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Connect & Protect

We offer two main services each having there individual offerings to help you keep your home or office connected and secure.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 01/04/2024

A solid timber garden room install. All the cables for the sockets are run externally in conduit so it looks cleaner on the inside. I can't say the same for the lights however but there is only so much you can do. Still nice and neat though and the black conduit works well against the light timber.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 20/10/2023

Here we have an off grid CCTV setup. I was lucky enough to have access to 230v mains so it just needed a 4g connection.
There are two Reolink POE cameras powered via a TPLink POE switch with plenty of scope to expand.
All setup to alert the owners of any movement within the compound from anywhere in the world.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 20/10/2023

We have an off grid CCTV setup which consists of a D-Link 4g router with an external marine spec antenna and a matching WiFi antenna. This connects several solar powered PTZ, 4MP cameras from Reolink.
The router is powered by a 12v solar setup which provides all year round power for lights and internet.

All ofwhich allows the owners to keep a close eye on the fishing boats while they are back on dry land for the winter.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 20/10/2023

A Ring camera installation. Looks like Ring are using Wago connectors these days.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 06/04/2023

Updating your security system to meet your needs, doorbells can fit the bill. The customer decided to make this enhancement to their home with added features, real time notifications and the ability to arm and disarm from their smart phone (we all know how we get all the way to work and think "did I actually turn it on"?) Making this device versatile for modern living.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 30/03/2023

6 halogen downlights replaced as they had all seen better days. All 6 showed signs of over heating and one started to burn some ducting. Maintenance is key to safety!
Time for an upgrade with some JCC V50 L.E.D downlights with some chrome bezels.


Photos from Connect & Protect's post 26/03/2023

This is a small 24 port home network setup with cat 6a throughout. Plenty of space to add CCTV, smart TVs, computers, serves etc. All hidden away in an IKEA cupboard.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 07/03/2023

Customer has just taken delivery of his 23 plate Tesla 3. Let's get it charged.


Photos from Connect & Protect's post 21/05/2022

Another garden room complete which includes a little shed area.
This is a classic fit with a couple of extras like wireless witching for the soffit lights, USB sockets and a dimmer switch for the downlights.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 19/05/2022

Fitted a couple of the JCC Rapid fits. You can tell an electrician has put some input into the design. Very easy to fit and they look clean.


New Bosch GHG 18V-50 has been a long time coming. I almost got a Dewalt unit 🤮
Extremely light and quick to heat up. Shame it hasn't got a trigger lock.


This was installed about 18 months (not my work) along with an external socket which is in the same condition. Unless it's wiska box, I normally drill a 3mm drian hole in the bottom per manufacturer instructions.
Does everyone do this? Does it actually help or it a wate of time.

Wiska do a breathable plug "Ventiplug". What's your thoughts on that? Does it work?


I got called out to a rental property with a faulty shower. The shower was needed a new rotary switch which can't be purchased as a spare so a replacement became the best option.
A no nonsense 8KW shower.
Makes feel I like made the right choice to be an electrician and not a plumber.


Photos from Connect & Protect's post 19/01/2022

7 double sockets including a floor socket for pool table, 8 spot lights, a light for the shed compartment, 3 external lights controlled wirelessly from the house and data connections. Should all make for an awesome man cave when it's all done.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 10/10/2021

A Sunday call out to a holiday rental. The shower wasn't working and the hot water tank wasn't working.
A replacement pull chord sorted out the shower and a replacement thermostat sorted out the hot water.
12 years of service from both the old parts isn't bad going though.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 09/10/2021

Client wanted all new switch gear, spot lights and extractor fan for the their newly refurbished shower room.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 26/09/2021

A repeat customer asked me to do some work for a kitchen refurb. 15 down lights, some under cabinet lights and some new double sockets here and there.


Gotta love a mirror with a built in light. Also comes with a shaver socket.


I know it all gets filled in and covered but I do like to do a neat job regardless.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 18/09/2021

Just some light switch changes but the switches look amazing.

At over £100 I was worried I was going to scratch them........

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 18/09/2021

Another socket and light for a shed

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 18/09/2021

New feed into a shed for socket and another external socket. Replaced the flood light as well.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 18/09/2021

Another late afternoon socket install.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 16/09/2021

A 2 piece smart security camera setup by Reolink and installed by Connect & Protect.
Data and power through a single cable to cut down on the installation costs.
Packed full of features including 2 way audio, night vision, motion sensor and onboard storage.
2 data points installed next the incoming Internet feed in the house which is all connected via a 5 port Poe switch for future expansion.


Lots of people are buying blow up hot tubs and lots of people are running them on extension leads. Don't burn out your electrics, install a suitable connection point and enjoy the hot tubbing

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 18/07/2021

To finish the revamp of the hall way, we removed the old single light pendent for a set of down lights and a larger 9 lamp pendant to really light up the stair space. Great for decorative bulbs.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 29/06/2021

Hard wired network connection offers a fast, reliable and secure data connection. Ideal for your garden room or new home office.


Ceiling light with L.E.D candle type bulb.

Photos from Connect & Protect's post 26/06/2021

A smart door bell by PYBBO. It offers a decent spec including 1080p video and internal storage. Can be hard wired or battery powered. Not too bad considering the £50 price tag.


Hive thermostat

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