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Release work for your aches and pains during pregnancy and post natally. Informing and empowering you in your journey to motherhood


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We've a couple of spaces left on the Recover Your Breath Course, commencing Thursday 25th April. To grab or spot, follow the link below

Where did it all go wrong?!
As babies we were amazing breathers, so what happened to take us off track?

To learn more about optimising your breathing, join me for the 4 week Recover Your Breath program. Click the link below to learn more or to sign up 😀👇👇


My Bodyworks

Bedtime ranting...
If only these companies would bother to actually educate people, then we would all be in a much better place..... Oh wait, no, that wouldn't make them any money would it?🤬🤪

What the actual f#ck?
Bedtime rant.... I'm sorry... Had to get this off my chest before I go to bed.... It literally drives me mad 😤


My Bodyworks

Hi everyone. I'm running my new Breathing Mechanics workshop on Saturday 24th June. We're going to be exploring how you breathe, factors that mess with your breathing, a bit of anatomy and hands on strategies for improving your very own breathing mechanics.
To book your place, visit

Here's a little more info for you :)

When was the last time you thought about your breathing? Are you even doing it correctly? On average we take 25,000 breaths a day, so we absolutely want to be getting that right!
Come and join me for my workshop, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN BREATHE?, on Saturday 24th June. Click the link below to reserve your place and come and learn about breathing and strategies for improving your breath, pain and movement.


My Bodyworks

Here's video 2 ladies! Meet the diaphragm ❤

What to Expect when you're expecting. Video 2
The Diaphragm - the breathing muscle, not the contraception!!
"if you don't own breathing, you don't own movement" Karel Lewit.
Is your breathing working for you?

Have a great weekend everyone x


My Bodyworks

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted in here and that's because I have been working on bringing everything I do together on one page My Bodyworks. Please come and follow me over on the My Bodyworks page (I will be closing Restoration Mummy down in April) below where I've just started a video series about the effects of pregnancy and birth on the body. I hope you find them interesting and informative ❤❤

Here's video 1 in the series. Meet the Pelvic Floor. Maintaining the pelvic floor is a lifelong concern as when it is compromised, it can have serious implications on the function of the intrinsic core system, urinary leakage and pelvic organ prolapse. Like any other muscle of the body, it needs exercising, so make it number one on your list. I hope you find it helpful ❤


Good Morning Ladies! Just a reminder that we are back tomorrow for the start of a new term of Core Connections. I hope you are ready!! Tomorrow we'll be reconnecting with your intrinsic core and then working it out with some new circuits, followed of course by your 'Moment to yourself', kids willing, at the end!!

Look forward to seeing you. 0930 start. If you need to pay for a new bundle you can do it right here:


Hogie the Globehopper's youtube channel

To all you mummies. you have to check out Hogie. He is the brainchild of my very dear and talented friends. Please check out the channel on you tube and like and follow them. It's a brilliant young person's guide to the world and even I'm learning things about countries I didn't know!!!

Stories, songs and fun facts from Hogie the Globehopper's youtube channel!

[07/04/16]   Hi Ladies. Just a reminder that there is no Core Connections this week as I'm on the very brilliant Anatomy in Motion course in London. Have a great week and see you next week x 04/05/2016

This morning, at Core Connections, we worked on breathing.
The diaphragm (your main breathing muscle) is part of the Instrinsic Core. If you do not breathe properly, you are going to have problems activating your core and pelvic floor muscles.

Breathing is also a great stress buster as it accesses your parasympathetic nervous system - that's the one that calms you down, relaxes you and gives you those rare moments of thinking you are on a desert island all alone (until school pick up!) 25/04/2016

New booster seats ban - April - 2016 - Which? News

I would be so thankful for this law to come in. My daughter gets teased by several friends that she still uses a 'baby seat' instead of a booster seat. I have told her it's a 'child seat' which has the ability to keep her much safer than a booster in an accident. This is not a great argument for 5 year old to throw back at her friends! If you're using a booster seat, then you'll want to read about the latest car seats rules change. 25/04/2016

My NCT classes didn't mention any of the realities of childbirth

I didn't attend NCT classes as I was touring the world with work during pregnancy. I did however have a birth plan which was so far from the reality of my daughter's birth. It's great to have an idea of options during birth but I have always believed that a 'plan' sets new mummies up for falling at the first post and feelings of failure before they even begin their journey as a mummy. I do believe that a realistic approach is a greater service to these amazing ladies than fantasising about the dream water birth. An interesting read x As I sat legs dangling on the edge of a bed, naked except for the hospital gown, waiting for a huge needle to be inserted into my spine so I could give birth safely by C-section, I briefly wondered: ‘Why was this never taught to us in my NCT class?’

My baby was in the breech position and…



Core Connections mummies - you know those squats with abduction that you throw killer looks at me for.......... Just saying! ;)
Easter is over (and I hope your chocolate stash is too!)
See you on Wednesday at 0930 - 2 guesses what's going to be included this week?!!

Want the best butt EVER? Look no further: 12/03/2016

Homemade Almond Milk and Oatie Breakfast Smoothie | Coastal Dynamics Sports & Remedial Massage

This week I introduced the lovely ladies of Core Connections to my breakfast smoothie. It went down a treat with mums and kids. Here's the recipe. Give it a try and let me know what you think :) Homemade Almond Milk   I ditched cow’s milk ages ago, and then ditched shop bought almond milk when I realised just how simple it was to make my own.   With 2 i...


Happy Mothering Sunday to all you lovely mummies. The hardest and most rewarding job in the world is ours and we are Fabulous! Have a great day celebrating your mummy in person or with beautiful memories ###

[02/25/16]   A belated post to my lovely Core Connections ladies. You were super mums yesterday. Amazing work and a lot of leg work to boot. I love your dedication :) Make sure you do your stretches! xx

[02/23/16]   Core Connections tomorrow at Sompting Village Hall. 0930-1030.
See you there folks :)

[02/16/16]   Just a reminder that there is NO Core Connections tomorrow as it is half term. Hope you are having a lovely week with the kids. See you next Wednesday :) 26/01/2016

Help for Pelvic-Floor Dysfunction

Yes!! What a great article. Core strength is too often regarded as something achieved by sit ups and planks. Proper Core function comes from the synergy of the transverse abdominus, multifidus, pelvic floor and the diaphragm.
At Core Connections, our workouts stem from these foundations. We start with the breath - it's amazing how many people get it

Join us on Wednesdays at Sompting Village Hall 0930-1030 By now you know how important a strong core is—it stabilizes your body and powers your running. But if crunches and planks are the extent of your core routine, you’re likely missing a key group of muscles critical to your running performance. We're talking about some of your deepest core muscles, at…


LOVE working with these ladies each week at CORE Connections. Breathing, strengthening, stretching and relaxation...... healing and strengthening their bodies from the inside, out with decreased diastasis recti, improved breathing patterns, improved core strength and weight loss to boot! You make me very proud and you truly deserve your relaxation time at the end of each session xx 05/01/2016

Coastal Dynamics Sports & Remedial Massage | RESTORATION MUMMY

CORE Connections TOMORROW! New Year, New Venue, new day, new time.......NEW YOU!
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow ladies and if anyone else would like to join us, please see the website for details

Sompting Village Hall 0930-1030 :) Coastal Dynamics| Sports Massage Lancing| Soft tissue therapy for the relief of muscular pain 03/01/2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope 2016 is a brilliant, happy and healthy one for you.

Just a reminder that CORE Connections is now at 0930-1030 on Wednesdays at Sompting Village Hall.
Please go to the website for payment, and if you are new, the health questionnaire link. Looking forward to helping you back to strength and fitness xx

[12/24/15]   Merry Christmas lovely Restoration Mummy ladies. Hope you have a fabulous day of festivities ###

[12/14/15]   CORE CONNECTIONS MONDAY 14th DECEMBER - Sorry ladies, today's class is cancelled due to illness :( Hope you have a good week and see you for our xmas session next Monday xx

[12/10/15]   Calling all CORE CONNECTIONS ladies......
It's official - as of Wednesday 6th January, Core Connections will be from 0930-1030 on WEDNESDAY mornings at:
Sompting Village Hall, West Street, Sompting, BN15 0BE

Looking forward to having you at the 'new' home and welcoming any new recruits!

We have 2 more weeks at the URC hall - 14th and 21st Dec - so don't go to the new venue just yet!!!

N xx


My Bodyworks

Some of you have already started to experience Neurokinetic Therapy in my bodywork techniques..... Tonight it's being featured alongside Anatomy in Motion on BBC1's Doctor in the House. Have a watch!

One of my amazing NKT mentors is featuring in tonight's BBC 1 Programme #DoctorInTheHouse at 9pm. The episode features Simon Jones using Neurokinetic Therapy and Gary Ward using Anatomy in Motion to help one of the show's participants Ray with his chronic pain issues.
My journey with Anatomy in Motion begins in January and I am continuing my NKT studies in February so if you want to see a glimpse of what these amazing techniques can do, tune in tonight!! 14/11/2015

Kathryn Mewes: The supernanny who is now a struggling mum

NOTHING and NO ONE can truly prepare you for becoming a mummy, however there is a lot of support available if you need it. Ask your local Health Visiting team for groups and organisations in your area. You will not be the first or the last person to deal with the struggles and uncertainties of the world of motherhood xx TV’s 'Three Day Nanny’ has had her first child at 41. She tells Anna Tyzack how fatigue, frustration and emotional turmoil took her to the brink


Hmmmmmm...... that sounds familiar! Have a great weekend folks.

If you are looking for something to get you started after the weekend, don't forget to sign up for Core Connections at this link

Daddy always get the credit. 04/11/2015 : Perceived Insufficient Milk

I remember struggling with this perception in my early days of breastfeeding. With bottle feeding, it is very clear how much milk your baby is getting, and that lack of measurable evidence can cause anxiety in new breastfeeding mums. Here's some great reassuring information regarding the subject Home ▸ Breastfeeding ▸ Got Milk? ▸ Perceived Insufficient MilkPerceived Insufficient Milk FacebookPinterestTwitterby Diana Cassar-Uhl, MPH, IBCLC Image credit: jcgoforth on flickr Breastfeeding is a public health issue that has drawn the attention of organizations such as the American Academy…


Unless you knowingly have a prolapse, it can be very difficult to tell that something may be going awry. Here's some signs and symptoms to look out for, courtesy of Discreetly Fit :)

Please note that it is possible that a prolapse produces only some or no other symptoms then eventually vaginal bulging.

Some of the listed signs and symptoms are aggravated by activity. They are usually worse in the evening and easy up by the morning or after a period of rest. 02/11/2015

Restoration Mummy has had a little revamp :) and the website is now running from the following link.
On the Core Connections page, you can find the new Paypal link for payment and the Health Form for attending class.
Take a look at what Coastal Dynamics and Restoration Mummy have to offer :))


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BBC Watchdog

Please be aware of naked flames this Halloween. Keep your kids safe x

The full interview with Claudia Winkleman from last night's Watchdog. She relives the moment her daughter Matilda's Halloween dress went up in flames.


Following on from a post last week about looking after your needs as a person so you can be the strongest you can as a mummy......... Thanks Hannah Epps for sharing this

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Wow being a mummy is non stop but it is soooo important to find a few moments for you to stop and regather. Today my dau...
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