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Featured in Yahoo! Finance today for the work my colleagues and I are doing in the Health Tech space. Thanks to Yahoo! for showcasing unique career paths for women in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & Maths) 🙌🏼

I'm a fertility doctor - these are the five foods and drinks I'd avoid 24/09/2023

One of my favourite media pieces to date! Speaking to the Daily Mail about one of my favourite nutrition topics, fertility nutrition!

I'm a fertility doctor - these are the five foods and drinks I'd avoid London-based dietitian Ro Huntriss recommended limiting coffee to two cups a day and completely avoiding some sweet treats.

I’m a dietitian - the best supplements to take during every decade of your life 20/06/2023

Earlier this month, I supported The Sun to explore supplements that could be useful in each decade of life!

Check out the article here:

I’m a dietitian - the best supplements to take during every decade of your life A WELL-balanced diet is often enough to provide us with all the nutrients we need. But sometimes a couple of extra vitamins and minerals are required to ensure we’re in optimum health. Where …

These are the food and drinks to AVOID when on your period 07/06/2023

Published in the Mail Online today speaking about how food choices may affect women during their menstrual cycle

These are the food and drinks to AVOID when on your period Could what you eat and drink while on your period be making your symptoms worse? Dietitians told MailOnline which food and drinks to avoid when on your period.

Your Guide To The Best Anti-Aging Supplements 23/03/2023

This week I supported Forbes with an article discussing nutrition to support healthy ageing in my role of Chief Nutrition Officer at Simple App. Check out the article here:

Your Guide To The Best Anti-Aging Supplements Your Guide To The Best Anti-Aging Supplements

Photos from Dietitian Ro's post 27/02/2023

It’s a week of Books! 📚🎉

Ahead of the launch of my book on Thursday, I’m delighted to have received my copy of ‘s wonderful new book, ‘The Making of You - a guide to finding your identity and bossing motherhood’.

It tackles the important considerations that women face when becoming a mum - of which there are many - and I’m really happy to have been a contributor to this book offering various tips including helping mums to effectively fuel up and also how to manage what will become a very different social life for many - a very real consideration for many women including myself! These conversations aren’t often had, and Binky pulls together common challenges new parents face with tips as to how to overcome them, fearlessly.

If this is a bit of you, it’s available to buy now!

16 Healthiest And Best Milk Alternatives, To Buy Now 24/10/2022

It was great to work with Women's Health magazine once again - this time talking about plant-based milk alternatives. Check out the article here!

16 Healthiest And Best Milk Alternatives, To Buy Now The best vegan milks for shakes, bakes and cereal

Photos from Dietitian Ro's post 05/07/2022


Was absolutely not expecting that!! So honoured to be shortlisted alongside - and I cannot believe I’ve won the British Dietetic Association Social Media Influencer of the Year Award 2022 for my work over on

Literally lost for words 😵😵😵

What an honour! Big congrats too to Tanya from for winning Outstanding Achiever Award.

What an amazing evening. Thank you so much !



This has been a long time in the making but so delighted to hear that our paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

Fertility nutrition is an under-represented area, particularly in dietetics and hopefully this work is a big step in the right direction for raising the profile for the need for dietetic intervention in infertility management AND the difference it can make!

Shout out to Komal, who came up with the idea of the screening tool & paper, for not just your great clinical contributions, but really helping to push this over the line, and to the other authors Eulalee and Shabana for their contributions too.

When the nice shiny copy is available I’ll share it in my stories, but it is available in Accepted Article format for subscribers to the journal & BDA members already.

From a personal point of view, this is now my 5th published paper in a peer-reviewed journal. Three in diabetes, one in digital health/weight management but this is my first one in fertility so I’m super stoked as it’s an area I’m super passionate about. Looking forward to my next paper… whatever that may be…!

What to eat on your period and when 26/01/2022

I recently supported the BBC with an article on how diet affects menstrual health. Check it out here!

What to eat on your period and when Dietary habits it's worth being aware of during your menstrual cycle


It’s taken three and a half years, but I made it to 10k on Instagram! If you don’t follow me already, come join me on Instagram where I share nutrition tips along with my personal career progression within the health and nutrition industry. Today’s post is about my new appointment as Chief Nutrition Officer with the global health tech firm, Palta.

Come check it out:

Timeline photos 08/09/2021


There is a huge variety of breakfast cereals on the market, from kids’ all-time favourites to those so-called “healthier” options like muesli, granola and high-fibre cereals. Unsurprisingly, people are confused about which cereals to go for.

Per 30g serving, calories do not greatly differ between cereals, but some cereals are healthier choices than others.

Many kids’ cereals are high in sugar and lower in fibre. But people become confused when “healthy” cereals are high in sugar too. There are different reasons for this including commonly (1) dried fruit or (2) added sugar.

Dried fruit contains natural sugar but additional nutrients too, and 30g of dried fruit equates to one of your 5 a day, so to have some dried fruit in your cereal isn’t a problem.

Where we should pay more attention is free or added sugars. If you want to know about added/free sugars, look at the ingredients list to see if sugar, honey or syrups have been added - this is ideally what we want to have less of.

So what do we want to go for? Ideally a higher-fibre, whole grain cereal without added sugar. Many cereals are fortified with several vitamins and minerals so can be a healthier choice than some people think.

What is your go-to breakfast cereal? Do you ever pay attention to the label? Any surprises with the examples given? Comment below!


I WON! 🥳🥳🥳

Huge huge thank you to everyone that voted! I’m over the moon! I love being a part of our nutrition community and it’s an honour to be recognised for my work within it!

What a great start to the month; looking forward to the awards ceremony in London at the end of the month! 🥂

Thank you too to for sponsoring this award and huge thanks to for the award! 💙

Timeline photos 20/08/2021


Vitamin D is needed for healthy bones, teeth and to support a healthy immune system, and adults require 10mcg per day.

Vitamin D can be synthesized in the skin when we are exposed to UVB rays through sunlight. UVB rays are sufficient for Vitamin D synthesis all year round at certain latitudes, but in the UK, this radiation isn’t strong enough during winter months.

Between October and March/April, we are advised in the UK to take a 10mcg vitamin D supplement a day, and through these past months of isolation, we were advised to continue to take a 10mcg supplement during the summer months if exposure to sunlight was low.

Supplementation has been advised due to vitamin D being present in limited amounts within the food chain. However, some foods do naturally contain some vitamin D, and more foods are now being fortified with vitamin D, which IMO is a great thing as 1 in 5 people in the UK have low Vitamin D levels.

Foods which are naturally rich sources of vitamin D include egg yolks and oily fish such as salmon. Salmon is particularly high in vitamin D and one portion of salmon can provide you with your daily dose of vitamin D. Note: sources may vary.

There are also vitamin D containing mushrooms that you can now buy at some supermarkets. The difference between these mushrooms and normal mushrooms is that they have been UV treated, which enhances their vitamin D content.

Do you pay attention to your Vitamin D intake? Do you take a supplement? Comment below!

Timeline photos 02/08/2021


What’s your go to? One of these or another type of milk or milk alternative?

Do you use different milks for different things? Eg tea/coffee and cereal??

Photos from Dietitian Ro's post 12/07/2021


Protein requirements is something I get asked about quite frequently. As I’m recovering from an injury I’ve been paying more attention to my protein intake so thought I would share this guidance with you.

The guidance comes from the IAAF or the International Association of Athletics Federations Consensus Statement 2019.

Do you guys pay attention to your protein intake? Do you know consume per day or what do you aim for?

Timeline photos 21/06/2021


A couple of weeks ago I supported and with a feature on nut butters. Inspired by these articles, here are some nut butter snack ideas!

Most dietary advice we see is to support people to lose weight. Due to nut butters being higher in calories, they are not regularly featured, but actually nut butter when consumed in moderation can be a great addition to the diet.

Nut butter contains protein, healthy fats, fibre and nutrients such as Vitamin E. Furthermore nut butter can be really useful when trying to gain weight healthily, as it is energy dense.

With thanks to here are some top snack ideas using nut butter!

SACN report: lower carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes 01/06/2021

Check out the SACN report by Public Heath England on lower carb diets for adults with type 2 diabetes where my research was one of four papers globally to inform the review. Check it out here:

SACN report: lower carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) report on lower carbohydrate diets for adults with type 2 diabetes.



I started working in digital health in 2018 and have seen the huge potential for its use.

The pandemic has brought about more requirements for digital and telehealth which makes this work even more relevant.

The evidence base on the effectiveness of digital health is limited so I’m very happy to be contributing to it which I hope will play a part in how care may be delivered in the future. Remember we’re not saying digital should be the only way, but it should certainly be one option.

Results showed that face-to-face and digital care provision achieved similar weight losses in a tier 3 weight management programme. Digital health is lower cost and has the ability to be scalable so we should definitely pay attention to its potential and power.

The link to the abstract is below. If you would like access to the full paper drop me an email - [email protected] (Despite the link saying error, it does work!)

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Timeline photos 05/02/2021


Spoiler alert: because we’re all different! Don’t compare yourself or your progress to someone else because it’s never a fair comparison!

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