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We are a floral growers and botanical artists based in Edinburgh. We support local communities and s

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 17/09/2022

✨🤍Happy first anniversary my love 🤍✨
I can't believe it has been a year of adventures, joy, hope, gratitude and endless love along the way! I can't wait for our bright future ahead and I'm so grateful for sharing our lives together!
✨Love you dream maker✨
Thanks to the gorgeous .celebrant and to the fantastic 📸 for making our day unique! You're the best guys!!


✨Emma & Paul✨
We had the most magical day with you both and we absolutely loved your intimate wedding yesterday at North Berwick!! All the happiness and love in this new chapter!! 💕
🌿These are our very first dahlias of the year!!!! We can't wait to see more of these beauties coming up very soon!! 🌿

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 16/07/2022

✨Charlotte & Ian! ✨
I can't believe it has been more than a year since your beautiful woodland wedding!
I always remember how magical you both are together!
Sending big big hugs to you both !

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 03/07/2022

✨Passion flowers are here!!!✨Growing these beauties has been pure joy! 🌱I'm loving the quirky shape of the vines and their eccentric flowers full of stripes and layers! So unique!!! They helped me to create these natural country style arrangements with romantic touches. An all time favourite!
🤍For Kelly and Dan🤍
👉Swipe for full details!
📸 More wedding photos coming soon!

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 18/06/2022

✨Two weeks ago at the French/Scottish wedding of Julia & Murchaidh at the stunning !✨
We had such a lovely time creating your sweet and soft colour palette flowers! From bouquets to arches, it was a day full of allotment grown scented was such a treat! 🌸
Thank you both for making us part of your beautiful special day! 💕
📸 We were so lucky to share the day with as their stunning photographer!
- Hair & Make up
Beverley Bryant Humanist Celebrant - Celebrant.

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 28/05/2022

✨What happens the week before your wedding?✨
PART ONE (1/4)
3 days before:
We have a 5am start harvesting our allotment flowers and collecting other varieties. This day is spent cleaning off each and every stem, and removing any leaves and thorns that they may have. We also cut them at a sharp angle so they can drink as much water as possible for 24 hours; allowing them to fully open and look at their absolute best!

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 16/04/2022

✨🤍To Lois and Tom!🤍✨
What a beautiful way to start our Easter weekend! We absolutely loved being your florist and we adored growing all the spring flowers especially for you both! We can't wait to hear all about your next adventures 🙌
Happy Easter everyone🌸🐣
Ranunculus, narcissus, frittillaria and grasses 🌾

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 09/04/2022

✨🌸We had the utter pleasure of being the florists for this fun, lovely and gorgeous couple last weekend! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wiggy You're the best!!! ✨
📸These stunning photos were taken by and
Gospel choir:
Make up:


👀A sneaky pic of one of our last weddings of 2021! 📸
Congratulations and Ben! 🤩We wish you all the best in this new Chapter!✨✨✨
We had a colourful 2021 full of lovely couples and flowers...We can't wait for our allotment to flourish in 2022!


✨I'm so in love with wearable flowers, they give us endless possibilities and a world of creative ideas. ✨
They are so delicate and such a subtle, unique touch!
I was inspired by the amazing and her book "The art of wearable flowers" - a mind blowing work of art👏👏👏
📸Here's a picture of my floral wedding shoes from my very own special day a few months ago! 😍


✨🎄Today we will be immersing ourselves in the art of wreath making alongside 10 gorgeous women.🎄✨
🌿Blending locally sourced materials from dried flowers, evergreen foliage, scented dried fruit, and colourful berries to make our own creations together.
✨What a beautiful time will be!✨
😍I know that when women get together very special magical moments happen!


✨🍂The season of letting go...🍂✨
This was our last Autumnal harvest!!
It has been a year full of flowers at our allotment and I'm so happy that we grew so many new varieties this year!
🤔I think the Dahlias were one of my favourite!!!!😍
✨Now it's time to put our flower beds to sleep for the winter, planning our next floral challenges and planting spring bulbs before the end of the month!!! ✨
✨🌿I'm so proud of our generous and loved little piece of land🌿✨


✨”You ever wish that fireworks were incredible quiet and also didn’t disappear so quickly and also you could keep them in your home and also you could hold them in your hands?? Because is so, I’d love to introduce you to,, Flowers”✨

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 23/09/2021

✨Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hay!!! 👰‍♀️🤵🏻✨👏👏👏
We wish you both a life of joy and happiness!
We absolutely loved growing and arranging the flowers for your gorgeous day!!! 🙌✨ You were both stunning and the sun was shining for you!☀️☀️☀️
Thank you for the lovely photo and for such a warm welcome to your magnificent venue!


✨🙃Guess the name of the bride who wanted this beautiful bouquet for her special day! 😍✨

We had such a lovely time with …. 👰 & Michael for their wedding in Perth and we wish them all the best for this exciting new chapter in their lives!


✨💪🌿We can make a huge change in the floral industry together!! 🌿🙌✨
If you're getting married soon, ask your florist about the materials they use while creating your beautiful flowers! 🌼
This simple question can make a whole industry change their priorities and stop using floral foam! 👏👏👏
The micro plastics in floral foam don’t biodegrade or dissolve (even in ecological foam!!) and they contaminate thousands and thousands of litres of water per day. 💦💦💦
The entire ecosystem is affected by these micro plastics.. and just imagine how many micro particles you can find in one single brick of floral foam!!!! 🧐
There are so many different alternatives for florist to work with..
Florists tips!
🐸Pin Frog and 🐥chicken wire are the mechanics behind this arrangement! 🤩✨
These materials work SO perfectly together as they can hold long and thin stems in place🌿while adding extra support for long wedding days!
They’re my best partners when it comes to avoiding floral foam!
🌿Support clean, ethical and healthy floristry guys!!💚💚💚


🌿Foliage weddings are here to stay!🌿
💚Neat, lush, contemporary and stylish!
I absolutely loved creating these arrangements for Kathy and Joe's wedding a couple of weeks ago! Soooo beautiful and natural! 🌿🌿🌿
✨More photos coming soon!! ✨


✨🌱💜Alliums are the dancing Queens at our colourful allotment ✨ 🌱💜


🌾I took a moment out of the busy rhythm, a few minutes just to connect with myself, my roots and the people that I miss so much. Time to play, seek and discover 🌾
✨Recharging my batteries! 💫
🙌 Experimenting with wearable designs is such a treat for me.

I'm wearing red today!!! ❤️
📸Cheese! (and whisky as we say in Chile!) 📸
Thank you for the photo!


✨❤️Reds, you’re always full of surprises! ❤️✨The classic colour of love and passion is always eye catching, but can bring its own arranging challenges, so this week I decided to have some fun experimenting with this vibrant colour... and I'm absolutely IN LOVE with it!!!! 😍
It’s powerful, invigorating and playful; and I can't get enough of it!!
💫❤️Floral trivia for lovers!! ❤️💫
Did you know that the renowned red Roses have been shared as gifts between lovers since Roman times?!? 👏👏👏In those times, roses symbolized the Roman goddess of love, Venus.💫
Happy Saturday everyone!!!

Photos from Moss & Blossom Flowers's post 09/07/2021

✨👰🤵It has been almost a month since this sweet, kind and beautiful couple got married!!! ✨💚💙💛
Congratulations Charlotte and Ian!! ✨✨✨
Wishing you all the best in every moment that lies ahead!🌼🌼🌼
For their special day the happy couple chose in Fife - one of the loveliest venues I have had the pleasure of working with. They have a stunning open air hilltop chapel to hold ceremonies 🙌 and a perfect natural space in the middle of the woodlands for the receptions🌲🌲🌲… it was absolutely magical!!💫
It was such a pleasure to create and grow the flowers for your special day!!💙💛🤍


✨🌾My mother and grandmother were both named after these flowers, so how could I not grow them! 🌾✨
I’m in love with the way the open up … at first so shy that you can barely notice them, but then one day... Boom! They explode in colour showing all their glorious petals like delicate fireworks calling the sky! ✨✨✨
To my Mum, my Grandma and all the colourful irises before them... I love you! ❤️🧡💛💜


✨Fascinating fascinators! ✨They have been part of the fashion industry in Europe since the 17th century and they are designed to give an alluring air of mystery. 👀
Since 1990, fascinators have been worn as a fun alternative to hats!!! 🎩👒🎉


✨🌈May your hearts be full, may you feel safe, supported and loved, may you laugh, kiss, and hug! Not just this month but every month! Be proud, take pride!🌈✨


✨Allotment flowers a couple of weeks ago! ✨My absolute favourite place!


🌈What a journey it has been! 🌈This was our first year of growing flowers in Scotland 👀🌦🌩❄️🌧with sooooo many ups but also a few downs along the way - which is all part of the learning curve! Experimenting, failing, playing, learning, thriving .... 💫Here we go Dave! 💫Here's to another colourful season ahead of us!🌸🌼🌷
Double Tulips, parrot tulips, ranunculus and hyacinths grown with patience, care and love at the allotment!💕


🎄Merry Christmas!! ✨✨✨Hoping for a 2021 full of new achievements, projects and discoveries for all of you!
Here's a happy photo of my sustainable Christmas earrings this year! 😂 I love them!!! ✨Thanks for the photo!!


🎄It has been a month of Christmas joy, workshops, wreaths, Christmas decorations and lots of fun!!! 🎄Here is one of my favourite dried wreaths from this season, symbolising the eternal cycle of nature and wishing you all the best for all that lies ahead 🙌🙌🙌

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