Diannah Lowry Art

Diannah Lowry Art

Emerging artist, and musician, originally from Sydney, Australia, now living in South Devon, UK.


And another older piece of work ‘Frosted Woods’ that’s been in our roof loft just sold at the Devon Art Society exhibition. A good week, I can buy more paint! 😊


This painting sold today at the Devon Art Society Annual Exhibition. It’s an old painting, been tucked away in a box for some years, submitted because I’m keen to sell some older work. Its kind of nice to sell the old work, to know it has resonated…….

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Have been playing with painting using oil & cold wax on large sheets of paper using an analogous palette, then selecting the sections I like as the basis for larger work. I find it useful to stage one or two sections to give me an idea of what the larger work may look like on a wall. I’m finding this sort of palette experimenting and lead up to larger works really helpful.


A fabulous day out sketching with members of Teignmouth Art Society at Cockington yesterday. This loose sketch is of the ‘avenue’ path leading to the gates to the village. A fab day with great company in a beautiful setting. I feel blessed to be part of this art community.

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Went to collect this early work ‘Dartmoor Gold’ today at the close of an exhibition at Buckfast Abbey, only to find that it had SOLD. Part proceeds of the exhibition’s sales went to the charities Shelterbox, Lymphoma Action, and MacMillan Cancer Support, so I’m really pleased…..

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‘The Key of D minor’
A work in progress giving me much fun. Absorbing to do. Sometimes the more simple it is, the harder it is…..(and I couldn’t resist staging it!) 🎶🎼🎵

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Another abstract work resurrected from potentially being binned in its earlier incarnation….this one was cut into pieces and re-assembled…
‘Going to Pieces’ (Mixed media on paper) 50cm x 40cm

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Finalising work that has been in progress for a long time, so long in fact that I can trace my changes in style and subject matter over time…from landscapes to abstracts, and there and back again, abstracting the landscape more as time goes on. This is ‘Gold Cliffs’ (65cm x 55cm). Fun to do!


Stunned, gob-smacked and have fallen of my chair to have some of my work selected for inclusion in this exhibition in London…

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Finally finished today…
‘Dartmoor Glow’
52cm x 40cm
I simply love this place, it really is a slice of heaven. And as of today, a legal ruling meaning wild-camping re-allowed on the commons. An important day…..

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And so today this WIP continues to baffle! Working title is ‘Bridge’, acrylic on canvas, 60cm x 60cm. Shortly to be turned facing the wall before I truly wreck it. Meanwhile its time to play with my other works in progress….a fun way to brighten this grey day…..

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One of those days when trying to progress a purely abstract piece goes nowhere, so a complete change of direction needed. I love this process, even if it initially goes wrong, the Muse must be invited in….
(Acrylic on paper)
on paper

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To me this is what it’s all about. Sharing the work with people who love it as much as we love creating it….


I started this about a year ago. I remember it was a hot day, my studio was boiling hot, and I was wishing I was anywhere cooler. Anyway, the weeks went on and I couldn’t figure out how to progress the painting. So, it was turned against the wall along with my family of other ‘stuck’ work. Today was ‘tidy up the studio day’ and this painting re-surfaced. And so today, I decided to simply leave it as it is.
‘Emerald Forest’
(Acrylic on canvas board)
60cm x 50cm


‘Get Your Coat On!’ now SOLD and off to a *wonderful* home! It’s been a good few days. There’s nothing better than sharing your art and having it resonate with others.
Just to let you know, there is new work now on my website, and a new ‘Prints’ page where you can see prints currently for sale, including details of postage methods and cost. This includes prints heading off to Aus where there is a reduced postage rate given the cost of normal postage from the U.K. to Aus.
I’’m now also taking commissions. Paintings on canvas will be rolled, and sent in a heavy duty postal tube in the same way as prints.
Thanks to every one who is following this page for your incredible support and encouragement. I really am so grateful.


Am *so* pleased ‘Devon Gold’ sold this afternoon at the Cider Press Gallery in Dartington, Totnes. This was the one I attempted then didn’t like, painted over it, then had a second go at it. Looks like it paid off! 😊


Super chuffed to be part of this year’s Summer Open Exhibition at the fabulous Artizan Gallery in Torquay, and feeling honoured to be exhibiting alongside some wonderful South Devon artists. Running from the 15th of July to the 27th of August, the exhibition highlights the works of local artists and is a must for art fans and collectors alike. Hope to see you there!


I seem to always return to this place. Painting this gave me room to reflect, and gifted to me a sense of calmness.
‘The Mystic Moor’
(Acrylic on canvas board)

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And now for something *completely* different to my usual experimentations! After super hot weather here the recent rain has given the flowers in our garden a well needed drink. They are simply lighting up the garden and I thought I’d try to capture and translate it as a ‘whole’ in the form of a still life. My favourite floral still life works are those where the flowers dominate, much like in the style of early Flemish painter Jan Breughel the Elder’s work ‘Flowers in a Wooden Vessel’, rather than flowers sitting amongst inner domestic surrounds.
Here is ‘Its all About the Petals’, a fun piece to paint, a simple celebration of jewelled gifts with inspiration from our garden…

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Every now and then I love to return to capturing the drama of Dartmoor and it’s moody weather, with sunshine one minute, threatening rain the next. This latest piece is small at 35cm x 35cm, but hopefully packs a punch ……. Its called ‘Get Your Coat On!’


Today SOLD and off to its new home. This work was sheer joy to paint, it’s on a gorgeous wall as a large print across the ocean in Australia, and the original now going to a wonderful home here in the U.K. It’s such a great feeling to share the work that gives us such joy to create….

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This is a WIP having just had the most *brilliant* weekend workshop with the wonderful artist Jane Clatworthy ‘Getting to grips with abstract painting’. A great weekend of learning and exploration of colour theory and it’s application, all in the great company of other artists .spooner.artist , and Rowan.
Can’t thank you enough Jane.


People have talked about ‘self-commisions’, I didn’t quite get it. But this one is for me a keeper 😊 (Our 4 year long waited for building works finally starting next week, this will be on our new wall when works are finished 😊)


My garden studio has finally cooled a little, so, more experimenting with cold wax and oil. This is the third in the Solaris series. Aptly named at the moment I think. Feels like we have three Suns shining down on us, not just one…..


My studio is now too hot to spend time in, so I’ve bought archived work into the house. Going through some old work I found this old small pastel piece , ‘A Day on an English Beach’. I’ve not used pastels since this piece, but I remember that tactile softness…


Finally finished!
‘Devon Gold’
(Acrylic on Cradled Board)
80cm x 80cm
In a white tray frame
This took me a while to feel happy with. I love the brightness of the gold rapeseed fields in the region, they capture the summer season so well….
Currently available through my website and soon to be galleried, please see the link to my web-site in my bio.


Day 1 of Liese Webley .art abstract workshop at East Devon Art academy in Sidmouth. Loving it. Loose overlapping abstract sketching of crab-pots, dinghies and seaside railings on the beachfront was so sunny and cheery, and painting this playful little exercise sketch felt just like that…


Going through an archive box of my paintings just after moving to Devon 4 years ago. This was the view to the village of Stokeinteignhead that I saw every day driving to my horse (now passed). I’d completely forgotten about this painting until today. It seems like the Devon red soil had planted its seed in my mind well before painting my ‘Devon Red’ series over the last few months….
‘Dean Lane’
(Mixed media on paper)


What a day in our garden….took this photo just now…….our poppies this year are so beautiful….

Photos from Diannah Lowry Art's post 02/06/2023

‘Devon Gold’ (Acrylic on cradled board), 80cm x 80cm. Second go at this after painting over the first one 🤦‍♀️. It’s staged here but is still a WIP, for now, it’s turning its back to the wall so I don’t paint over it again, and I’ll go back to working on a different WIP…… all in a fun day’s work!

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Three of my early seascape paintings sold today to a lovely buyer at the Teignmouth Art Society Exhibition and are now off to their new home. These works were early abstract seascapes that I’ve been holding on to for sentimental reasons. Time for them to fly (or gently swim). Thank you so much Teignmouth Art Society for supporting local artists.

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Stunned! I was interviewed a few weeks ago for a Devon lifestyle magazine called Exeter Living. The latest edition is out and they’ve put my work on the front cover!!!!


I know it’s morbid but i now have a photo folder of paintings I’ve painted over. I now make myself look at it, to remind me not to paint over stuff. I wish I hadn’t painted over this one. I painted it a couple of weeks ago. I know better, I should have had another painting on the go so that I could let her dry and leave her alone.
‘Gold under Grey’
90cm x 90cm (Acrylic on Canvas)…..
Well, anyway, she’s getting a showing now……
How many of us do this? Paint over stuff and then really regret it….

Photos from Diannah Lowry Art's post 22/05/2023

With a few exceptions in different series I’ve been painting in muted tones and monochrome palettes over the last few years. So, my foray into an extended palette has been a challenge. This piece was an experiment, I thought a failed one. But I’ve grown to love my ugly duckling and am happy to say she’ll be put into a frame and on a wall 😊
(Acrylic on canvas)
95cm x 95cm


Every now and then it seems a good idea to re-visit some older work…


This is ‘Campari and Cake’. More playing and experimenting with cold wax and oil on Arches paper. I now have four pieces on the go while they each dry. I *love* working with this stuff!

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Next in my ‘Solaris’ series. Its interesting how inspirations collide. I’ve been wanting to convey the felt experience of climate change in my artwork for some time. I’ve also been reading about cave art last few months and am fascinated by its aesthetic and ways it depicted events in the outside world. Together with recent experimenting with pigments and cold wax and oil, it seems all these influences are converging in this series..
‘Solaris 3’
(Cold wax and oil on cradled board)
55cm x 55cm

Photos from Diannah Lowry Art's post 13/05/2023

A buzzing party atmosphere and a great (large!) crowd at the Launch night of ‘Dreams, Colour & Vistas’ at South Gate Gallery in Exeter last night. Met lots of new people who engaged with the work, and also felt truly supported by the Art Society members there.

Photos from Diannah Lowry Art's post 12/05/2023

This is ‘Devon Red 1’, one of my ‘Devon Red’ series inspired by the iron red soil of this region. It’s on the wall tonight at the Exhibition Launch evening of ‘Dreams, Colour & Vistas’, at The South Gate Gallery, 64 South St, Exeter, from 6.30-8.30 this evening. Hope to see you there for the viewing, chat, wine and nibbles!
Also featuring the wonderful work of Rachel Z. Garner

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Hard to believe 🤦‍♀️ but true. Bad enough that Covid stopped these events. Who’d have thought this would happen after….

Can you spare a minute to help Diannah Lowry? 462 signatures are still needed! Save Music at Studio18

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