Joys Resin and Acrylic Art X

Joys Resin and Acrylic Art X

All hand made or hand painted and finished with mirror shine Resin


Hi all, I thought I better put a wee post up to let you know where I have been.
So I started working full time again, and it has taken up a lot of my time while learning and not a 9 to 5 job. I have still a little stock left and will be seen at the fayres in the coming weeks hopefully, I will post here with details when I have them and will be making some items I have not tried before along with my resin paintings which are at the moment only on order. I have 2 on order at the moment still, so if you would like to order it will be a few weeks before I can complete but, I can place you on the waiting list.
As always Thank You so much for your support in my art journey it means a lot, and I will hopefully be back to creating more very soon ❤️


When you get reviews like this ❤️


Good Morning, can't believe it's Xmas Eve already.
I just want to say a huge Thank You to all my customers, friends, family, and strangers who are now my friends through this incredible year I have had creating both my Resin and Acrylic wall art. You have no idea what it means to me, to have people buy and love my art as much as I love doing it. So have a very Merry Xmas and I will be back in the New Year. Love to you all xx 🎄🎄🎄


Xmas fayre this week, Reddingmuirhead Community hall 2 till 5 pop in. Lots of lovely stalls 😁


This week's Xmas fayre


1All set up for Xmas fayre at reddingmuirhead Community Hall if you are popping in 12 till 2


Another Xmas fayre tomorrow, that's me ready with dome nice new stock if you fancy popping in 😁


Hello 🙈 long time no see. I have been sooo busy with different orders from small jewellery to commission paintings, also trying to do some for the Xmas fair at brightons community hall on Sunday 31st October from 2pm until 6pm. If you can come along, there are lots of stalls with Xmas gifts or just for yourself, great wee day out. Come and say hello 😁

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Just a wee quick post tonight to let you see one of my new phone holders 😁

It measures 8 inches high and 6 inches wide so quite large

Not posted on etsy or mademe yet but message if interested in ordering one ❤️

This wee guy is now SOLD so orders only plz. And remember it takes about a week for me to make and allow to cure before posting.
Sorry to anyone who wanted it quicker xx

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Phewww not been here for ages it seems. My life is so busy 🙈 school holidays with my babies are more important though 😁
So have tried to update my shop a little bit on

And updated my etsy shop a bit too, I still have stock to list but getting there.

Just a small selection of what's there if anyone wants a wee browse.

And lastly can I just say a huge Thank You to everyone who has purchased from my wee handmade shop so far, it means a lot and I love doing it for you. As ever please message if you would prefer a different colour or style.


Flower shaped Resin Tray

Matches the coasters for a table centre piece or just tray for bits and bobs 😁 Sorry about the light reflections

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Black and gold with suttle sparkle mmmm


Some black and gold and that wee heart ♥


Hi guys, just a short post to say why I haven't posted anything for a while.
I have been in talks with the company who I buy my resin from as there has been a problem with the batch I last used going yellow. So if you have bought anything from me and it has discoloured in any way, Please get in touch so I can sort it for you. It is not all my items, only some.
So please get in touch with pics of the problem so I can sort it for you. The company have now rectified the problem and so any items I post from now should be all good 😁


Hey guys hope you are all burnt with the sun 🙈 just a quick note to say I am busy trying to re stock my shop as selling out fast. Some different stock to come, hope you like it x

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Newbies in shop today 😁


Hey guys I haven't managed one in the shop yet but, this wee beauty is ready for its new home 😁

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Hi guys, well I made something for myself for a change 😁 I will make another to put in shop but, as ever please message if you would like one made to your choice of colour, this uses a lot of Resin so will only be putting one in shop and rest must be ordered
Thank Yoooo all for your orders so far # # #


Oh I have been very quiet on here for the last month, busy looking after my granddaughter over Easter holidays and finishing orders for people who message with particular style or colours, so I will be hopefully adding a few things in the next few days, a couple of new items in shop today if you fancy a browse and I will update post as I add through the week.

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Perfectly imperfect discounts in shop 😁

Joys Resin and Acrylic Art X | MadeMe 12/04/2021

Some new items added to shop if you would like a browse 😁

Joys Resin and Acrylic Art X | MadeMe Joys Resin and Acrylic Art X...


Well this wee beauty off to its forever home! I will miss this one ❤️


Hi hope you all had a great Easter. The Easter bunnies were so popular and now the unicorns! There is only 1 pink left!


These coming soon, so sparkly 😁

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Both sold before they got to shop 😁

Joys Resin and Acrylic Art X | MadeMe 30/03/2021

Hey guys Easter bunnies now all out for the big day 😁 So I have time on my hands again, 🙈 so clearing some stock in my *Sale* only on for a week if you want a wee browse

Joys Resin and Acrylic Art X | MadeMe Joys Resin and Acrylic Art X...

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Now in my shop with more coming soon 😁

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I have been very quiet last few days, busy doing Easter Bunnies and other stuff, so coming soon when cured are new coasters 😁


Hi guys
Another wee business you should have a wee browse at, Rosie does beautiful personalised light up bottles, pencil cases etc etc have a wee look 😁

Made for a customer as a gift to her sister expecting her first baby, 💛💛, gorgeous 🌼

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New sparkly glitter fridge magnets or fit onto magnetic phone pop socket.
Available at:


AnnaBox Boutique Uk . Is live now use code Joy10 if you want to order while watching live x. Or let her know your watching through my page x


Hi everyone

I would like to introduce you to a beautiful lady called Anna.
Anna owns a online Boutique called Annabox Boutique.
She is offering at the moment a 10% discount on your first order if you use the code Joy10 on the website or on her live videos, where you would simply comment the code while purchasing or message with your code.
The business is run from the UK and Anna, Damien and Sandra all speak fluent English as well as Polish.
I have spent many enjoyable hours on live sales where Anna and her team show and model the clothing and all you do is comment to buy. There is fun and random competitions at times as well.
Stunning clothes, shoes, bags etc. at affordable prices and cannot be bought in any shop.
Remember to quote Joy10 and enjoy x

Use the link to visit her shop

AnnaBox Boutique & Reid's Boutique Womens Clothing Boutique


Just had to share this because I love what I do and its a such a real statement ❤️


Bookmarks made with Resin and Gold Leaf. Order in any colour and a choice of tassle 😁. *SOLD*