Right at Home Worthing & Shoreham District

Right at Home Worthing & Shoreham District


Right at Home Worthing & Shoreh am District is a great care agen cy to support the most vulnerable to st ay in their own homes.

I’ve be en working with them for the pa st year build visibility around their busine ss, highlighting the fantastic work they a ll do as a team.

Supporting th em in gaining new clients and al so new caregivers. It’s been amazing to he lp such a loving company to suppo rt those in my own local communi ty.
Loneliness is so real for so ma ny! Right at Home Worthing & Shoreh am District provide a trusted face f or companionship and support!
New Year New You? In th at case, why not try Salsa Dancing?

Eve ry Monday evening we run salsa class es at the Crown & Anchor a nd it's such a great atmosphere a nd fun class, we recommend you a ll to come along and try it!

A ll levels welcome & no partner need ed! We guarantee you will fall in lo ve with it! 💃 ❤️ 🕺

I recently became a Dementia Frie nd with my amazing clients Right at Ho me Worthing & Shoreham District

Not only do th ey provide amazing care to local peop le but they also work with t he local community to teach more abo ut the effects of dementia and h ow people can help those with Dement ia in their own homes and business es.

Their next Dementia Friends session is on Novemb er 4th at the Coop Community Spa ce in Shoreham-by-Sea do book on a nd learn how you can support peop le in your community.

Do you work in the ca re industry and find yourself in ne ed of help? Supporting others can be mental ly and physically exhausting. Sometimes when we a re caring others we forget to ta ke care of ourselves.

How to cope wh en supporting someone else?
If you live in Lanci ng, Worthing, Shoreham or surrounding areas I off er Movement Meditation classes.

During the yea rs working as a mindfulness teacher I sta rt to notice in my lessons th at the levels of stress in peop le caring for someone drop dramatically. Meditati on is about attending to present mome nt, I could see how people whi ch by profession find the heart of cari ng found the caring path to themselv es intuitively.

“Marcela has the most amazi ng calming nature and her classes a re so therapeutic for the mind as we ll as the body. She really understan ds the body and gives us a ll complete confidence in the fact th at we are helping ourselves by bei ng there. When her class is finish ed, my body feels totally different a nd my mind feels totally calm a nd happy. I LOVE it!” – Ann ie, Lancing

Where? Lancing Parish Council, every Tuesd ay 19:45 – 20:45.

If you are pa rt of this page and you wo rk in the care industry you wi ll have a £2 discount

Book: http://embodiedpractices.com/event/movement-meditation/

Image by Pe te Linforth from Pixabay
Morning visit in our clients gard en 🐦😃⭐️

Right At Home Worthing & Shoreh am is a provider of high quali ty homecare, supporting adults with physical disabiliti es, learning difficulties and the elderly.

Our aim is to be t he best high quality private home ca re provider in the Worthing and Shoreh am district including Henfield and Steyni ng. Whether you need occasional extra he lp around the house, assistance recovering fr om a hospital stay or full ti me live-in care, our carefully-matched CareGivers a re here to help. The personal choic es of our clients are always at t he forefront of the care we pro vi

Operating as usual


Happy Easter! We hope you a ll have an egg-cellent day.


This year for , Parkinson's UK is aski ng people to write a poem of fi ve lines to raise awareness. This touchi ng poem was written by a wonderf ul Right at Home Client whose CareGive rs help them to manage their sympto ms each day.
If you want to g et involved, you can submit your po em to the charity, who will be shari ng their favourites 🥰


World Health Day 2022 focuses on keepi ng humans and the planet healthy, a nd creating societies that are focused on well-bei ng. Improving the well-being of our Clien ts is our number one priority. Sometim es it's the smallest gestures that ma ke the biggest difference. What small acti on can you take today? 🌍


Ramadan Mubarak to all who a re fasting this season! ☪️


Making sure our wonderful clients ma ke the most of the beautiful sunshi ne! 🍽☀️☀️☀️


We are really pleased to be ab le to offer all of our employe es a new, genuinely good, benefits a nd reward platform called Perkbox. Examples of discoun ts are: 7.5% at Curry's, 6% at Arg os, 8% at H&M, 7.25% at M &S just to name a few!

T he program also has a fantastic wellne ss hub!

Just another way to sh ow our appreciation to our hard worki ng Care Professionals!



Winter Tip: Organise your relative's medicatio ns to ensure they don't run o ut and can reorder in good ti me. This will be helpful if the re is any unexpected bad weather or th ey become too unwell to go to t he pharmacy. You can also ask if the ir pharmacy delivers, if they don’t alrea dy do this.


Kindness is at the heart of everythi ng we do at Right at Ho me ❤️This , we'd love to he ar from you about the small b ut meaningful gestures you have done f or others or how someone has p ut a smile on your face tod ay 😀

Photos from Right at Home Worthi ng & Shoreham District's post 16/02/2022

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of o ur wonderful clients who is 102 yea rs old today! 🎂🎉

She is having a love ly day and celebrating with two of o ur amazing carers who are going abo ve and beyond to make her d ay super special! Smiles all round! 😁🥰


This year we want to celebra te some very special people: Our Clien ts, their families, and our fantastic CareGive rs! These wonderful people show love a nd compassion every single day so we wa nt to celebrate them on this ! Tha nk you for being so amazing - Hap py Valentine's Day! 💖


This year we want to celebra te some very special people: Our Clien ts, their families, and our fantastic CareGive rs! These wonderful people show love a nd compassion every single day so we wa nt to celebrate them on this ! Tha nk you for being so amazing - Hap py Valentine's Day! 💖


Kindness is at the heart of everythi ng we do at Right at Ho me ❤️This , we'd love to he ar from you about the small b ut meaningful gestures you have done f or others or how someone has p ut a smile on your face tod ay 😀


At Right at Home, we harve st an open and honest culture, whe re each one of our Clients a nd staff members feel comfortable to be themselv es. During LGBT History Month, we refle ct on all of the challenges LGB TQ+ communities have overcome, and we sta nd together in support every day of t he year 🌈


Today we celebrate Dignity Action D ay! The aim of is to inspi re people to place and at t he heart of their thoughts and actio ns while out in their . Th is resonates with our ethos here at Rig ht at Home and is something we stri ve for every day.

We encourage everyo ne to take the time to do somethi ng, however small, for people who mig ht feel isolated. This year's theme encourag es people to wear red to he lp raise awareness and support the campaig n


problems affect one in fo ur of us and yet people sti ll feel isolated and ashamed when it com es to talking about their mental heal th. encourages everyone to be mo re open – to talk, to list en, to change lives. Click here to fi nd out why it's and h ow you can start a conversation arou nd mental health today 👉 www.timetotalkday.co.uk


Wishing all of our staff, Clien ts, and their families a wonderful Christm as. We hope your day is fill ed with love, magic and joy.

Mer ry Christmas, from our family to you rs.


Does this sound like your Christm as list? If you answered yes, it 's probably time to consider a n ew . A role with Right at Ho me means a supportive team, clear progressi on routes, and plenty of opportunities to gr ow and learn. Join our team by visiti ng our website!


Twas the night before Christmas
a nd our Clients need not worry abo ut care
because for them, Right at Ho me will always be there.

No matt er what day of the year, o ur are here for you, a nd your family.

Photos from Right at Home Worthi ng & Shoreham District's post 20/12/2021

SANTA HAS BEEN! The big m an has popped in early and dropp ed off over 100 presents to o ur very deserving carers and clients 🎅🏼 🎁



A great achievement for Right at Ho me at the winning the Franchis or of the Year award. Congratulations to everyo ne across the Right at Home netwo rk


Two of our lovely care assistan ts and our client today have be en out and about getting in t he Christmas spirit! 🎄🎅🏼


If you're looking for a n ew challenge and a chance to progre ss in your career, why not consid er a career in care with Rig ht at Home? Learn more about o ur available opportunities:


Meet the office team!

Anton v an Baalen - Managing Director

"I am luc ky to live in the lovely to wn of Steyning with my beautiful wi fe and sons who support me a l ot. I became part of the Rig ht at Home franchise because of the ir exceptionally high standards and ethics in ca re. Previously I had a very rewardi ng career in radiotherapy. Being part of a gro up of devoted people who make a significa nt difference to people with cancer w as so motivating. Seeing some of t he fantastic outcomes for people is wh at drives and motivates me.

Providing the ve ry best care for someone has alwa ys been close to my heart. I ha ve always wanted to be able to gi ve more in a way that chang es people’s lives in a positive a nd meaningful way. I am passionate abo ut people’s dignity and their well-being. By helpi ng to raise awareness within our communi ty, and by offering excellent support, I kn ow we can improve the quality of li fe for people needing care and the ir families.

It can be overwhelming to deci de on the best thing to do wh en someone close to us needs ca re. We naturally want them to recei ve the very best care there is. Please do speak to me at a ny time and I will always gi ve you honest advice and support."


Meet the office team!

Tracy Wainwrig ht – Care Coordinator

“I joined Rig ht at home as a Care Assista nt back in February 2018. I previous ly worked as a Travel Consultant b ut wanted a career change to a ro le that I could work around my availabili ty and life style.
I didn't ha ve experience in care so becoming a ca re assistant was daunting but luckily Rig ht at Home provided an induction to ca re and full training to ensure I w as confident within my role.
I was promot ed to a Senior Care Assistant short ly after starting which gave me mo re responsibility in my role. I am n ow working in the office as t he Coordinator, as well as completing n ew client assessments and the looking aft er the well being of clients.
Althou gh my role can be challenging d ue to the nature of the busine ss, I receive full support from my colleagu es and luckily have a wonderful te am of hard working Care Assistants.
I am ve ry happy I joined Right at Ho me as they have provided the opportuni ty for me to progress in my role s."


Meet the office team!

Lois Hi ll - Recruiter

"I joined Right at Ho me in September 2020 during the pandem ic. I have been in recruitment f or the last 5 years and ha ve always enjoyed my role. During t he pandemic I really wanted to be apa rt of a company that makes a differen ce to people lives. So I start ed looking at recruitment roles within t he Health and Social Care sector a nd luckily came across Right at Ho me. From day 1 I really notic ed and appreciated the Right at Ho me values and how they provide outstandi ng care to clients and great suppo rt to our care assistants, making it an ea sy job to sell to candidates in the se difficult times.
Outside of work I spe nd most of my time with my fami ly and looking after my little b oy. Right at Home provide a gre at work life balance and is a compa ny I am proud to work f or"


Meet the office team!

Megan Spencer - Offi ce Administrator

"I started my career wi th Right at Home in August 2021 as t he Office Administrator and noticed the fami ly feel office environment straight away.
My connection with care began with my fir st job, which was in a retireme nt home as a supper assistant, althou gh I was not involved in t he personal care side, being around t he elderly daily is how I learn ed more about care and what ty pe of illness elderly people are affect ed by and being able to he lp is something I have always be en passionate about.
I think we provi de a fantastic service to our clien ts by helping them keep their independen ce and making them feel comfortable wi th day-to-day tasks in their own ho me. I am mainly based in t he office but I love to go o ut and meet our clients in pers on so I am not just a voi ce on the end of the pho ne.
I am grateful to be a pa rt of a fantastic company and a love ly team that provide outstanding care, I ha ve always had a big heart wh en it comes to helping people a nd their well-being."


Meet the office team!

Anne Jacks on - Manager:

"I’ve been at Rig ht at Home Worthing & Shoreham Distri ct since April 2021. As Manager my ro le is to lead the office bas ed team and to oversee compliance wi th all Policies and Procedures. Together wi th Tracy, Care Coordinator, I complete a ll new client assessments and also revie ws with existing clients to make su re we are supporting them in t he best way possible. I am al so responsible for ensuring that the caregive rs are inducted to the company a nd supported through their early days wi th us and then helped to devel op in their roles.
I also car ry out some of the care visi ts when required: I think this is real ly important because it means I st ay in touch with the clients a nd also understand the challenges and rewar ds faced by our caregivers!
I love worki ng with Right at Home: we wo rk really hard to live up to t he principle of person centred care as we ll as our values of trust, compassi on, quality and respect so that we do t he very best for the people we suppor t."

Our Story

Our aim is to be t he best quality private home care provid er in the Worthing and Shoreham distri ct including Henfield and Steyning.

Whether y ou need occasional extra help around t he house, assistance recovering from a hospit al stay or full time live-in ca re, our carefully-matched CareGivers are here to help.

T he personal choices of our clients a re always at the forefront of t he care we provide, and our ca re is “outcome focussed” meaning that we suppo rt clients to achieve what they wa nt – whether that be the abili ty to walk unaided to the bott om of the garden or go danci ng and swimming.

We provide companionship, personal ca re, transportation and meal preparation for ma ny types of adult clients and ha ve a particular focus on Alzheimer’s disea se, dementia and stroke, where we belie ve that great homecare or live-in ca re makes such a difference to o ur clients and their families.

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