Canine Arthritis Support Service

Canine Arthritis Support Service


Mischa's ( 7 1/2 yrd GSD) conditions (OA And Hip Dysplasia) were being managed by medication and Hydrotherapy. These helped manage her pain on a day to day basis, but she needed more interventions.
Having found Canine Arthritis Management, who are a unique organisation, offering a vast amount of knowledge, support and sollutions, Mischas life has improved 100%.
Thanks to CAM, Mischa has laser therapy, Galen Myotherapy cloathing and equipment which make her life so much more manageable. Her pain is fully under control and her life is fun again.
This organisation is run on love......and donations from the public. The team are always searching for new solutions to pass onto folk to help manage these dis-abilitating conditions.
They have groups set up to share Equipment Reviews, knowledge and best practice. Work with professionals to be able to offer us products at good prices to help us manage our pets better.
I cannot recommend them highly enough and spreading the word will reduce our pets pain.
This organisation is run on love......and donations from the public. The team are always searching for new solutions to pass onto folk to help manage these dis-abilitating conditions..😀🐾

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Canine Arthritis Support Service is a new veterinary driven initiative offering veterinary, rehabilitation and complementary therapy tailored to YOUR dog.

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Identifying Chronic Pain

Identifying chronic pain in your dog, when you might not even realise anything is up yet!

In this episode we talk about identifying Chronic Pain and cover the CAM factor. For more information and content check out our; Facebook - https://www.faceb...


Canine Arthritis Management

We truly believe that making small modifications to your dog's home has a huge impact on the management of their arthritis, just as we would make changes to help us if we suffer with debilitating arthritis.

For help and advice with multi modal plans to help your dog live a more comfortable life, please contact us via our website, direct message on here or call 07545 217084

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CAM is going giddy about this work!!

"An international team of researchers, led by the RVC, has for the first time identified key similarities between OA in dogs and humans"

"It was found both dogs and humans share the most common areas for the development of OA – the knee, hip, shoulder and elbows. The pain experienced by both dogs and humans with OA also has a common basis, leading the researchers to believe the neurophysiology of dogs and humans is also linked."

What does this mean!?!! It means we can cross compare strategies to managing this disease...which means lifestyle changes that are second nature to managing human arthritis has more merit to be considered in managing dogs OA!!

Go Prof Meeson and The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) 01/04/2019

What To Avoid - Canine Arthritis Management

If your dog has arthritis, there are a number of ways you can play an important role in helping to slow down the progression of the disease giving #yourdogmoreyears

See the link to understand what you can avoid to reduce worsening your dog's arthritic state.

Many of these also apply to non-arthritic dogs, to reduce normal load and actions on abnormal joints (such as those who have had orthopaedic surgery, or certain breed dispositions) or abnormal load on normal joints (overweight or high impact sports and exercise). Above all, owners should avoid becoming complacent. Arthritis is a progressive disease. As with people, symptoms can naturally wax and wane with severe pain on some days and hardly any on others. For this reason owners must look for changes in their dogs capabilities, posture, behaviour and mobility... 11/03/2019

CAM Meets Cat Henstridge - Cat The Vet - Canine Arthritis Management

Wonderful conversation from Canine Arthritis Management and Cat the Vet about how we should be aiming to manage our dogs with arthritis. #notslowingdown #notgrowingold #yourdogmoreyears #camarthritis Cat Henstridge BVSc ESVPS Cert GP (SAM) MRCVS Cat graduated from Bristol University in 2003 and works as a small animal veterinary surgeon at Peak vets. Cat is a published author and writes a number of articles for various veterinary and non-veterinary publications. She is a vet on the BBC Children.... 19/02/2019

CAM conversation WITH Elaine McNamara ABOUT The Highs And Lows Of Cannabidiol (CBD) In Arthritic Dogs - Canine Arthritis Management

We are often asked about the use of CBD in arthritic dogs, and it's a tricky one as most of the evidence out there is anecdotal. The veterinary profession is in a difficult position as not much is known about the side effects, or long-term effects on the organs, nor how it's use interacts with other medications that the dog may be taking.

See Canine Arthritis Management's conversation with Elaine McNamara regarding the highs and lows of CBD in arthritic dogs. It seems everybody’s talking about CBD. Recent changes in UK legislation have reignited debate about medical cannabis use in people. Now, attention is shifting towards animals. Owners are asking more and more questions about cannabis, specifically CBD, use in dogs: Is it safe? Is it effective? Is ...

Canine Arthritis Support Service

A veterinary driven initiative providing tailor made management plans for your arthritic dog. A diagnosis of arthritis is not the end of the road, it is just the beginning of a new direction. We believe home care is essential in managing the chronic pain of this debilitating disease that affects not only your dog, but you too. We provide expert veterinary advice in the comfort of your own home and tailor make plans guided by your dog and your lifestyle, ensuring you get the most out of every day. Learning to manage arthritis from as early a stage as possible will slow the progression of the disease and provide the quality and quantity of life you would wish your dog to have. Multi-modal treatment plans are imperative and we combine our home and lifestyle advice with Galen Myotherapy to reduce chronic muscular pain and inflammation associated with adaptive change from arthritis.

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Chin scratches!
Bit of a celebrity treatment today, for instagrammer @kobithewonderdog. The extremely squishable Kobi has had myotherapy...
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