Emma Shaw: Chief Rebel

Emma Shaw: Chief Rebel



Are you a bit fed up of bending to the will of others, being smaller than you are or pleasing others at the detriment of your own freedom and happiness?

I created Rebel Yell Club to give people access to a place where they can significantly move this forward. We've been doing amazing things in there for quite some time now.

For a very limited time, I'm offering you a PERMANENT DISCOUNT of £14 off membership EVERY MONTH (for as long as you’re a continuous member).

Use the promo code REBEL14 on the JOIN NOW button to get your mega-offer. https://rebelyellclub.com/rebel-vip/

If you're curious and want to know more, bob me a message or check out the website to see what we provide our VIPs.

PS the discount and one-to-one offer is only available till midnight Monday 29th Nov so be quick!
As part of being a member of The Mindful Mothership you get free access to an amazing guest expert.

March's guest speaker is the amazing Emma Shaw: The Mindset Barista talking about "Being Money Happy!"

Emma is so interesting , funny and really gets you thinking about the way you process your thoughts so I'm opening the invite you too for a small fee! (The same as a dirty Ken's Chinese take away!)

Everybody has their own beliefs and stories they tell themselves about money. Some are empowering but most actually limit you.

What is money happy?

🌻 Living in abundance, free of guilt, worries or barriers

🌻Not being held back by lack but instead having the freedom to choose what you want to do with your life

🌻 Feeling good about what money represents and knowing that it can flow easily and effortlessly if you choose it to

Emma will uncover some of those stories, beliefs and barriers by offering a simple approach to releasing them!

If you want to come along, here is the link to book! If not, please share as it will benefit a lot of people!

Today we have enjoyed our first Lunch 'n' Learn session of 2021 with Emma Shaw: The Mindset Barista from BMS Performance. We covered the topic of resilience; exploring the comfort zone and simple strategies for dealing with challenging emotions. It was a great way to come together to focus on our wellbeing in Lockdown 3.0.

Thanks Emma, we can't wait to try out our new techniques. 💪

A bad influence, helping people to escape and rebel against anything that stops them from being who


Have you ever been labelled a trouble maker or a 'problem child' and found it's made you feel stifled and nervous to speak out?

Come tell us about it. The Rebels & Rulebreakers group on Fbook is a safe space to be your full, unapologetic self.

Try our Rebel Quiz if you like too - https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


What makes you feel most restricted? Is there something about your life that makes you feel squashed? Or is there something you actively avoid so that you don't fall into a trap of being stifled?

We're talking about this in the Rebels & Rulebreakers FB group this week. Why not come join us?

Or try our specially designed Rebel Quiz to see what stage of rebellion you're at... https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


What people in your life help you feel like you can be your most rebellious and unapologetic?

Try the Rebel quiz... https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


What specific place or kind of locations encourage you to feel your most, unapologetic, authentic self?

Try our Rebel quiz... https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


I tell other people "never to apologise for your emotions"... But if I'm honest, I struggle with this myself.

I've often been made to apologise for feeling things and the older I get, the less I'll accept this.

But how do we become stronger about asserting our needs over squashing what we feel for others comfort?

Try the Rebel quiz... https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


🌺 THANK YOU, DEEPLY, to all those that gave life, service, courage and unbelievable sacrifice for our futures.

As a family, us Shaws recently found out some information about my Grandad’s brother, Walter.

🪦We hardly knew anything about my Grandad Albert’s military career and I certainly didn’t know anything about Walter. Thanks to my Auntie, we now know a little more.

😔My Grandad never told of the atrocities he encountered as part of the British Liberation Army who liberated the Bergen-Belsen camp. Needless to say, in those days, trauma like that was not talked about and he kept all the horror to himself for decades until a family party and it all came out.

💜 Carrying this round all his life - how must this have affected him emotionally? I know for a fact, on reflection, it had irreparable effects on him physically.

❣️In those days “rebellion” would have meant something very different than the kind I speak of now. And I never want to lose sight of the debt we owe to those who came before us, and what we owe them for how they paved the way for our way of life today - so that we can talk more freely about who and what we are, so that we can speak out about what matters to us, and to keep doing our best to evolve ourselves…

🌍 We perhaps live in times that our forebearers would be baffled at, and I wonder what they’d say and what wisdom they might have.

Thank you to my Grandad, to Walter and every single person who gave life and experienced loss - for us.

I count my blessings today, with love and deep respect. 🙏🏼



Dave Plunkett of Collaboration Ju**ie was our guest this week in our Rebel Hive Mastermind and he did an absolutely cracking job of helping us rebel against the usual rules of getting referrals.

I love Dave’s style - always have - and I know the Hivers did too.

Come talk to me if you’re interested in joining our next rebellious Hive launch and get a free strategy call (link in comments).

And watch this space for more Rebel Inspire and Collaboration Ju**ie combinations!…


Why do we procrastinate? Is it fear of failure? Fear of success, even? Anxiety about not being adequate, perfect or approved of?

What do you think, and how does this show up in your life? Do you have any tips to help us break free from this very human experience of procrastination?

Try the Rebel quiz here... https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


Should 'happiness' be something we strive for? Or do you feel unneccessarily pressured by external influences to achieve it?

Is 'happiness' even realistic? Is it a goal or something we can create moments of instantly?

How do we even make it happen? Tell me your thoughts.

And check out the Rebel quiz while you're at it... https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


Should 'happiness' be something we strive for? Or do you feel unneccessarily pressured by external influences to achieve it?

Is 'happiness' even realistic? Is it a goal or something we can create moments of instantly?

How do we even make it happen? Tell me your thoughts.

And check out the Rebel quiz while you're at it... https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


'Learning To Love You' is our topic for this month's Rebel Mastery in the VIP Rebel Yell Club.

I've been doing a little work on tracking what I've acheived myself this past year and I can definitely say I've moved forward; I'm learning to look after myself better, assert healthier boundaries and to even like my body more.

What progress have you made in the last 12 months on self-love or self-acceptance?

Join the Rebels & Rulebreakers FB group to add your thoughts to the discussion...



Rebels of the world. I am not exagerating when I say, I've been having one of the most significant couple of weeks I've ever had in both my business and my personal life.

⭐️ I’ve been astounded by the synchronistic twists and turns, and the sheer volume of positive stuff coming my way all at once.

🍾My wonderful mentor/coach Becs McNeill said to me the other day said I need to “capture this energy and bottle it”.

Well here’s some tips that I gave myself, and now gift to you for when you’re feeling on the crest of a life wave:

💡 1) Try and stop as many times as possible to sit still, be present in the moment and acknowledge how you feel right now. Say it out loud even. Say thank you for it. That way, you’re inviting more of this good stuff in.

💡 2) Be aware of sneaky self-talk that creeps in to try and convince you this is too good to be true in order to falsely “keep you safe”. You may have lots of 'evidence' that tells you that life gives you lemons, but life can also be amazing and it’s ok to embrace that. Keep visualising more of it and believe it WILL happen.

💡 3) Remind yourself that what you’re experiencing right now is a result of all the hard work and life moments you’ve accumulated up to this point. Every step forwards and even backwards has got you here. Give yourself a pat on the back and permission to enjoy it, instead of brushing it off as accidental.

❤️ BONUS TIP: If you’re not feeling like life is good at the moment, first of all I’m sending you love. See if you can access the feelings of a time when things have been amazing, to recapture some of that energy to power you through this. And remember, this too shall pass. It can sometimes feel like you're trying to move a mountain, but you’re actually moving ever closer to the next moment of joy. Allow it in.

If you need a little boost, or want to tell us about some of your wins, come reach out to me or one of the ...

And here's a Rebel quiz to track where abouts on your rebel journey you might be... https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/


❣️Today was a momentus and pivotal day for Rebel world.

We launched our FIRST of many Rebel Hive masterminds, where we got 6 savvy, heart-lead business owners who have come together to work on their business challenges.

They’re already committing to amazing things that are going to lift their businesses and teams to the next level, and therefore scale their businesses in conscious, contribution-centric ways.

They’ve come to get clarity, laser-focused accountability and collaborative intelligence, and I’m so, so proud to be hosting them as our pioneering group.

Here’s to the future of Rebel Hive and Rebel Inspire, plus all 6 of our businesses in the first Hive 🥂

I shall be celebrating this landmark tomorrow evening. 😉 Tonight is for processing the brilliance today has brought. ⭐️

Massive thank you Lisa Avins for being my partner in this, plus Becs McNeill Chris Barnes Neil Mcloughlin Andie Cox David Congreave and Emma Semper Hopkins



❣️This month, in my VIP members club, Rebel Yell, our rebel mastery focus is ‘Learning To Love You’. It’s an important part of my version of rebellion, because being your full, unapologetic self means fully embracing that self and loving every element of it.

🌞 I strongly believe we have everything we need to be happy INSIDE US. I’m in no way immune to looking outside of myself for some kind of validation, fulfilment and distraction.

💰 In a world where we’re constantly advertised to, communicated at, pressured and manipulated, it can be very difficult to remember that we have the ability to change our own lives and then to influence the world.

🤷🏻‍♀️SO WHERE DO WE START? We can change the world by simply being ourselves and learning to love that person. By doing so, we role model authenticity, courage and self-respect. That’s more powerful than you may think.

🌒Self-love doesn’t always come easy though. It involves seeing the dark as well as the light. Embracing it all. Becoming aware of self talk and committing to changing the tone of it. Being kinder and more patient with ourselves. And more assertive with boundaries.

❣️If you’d like some help with this, Octobers Rebel Mastery module might be for you. Just ask if you’d like details.

❣️In the meantime, here’s a quiz to see how far along your journey you are: https://rebelyellclub.com/are-you-a-rebel/

Timeline photos 20/09/2022


That doesn't seem like rocket science to me. Give people roles and tasks that will bring out all their best strengths and talents, make them super productive AND happy, motivated and loyal. Seems sensible, right?

And yet, time and time again, I see swathes of people doing jobs they hate, that arent what they applied for and are having their confidence eroded because they're not able to perform to the level they really want to.

And to top this off, the company has performance review processes that have managers spending most of the time talking about development areas (gah!) than what genius areas people have that can be put to amazing use.

There are ways and means of identifying the magic someone has, putting it to good use and having them blossom and grow in a way that, not only KEEPS talent in your organisation, but helps that organisation to grow in a sustainable and strong way.

We can help you and your people thrive, without the usual status-quo of consultancy norms. Come get some juice for free and see what you think... Rebel Business Shot - Emma Shaw



What things have you gained and achieved in your life that you can attribute back to making the right decisions, no matter how small?

We're digging into this in the Rebels & Rulebreakers Fbook group. Come join the family...

Timeline photos 13/09/2022


Lots of leader and business owners I encounter say this but when we dig under the surface, it turns out the vital clarity of direction and purpose is something that is rarely, if ever, communicated.

People need a brightly shining beacon to keep them on track. Assumptions, rushed conversations, thrown out emails and mass briefings don't cut it.

Most companies are working with challenging circumstances right now. So rolling with the punches is par for the course and sometimes unavoidable. But constantly demanding people work harder, faster, smarter and expecting them not to get jaded, confused or disconnected when there is no proper consideration of how these pressures affect them, is frankly, madness.

It'll lose you talent, money amd reputation quicker than you can say "staff turnover" and, unfortunately its nigh on impossible to recover that without some serious hardship.

If you need a beacon of light so you can become a beacon for your people, let us shine on you a little. Book in a free chat and absorb some of our light: Rebel Business Shot - Emma Shaw

Timeline photos 07/09/2022

What's the emotion you're least able to control? And what triggers it?

We're talking about this in the Rebels & Rulebreakers FB group this week. Come be rebellious and join us!

Timeline photos 06/09/2022


If you or your people are constantly saying "it's ok - we'll get there!" and yet you never actually get there (or know even where 'there' is!), then I have news you my friend - YOU NEED TO REASSESS!

Being resilient is NOT:
1) Getting no balance, family time or self-care time for long periods of time because you're under pressure.
2) Missing important social events often because you're so exhausted and drained from work.
3) Working every evening and weekend just to get by.
4) Feeling guilty for wanting to eat lunch away from your desk.
5) Apologising because other humans need you (like your kids) so you can't stay until midnight to finish wrangling a spreadsheet that nobody will see.

All these things are actually endurance and are extremely unhealthy from a physical, emotional and mental perspective. This cannot be sustained without very real problems.

If any of this sounds like you, or people you manage, just STOP. Stop. And breathe. And then, please, please, reach out to somebody who can give you some perspective, clarity and a pathway out of this chaos - BEFORE it unravels the amazing business you lead.

Rebel Inspire might be just that beacon of light you need. Book in a chat and test us out for free. https://calendly.com/event_types/85106651/edit?return_to=%2Fevent_types%2Fuser%2Fme

PETE DONNELLY: Rebel Role Model Interview 01/09/2022

PETE DONNELLY: Rebel Role Model Interview

I interviewed Pete Donnelly last week and, looking back on it, I consider it to be one of the most important and interesting ones we’ve done to date in Rebels & Rulebreakers.

We talked about disability, the differing social and societal approaches, identity and many other things.

He’s written a great blog as a result and I very much encourage you to read it. https://www.wheelchairskills.org/blog/disabilitymodels

Here’s our interview too if you missed it. https://youtu.be/KMfTUGMVHWM

PETE DONNELLY: Rebel Role Model Interview I absolutely loved this chat. Pete's story is fascinating. Watch his epic TEDx Talk here: https://youtu.be/EU2ZcIJgqn0And check out the Wheelchair Skills Col...

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This quote is so true for me. Often, when I'm rattling around in my own head about stressful things, I forget just how powerful it is to release it out into the open with someone who is prepared to just be there to hear it.

Is this the same for you? Do you do this enough? Does it help?

Timeline photos 24/08/2022

What are the top 3 attributes or values someone has to have to be in your inner circle? Tell me the non-negotiables...

We're digging into this in the Rebels & Rulebreakers Fbook group. Come join the family...

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