Hair By Gabi Draper

Currently working as a mobile hairdresser I have over 19 years experience in the hair industry with 11 years of that working in Toni & Guy Brighton.

Over these years I've achieved many qualifications including a L'Oreal Colour Specialist Diploma. For more info private message me. PRICES FROM

Wash cut & blowdry £35
Blowdry £20
Hair up £30
Permanent & semi colours £45
T-Bar highlights £50

Timeline photos 28/11/2021

As always I will require all my lovely clients to keep wearing their face covering whilst having their hair done. I have vulnerable family members and I want to continue being as safe as we can. Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you all.


Hey everyone, I hope you're all keeping well. Christmas is nearly here and for anyone who knows me this is my favourite time of the year. I'm getting super busy super quick so if you're wanting your hair done in December please do not delay and get in touch with me. I am currently working Monday - Friday am & pm. Looking forward to seeing you all and hearing all about your Christmas plans. Stay safe.


Hello everyone. From Monday 6th September I will be working mornings/10am and evenings/7.30pm Monday-Friday. I am completely mobile at the moment ☺️. Looking forward to seeing you all again. Any questions or bookings either private message me or call me on 07894107825.


Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the summer holidays. In two weeks time I'll be offering morning and evening appointments Monday-Friday. I work only mobile now as I need to be around for my children. You can contact me any time with any questions, inquiries or bookings.

*New Toner* Directions Tangerine and Peach applied to washed, towel dried hair.

Hope to see you all soon 🤗


Pop down to Shoreham today to join in the fun ! We have our little helper handing out lollipops and selling raffle tickets to win a wash cut and blowdry 🤩🤩


Hello everyone, if you are looking to brighten up your blonde hair I've been using lots of fun toners. Here I've used a mix of Rose and awkward peach from Bleach London. I love playing around with my blonde hair and experimenting with different colours and products. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact. Remember during the summer holidays I can only offer evening appointments but can answer questions any time of the day. Happy Sunday 😉😊


Good morning everyone 😊.

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunshine 🌞.

Just a little heads up for all my lovely clients, the next 7 weeks I will only be offering evening appointments as I have both my little ones on summer holidays.

I will also require all my clients to still wear a face covering as I have some extremely vulnerable family members I wish to keep safe and protected.

Many thanks, I hope you all stay safe and don't hesitate to ask any questions ☺️


I put some highlights in my hair today to brighten it all up and then toned with Directions Peach. I'm in love with this summer colour. Peach and soft pinks seem to be very popular. I highly recommend Directions toners they are so easy and fun to use.

(any questions please don't hesitate to contact me)

Photos from Hair By Gabi Draper's post 11/05/2021

Beautiful bouncy blow dry after a lovely shiny gloss and trim.

Massage | And Breathe Massage Lancing | England 04/05/2021

Massage | And Breathe Massage Lancing | England

Hey everyone, this is a good friend of mine and I would highly recommend. Perfect way to totally relax ❤️😊

Massage | And Breathe Massage Lancing | England And Breathe... offer Lancing based or mobile beauty and massage therapies - including Swedish full body massage, holistic Indian head massages, hot stone massages, baby massage and Luxury facials. Therapies are available as a mobile service in West Sussex or at our therapy pod in Lancing.

Photos from Hair By Gabi Draper's post 27/04/2021

Another day another beautiful summer ready ombre ☺️

I truly love my job 😊


Soft ombre all ready for summer 😎🌞

Photos from Hair By Gabi Draper's post 19/04/2021

Very satisfying tackling all these roots right now 😊. It's so lovely being back to work and catching up with you all 😉

Photos from Hair By Gabi Draper's post 16/04/2021

Decided to brighten up my hair today 🧡. I love playing around with my own hair, changing toners each time and making it fun colours. This has been toned with Tangerine from Directions and I'm in love.

Photos from Hair By Gabi Draper's post 12/04/2021

25 weeks regrowth here 😱. I loved evey minute of transforming these roots 😊


Hey everyone, I'm back 👋

Can't wait to see you all, catch up and sort out those roots 😉


New price list 👇 (there is a very small increase as I've not changed my prices in a long time and prices may vary). Please call or private message me for a consultation or any questions you may have.


My favorite kind of delivery is a colour delivery. Getting ready for next week and can't wait. Remember I am no longer in the salon so will be home visits only. See you all soon 👏👏👏


Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there. It's with a very heavy heart that I will not be returning to the salon when we re open as I can't see it working around my little kiddies. I am a full time carer to my beautiful little daughter and she really needs me right now. I will however be continuing with hair at home as I can be more flexible with my hours. All being well I will be back in action from the 12th April 🙏. Feel free to private message or text me with any questions. I'm very much looking forward to seeing you all 🤗🤗


Hello everyone 👋👋. As I'm sure you all know we now have a date to work towards re opening. I've had so many texts already and I am working my way through my waiting list. Please bear with me while I sort it all out. Please comment, text or private message me if you want an appointment when I'm back please. Thank you very much for your patience 🤗❤️🤗❤️


💇‍♀️ The Shoreham Hair Lounge is a dynamic and creative hair salon in the heart of Shoreham-by-Sea. We are a friendly, small team with a real passion for our work.

💇‍♂️ The salon thrives on making clients feel welcome, comfortable and most importantly ensuring they leave with fabulous hair!

We are looking for new staff members, (in preparation for reopening) who can help with:

✅ Providing full salon services, including hair cutting, shampooing, blow drying, colouring and styling.
✅ Maintaining cleanliness of salon and your station.
✅ Keeping on top of current hair cutting and styling trends.
✅ Helping to maintain adequate inventory of hair products & tools.
✅ Ensuring clients with scheduled appointments receive service in a timely manner.

📲 If you think you fit the bill and would like to join the Shoreham Hair Lounge, please send us a DM or use the contact form in bio.


Hello lovely people, I am totally fully booked now for the rest of the year. I have a cancelation list going so please don't hesitate to get in contact, or if you have any questions please call me 07894107825. I will be requiring all clients to wear a mask as I have a vulnerable child at home. I will be in full PPE. I hope everyone is keeping well and safe, sending lots of Christmas wishes all round 🎄❤️🎉


Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I'm starting to open up my Christmas appointments in the hope that Boris allows us to start back on the 3rd December 🙏🤞. Please text me to book in all hair appointments 07894107825. Thank you ❤️


Latest Statement for England

This evening the Prime Minister has announced a national lockdown from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December.

This will include the closure of all non-essential services within hair and beauty including mobile services.

The furlough scheme, which was due to end today, will now be extended through November covering 80% of employees’ wages.

The NHBF is speaking with Government to push for further support measures for our sector.


Hello, I hope you're all keeping well. Unfortunately I'll be cancelling all further appointments for the next 4 weeks. As you probably have all heard Boris has announced a new lockdown from Thursday. I'll keep you all updated. Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope to see you soon. Gabi xx


Hair By Gabi Draper


Hello to all my wonderful clients, I hope you're all well and enjoying a little bit more freedom ❤️. As the children are back at school I'm slowly getting back to business 😉. I'm only doing it from home for now as I need to be around for the children a bit more. I can now offer morning appointments Monday and Friday and evenings Monday to Friday. Please get in contact for anymore information. Have a lovely weekend 😊😉


Before on the left after on the right 😉. My beautiful friend Chloe had left her hair a while and been on holiday so had been lifted by the sun. We put some highlights round the hair line, darkened the roots and freshened up the ends.


I saw a post that was forwarded from a good friend of mine, asking her why hairdressers think it's OK to charge extra for colour and why we are taking advantage of the situation. I can honestly say none of us are taking advantage of the situation, the reason for the extra cost is all the extra product we are using because everyone's roots are so much longer. We are definitely not earning any more from the situation and actually are probably taking a lot less because we can't do as many clients. Also my hairdressers insurance has doubled in price. So when we charge a tiny bit extra please know it's not to rip anyone off it is to cover our costs. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions as I'm always here to answer them. All I ask in return is to for people not to say bad things about us on social media as we are honestly doing our best in a very scary situation. A lot of my good friends are working so much over time that they are absolutely exhausting.


Hey guys, as it stands hairdressers can't make their clients wear a face mask but please please please think about their health. Don't make them wear full ppe to protect you whilst you sit their without a mask on. Please think of others and wear a mask where you can. It's also to protect the vulnerable that may not be able to wear a mask. Think of others and be kind 🙏🙏🙏


The Shoreham Hair Lounge

Good morning to all our lovely clients 🌞🌞🌞
Please see below the guidance we have to follow to keep us and you safe . Remember we are a close contact business so the procedures are stricter for businesses like us! These are guidelines which we have NO choice but to follow .... and there is a lot!! but please when you get a minute take the time to read.
Also remember that we hope as much as you that these will change over time!


- We have undertaken a thorough review and risk assessment of our salon and services

- We have rearranged the salon space to adhere to social distancing the best we can

- We will have Perspex screens between each styling station and reception

- Every surface will be cleaned regularly with sanitiser

- ALL equipment will be disinfected before and after every service

- Disposable gowns and towels will be used at all time

- We will ensure adequate ventilation through the salon with doors and windows open where possible

- We have extended opening hours and the team will be working split shifts so only 3 stylists working at one time

- The whole team will wear full PPE

- In salon consultations will be done at the styling station via the mirror to minimise face to face interaction. Whilst the stylist works on your hair there will be minimal talking ( this is one we hope will change soon ! )

- All our team members are trained to care for our customers in a safe and protective major

- There will be a small increase in colour costs if your stylist has to use more colour then you have previously required due to extra re- growth , but we will not be charging for PPE

- Appointments only , no walk ins

-Children’s cuts (under 12) will not be available through July


- All clients must wear a face covering (we have available but would rather you bring your own to bring down the risk of us disposing of them ) clients will not be able to enter unless they have a mask

- Please arrive on time for your appointment and wait outside the salon for us to bring you in

- Hand Sanitiser will be available at entrance and must be used and temperature taken

- You must come alone for your appointment we cannot accommodate children or guests

- Magazines and refreshments are not available so please bring a bottle of water and reading material if you require

- We are unable to offer blow drys for this first appointment but we hope this will change soon ( please speak to your stylist regarding this )

- We are unable to hang coats and bags up so please bring minimal belongings as these have to stay with you at all times

- We are not being rude not being our usual chatty selfs but we have to keep talking minimal , we would love nothing more to give you a hug and a good chat but as well as the safety aspect we have to run on time as best we can too

And Breath!!! ... We think this covers everything. We are confident the salon with run safely and smoothly and in time things will ease too.

We have an overwhelming list of clients to get through , but we will !!! Please don’t be disappointed if your appointment is in a few weeks time , remember we can only fit a certain number of clients in per day and we only have one pair of hands , as most of you are aware we are juggling all of this whilst still having our young children off school ... but with the extended hours, team work your understanding and support we will do it 💪🏻

Your Stylist will be calling so any questions you have they will be happy to answer.

P.s - is it to early for a gin ?! 💞💞


Getting more orange by the day 🧡🧡🧡. I know it's a struggle with hairdressers being closed but I love brightening my hair with crazy toners. They stain the hair and therefore have no peroxide in them. So if you're bored with your blonde hair and fancy something crazy give me a shout and I can help pick your colour. This is Directions Manderin, it's so easy to apply. Hair By Gabi Draper.


Freelance Hairdressers' Association

The FHA would like to make it clear that it is illegal for hairdressers to work during lockdown.

“Mobile hairdressers, beauty practitioners etc would be classed as peripatetic workers and this cohort of the working population would fall to HSE for H&S enforcement of the Health & Safety at Work Act. Any concerns relating to the disregard of Public Health England social distancing measures should therefore be reported to HSE.”

The lockdown restrictions are backed up by legislation (Health & Safety at Work Act) and there are fines. In England they’ve just been doubled, and increase for repeat offenders to up to £3200. If any FHA members are found to be ignoring the law their membership will be immediately cancelled.

Currently July 4th is when all hairdressers, salons and mobile, can go back to work. Unless the Government change the date.
We are being inundated with emails asking the FHA if it is OK for hairdressers to work with all kinds of excuses. Can I cut hair in the garden? Is it OK if I wear gloves and a mask? I work from home is it OK to have clients one at a time?

It is illegal and you stand to be fined. The Government states that hairdressers cannot work until 4th July at the earliest. If you work not only are you breaking the law, you risk a heavy fine and it could be the end of your career.

For up to date Government guidance check out:


The Shoreham Hair Lounge

My beautiful friend Sarah 😊😊

Hello 👋🏻

How are you all doing?
We hope you are all well ❤️

We are really missing being in the salon, it’s been too long 😢

We really appreciate all your lovely messages sofar and thank you to everyone who has put their name down on our waiting list. We will contact you as soon as we have confirmation of when we will open ❤️

🌟 Today we have a video that our lovely Sarah put together of doing her own hair. We are very impressed, imagine how good she can colour your hair, if she can do this herself! 👩

❤️Lots of love from your Shoreham Hair Lounge Team, and see you soon ❤️

P.s do not do this at home. Just is not a instructional video, just for fun 😉


The Shoreham Hair Lounge

☀️Happy Friday everyone☀️

How are you all doing?

We hope you are all well, we are excited about the weekend. Looking forward to some more sunshine 💛

To see you off into the weekend, here are some beautiful hair styles from our magical team, and a little trip around the salon.💇🏻

❤️ Lots of love from your Shoreham Hair Lounge ❤️

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Lovely, soft golden ombré.





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