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So true. To transform you have to DO 😆
An interesting talk by Jack Canfield about taking action

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Operating as usual


Best wishes all for 2020.
I was watching a series on television called Ally McBeal. I was quite impressed by a method of theme tune here therapist used.
The Client has an upbeat theme song that they repeat their heads at moments of stress.contained in episode 17 series 1.


The Wiccan Way

I was browsing a book called A reformed Druid Anthology, and it answered a question about the nature of what a Wiccan/Witch/Druids/Occultist Studies.As you can see from a Screenshot ,it's a broad spectru!m of knowledge.

The TRUTH is what most of us are searching for, our beliefs are likely to change dependent of the knowledge that we possess, Most of us develop experiences, continuing to develop the successful and desregarding or adapting those that have shown less promise. This is how most people approach life, it's just that WE treat life as a Spiritual Experience.

Your notice from the "3 Green books" screenshot that the spectrum of study is very broad. From my experience I believe that life has shown us many messengers, these have appeared in the world in many different forms. Gods have been adapted to what the inhabitant of the Era can relate to. In Gnostic Traditions the nature of the Divine is actually within us and we find this Divinity by accessing our Subconscious. This means we observe ourselves and our actions, By judging our nature we can hopefully improve it or at least adjust it for the better good.

Note that my studies also tale me into the nature of life, physics, mathematics, astronomy. History.The list is endless.

But the Truth has many variations.😆


Gaia's Pain - The Wars Against Climatic Pollution

The industry has led to most of today's Climate problems, notably GLOBAL WARMING & PLASTIC POLLUTION.
They should be held responsible.


Gaia's Pain - The Wars Against Climatic Pollution

I sometimes feel that people just don't take notice.
So to the people who deny global warming, plastic pollution, ocean acidification and many other problems. Or sit on the fence concerning #PLANETARYHEALTH
We probably will only get ONE chance to respond to environments disaster.
How will you feel of we don't take this

ONE chance and later regret the decision?

How do you think your kids and future generations will thank you?

Act now, not before it's too late.


The Wiccan Way

Self Discovery is essential to positive progress.


The Wiccan Way

Do you really know yourself?
Knowing yourself is a necessary key to gain Knowledge and Wisdom, we must be able to constantly evaluate our intuition alongside our actions. A state of mindful presence in every moment.
This takes constant practice. It's like your mind has to be operated in a dualistic mode in our waiting hours.
A State of self-consciousness. From here we can gain glimpses of enlightenment, or objective consciousness.
Here we will know our Authentic Selves.


The Wiccan Way

This is a great quote.


The Wiccan Way


The Wiccan Way

Every 45 ads you click is estimated to create enough revenue to plant a tree.


The Wiccan Way

My thought of the day.. From Qi Dao. Tibetan Samanic Qigong. The art of being in the flow. 23/10/2019



Early Years Montessori


The Wiccan Way

This comes from Qi Dao.. Tibetan Shamanic Qigong.. the art of being in the flow.

Think about it....


Gaia's Pain - The Wars Against Climatic Pollution

Social plastic is a scheme that pays the less fortunate in goods to collect plastic..So in countries many third world countries the I truck a mi ute of plastic that is dumped in the sea gets reused/recycled


Gaia's Pain - The Wars Against Climatic Pollution

This could happen


Gaia's Pain - The Wars Against Climatic Pollution

If enough of us join in we will be the majority, then change will happen...


Think before you drink... in this case driving doesn't matter


The Wiccan Way

Wicca to me is a visable expression of a spiritual life. It doesn't require large temples or churches, and it gives you the tools to become what you want to be..
By connecting to our higher self, we activate a doorway to the collective consciousness... otherworld or astral connection. With regular practice we can reap untold rewards.
Hera a simple chakra meditation to help..


The Wiccan Way

This is a excellent article, and is close to my ideas of the Wiccan ways progression. It also aligns with the writings of the Late Kevin Saunders of which another project of mine is hard on. 11/10/2019

What Are the Top 5 Environmental Concerns for 2019?

What can you do today? We all like to do our bit to help the environment. But as time goes on, we’re seeing new environmental concerns. As the new year approaches, we all need to be ready and prepared to tackle the 5 m...


The Wiccan Way

This short episode is brilliant, and would relate to opening your Kundilini force.. When you realise your potential you just Know... You feel a energy that is so much more powerful than you can ever be alone. It takes work and time, but the results are so worth it.. 08/10/2019

Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees Ecosia uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. By searching with Ecosia, you’re not only reforesting our planet, but you’re also empowering the communities around our planting projects to build a better future for themselves. Give it a try!


The Wiccan Way

Some Truth HERE.🌈🤠


My new page, if you'd like to see my journey...

Thanks for looking & Welcome.

I'm privileged to hold the humble title of high priest, and to have found great teachers along the way. A way that has far to run. Here I share my thinkings and musings, that may or may not help those of you that care to look. I'm searching for knowledge that arises within, its just knowing where to begin.

My Occult journey began at a young age.though of course at the time I didnt know..... part of the truth came 30 years ago, when I realised what I was looking at the age of 55 I have some understanding of my destination. That's what this page is about.. my fumbling attempts at finding the truth of matters along my pathway.

My understanding is there is only one true spiritual path..that is the path of ones own making. Simply put it is the path that the pathseeker is 100% happy with. Each pathway is totally unique to the person than is endeavoring on the journey.

The Wiccan Way is a journey made next to Nature, within a Natural Environment that can help us see and feel the Magic of the Moment.
My pathway is one of SPIRITUAL FREEDOM.. It may be that yours is simalar, it may be that we can help one another continue the journey.if that is the case pleas LIKE and SHARE my page.

Have a good day.


Happiness comes from within. External objectives are a never ending road to disappointment.


Rainbow Wicca

Only when you look inwards can you understand yourself.


"Chakra Balance" ~ Isochronic Binaural Beat

Download this session @: Free Binaural Beats Presents Chrakra Balance Iso Binaural Want to exist in an effortless, meditativ...


Rainbow Wicca

As we move further into the 21st century many of the old thought patterns have become outdated, yet in modern times what many people will call strange occurrences are regually seen, and many people have experienced some occurrences themselves.

I have studied the occult consciously since early teens, but have memories of incidences from before this. (Mainly I remember directing myself to the same dreams)

Below is a excellent table showing some types of phenomena that many experience. Some but not all are relevant to myself.

What are your experiences?

[09/01/19]   As a seeker of the truth I find truth hard to find.


Stealth Coaching's cover photo 18/08/2019

Ecosia's financial reports and tree-planting receipts

Morning all
A project I came across a while ago that seems progressive. They have a android/apple web browser plus extensions for your normal web browser. The revenue is used top plant trees. Which is a great start in helping our planets ecosystem.
I've shared this page as it shows transparency. Just using the browser creates income. Better than Google having
Have a look and start some eco feebly browsing. We love being transparent with you. That's why we publish monthly reports that show exactly how much money we made, and how we invest it.



Nice touch how people perceive Africa..Wid Annimals Ais Poverty etc
Why are Americans not perceived alongside

"Show a people as one thing, as only one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become." — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Watch Chimamanda's full TED Talk about the danger of a single story here: 19/06/2019

1,600+ Low Carb Recipes & Meals | Atkins

Good morning all from the UK.
As many of you know I have found great success with the Keto diet. While accidentally slipping out of ketosis At the weekend I divided to restock my body on some fruits and veg.. after which it's going to take me 4 days to re-enter ketosis to my desired level.

Anyway while searching recopies I looked at the Atkins diet. And guess what.
A lot of their recipies are keto compliant. And list the carbs.

Here's the link With over 1,600 low carb recipes, we make living thelow carb lifestyle simple. Discover easy low carb meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Atkins today. 11/06/2019


Hi Everyone...
BE AWARE - You cannot change your page name with more than 200 likes... I was trying to remove some but you CAN NOT.
I'm relaunching as a wellness coach and am very soon a Kangen water distributor. I also distribute CBD. I white label this and sell at 70% less than most stores and online retailers.


Low on current stock so but have source a new wholesaler. If you want to buy my current stock please hurry

Happy Sunday all.
My existing supply is running low and due to restrictions have stopped trading. I probably have 2 -3 weeks stock.
I do have a new supply and one in the pipeline. I am currently testing one with fantastic results.
So if you want existing stock please order soon.
I'm still bank transfer only I'm afraid.. I have a provider I'm talking to but this again will take time.


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