Sarah Mc Ardle - Relationship Mentor and Co - Creational Counsellor

Sarah Mc Ardle - Relationship Mentor and Co - Creational Counsellor

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I have had amazing insight about this word over the last week....

I have had a week full of insights about myself, the first was about how I find it very difficult to ask for help and that giving jobs to people in work and at home, made me feel very uncomfortable and caused me to feel anxious and I feared that others would dislike me, I have been able to do some work on this the past few days and being able to be truthful to those who I work with, was the turning point, there was lots of healthy, truthful conservation in work this week. And I also keep our relationships have become even stronger due to it.

I would like to tell you about the other thing I realised this week, and it was from the genius of my son I was able to see it.

The word sorry....

Before I explain my insight and realisation, I want to you notice,

How many times do you say sorry?
When are you saying it and who are you saying it to.
Tomorrow I will come on for a live video to discuss what I have noticed about myself and the word sorry.

Tomorrow due to the need for me to sort my hair out and I am most definitely not in a live video frame of mind this evening lol.

Have a wonderful evening.

Chat tomorrow

Sarah ❤️

Sarah Mc Ardle - Relationship Mentor and Co - Creational Counsellor


🌸Setting boundaries.🌸

What are boundaries?
🌼An action for yourself, to protect you and another.

What are the benefits of boundaries?
🌼Boundaries keep us safe
🌼Boundaries allow us to take responsibility for our actions
🌼Boundaries improve our relationships
🌼They enable us to express our feelings

💮During a co creational Counselling sessions and Relationship mentoring, I can explore with each person the boundaries in their life with family and friends.💮

Have they got boundaries?
How do they feel about setting boundaries?

Boundaries are expressions of love.

Contact me to talk about booking a session.

Sarah Mc Ardle - Relationship Mentor and Co - Creational Counsellor


When I Realised this with Real eyes, I was amazed at our genius.


The importance of each person, reflecting on themselves and getting the opportunity to explore and express the many levels of their past and how we are in the present..


This is one of the courses that I have available, it is for parents new and old, grandparents, child care workers. This course is available and will benefit anyone that has a child or children in their life. I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't benefit from this course.

I signed up to this course, about 7 years ago and it is what laid me to go and study the whole theory for myself.

This 10 week course changed my life completely.

Pm for more detailed.

I am very excited to be able to present this course to you all.

Now for me to stand grounded in confidence and set and date for it to begin.

Ill let you into a secret I'm nervous and excited all at the same time


This course is available for any adults who have responsibility to teenagers.
Parents, grand parents, guardians, youth workers, teachers and classroom assistance, are just a hand full of people who would benefits from this training course.
It benefits us the Adult and also the teenagers.

If you are interested for this training course to be brought into your school, youth club or your family life, please contact me for more details.

The course can presented over 10 weeks, a one off workshop can also be organised if you would like to get a taster of the topic before beginning the 10 weeks.

Please feel free to tag anyone you think would be interested.


So to create safety for others, one of the best things we are do is to share a bit of ourselves.

Is there anything you would like to know about Sarah?

We all have a story and some parts of that story might be painful and not an easy place to go to, not a easy thing to look at.
I try to provide the space holding for each person that I meet to allow them, when they wish, to start to realise the levels of their story and underneath that story, there is their amazing self...... We can be our own worst enemy. But I am here to say... You are amazing. You can come through all that you have experienced in life and you are still here.

My healing journey of self, began many years ago, in 2009, when I began studying reiki 1 with Ciaran Corr, the layers of self that unfolded...
I continued on the reiki road and qualified as a Reiki Master, doors continued to open and I have learnt more and more about myself each and every day.

I will continue to share with you these amazing doors that I have entered and I hope that with sharing some of my story that you can see yourself in aspects of me and be able to learn more about yourself. And the doors that can open for you.


I wanted to create a separate page for my counselling and mentoring work. Yes it interlinks with all my my stepping stones therapies and work, I also wanted to give this work is own platform as I believe it to be very important on it's own.