Handmade micro plunger cutters, micro stamps and other micro tools for clay professionals.


We are truly grateful for the overwhelming response to our custom micro logo stamp making service. Your support has been incredible and we’re now prioritizing the completion of current orders first.

Then we need to focus on creating miniatures and micro tools for the holiday season while also taking some time off to spend with our families.

In light of this, we’ve decided to temporarily close our micro logo making service.

Starting from September, we’ll be opening this option periodically. I will put out the form and once we’ve received a certain number of orders, I will close it again. This will allow us to balance our commitment to our main work and the logo making service.

For those who were unable to place an order in the last few weeks, this is a great opportunity to prepare their logo designs and be ready for September. Thank you for your patience!💕

Please note that this is a tentative plan and may be subject to change. I’ll keep you updated first in my newsletter, then on my website and social media channels.

Thank you!💕


Credit: Pastel Summer Vibe🥰


PAC-PEN micro stamp on ceramic clay.


Another micro stamp from the new set. Just like most of my designs this one as well came from Hungarian folk art.


Credit: PAC-PEN flowers and butterfly used for pastel beauties! 😍


Cute Alert! 🦋🦋🦋

I made teeny tiny butterflies! Clay rolled to 0.5 mm, cut with a PacPen cutter, painted, baked and glossed.


It's finally spring! Here is one of the first piece from my polymer clay journey that I made with PAC-PEN. There were floral trinket dishes from 2018.


Credit: Sunflowers made with PAC-PEN 🌻


This is how I use my PAC-PEN tulip petal cutter for my miniature making. These miniature tulips are far from perfect, but they were made as photo props not for sale.


I’m excited to announce the publication of a new blog post that could be of great interest to miniature makers and polymer clay artists. The focus of this post is the small but significant issue of lint in our clay, which can greatly affect our work.

In this article, I explore the origins of lint, how it impacts our creations, and some habitual practices that may inadvertently exacerbate the problem. Additionally, I offer practical strategies and methods to tackle lint, enabling us to achieve neater and more accurate results.

This post is an expanded and updated version of a shorter article from 2022, now packed with fresh insights. You can find the link in my bio. Enjoy reading!


Credit: Floral Earrings made with PAC-PEN


M.11 Micro Stamp. One of my favourite 3mm little decor element. I used for line decor and on individual leaves as vein.


This is the first micro logo stamp where we reproduced a manually sketched design. 💥It’s an adorable and unique maker’s mark.🥰


Credit: WIP - Spring vibe with PAC-PEN


Small ivy leaf shaped micro cutters is also a new one in the shop. With this we have three different size of ivy.


A recent text stamp was created for me. 🎂
Our facebook group, dedicated to miniature food, has achieved a milestone of 10,000 members. To celebrate this achievement, I decided to make a small cake. The cake itself is one of my worst one, but that's the best I can make in 20 minutes. 🙈 Although the text still visible at this size, photographing it has proven to be a challenge.😆


Credit: .designs Cute little earrings with strawberry🍓🍓🍓

Photos from PacPen's post 03/04/2024

Micro stamp from new floral set. A 3mm stamp is not the quickest and easiest solution for craft, but the most creative one when you want to make really unique decor design.
I used my M.15 micro stamp for decorating plates and bowls mostly. But recently I started to use them for ceramic figurines as well.


‼️IMPORTANT‼️ For those contemplating ordering a logo stamp or those who have already done so, please check your email inbox (or spam folder) after submitting the form. I will be back to you in 3 working days. We can then initiate discussions regarding the details. It’s important to note that everyone will need to provide additional information or at least confirmation.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to track down numerous individuals on social media for confirmation or further details.
Moving forward, if someone fails to respond to my custom order related emails within 10 working days, custom order request will be canceled, and the data they submitted will be deleted.


Credit: Bright color floral spring vibe


You can see three from the five new micro stamps I listed in my shop. They were made for my pottery work and available on my wensite only.


NEW PAC-PEN micro cutters from past custom orders are available in my website shop. This time a tiny hydrangea.


Credit: Spring is here!


One of the latest 6mm micro logo stamp. These stamps are available for our regular customers only.


Just because it looks good. 🤩


Credit: More spring vibes in pastel colors.


Another 3D pattern. Floral stud earrings made with PAC-PEN micro cutters.


I would like some warm spring weather to enjoy my time in the garden. 😭

This is a PAC-PEN Butterfly in a rare 3D version.


Credit: Spring is here!🩷 We have some daffodils in our garden too. 😁

Photos from PacPen's post 10/03/2024

PAC-PEN micro cutter as miniature jelly bean maker.


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