JCS Construction Estimating

JCS Construction Estimating

We are experienced construction estimating company that specialise in preparing take-offs and bill o


Why not take the guess work out of estimating and outsource it to an external estimator…..
Obviously we mean us 🤷


Helping busy builders get their evenings back !








Using an external estimator gives busy builders the advantage of having expertise on hand only when they are needed, without the full time expense of a quantity surveyor



Estimating service for busy domestic builders, drop us a message if you want to free up some of your time by allowing us to price up your domestic building work.

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Timeline photos 16/08/2020

Welcome to our new page, it will take a little while until we are fully up and running to take on clients, but we will start posting some info over the coming weeks highlighting what we are upto and the services we provide

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Are you a busy builder that never seems to have enough time to get through all your tenders?

We offer the following services to SME building companies at a very competitive rate, which allows you to spend more time onsite,

* Take-offs and bill preparation
* Estimating
* Tender preparation
* Cost planning
* Valuations & Interim claims
* Sub-Contractor enquiries

So if you want to free up your weekend and evenings then give us a shout

How Much Does an Extension Cost? 16/08/2020

Very informative article around build cost for home extensions.

Definitely good to define your cost early on in the process,

Do you find your self getting wildly different estimates back from contractors? 🤷
Why not get your project costed by an experienced construction estimator so you know exactly what you should be paying 💴

Or are you a building contractor that is snowed under with projects to price? 🧱 Then we can help send over your drawings and we can provide a fully broken down bill of quantities to present to your client.


How Much Does an Extension Cost? How much an extension is going to cost is a key consideration, whether you’re building a single or two-storey extension, so use our five tips to help you budget your build before it begins

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Estimating service for busy domestic builders, drop us a message if you want to free up some of your time by allowing us...