Gail Gwallt

Gail Gwallt

Mobile Hairdresser

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Calling all fellow curly ladies. Have you had enough of the frizz, enough of straightening every day? We have a new experience for you. Only Curls


Hope you have all has a lovely Easter. Just to let you know that I have put my prices up as of tomorrow.


Definitely back on Monday!


Bore da! Good morning all. I'm back on Monday so if you would like an appointment please ring me or message me on my personal messenger.


Following today's announcement as you have all probably seen I will be working until 6 Friday and then off for 2 weeks until the 9th November. If you would like to rearrange any appointments please get in touch. 🙁🙁💇‍♀️


Let the battle commence! Just to reassure you all, I will be wearing my mask and face shield. No point putting the lippy on!


It hasn't been just sheep and boys for the last few months. Have been doing a bit of preparation for getting back to work.


As you have all probably heard today. I should be back to work on the 13 July. Please get in touch to get an appointment.