Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist

Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist

Mixed media textile artist inspired by nature and all things connected to living in St. Ives Cornwal

Photos from Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist's post 01/01/2021

Hello, how are you? I'm pleased to be back posting again, but it's going to be a journey as I'm not sure yet what will come tumbling out over the next few weeks and months. There is a lot to sort out and process. Hope you like the photos from a recent winter walk on the beach. Best wishes to you all x

Photos from Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist's post 21/02/2020

End of the week ā€¦ and I'm pleased to have finished these hearts inspired as always by the beaches of Cornwall and my love for the things I find on my beach walks. Hope you all have a good weekend ahead xx


colours of sea spray with hand dyed and stitched barnacles ... a little work in progress


sea tangles, shimmer and lots of tiny silver gold knots ... how I love working the details


Thank you all for your kind interest in my work. I listed new hearts in my shop this evening and could not believe ā€¦ just one available at the time of writing. The one on the right which has many fine details, including barnacles hand made from some fabric I painted and seed heads on vintage lace.

Sea Garden - SOLD
Barnacles and seed heads - NOW SOLD


spring country garden by the sea ā€¦ a heart stitched with love and details (in my Etsy update tomorrow teatime) - thanks so much for your kind comments


stitching a sea garden of shells, vintage lace flowers and soft chiffon waves - one of four new hearts in my Etsy shop on Wednesday evening (and many, many thanks for your comments on my last post xx)


I am pleased to say that my Etsy shop is open again and I will be listing stitched work over the next few days. There is also a new post on my website with a taster of hearts to come. Happy weekend to you all.


From the sea

Thank you for your recent kind messages. I'm pleased to be making preparations to open my shop again (Saturday 1st February) and also catching up with photography and moving things around from Flickr to Instagram -

Photos from Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist's post 11/06/2019

little silver darlings
small collages in progress ready to stitch into inspired by Cornish skies and silver pies


Hello, it's been a long while. I won't write too much here because it's all in a blog post, but I'm back working again and glad to be here. Thank you to you all for your kind comments and messages of support and love x

Photos from Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist's post 31/03/2018

Thank you! I guess you are all getting used to me popping up very occasionally here. It's all I can manage at the moment so thank you! Here are my latest hearts stitched during the recent snows. They are called "snowed in" and "winter beachcombing". Have a good weekend. With love x

Photos from Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist's post 08/03/2018

snowed in, winter collages and some stitchy stuff ... have a good evening everyone x

Photos from Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist's post 28/02/2018

Hope you can bear another collage or two, this time in pretty shades of soft blush rose. I am now up to date with the collage project on my blog and very much looking forward to the challenge next week. I also have textiles on my desk for those more interested in that (will share soon) and six inches of snow in the garden. I hear more snow is expected tomorrow ... I shall stay home and stitch I think!


Just a few of my recent collages. My collage project is tiding me over a difficult patch until I can properly get back into textiles again although I am still stitching and hope to share soon.


It's been a few weeks since I last posted something here. I've been keeping up with the collage project I'm doing this year, but haven't had much spare time to share online so I'm hoping to rectify that with some catch up blog posts over the next few days. I call this one "mediocre". It has some rather organic textures with a skeleton leaf found in the garden, beautiful frayed silk fabric and lifted off text on vintage paper. I like the wintry feel of it. Thank you for visiting and all comments and messages x

Photos from Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist's post 24/01/2018

A few collages exploring black and white with a touch of colour. As you can see, I'm having a little fun with the details. Thank you for all recent comments. I will do my best to reply to messages and emails over the next few days (sorry to those still waiting!) # # #

Photos from Carolyn Saxby Textile Artist's post 10/01/2018

This week's collage explores layers of white on white with vintage book pages, white washed text, paper lace, tissue paper and found objects. Thank you for your comments on last week's winter collages. This collage project has helped me get back to work and think about my textiles again.


January ... a very good time to start new projects, reflect and be grateful for what we have in our lives. Whatever our difficult circumstances, there is always something good in each day ... especially if we look for it. In 2018 I shall be giving thanks for the smallest of blessings and each lovely thing that comes my way. I hope it may be a happy year for us all x


This is my last post for a little while as life has been rather difficult recently and I've decided to take a break and review in the new year. I really would like to thank you all for following along and say hello to all new followers and friends on my page and elsewhere. I will be back with new work at some point and hope you may enjoy this final collection of memories and earlier workings. Thank you. With love x


"of sea and sky" now framed ... and hand stitching barnacles. I hand dyed the barnacles with grey, dark blue and gold to match a favourite mussel shell. I can't believe it's only a week to go till our show opens at Porthmeor Studios in St. Ives. Please have a lovely weekend everyone x

9-16 September 2017
St. Ives Textiles, Porthmeor Studios, Back Road West, St. Ives


a collection of nine and catching up with the Surface Treatment Workshop on my bloggie -


sleepy morning cottages and that Saturday morning feeling


there's a hint of autumn in the air now ... happy weekend everyone x


I was pleased with these small collages exploring texture with book bindings and colours mixed with glazing mediums. I haven't had a chance to write about the Surface Treatment Workshop on my blog yet ... but hope to post soon. It's hard to juggle everything sometimes isn't it x


"the quiet place"

the beach near the Hayle estuary ... always an inspiring peaceful place ... just pushing the paint around a bit (you may need to use your imagination a little !!!!)


"a day at the beach"

I'm really enjoying the Surface Treatment Workshop project I'm doing. Playing with products new to me and creating texture in paintings and on fabric. I will be catching up with recent samples on my bloggie quite soon and I'm going to bring my sketchbooks to the show on the days that I'm stewarding for anyone interested / following along. Happy weekend everyone!

St. Ives Textiles, Porthmeor Studios, Back Road West, St. Ives
9-16 September 2017


hello šŸ˜‰


I'm stewarding on Monday 11th and Saturday 16th September ... hope you may be able to come along and visit ...


a mizzly day in Cornwall today ... hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever you are x


a gathering of recent work and doings from July


early morning shimmer


My first ever eco dye print on paper. I'm still not sure I'm doing it right but at least I got "something" which was encouraging!


had such a lovely time on the eco printing workshop with Caro Beech this afternoon. I was very pleased with the beautiful natural colours that came from the leaves - thank you Caro


Inspired by St. Ives and Cornwall (the harbours, local beaches, country lanes and hedgerows) I like to work in mixed media with a variety of materials and techniques. Iā€™m mainly trying to capture my love and appreciation for the beauty of my surroundings, the diversity of the weather and the wonderful natural things that God has created. I love elegance, exquisiteness and uniqueness mixed with a big dollop of nostalgia for bygone times.

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happy weekend x
St. Ives seagulls