The Avalon Faerie

Merry Meet, Here at The Aval on Faerie we just love faeries, a nd we walk the faerie faith pa th ! Hello and welcome to T he Avalon Faerie page. We Have a selecti on of lovely Agate pendants a nd pendants made from fossils.

We sell lovely pure oils f or all your needs. We also se ll Soya bean Massage Candles which co me in four different varieties.....Relaxing, Sensual, Toni ng, Joint Ease. We also run love ly magical workshops to ..........
1. Make yo ur own faerie cards
2. Make you o wn Runes.
3. Working with Faerie Energies

We also offer free Distance Faerie Heali ng, please contact me for this servi ce. We also offer 'T

Timeline photos 08/09/2015

Good morning my lovely faerie friends ... Today image this is yours... Whe re will you go? Chase yo ur Dreams and live life to t he full x enjoy

Timeline photos 07/09/2015

I found this wonderful picture a nd I thought it was magical, a nd I wanted to share it wi th you x

Timeline photos 07/09/2015

Happy Monday m faerie friends x x

Timeline photos 06/09/2015

Time to make some faerie cakes..... .x

Timeline photos 06/09/2015

Magical x

Photos from The Avalon Faerie's po st 05/09/2015

I love Kennington Gardens.... It's fu ll of magic and the place in Lond on where the faeries live happily, I oft en visit with my daughter......... Magical x

Photos from The Avalon Faerie's po st 04/09/2015

Good morning faerie folk x x it 's Friday 😀 may I wi sh u all a wonderful day 🌸 I ha ve posted a picture of Avalon, t he most magical place where a gre at faerie Queen lives and King Arthu rs resting place he was taken the re by 3 magical faeries x x blessin gs to u all x

Timeline photos 03/09/2015

A magical cottage....... Hopefully the faeri es will visit x

Timeline photos 03/09/2015

I would love to live he re with my dog poppy x x ahh hh happy days x x x

Mobile uploads 31/08/2015

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads 29/08/2015

What a lovely magical garden x x x

Mobile uploads 28/08/2015

We may not be having t he best summer but remember faeries g et wet to.......x x x

Mobile uploads 28/08/2015

A faerie chair....... So magical a nd cute x

Mobile uploads 27/08/2015

They certainly do x

Mobile uploads 27/08/2015

A caravan for a faerie. .. X

Mobile uploads 27/08/2015

Good morning...... Which one would y ou be?

Mobile uploads 26/08/2015

Mobile uploads

Mobile uploads 25/08/2015

Tonight I'm going to leave y ou with this magical faerie ring........close yo ur eyes, make a wish and ha ve sweet dreams x x

Mobile uploads 25/08/2015

Faeries are just everywhere...... You ju st need to keep looking x x

Mobile uploads 24/08/2015

Blessings to all the families of t he victims in the shoreham tragedy x

Mobile uploads 23/08/2015

This has been a very s ad weekend.....please send your love and blessin gs to the families who have lo st family members in the tragic pla ne crash in shoreham by sea. X x

Mobile uploads 21/08/2015

Well another day is closing...... Thi nk of all the wonderful things th at happened today....good night Facebook friends x x

Mobile uploads 21/08/2015

Enjoy the weekend my lovely faer ie friends...... Cross those bridges my frien ds and take a new path....

Mobile uploads 21/08/2015

Wow I now have 200 lik es, amazing x x thank u a ll so much for following my magic al page... Blessings to u all

Mobile uploads 21/08/2015

Love this....

Mobile uploads 21/08/2015


Mobile uploads 21/08/2015

I so love these..... 😃

Mobile uploads 20/08/2015

Follow the yellow brick Road a nd live your Dreams x x

Mobile uploads 18/08/2015

Faerie energy..... Powerful yet gentle....💜

Mobile uploads 18/08/2015

Massage candles... They never get hott er than a warm bath...treat yourself at T he Craft Tea Gift Shop.... £9.99

Mobile uploads 18/08/2015

So love this faerie house. .. Real ly amazing x

Mobile uploads 18/08/2015

Mobile uploads






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