Chanctonbury Osteopathy

Chanctonbury Osteopathy

Chanctonbury Osteopathy is a clinic based in Ashurst, West Sussex offering safe non invasive treatments to people of all ages, horses and dogs.

Osteopaths use their hands to diagnose and treat a range of conditions, from back pain to tennis elbow and people from new-borns to the elderly. The common aim of all treatment is to restore and maintain the structural integrity of the whole body to optimise health. Osteopathy can help with the following complaints:
• generalized aches and pains,
• joint pains including hip and knee pain from art

Operating as usual


Our very own Beauty therapist at the barn Harriet , has been a busy bee whilst waiting for the end of lockdown. She is now a fully qualified MEDITATION COACH! So if you are feeling STRESSED, OVERWHELMED, or OUT OF CONTROL then give her a call and get some help finding your inner PEACE.

It has been so lovely being back in the Spa these past couple of weeks and getting caught up with you all.

As a few of you know, I’ve been training in meditation and am so pleased to have heard today that I’ve passed my first course with a Distinction! I have one more course I am working on every chance I get, so watch this space for meditation workshops in the future!



#dragonspa #beautytherapist


#dragonspa #beautytherapist


Dragon Spa


I am very excited to announce that Dragon Spa have joined the chanctonbury Osteopathy family, Harriet offers a wide range of BEAUTY treatments from facials to waxing and everything in between.

Check out the Dragon Spa page or for a full list of treatments available, prices and online booking.

Calling all Dragonlings: we are now open in our brand new location - Chanctonbury Osteopathy! Book in now for all your beauty needs and come along to this beautiful location and relax >>




Just walked in after a full on day of patients and this boy knows how to help me unwind!
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I am still OPEN!
The government have allowed osteopaths to remain open during the second lockdown starting on Thursday.
I will continue to keep my patients and myself safe during appointments by:

📞 Carrying out pre treatment screening
😷 Wearing PPE
🧼 Cleaning thoroughly between patients
💨 Continuing to work in the studio for maximum ventilation during treatments.

For an appointment call Jenny on 07787198064


And just like that- Erin is 3! It’s been the loveliest day with 2 parties to comply with the rule of 6- thank you @ruth_sowter for the most incredible cake. It tasted every bit as good as it looked you are AMAZING!


It doesn’t get much better than this!
Enjoying some quality family time with these three beauts before the madness of life resumes next week #boatlife

[06/14/20]   Hip Hip Hooray WE ARE OPEN!
There are a few changes to the way appointments will take place, check out the website so you know what to expect!


Come on up!
Treating upstairs in my beautiful studio has been a delight- enough room to swing a cat and masses of airflow!
This is me in my PPE (face shield included for high risk patients) beaconing my 6pm patient up! It’s all a bit different but really quite fine!
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Hitting the sweet spot and making them sleepy 🥰
After getting stuck in quick sand at the beach yesterday- Harley really enjoyed his treatment this afternoon!
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We are OPEN!
With the measures below in place, I am now seeing patients face to face!
🔹I have moved my treatment room upstairs into the studio where there is tonnes of space and 3 velux windows for maximum ventilation and social distancing.
🔹I will be togged up in PPE and asking patients to wear a mask during their visit.
🔹Extended time between patients for cleaning and room ventilation.
🔹 Strict pre visit screening by telephone
Call Jenny on 07787298064 for an appointment.
(Full risk assessment can be found at



Having spent lots of extra time with my family including this chap, I am now taking appointments for equine osteopathy (social distancing rules apply!)
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Sunset Pilates ☺️ my lovely barn in the background- looking forward to getting back in there soon with all my fabulous clients and colleagues. ❤️

#pilateswestsussex #osteopathysussex #pilatesstudiosussex 26/03/2020

Barn – Chanctonbury Osteopathy


You can check out our lovely team of therapists, class info and studio/ treatment room rental info!

Huge thanks to Sophie Mackley 👌 Chanctonbury Osteopathy offers a beautifully located purpose built treatment room within the osteopathy practise and studio. The main focus is aimed at total body health, including osteopathy, small and varied pilates classes, mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy and more, and would suit all healthc...


Stay active folks! Thanks joe wicks 🦵💪🤜🤛😁


Live stream Pilates this evening with the wonderful @formandfunctionequine thank you Lisa! You are a star!

#osteopathy #pilates #horseandrider

[03/19/20]   Good afternoon! I have plenty of Equine appointments available next week as my diary is now freed up after making the decision not to treat people.

I am able to have minimal contact or none at all with you the owner with telephone consultations and will be diligent in my hygiene regime before and after treatment. This will include thorough hand washing and wearing protective clothing that is easily disinfected.

If you would like your horse seen, I am offering £45 treatments within my 10 mile radius (as the crow flies from Ashurst) and £55 outside of that.

My number is 07787198064.

[03/18/20]   It is with a very heavy heart that I have reached the decision to close the non horsey side of Chanctonbury Osteopathy during this time of uncertainty.

The incubation period of 3 days without symptoms, makes screening patients fit for treatment impossible and although many patients are happy to take this risk, I am not.

Slowing the spread of this virus relies on social distancing and soon no doubt total lockdown. It is not that I fear coming down with it, I consider myself to be fit and healthy. But I am not willing to be the cause of someone else less able to fight the virus falling to it.

On a positive, I feel I can offer my four legged friends continued support as rarely am I within 2 metres of their loved one at the end of the rope, and better still will gladly treat horses without their needing to be there at all, should they wish.

Lots of love
Jenny xx

[03/15/20]   Coronaviris precautions

To my lovely patients and attendees of classes at the barn.
If you have a cough or temperature may I ask you to reschedule your appointment and follow NHS/ Government guidelines on self isolation. There will be no late cancellation fee for any patients rescheduling short notice for this reason.

I am taking active measures to help prevent the spread of the virus and appreciate those who do visit us here to do the same.

Thanks Jenny x

[03/09/20]   🌼 NEW CLASS 🌼

Due to high demand Lisa Hales has started a second Pilates for horse riders class at the studio on a Wednesday afternoon.

2.15- 3.15 pm

I can not recommend this class enough- I do it weekly and have been so impressed with my own progress over the last few months. * Also we have a few non horsey members in our class who love it too so don’t feel you need a 4 legged companion to participate!! *

Contact Lisa 07708 641899 to book you place

[03/09/20]   Good morning! I have had a cancellation Thursday morning in the Shipley area at 9.30 if anyone wants their horse treated! Xx


The Massage Therapist


Check out Lissa The Massage Therapist who is now offering a wide range of massage options from the barn, from a 30 minute back neck and head to 90 minute pamper package!

📞 Lissa on 07969302955 to book an appointment at a time that suits you!

Hi, I'm Lissa. welcome to my page.
The massages I provide offer relief for anyone suffering from Headaches, back and neck aches and insomnia due to stress either from their lives or medical condition.
Qualified, insured DBS checked.


Form and Function Equine

It’s unusual for any places to come up on evening classes but I have 3 places available.


Places available are:

Tuesday 7pm ( 1 place)

Thursday 6.55pm (2places)

If you would like one of these places please message me. The block of 6 weeks begin next week.

Classes are small, fun and focus on improving your position, posture and performance on your horse.

Your place will be reserved by full payment.



Sorry for the radio silence everyone!! It’s business as usual!

Apologies to all my lovely clients for the slow response time in the last few weeks- we moved house and were without telephone signal or internet for 2 weeks.... not all that helpful when running a business! On the plus side the kids are in their element having grandparents mumps and gumps across the Christmas trees, cousins next door and all the horses to play with! This is Honey my 24 year old eventer looking after Erin as she did me all those years!


🤸🏻‍♀️ So apparently it’s back care awareness week..... start taking care of your backs and do some back specific exercise like Pilates at the studio!

🤸🏻‍♀️ OR come and have an MOT for your back with Jenny

📞 07787198064

Did you know that it's Back Care Awareness Week?

Pilates can help to ease back pain by...

☀️ Developing the correct interaction of the legs, pelvis, spine and core

☀️ Increasing inner awareness of posture and movement

☀️ Teaching how to effectively integrate the upper and lower body in movement

Have you tried our Pilates classes?

Tuesday 11am to 12 noon Southwater Leisure Centre with Claire

Wednesday 6.15pm to 7.15pm Chanctonbury Osteopathy, Ashurst, Steyning with Norma

Your first F360 Hub class experience is free. Please book via our website and use coupon code WELCOME at checkout: /book-classes


🌼 Brilliant Lisas Pilates classes! 🤸🏻‍♀️
🌸 Block pay for 6... cant make any? Don’t fret- make it up at another class 👍👍

Rebooking for Pilates for riders.

Small fun classes in private studio in Dial Post, West Sussex.

Qualified Equipilates affiliated instructor. Equipilates rider Biomechanics trainer. Level 3 yoga and Pilates instructor. Focusing on improving posture, position and performance. Passionate about improving horse and rider.

Please message me on 07708641899

♦️2 Evening places available ♦️


Horse and rider assessment day!
What a fantastic day- thanks to Lisa at Form and Function and to the lovely attendees who did incredibly well in high winds!


Killing time because I’m an idiot and arrived a day early to treat a horse 🍰☕️ #silverlinings


Places still available for our HORSE AND RIDER assessment day.

28th September

What’s included:
🌟 Ridden assessment from Lisa and Jenny
🌟 Osteopathic consultation and treatment with Jenny
🌟 1:2:1 Pilates with Lisa
🌟 Equine Osteopathic consultation for your partner in crime.

Call Jenny on 07787198064 to book your place!

#horseandrider #pilatesforhorseriders #osteopathy @formandfunctionequine




Horse and Rider Assessment Day With Jenny Quinn and Lisa Hales.

Want to get the most out of your riding? This day is aimed at assessing and treating both horse and rider, on and off the ground to get the very best out of your partnership.

What’s included:

🐴+👩🏼 RIDDEN assessment with Jenny and Lisa

🧑🏼 OSTEOPATHY with Jenny

🤸🏻‍♀️ 1:1 PILATES with Lisa


Cost = £100

Spaces limited so 📞 07787298074 to book on! 01/09/2019

Claim Your Free F360 Hub Class


Pilates with Norma
Wednesday 6.15-7.15 pm Starting 11th September

Why Pilates with Norma?
Your 1st class is FREE!!

✅ Complements your other workouts
✅ Improves sports performance
✅ Increases mental focus and concentration
✅ Exercises to strengthen and stretch the whole body, including posture

📞 07512665388

Your first F360 Hub class is free. Please book via this link: or message us for more information. Claire and Norma deliver fitness and wellbeing sessions across West Sussex that will improve your physical, mental and emotional health.



Wednesday 9.30-10.30am

Lisa is a brilliantly talented Pilates instructor specialising is horse riders, working in small groups to improve their seat, balance, posture and performance.

📞 07708641899

Equipilates at Chanctonbury Osteopathy is back. Wednesdays, 9.30am. 11th September. Spithandle nursery. Ashurst. West Sussex.

Unique chance for riders to work in a small group to improve their seat, balance, posture and performance. Beautiful private studio.

Pilates correlates beautifully with riding to improve your riding.

£15 per class booked in 6 week blocks.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Fully trained rider Biomechanics trainer and Equipilates instructor. Level 3 yoga instructor and Pilates instructor. 20 years experience working with horses and riders.

Please message Lisa on 07708641899



7.30pm at The Studio, Spithandle Nursery, Ashurst.

🤸🏻‍♀️ Suitable for beginners 🤸🏻‍♀️

Marcela is a highly skilled instructor offering “ a slow, gentle but effective body awareness class, which will improve your flexibility and you movement and help to tone you postural muscles.”

📞 07805455437 to book on.

**Structural Therapy PILATES mat Class**
At Chanctonbury Osteopathy. Near Steyning and Ashurst.

Just 7 people in the studio. Personal attention, 15 years of experience treating all sorts of injuries.

Free parking, amazing country side and calm environment. Book your space.



Horse and Rider Assessment Day With Jenny Quinn and Lisa Hales.

Want to get the most out of your riding? This day is aimed at assessing and treating both horse and rider, on and off the ground to get the very best out of your partnership.

What’s included:

🐴+👩🏼 RIDDEN assessment with Jenny and Lisa

🧑🏼 OSTEOPATHY with Jenny

🤸🏻‍♀️ 1:1 PILATES with Lisa


Cost = £100

Spaces limited so 📞 07787298074 to book on!


A horse shaped tree 😁👍🐴🌳!

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It doesn’t get much better than this! Enjoying some quality family time with these three beauts before the madness of li...
Places still available for our HORSE AND RIDER assessment day. 28th September What’s included:🌟 Ridden assessment from L...
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🎉 THE STUDIO! 🎉Painted✔️ and floor down ✔️If you or know anyone who would like to rent this lovely space call me on 0778...
Busy painting the studio with a sleeping babe! Not long now 😁
Lovely Arabella having a nice scratch after her mid season check up! Love her!
Danny the Olympian after: That's better!! #equineosteopathy #eventing #olympian #2012londonolympics #britisheventing
Danny the Olympian before: he was very tender across his paraspinal muscles on the right with his spine bent to the righ...
Danny the Olympian having his pre season check up and treatment. #equineosteopathy #eventing #olympian #eventhorses #201...
Treated this lovely #horseandrider. Sam is suffering with #backpain which effects her riding position (note hitching of ...



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