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Our quality range of cooling blankets & pillowcases work all night to stop night sweats & overheating


Diabetes can cause night sweats, in fact one of the first signs of hypoglycemia during sleep is chronic night sweats as well as waking up with a headache. With the Christmas season coming up it's easy to overindulge and throw your blood sugar levels off. Watch out for the signs of any imbalances in sugar levels.


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Robins on cards started as a joke 150 years ago when postmen wore red tunics and were named after them.


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We want to tell you about a fantastic yoga instructor and her business. Liana Oldham is the owner of Flow & Glow Yoga with Liana. Based in Essex she can help you relax and improve your body, mind and sleep. We are pleased to work alongside Liana to share the wealth of knowledge and experiences of both Cool Embrace and Flow & Glow Yoga.

Check out our blog to read more about Liana


There is still time to order Cool Embrace and get in stock products in time for Christmas. The last date for ordering to guarantee Christmas delivery is 17th December.


Christmas makes us think of crisp white snow and our Glacial White deluxe range of blankets and pillowcases are just like that. Made from 100% cotton (and of course our magic cooling layers inside). Give your bedroom the look of crisp white snow sheets.


Did you know?
Men sweat 40% more than women. Sorry boys but you are definitely the sweatier of the sexes.


Sleep is the best form of meditation - Dalai Lama

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Today is the National Day for Finland. Lapland (home to Father Christmas) is in the Northern part of Finland, filled with beautiful landscapes, the northern lights and lots of amazing wildlife


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Welcome to the Middling Along Podcast... - middling along 16/11/2023

We are so excited to be on the latest episode of The Middling Along Podcast by Emma Thomas. Thank you so much Emma for having our founder Steve on to chat

Listen here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Welcome to the Middling Along Podcast... - middling along Welcome to the Middling Along podcast with dozens of episodes for those of us in the Messy Middle Bit of life! Named as one of the Top 25 podcasts for midlife and menopause here. Want to join The Messy Middle gang for fortnightly updates, articles, podcasts, book recommendations and more? Then click...


Today is World Diabetes Day - a condition that affects so many people. Night sweats and waking up with a headache can be a sign that people are experiencing hypoglycemia at night.

Lets all work together to raise awareness of this condition and those who have it and also thank all of those who are working hard to find new ways to manage it and improve lives.


Want to get rid of your night sweats? Try a Cool Embrace blanket or pillowcase today


Happy November everyone!
We have extended our 30% discount on all premium and deluxe cooling blankets and pillowcases until 7th November.

Whether it's for yourself or as a christmas gift, our cooling blankets stop night sweats and keep you cool all night, every night


Happy everyone!

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Happy National German Unity Day Everyone

October 3rd is National Germany Day or German Unity Day, celebrating the official reunification of Germany as a single state in 1990 for the first time since 1945. We love sending our blankets all over the world and today want to especially acknowledge our German customers.


Happy October & Menopause Awareness Month Everyone!

Here at Cool Embrace can't wait to see what this month brings. So many women supporting other women which is amazing!

Let's join together, lift up, care for and give support to anyone and everyone who is going through this challenging but also enlightening time of life.



Who else can relate? 🤣

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The Perimenopause Hub 20/09/2023

Read about the amazing Perimenopause Hub official in our latest blog post and how the founder Emily got on with our cooling blankets.

It's a brilliant place to get help, advice and support on all things perimenopause & menopause. Click the link to read more

The Perimenopause Hub Cool Embrace with The Perimenopause Hub & founder Emily Barclay, why she loves her cooling blanket & why the perimenopause hub is brilliant

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Unbox total luxury and get the ultimate night's sleep with our Cool Embrace anti sweat bedding range. 🤩🙂🥵
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