Hannah Leadbetter Artist

Hannah Leadbetter Artist

It began innocently enough. I picked up a stick of charcoal. The next thing I know, I'm obsessed!


'Bulldog Beauty'
I’m excited to share the first finished piece from my new series, Inked, which showcases charcoal drawings of animals with body art. Tattoos in my eyes are a symbol of something deeper than just an expression of individuality, they have stories. Some people say they help with mental health, help remember love ones or show life achievements. What are your thoughts on permanent body art?


'Bulldog Beauty'
I'm thrilled to share the first finished piece from my new series, Inked, featuring charcoal drawings of animals with body art. Tattoos are more than just an expression of individuality; they have stories. They can help with mental health, serve as a reminder of loved ones, or showcase life achievements. What are your thoughts on permanent body art?

Hannah Leadbetter Artist It began innocently enough. I picked up a charcoal pencil. The next thing I know, I'm obsessed!

Photos from Hannah Leadbetter Artist's post 28/09/2023

Can I say the C word?? If The Range can turn their upstairs into Santa's grotto in September, then surely I can mention Christmas pet portrait commissions? If you're thinking of that special gift for your loved one of their beloved pet, reach out to me before the rush. Hand drawn in charcoal on quality paper, mounted and beautifully presented 🎁


Happy Monday! I’m thrilled to announce that I’m working on a new series that combines animals with body art. I can’t wait to show you the first piece once it’s finished! However, I’m still exploring ideas for the series and would love your input. What animal would you like to see in this series? Pets, wildlife, or something else? Also, if you have any tattoo ideas, feel free to share them with me!


Charcoal on paper A2
Memorial Commissioned Portrait
An incredible mix or Rottweiler, Sherpie and Staffy xx I feel so honoured to draw his memorial portrait ❤️ only 20 months old when he passed, so sad. Thank you to those who trusted me to draw his portrait x


Ooo a great question popped into a conversation, 'If you had everything, what would you be doing?'... yep, if you were financially abundant and you didn't need to work, how would you spend your day? Would you teach, help others, travel? Ask the question then realise something. It might be how you are meant to earn a living...
For me, I would create... I don't think I ever want to stop creating. That's when I realised I'm doing what I love for a living. Trust that doing what you love will bring you all you need. X


My son, Charlie sat at the piano yesterday and after 3 minutes was frustrated and stopped. He was confused that he watched tutorial videos of people playing the piano and couldn't understand why he found it a challenge. It had me thinking, you can't play an instrument or paint just reading the books or watching the tutorials.... you have to simply do it! You may not be where you want to be when you start, but with desire and determination you can get there. I'll let you know how Charlie gets on with his piano practice!


I made the big decision to hand in my notice at the gallery so I can spend summer with these two and work on my art business full time. It's not going to be easy and I appreciate all of your support. I've done it before, I was self employed for 7 years running B&B, so I know I can do it, however this time it's just me! Please help support me on this next venture of my life # # #


As I nose dive back into self employment and generate the stepping stones to my future in the art world, I face a tremendous amount of fear. What's your best method of dealing with fear? I'm open to suggestions!! # # #


Reaching 1k followers feels like such a big deal. It's not the number, it is all about you as individuals who follow, post, comment and purchase my artwork. I just want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me through these huge transitions in my life! 🎨 Thank you!!


Simi - Charcoal on paper A3

What an absolute pleasure to draw Simi's portrait. I think you can agree this feline looks dapper in a bow tie!

Commissions are open - if you would like a special portrait of your beloved pet or would like to gift someone such a memorable gift, send me a message Messenger


Update!! Commissions open ✨️

You either step forward into growth or step back into comfort.
I always said art is my ticket to my future, and it couldn't be more true at the moment as I have now sold my other business, moved out of The Montana (the comfort zone) and work as an Art Consultant. One thing I need to do is create my own works, however know that accountability is the biggest drive for this.

Send me a message for more details on how to have a pet or wildlife commission hand drawn in charcoal by me xx


Celebrating my 2nd year on Facebook. Thank you for your continuing support. I could never have made it without you. 🙏🤗🎉


I hope you are all settling into 2023 with ease! If I'm honest, allot of change has happened the last 2 months in my world. I have taken the decision to hand over the reigns of my other business and I have started a position at a local art gallery, Triton Art Gallery in Torquay.

Thank you for everyone's support during this huge transition as I share my time between my art, children and my new job.

I thought this would also be a good time to let you know that I have now released my latest Limited Edition prints.

Boss - Limited Edition A3 (11' x 15") prints of the original charcoal drawing are now for sale on my website. Limited number available. Send me a message if you'd like to pre order yours now.



Luna, you're such a beautiful fur baby, I hope you like your portrait! Absolutely loved every moment drawing you and your sparkly eyes! ✨️


Sending Louis heavenly Christmas wishes. This memorial piece wasn't the easiest of portraits as his reference photo was out of focus. He's such a beautiful horse, I know you'd agree!!

Charcoal on paper


So excited to share this Christmas commission piece of beautiful Ruby. What an absolute pleasure and honour to draw such a beautiful girl. Thank you Shelly Maybury and Jon for Commissioning this piece xx
Merry Christmas to everyone ❤️ # # # so much love


Hey all, it's been quite a few weeks... allot of transition for me as I nose dive into the next chapter of my life. In between the wrapping pressies, keeping the children alive and entertained, I have started this new piece... it's very much in its infancy, however I don't mind sharing the beginning stages as I know it helps inspire others.
I will keep you all posted on the progress of this piece as well as what's going on in my world. For now though, I wish you all a warm and festive week # # #


I asked my 7 year old son, Charlie to find mummy's art work at Artizan Gallery. He whizzed round, found it and wanted to take my photo next to it.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

If you're interested in purchasing this original piece or a print of Cheeky Atinbi please send me a message x


New Hair, New Name.
As lovely as the name is, Montana Portraiture will now be replaced as my actual name, Hannah Leadbetter - Artist. I find allot of creatives use their own name as a brand, something I've been contemplating doing for a while. Please can you check my new website link works?



I now have a Christmas pet portrait commission open up. I seem to be working quicker than I anticipated! Prices start at £85 and will be ready in two weeks - send me a message xx

With thanks to my beautiful friend and collector Kirsty Cross for allowing me to use this photo with Ollie's portrait hanging on the wall.


This piece, which sent me on a journey of different techniques, is now finished signed and sealed! I planted allot of charcoal on the paper and lifted the highlights with an eraser, a very different method to how I usually work. I let go of this one and although was guided through the amazing reference photo by JC - Photography, I wasn't so methodical with realism. I wanted to be more free. Both hands went into this, lots of charcoal and allot of twists and turns of ideas.

This original piece will be going up for auction. Put in your early bid before the auction starts by privately messaging me with your bid amount.

All funds from the auction will be going to wildlife conservation efforts at Paignton Zoo to coincide with Boss' Arrival at at The Zoo. Date of auction to be confirmed soon!

Black Charcoal on white Pastelmat board paper.


Trying something new,,,, what do you think?


Have you teenagers who love to draw? I have created a four week workshop in January 2023 for girls aged 11 - 16

Venue: The Montana, Belgrave Road, Torquay
Time: 4pm - 5pm


Drawing - Cake - Friends - Music

Ever wanted to draw your favourite animal, maybe a cute bunny, a flufffy kitten or a sweet puppy dog?

Hello - I'm Hannah, a wildlife and pet portrait artist and I have created a easy step by step drawing workshop for you and your friends with your favourite music, cupcakes and laughter.

By the end of the 4 weeks you will have your very own animal portrait you will be proud of. One which you can add to your portfolio and start you on an exciting journey as an artist.

Ask your parent to book now - I only have 8 spaces available and they are selling quickly

@12.50 per workshop x4 - Price includes materials and refreshments.


Can you guess who it is? A little sneak peak into something I started last night in my studio...

I understand that I did originally say I would produce this piece in colour. I realise how much I would like to paint in colour, it's a new skill I need to learn. I took the liberty of stopping and starting again after 2 hours, something I have done on 3 pieces this week. I don't see this as a waste of time, as every time I make a decision to start again it's gone well. Something simple like trying new paper will give me the 'ick!' and I can be easily put off. - I hope you like the monochrome decision too!

This piece will be available for auction and prints available for sale. All proceeds of the auction will be going to Paignton Zoo to coincide with their new arrival.

I've given it away, of course it's Boss, the new male lion arriving at The Zoo from Newquay Zoo.

With special thanks to JC - Photography for the amazing reference!



One of my commissions this week isn't a crimbo one, so I have the pleasure of sharing Marley's portrait with you. There was very little detail in the reference photo so it was a little challenging. This is the smallest piece I've ever done, A5, charcoal on Faber Castel Paper.

I now have an open spot for commissions, if you're interested please send me a message.



Friday was such a beautiful evening meeting the very talented artists exhibiting at the English Riviera Winter Open 2022 at Artizan Gallery. Here's a link to the works - see if you can spot someone you recognise!


You can't see what I'm currently working on as it's top secret; instead here is a picture of my very tired face. Spending allot of my time in my art studio, which is amazing as it's my favourite place to be other than the beach!

Went to see a lecture by Sir Ranulph Fiennes last night at Princess Theatre, Torquay. I was sat closest to him and it felt he was talking directly to me. Was an amazing experience with someone who has achieved so much in their life.

He said that the quality in a person he looks for when choosing his expedition team isn't intelligence or stamina, it's Motivation.

Got me thinking, without motivation we can't move or trudge through the tough times. He's been through years of challenging times and motivation got him through. I'm taking on that word with me, motivation is the opposite to resistance. Remember our goals, remember our why and stay motivated!!

Don't worry, you will see the finished piece after Crimbo!

Oh, one more thing... I have a sleep avoiding two year old for sale, message me if interested!


New Blog Post 10/11/2022

Free tomorrow?

New Blog Post


Lots to update you all on...

I am so happy to announce that my Facebook Shop is now live! It took allot of work to get going and I've learnt so much during the process. Please can you let me know if the link works? https://www.facebook.com/MontanaPortraiture/shop

I've been working really hard on Christmas commissions for the last 2 weeks, hence why I haven't updated on my current pieces - I can't wait to show you in the new year!

The original of 'Cheeky Atinbi' will be hanging on the walls of Artizan Gallery this Friday! I also have some really special edition limited edition double mounted prints for sale at Artizan Gallery. If you're in town, the Preview show is this Friday on 11th November from 6pm.

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