Shoreham Pottery

Shoreham Pottery


What we should’ve been up to tonig ht ☹️
Good morning, I was wonderi ng if you would be doing yo ur annual xnas tree decorating makimg essio ns this year?
Please could you remind me of yo ur pottery wheel prices?
I would like to bri ng my son down one afternoon ne xt week if you have the availabili ty please?
Completely understand if you a re not taking bookings at this curre nt time.

Thank you

Clare x
I Have a 6m x 6m Workshop/Summ er house to let in Shoreham th at would make an amazing Pottery worksh op- only £295pm..anyone keen?
Please ask a ny Q's or to arrange a viewing..
T ks John
This time last week over 1000 of us ca me together to shine a light throu gh the winter darkness. With a hu ge sense of comunity spirit and an a im to tackle loneliness we walked togeth er through our town. We creat ed lanterns, played music, sang, made a rt and celebrated our place and communi ty. Apron would like to tha nk everyone who came along and g ot involved, the volunteers, businesses and organisatio ns that helped make this year’s Shoreh am Light Parade happen:

The Shoreham Centre
Shoreham Allstars
Northbrook Metropolitan College
Shoreham Pottery
Quayside Yukes
Ginger & Dobbs
Emi ly Kirby - Fine Art Painter
Tap Hou se Shoreham
Carolyn SOLD
Core Electrical Services
Anna Twinam-cauchi
Lizzie Lee
Corri ne Woof and the St Nic's a rt club
Tom Prior
Neighbourhood Store
One Bum Cinema Club
Sar ah Tobin Tapping_for_mums
Lynne Jarrett Yoga Yoga & Wellne ss Rooms
Tom Foolery Coffee Company
St Mary de Hau ra, Shoreham
Shoreham Library
Skyway Gallery Angela M Edwar ds Artist-Fine Art Painter Jill Norton
Scilla Allen
Ter ry Griffin
Jess (gallery assistant)
The Safari Piz za Co
Market Beans
Southwick Beer Engine
Adur & Worthi ng Councils Communities and Events teams
Chip Creative
Han na Boal
Matthew England
Linda Woodwards
Rachel Ward
The Ferry I nn Shoreham
Co-op Community Space, Shoreham
Everyone w ho attended a workshop, or one of t he pop-up events and all of o ur friends, neighbours and community who ca me together to make this event so special.

We look forward to seeing you ne xt year! In the mean ti me, keep an eye out for mo re workshops and creative events throughout th is year:
The Shoreham Light Parade produced by @ApronShoreh am is happening again on Saturday 25 th Jan!

In celebration of Community Creativity in additi on to the Parade this year the re will be many pop up even ts happening around town. We ho pe you'll find something for you!

All t he events are free and are bei ng offered in collaboration with Apron by loc al businesses and community organisations in suppo rt of the Parade.

Included in the eve nt line up we have a drawi ng class happening at Ginger and Dob bs, a Street Food Market by t he riverbank, a Ceramics Workshop at Shoreh am Pottery, our first 'Early-night night clu b' in the Shoreham Centre, Yoga a nd EFT in the Wellness Rooms, li ve music in the Tap House a nd film screenings with One Bum Cine ma Club at the Neighbourhood Store..

We wi ll be putting out the full progr am shortly!

Lantern making workshops will take pla ce at Neighbourhood store and SOLD on t he High Street as well as t he Shoreham Centre, who will be op en for the day of the para de and will be hosting the 'Early-nig ht night club' at the end of t he event.

The Parade itself is from 5-6 pm, Starting from the footbridge (Beachside) a nd ending at the Shoreham Centre. The re will be live music along t he parade route courtesy of the Shoreh am Allstars.

Look forward to seeing y ou there!

Apron would like to thank Ging er & Dobbs Tap House Shoreh am Tapping_for_mums Yoga & Wellness Rooms Co re Electrical Services Skyway Gallery Neighbourhood Sto re dmy creative Shoreham Pottery
SOLD The Shoreh am Centre Adur & Worthing Councils
Northbro ok Metropolitan College @onebumcinemaclub The Shoreham Allstar s
The Safari Pizza Co Market Bea ns Southwick Beer Engine Pistols Kitchenand o ur many local volunteers and friends w ho are helping to make this year s' parade happen!
Some of our Make Trax studen ts tried their hand at pottery ba ck in April, and we are ve ry impressed with the results! A b ig thank you to Shoreham Pottery f or having us. Send us a messa ge today if you or someone y ou know may be interested in Ma ke Trax - more info below:
Thank you so much to su ch a brilliant day! I real ly really enjoyed the day will definite ly be recommending it!! I wi ll also be displaying my 'pieces wi th a story' with great pride!!!
Had a fantastic afternoon making pin ch pots and trying the potters whe el! Can't wait to see h ow they turn out and will definite ly be back for another go :)
Tha nk you both, it was a brillia nt afternoon :)
Thank you Alice for a fabulo us introduction to Pottery. We'll be bac k!!
Pretty amazed that you taught me h ow to make something like this tod ay. I had a great time a nd can't wait to do more. Than ks
Do you have room for a less on for 3 sometime on Monday 4 th? I've dropped you an email. Plea se let me know.

We are a community pottery worksh op, teaching space and gallery in N ew Road, Shoreham. We run regular class es, get in touch for more informati on.

We are a community pottery worksh op, teaching space and gallery in Tarmou nt Studios, Shoreham.

Operating as usual


Due to potter shortages we wi ll only be open this week on Wednesd ay 22nd 1-4pm for pot sales a nd pottery collections.


Want some more practice on t he wheels? then book on


The joy of getting to wo rk and seeing the most beautiful Li no print cards hanging out to d ry! Katy and I really haven’t h ad much chance to make anything of la te , with all these babies in t ow, but our dear @ameliabrokenbrow has be en keeping the creative juices flowing at t he pottery with lots of wonderful po ts and now cards. Hopefully we c an open the shop in April a nd you can come and see f or yourselves!


We are very excited to introdu ce another new member of our potte ry team... little Rose!
Born early January s he has been a rather wonderful sta rt to the year.
Though hopefully she' ll show a little more interest in t he pottery one day!


It’s our 5th birthday and we celebrati ng all alone this year with t he help of some delicious pizza, Tirimi su and some low and no alcoh ol beers from our neighbours @gusto_pizzapasta a nd @palate.bottleshop .What a year it h as been but we are ever so thankf ul to still be here - wi th our new team, new baby a nd baby on the way. We a re looking forward to 2021 and a re hopeful we will be able to g et our classes back up and runni ng soon.


We are open again!!
Everyday apa rt from Mondays - 11-4pm (even op en on Sundays in December!!)
Our love ly little shop is full of po ts for sale, come and buy yo ur vouchers for next year... or ev en just give us a big wa ve through our giant wreath!!!
We ha ve space in December for private throwi ng classes or family workshops for sa me household groups.
We look forward to seei ng you!!


Yet again our doors are sh ut and our blinds are down... We fe el a bit like this pot. B ut the sun is shining and we a re super hopeful to see everyone in Decemb er! If you have pots y ou want to pick up, send us an ema il to arrange collection. Please don’t t ry and book classes, just in ca se the lockdown is extended but vouche rs and commissions are available.


More hands make light work - h ow true!
Walking home from a love ly local yoga class with @lynnejarrettyoga , I' ve just realised how important it's be en to learn this lesson over t he past 6 months, and how pro ud I am of our lovely potte ry running independently without us there!
Here 's a sneaky pic of Millie teachi ng the Monday Mugs evening class in a co sy warm pottery...


Would anyone like to join us f or our Pottery day this Saturday 11am-4 pm (with an hours lunch break)? We ha ve some last minute spaces that ha ve just come available. £60 and y ou would get to try lots of differe nt pottery techniques in our newly spac ed out workshop. Email us to bo ok in


I’m back!!! And I’m having a gre at Covid safe day!! Thanks to t he best business partner ever for supplyi ng the visor and the treats!!


Come and make some mugs wi th us!! We still have space on bo th our Monday and Sunday mugs projec ts starting next week. Check our websi te for details. It’s £60 f or a 3 week course


We can finally take bookings agai n!! Check our website for dates. We ev en have space this Saturday for o ur beginners throwing class!!


We've had a super successful coup le of weeks of classes so far ... the pottery looks fab with n ew hanging baskets, the kilns are hap py and full and we are a ll getting used to wearing face coverin gs and new social distancing rules in t he studio, we're experts in mask typ es and visors now!
We will ha ve lots of new classes on t he website over the coming weeks, as we ll as space for private sessions in Augu st, so please do get in tou ch if you would like to bo ok in over the summer holidays!


We have been getting the potte ry rearranged to allow for social distanci ng and our tentative, trial reopeni ng for some of our regular class es next week. Thanks to our love ly helpers Millie and Fran and ba by Sylvie.


We are OPEN!! How wonderful to ha ve the door open again! We ha ve loads of pots for sale, vouche rs and even some clay! Clay pac ks include everything you need to ha ve a go at home and t he firing of your pot, £2 fr om every clay pack sold will be donat ed to our local community support gro up.
Come and say hello! 18/06/2020

Shoreham Light Parade 2020

What a wonderful event to be a pa rt of, thank you Apron! ❤ a beautif ul video from a slightly different wor ld in January This is "Shoreham Light Parade 20 20" by Apron Creative on Vimeo, t he home for high quality videos a nd the people who love them.


Good news! The shop is reopeni ng- every Saturday 10am-1pm and a f ew mornings a week (email ahead f or these or take a punt!). We ha ve lots of lovely new pots f or sale plus vouchers and clay. If a ny one has pots they have ma de with us that they would li ke to collect you can do so b ut please email ahead with the in fo from your collection slip so we c an get them ready for you. Unfortunate ly we still can’t take any n ew class bookings but fingers crossed we c an resume that soon too! @ Shoreham-by-S ea


Introducing the newest member of t he Shoreham Pottery team! This is Sylv ie - she is rubbish at maki ng pots so far but she h as found a good alternative use of t he potter’s wheel. @ Shoreh am Pottery


It’s been a year since we start ed teaching in our wonderful home in N ew Road. We sure have settled in a nd filled the space quickly. So ma ny excellent people have passed through t he doors and all kinds of creatio ns made. It is such a sha me we haven’t been able to sha re it with our students recentlybut finge rs crossed we will be back so on


Over the Moon

If you live in Shoreham-by-Sea, fan cy a spot of sewing and wou ld like to help make a pie ce of history, this is for y ou! More details in the Facebook gro up ‘A Stitch in Our Time’.


Someone’s been busy!


Another selection of student’s pots in vario us uses at home. What a creati ve bunch! @ Shoreh am Pottery


Pots at home! Here is a selecti on of our students’s work in si tu. It’s very rare that we g et to see pots outside of t he pottery and what a joy it is to s ee things in the places and doi ng the jobs they were made f or. @ Shoreham-by-S ea


Clapham Pottery


Sad times! Following the government guidelin es we have closed our doors f or all classes, collections and drop of fs. We will still be responding to emai ls. Let’s keep each other as sa fe as possible by staying in. We wi ll attempt to post some cheerier pictur es in the upcoming weeks and wi ll be making things from home to ke ep us occupied.


We have 2 new kilns a nd the time to set them up! (Perhaps not the greatest time to ha ve made big investments but hey ho !)- now there is a bit of go od news for you in these worryi ng times.


The children in this mornings cla ss have really been going for it recent ly! We have giant dragons, dinosaurs a nd ducks taking over the pottery. N ot forgetting Woof-woofs new pair of glasse s!! @ Shoreh am Pottery


Mugs on their way to Nor th Street Potters to celebrate Mugs Mar ch - potters past and present. We' re very excited to be a pa rt of this lovely event. If you' re in Clapham on Sunday March 8 th come along! ❤

From Shoreham Pottery we have the se treasures for our March Mug Mon th, by Alice and Katy H. Jo in us and them for tea a nd scones on Sunday March 8th fr om midday


We will be open tomorrow (Frid ay) 10-5.30, Saturday 10-4 and Monday 10 -1 for any last minute collections, vouche rs, pot purchases. Then we shut do wn until the 2nd January.


Thanks to all those that ma de it to our party yesterday. It w as lovely to celebrate in our n ew space and to see an arr ay of student’s work on display a nd to reflect on how far we ha ve come. @ Shoreham-by-S ea


It’s Christmas!!! And our birthday of cour se. The mulled wine is brewing a nd we are in good spirits. P op by if you happen to be abo ut and have a look at o ur student exhibition. @ Shoreham-by-S ea


The decorations from the dec maki ng day are now ready!! So do co me and collect so you can stri ng them up on your trees. Saturd ay 10-5 is our Christmas party so w hy no combine collection with joining o ur festivities?! Otherwise we are here a ll week.


Wow what a day!! Thanks to a ll those that made it to o ur decoration day today. Apologies for t he queue but hope it was wor th it. We had a great ti me and are well and truly exhauste d!!


We are thrilled to announce th at we will be hosting some fabulo us, festive wreath making workshops in Decemb er. Run by our lovely neighbour a nd stylist Annie Fern - contact h er directly to book on.


Check out these amazing yet slight ly frightening monsters made during a children ’s party recently

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One of our students learning to thr ow off the hump!!
The first day clearing out o ur new space. Watch this space f or our new community pottery workshop/school/gallery - Sho...



1a New Road
BN43 6RA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:30am - 4pm
Wednesday 10:30am - 4pm
Thursday 10:30am - 4pm
Friday 10am - 4pm
Saturday 10:30am - 4pm

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