Eazy Beez ltd

Airbridge Specialists, Accommodation arranged,
Luggage Storage, Financial assistance

Please email
[email protected]

so as we may provide quotes pertaining to the special event and or date that you require our service
And our small team of handlers will attend to your request promptly within a reasonable time frame ,
please supply as much information as possible regarding the passenger amounts and or luggage Volume,
This ensures the correct quote is given for your transportation needs


We can go sleepies now we know they are on their way …

Some very happy loved ones heading your way 🙂

Pic taken 7 mins ago 🙂 x


Global Warming is here ........ Is it time for EazyBeez to go electric ?

As humans we could all see the effects of Climate change on the Telly Box over the years, However ! Now its up close and personal,
How many Bees have you seen lately ?

Thousands of Foragers ( Worker Bees ) must collect nectar from around 2 million flowers in order to produce a 1 pound of honey,
How many flowers do we see ?

Mumma Bee ( Queen Bee ) will lay in the region of 2000 eggs per day if she is in a well groomed hive,
Less flowers meaning a less comfortable environment for this royal jelly head of production,

Rising heat effects the Hive,
The temperature within this natural architectural miracle of the nature is usually strictly maintained, But the reduced ability to collect pollen via an abundance of wild flowers and lower Hive populations will mean that even small rises in temperature will have a profound effect on this heavily populated Honey factory,

Worker Bees carry pollen on their hind legs ( just like little saddle bags ) in a pollen basket or corbicula,
Once again ......Less flowers means they must travel further than ever before , and run the risk of exhaustion, meaning they will not make it home,
The Hive loses another Bee and its precious cargo is not delivered,...... 1 Bee becomes 1000 within a few days........

Bees are important because they pollinate approximately 130 different food items that are both essential and important to not only Humans but also to wildlife and the insect populations of the world ,
From Fruits & Nuts to Fiber and vegetable crops.

Bee pollination creates approximately $14 billion dollars in revenue annually for the USA alone ,
With improved crops, Higher yields and excellent quality.
Added to the fact that without the Bees, the rest of the crops in the world would be gone within 5 years ......

According to science the Humble ( Porky pig type fluffy ) Bumble Bee should not actually be able to fly simply because they are ....well lets face it they really are not shaped like a euro fighter right !
And yet they fly very well indeed , from an intelligence point of view, They leave us Humans standing when it comes to Navigation, social interaction, work ethics and job satisfaction, added to the fact they quite literally are a zero emissions life form that always selflessly improves its environment.

Can we say the same ........


Somebody just won our big fat piggy bee mascot 🐝

Eeeeeeeeek love this bit 🤓

Wonder who it was 😈

Eazy Beez ltd updated their info in the about section. 27/01/2022

Eazy Beez ltd updated their info in the about section.

Eazy Beez ltd updated their info in the about section.

It's now easier to email Eazy Beez ltd 27/01/2022

It's now easier to email Eazy Beez ltd

It's now easier to email Eazy Beez ltd

It's now easier to email Eazy Beez ltd 27/01/2022

It's now easier to email Eazy Beez ltd

It's now easier to email Eazy Beez ltd

Eazy Beez ltd updated their website address. 25/01/2022

Eazy Beez ltd updated their website address.

Eazy Beez ltd updated their website address.


160 likes and lots of genuine reviews,
based upon actual service rather than family members creating reviews that are unfounded and false ….

4 years financial investment and complete transparency has ensured that we are finally noticed as being one of the very best in the south west ,

it’s not about a posh big car or a massive smile with a big wallet , it’s about the passengers needs and the survival of a new business during COVID,

we smashed it in the first 12months ( alone ) with no government assistance during COVID,

we done this through the support from our returning passengers , our commitment to the job and our personal self realisations “ we gotta work hard to create more hard work” that’s easy when you see the future ,

we see the future , it’s orange :)


Adapting to change .....


RR2230 seems to be heading back this way,
our operations director is going to be seriously busy 😷🧠🤪
PCR tests can be arranged if the delay takes longer,
and hotel is on standby 👍


Hello you wonderfully robust splendid poeoplebods !

As promised,
Our November winners list !
It’s ready and our series 1 mugs are currently in the safe ,at the office 🐝

Most mugs were won during the prize draw,.....honest !

But a few were won on obvious merit alone, based upon a blatant commitment to their jobs or just being blooming lovely ,
( I’m allowed to do this surely 🤣 )
A small bonus prize has been added also 🐝
Cos I am allowed to do that aswell 😇
And yes I am a spoilt🐝 (spoiled)🐝..

Sooooo we just need to arrange transportation of your ceramic biscuit bath ......,
please let us know of the next person that knows you ....
and if said next person is on an upcoming flight I will get one of our drivers to hand it over.
Or if you are local then I shall endeavour to drop it in ASAP 👍

Our December draw is under way and the list will be up soon,

Meanwhile this months winners are as follows.....

Maggie Battersby
Marlene Short
Andy Watson
Lynn Anderson
Janice Dent
Tara Hewitt
Tom Blake
Lucille Mcmullen
Alison Roose
Barbara Keenlyside
Gemma clayphan
Linda Lyse
Tom Blake
Carol Stewart
Handsome Frank
Nicky Benfield
Dean Foggoa
Alan Browne
Donna lake

“No Booking Required” just like the page or the post 🐝


Our Groovy EazyBeez
PRIZE DRAW is set to Buzz for the next 12 months,

read on............

Our first edition EazyBeez mugs have arrived ( yaye )
And as such 20 lucky winners can now be announced for November 2020

We will not publish the winners names unless they agree of course,
So make sure you check your email and or facepork messages.

Anyone can enter our monthly prize draw, ( little people must ask mum or dad for permission ) and there are a number of ways to enter it’s just to eazy 😎

A: Utilise our service and Book your journey ( automatic entry )


B: like our facepork page and comment on this post with the phrase “GIZZAMUG”


C: send us an email to [email protected]

There are no less than 10 different mugs in the series, each one portrays one of our staff,
Drivers / Admin / Directors,
And have been meticulously created and funded by the Scrooge himself ( that will be me then ).
To a total of no less than 20 winners per month,
And after using a big calculator ,
I can see that each entrant will qualify for no less than 60 individual prize draws.

And so each week 5 winners will be removed from the BeeHive ( it’s like a safe but our personal data security team consists of a 1000 bumble beez )🐝
Said winners will be notified and postage arranged

******** important *********
If you manage to win a mug
Please retain the card inside and keep it safe.
This card has a unique embossed logo applied to a particular place on its facia,
One of these cards per month ( on the condition it matches our screen shot ) will qualify for either a FREE journey to the value of £125.00 or a discounted journey of £125.00 off of the total price .....

This months theme
Series 1 of 10
Che Bee 🐝
Just like he is in life Big and fluffy


The journey is a Breeze when you Book with EazyBeez ...

Eazy Beez ltd updated their business hours. 25/09/2020

Eazy Beez ltd updated their business hours.

Eazy Beez ltd updated their business hours.

Eazy Beez ltd updated their phone number. 20/09/2020

Eazy Beez ltd updated their phone number.

Eazy Beez ltd updated their phone number.

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Global Warming is here ........ Is it time for EazyBeez to go electric ?As humans we could all see the effects of Climat...
Adapting to change .....
The journey is a Breeze when you Book with EazyBeez ...






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