exercise is moderate to vigorous cardio and/or weighted training then you need a rest day every 3 to 5 days depending on your preference, age, training intensity and so on. One rest day a week is the absolute MINIMUM if you are training intensely.

🏃‍♀️If you are training hard & are reluctant to take 2 complete rest days, one of the two could be an active recovery day, where you do something less intense than normal e.g a short, low-effort run or an easy-paced swim.

🥗😴And use your rest days to eat well, hydrate well & sleep well too!

Like I said, rest is magic. (And science). Enjoy!

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I’m putting nutrition orders in 10pm TONIGHT for anyone that wants to jump on and do the 30 Days to Healthy Living at discount price. The amazing bundle of complimentary gifts ENDS MIDNIGHT so I want to get in and help you before it’s gone!

You’ll get…
💥A tailored bundle of nutrition products at an incredible minimum 35% off
💥A complimentary selection of gorgeous natural bath and body products to enjoy or gift at Christmas!
💥Brilliant recipes & meal plans
💥My support all the way as a Certified Nutrition Coach

Why not buddy up with someone and do it together for accountability & extra support?!

Comment below if you want in!💜🤩


Heyl CrossFit January Beginners Course!

As a member of the coaching team at Heyl CrossFit there is nothing I love more than introducing people to the most fun, effective, sociable and well-supported way to get fitter and healthier, mind and body!

After the success of our recent reduced cost Beginners Course, Heyl CrossFit has another one coming up. Limited slots so book ASAP!

With the cost of living at an all-time high we have decided we want to help as many people as possible by slashing our beginners course price and giving participants a discount on membership.
Only 10 spaces available so book your spot now! To book:

Email [email protected]
Message via Heyl CrossFit Facebook or Instagram page

Absolutely all fitness levels and capabilities welcome.


6 snack saviours to always have ready to grab…

We love a tupperware tub in this house. Things that are easy to keep topped up and ready to grab. Like…

✅Favourite dried fruits, (dates, apricots etc)
✅Veggie sticks
✅Low sugar granola (for topping yoghurt)
✅Peanut butter (for apple slices & celery sticks)
✅Salt & vinegar rice cakes (when only crunchy, savoury will do!)

A supply of decent dark chocolate is also a must. But it never makes it as far as a tub.🫢😆

Happy snacking people!


Find something you love doing.

Do it with people you love to hang out with.

And no workout will EVER be a chore.

Shattered but happy after team training at Heyl CrossFit Ltd today. Working out with others has LOADS of advantages…

✅MOOD BOOSTING: Smiling, laughing & banter with others will further increase the endorphins released during exercise. These pain relieving hormones help us push through the workout AND boost our mood. Result! 🤩

✅MORE PROGRESS: Multiple studies have shown that, when tasked with working out alongside people who are further on & fitter, we push ourselves harder, resulting in more progress, faster. 💪

✅MORE INTERESTING: The much wider variety of exercises you can perform in a pair or group is way more fun. Plus you can perform sets in turn, tapping into the massive fitness benefits of intervals and encouraging each other along. Go team! 🙌

✅MORE SUPPORT: People will notice & care if you don’t show up. And if you show up on a rough day, they will have your back. ❤️

As a coach & athlete, I can’t recommend CrossFit highly enough as a place to find a lovely bunch of loons who will welcome anyone and support them through a workout.

Any questions lovely people drop me a line. 😊



So excited to be coaching these kids sessions!…🤩❤️

Movement skills, developing a love of fitness, confidence building and loads of FUN for kids age 5 to 12 and teens.

Every Friday:
Age 5-8 years: 3.45pm (with me)
Age 9-12 years: 4.15pm (with me)
Teens: 5pm (with awesome coach Aimée Gee)

To book / enquire:
Comment below or
Message Heyl CrossFit Ltd on [email protected]
Inbox Heyl CrossFit Facebook / Instagram pages.

Free taster session available for newcomers!

Healthy Snack Revamp - ELEMENTAL COACHING 12/10/2022

Stuck in a snack rut? Time for a healthy snack revamp!

Had a lot of conversations and questions about easy, healthy snacks lately so thought I’d repost my blog packed with ideas. Enjoy and any questions, just ask. 😊💜

Healthy Snack Revamp - ELEMENTAL COACHING Healthy Snack Revamp Clients often ask me for healthy snack ideas and, as a committed snacker, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration myself. Here are a few ideas...

Let Louise help you find your awesome!

Thank you for taking a look at Elemental Fitness! For me, nothing is more exciting than starting a new client’s journey to better fitness, health and mental well-being.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer who can offer decades of experience as an endurance athlete, having completed several ultra-marathons and Ironman Triathlons and as a former Cambridge University rower and GB age-group Duathlete. I’m also a 40 year old working mum of two young children who knows what it’s like to try and squeeze keeping fit and doing ‘your thing’ into a busy life. I’ve regained full fitness after two babies - challenging at times but hugely rewarding - and really look forward to supporting more women to do the same and feel fantastic!

I’m hugely passionate about fitness, health and well-being and, even after 25 years, my journey to try new things, run in new places, reach for new goals and find my next ‘awesome’ never, ever stops. I hope I can share that passion and your journey with you and help you find your awesome too! Please get in touch for an informal chat about how I could help.

Louise’s qualifications:

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🤩SuperShake SuperBoost & Black Friday deals incoming!🎉
Find something you love doing.Do it with people you love to hang out with.And no workout will EVER be a chore.Shattered ...
🤩THIS is what you need if you’re going to run 100 miles!…🏃‍♀️🤪
🤩35% off brand new EnergyFizz flavour!🤩
Louise Wilson's Zoom Meeting
🤩Why helping your gut health a secret wellness super-weapon! 💥
🤩Total Wellness Mini-Masterclass: How to Steer Your Ship! 🙌
😱Nutrition ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’ is selling out!😱
“I ain’t afraid of no rope!” 🎵👻😆Ok. So I was a little afraid.But, with today being my first attempt at rope climbs in a ...
🤩As if by magic….Too good to miss nutrition!😍