The GAIA Way

The GAIA Way


Sonja is both experienced and intuitive. Creative approaches are coupled with structured support.

Coaching Workshops, Courses and one-to-one sessions for those who believe that they have more to bring to the world and would like to learn how.

Introducing the principles of GAIA:

• Grace: How to slow down and live your life in a more naturally meaningful , ‘graceful’ way

• Acceptance: Once you fully accept yourself and your life as it is, then you are in a more powerful position and have more energy and motivation to make any changes you desire

• Intuition: What if you could learn to access your intuition when you most need it- or eve

Operating as usual 20/12/2020

The Cosmic and Spiritual Significance of December 21, 2020 - Forever Conscious

Focusing on a higher vibration is extra important right now. Doing something life affirming and joyful is highly recommended! 🥰 There is so much to unpack about this ultra magical date! I am sure that as we move closer to the time (I am writing this on October 6, 2020) that I will have more insights that come through. Let’s first talk about what is almost always true for December 21st of any year- it […]

[12/15/20]   “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you.” - Maya Angelou ❤️


Jason Silva

Love this! ❤️

Here’s a New Years resolution: practice radical presence. 25/12/2019

The Telepathic Connection Between Animals and Humans “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France Cosmos and Mana, our 6-year old Indian dogs, patiently wait for our return at the gate. Its only been an hour since we were away to the market to buy supplies, but the ‘welcoming dance’ (the frantic ... 12/11/2019

Cynthia Erivo Performs "I'm Here" From "The Color Purple" | 2017 MAKERS Conference

My son's girlfriend just shared this with me! How beautiful ❤️ I recommend that you make yourself a cuppa and put your feet up so you can really listen/absorb the lyrics of at least the first song.....take them into your heart and own them. Stunning! . Tony-winning actress Cynthia Erivo performs “I’m Here” from the Broadway musical “The Color Purple” at the 2017 MAKERS Conference in ...

[11/12/19]   To those I love: I promise to be there for you as much as you're there for yourself and as much as I'm there for myself ❤️ 28/08/2019

On Spiritual Bypassing and Relationship

Spiritual bypassing is a really sneaky form of denial as we can easily trick ourselves into thinking we've 'done the work'! Spiritual bypassing is a term I coined to describe a process I saw happening in the Buddhist community I was in, and also in myself. 09/08/2019

Russell Brand & Marianne Williamson | Under The Skin Full Episode

I'm about 25 minutes into this and felt compelled to share. Russell asks such perfect questions and Marianne, in her incredible answers, gives me true and genuine hope for a real change and an achievable global shift 🙏 Check out the rest of the the Under The Skin podcasts on Luminary - get 'em here: Subscribe to my channel here: http://tinyurl.c... 04/08/2019

August 2019 Energy Update: Entering a NEW Phase

I don't know about you, but July was, for me, like an emotional and energetic dose of having the sh*t kicked out of me by Bruce Lee!!

So although on one level, I trusted that all is well and happening perfectly, there were times when I really couldn't understand why I was feeling and behaving like an outdated, long ago version of myself. Really, really old stuff seemed to be coming up to be felt and healed. I'll be honest, at times lately I've been a bit worried about myself!!!

So, to watch this energy update from the wonderful, fantastic Lee Harris I can't tell you the relief I felt! He described my recent experience perfectly. I watch his updates every month. Then I forget what he's said a few days later! 😂 It's like '50 First Dates', but on an emotional level, with myself! 😄

If you've been going through the wringer and experiencing emotional extremes, you might take comfort from this video. Enjoy! ❤️ Hello everyone! The main themes to focus on for August for this NEW PHASE WE ARE ENTERING are: - A NEW LEVEL OF PRESENCE - VISIONS, DREAMS AND EPIPHANIES - S...


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