Thanks for making me look like Goldilocks again 💗
Brilliant visit today
Very happy with all the lengths keri has gone through to make us and more importantly herself safe whilst making us look normal again
Thank you 😘
Thank you for my gorgeous hair yet again 😘
Thank you for making the girls look like princesses (and the biscuits) x
Loving my new hair colour, you are a star 😘
Loved this put up by Keri for an evening out
My lovely shiney locks. Thank you Keri
Happy family! Thanks Keri Groom ❤️
Little sweetie pie had her first French plaits ❤️
Thank you for the cut and amazing plait!
And the after!!
Thanks so much Keri - my daughter Daisy went for a big chop today!!! We all love it 💗💗💇 ### here's the before...

Specialising in all aspects of hairdressing for adults and children’s

Operating as usual


Thanks for making me look like Goldilocks again 💗

Photos from Keri's post 12/04/2021

2021 first day of opening this year and had the lovely sue as my very first client back through the door. Then they lovely Liz as my last client of the day.
Been a lovely first day back seeing you all.
Please remember you need to have a skin test done at least 48hours before your appointment. ###


[04/10/21]   💕🎉2 Days to go 🎉💕

So who’s getting excited I sure am and I cannot wait for Monday.

Really looking forward to seeing you all again.💕💕

I hope I have contact you all for appointments if I haven’t then please send me a message.

Remember Monday I am there 9-1pm for skin tests have spoken to you all so please remember to have this done no skin test means no colour (sorry).
If your aporia booked in a fews weeks time for a colour nearer the time I will contact you to arrange a date and a time for you to come in to have a skin test done.

Please remember when coming for you appointment that masks have to be worn the Paul time of your appointment and please bring minimum stuff with you and if you can come on your own to the appointment then please come on your own.

I won’t be serving hot or cold drinks but you’re more than welcome to bring a hot drink or a bottle of water with you to your appointment.

once again I know I’ve said it a lot over this year but it’s meant a lot to me all the support I’ve had from you all I’m gonna say it one last time I just want to THANK YOU 💕 every single one of you for all your support.

I know it’s been hard for us all but hopefully we are coming to the end of this now, let’s keep looking forward. X###

[04/05/21]   Great News 🥳🎉it’s been confirmed
I will be opening from Tuesday 13th April.
Please bare with me I am still going through the diary.

I have got to re skin test before any colour service.
I will be in work on Monday 12th April 9am till 1pm, please message or txt me and I will sort this out for you, I know have spoken to some of you already and we have sorted this so what we have arrange still the same.

Everything I had in place last time I was open before going back into lockdown still stays the same for when I re open again, face mask has to be worn when coming to your appointment and to stay on during your appointment, more than welcome to bring your own drinks.

So looking forward to being back at work and seeing you all again
Thank you so much for all your support over this last year. 💕❤️

[03/05/21]   Hi everyone, just want to say sorry I have been late in reply to messages/texts I have been poorly and not check anything.
I have decided not to sort appointments out as yet as it’s still 6weeks away until I can re open I don’t want to book you all in now then if things change to then reschedule appointments again as you can imagine I’ve already got three months worth of work to sort out.
I will start looking at appointments end of March beginning of April and I then will be in contact with you all.
Thank you for your support patience and understanding in these time I’m so looking forward to being back at work fingers crossed it is the 12th of April 💕💕


Just been listening and it’s looks like with all going well I will be able to re open from 12th April, as from tomorrow I will going through my diary for appointments and will be in contact.
All I ask is please can you bear with me as you can imagine I’ve got three months worth of appointments already to go through to sort those appointment out for clients that already had them scheduled in, I will get round to you all.

So happy to have a date to look forward to welcoming you all back.
Let just hope this is the date and everything goes as planned.


📣Latest News from England

This afternoon (22 February) the Prime Minister announced that, all being well, the Personal Care sector can re-open on 12 April under Step 2 of the Government’s roadmap for re-opening. The date of re-opening depends on the rollout of the vaccine, the rate of infections and the impact of any new variants.

The NHBF, together with other sector bodies, is continuing to press the government for a package of support including:

- a Personal Care Relief Fund to keep businesses afloat until they can re-open, and
- a cut in VAT to 5% to enable the hardest-hit businesses to recover once they are open again and operating under government guidelines

These support measures are essential to ensure the hair and beauty sector survives, restarts and recovers in the coming months and we continue to fight for you on this basis.

Photos from Keri's post 21/02/2021

For lockdown 3 I have been keeping myself busy making tea light holder.
Set of 3 for £15
If anyone is interested in any let me know drop me a message. Xx

[02/20/21]   Just to say hello to you all and everyone keeping well.
Sorry I have been quite still no update yet of when I can re open.
As soon as I know I will let you all know
Lots of love to you all xx

COVID-19: PM Boris Johnson Announcement 27.01.2021 - The British Beauty Council 29/01/2021

COVID-19: PM Boris Johnson Announcement 27.01.2021 - The British Beauty Council

Just a little update for you, looks like lockdown is going until 8th March with a review of 22nd February.
When I know I am aloud to reopen again I will get in contact with everyone that had appointments booked in, if you don’t have an appointment booked I can add you to my list.

Hope your all keeping safe and well, missing seeing you all and look forward to coming back again when I can 💕❤️

COVID-19: PM Boris Johnson Announcement 27.01.2021 - The British Beauty Council Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he hopes schools can open on 8 March. Lockdown is still going to be reviewed in February.   Transcript of the Speech: (Source:   Mr Speaker, with permission, I will make a statement on the Government’s measures to safeguard our United Kingdom a...


This sums it all up, Thank you all some much for you love and support. Looking forward to seeing you all again ###x

[12/31/20]   Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you all a very happy new year.🎉🍾🥳
With all the COVID restrictions I still don’t know when I will be re opening as no dates have been set yet just review dates every two weeks, as soon as I know more I will start rearranging all the appointments that I have booked in but at the moment I am just taking each day by day.
I will be back again and look forward to seeing each and everyone of you, I know I have said it a lot but I am going to say it again a big THANK YOU to you all for your continuous support throughout this year. ❤️💕

[12/23/20]   First of all I would like to thank everyone of you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ for all your support over this year I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you all so thank you.

As you all would be aware as from Boxing Day we are in tier 4 so that means for me once again I have to close until further notice when I know I am aloud to re open again and any appointments that have been missed I will be in contact with you all,
Keep an eye on here for updates in the mean time.

Finally I would like to wish everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new New Year stay healthy and safe and I will see you once again on the other side.

Keri 💕😘❤️ xx

[11/27/20]   Hello everyone

Hope your all keeping well and looking forward to be back open and seeing you all.

I am fully booked until the New Year, all appointments that were already pre book for December still stand.
All November appointments I have contact you all.
I do have an cancellation list going that I can add you too just send me a message.
Everything I had in place before I closed still applies when I re open on Thursday 3rd December.

* QR code available
* face coverings must be worn throughout your appointment
* sanitise your hands before you enter

Please if you don’t feel well cancel your appointment.

Can’t wait to be back.
Thank you 💖💖

[11/23/20]   Hi Everyone
I can re open again 🥳🎉 there has been confusion over what day I can open some say 2nd some say 3rd.
I will be opening on Thursday 3rd December.
Thank you again for all your love and support over this year. 💕💕


Big thank you to all my clients for your support. 💕💕
Look forward to seeing you in December 🤞
I am working my way through the diary I will try my very hardest to get those in who have missed there appointments and not got a December one, I am very busy for December I will do my very best to get you in, please bare with me I will be in contact. Have had a very very busy for days. Xx


So where do I start I’d like to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for all your support over the last couple of months since being back open.❤️❤️❤️
once again I have to close again from Thursday so I will be working Monday to Wednesday this week for people that have got appointments in this week I will still see you, I will be going through my diary for November to find somewhere to get you all in when I can reopen fingers crossed Wednesday 3nd December I will be back.
Thank you again 💕

[10/07/20]   CLIENTS NOTICE

Due to my recent family bereavement. I would like to give fore-warming that the salon will be closed for 3days on Wednesday 21st October, Thursday 22nd October and Friday 23rd October.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause those whom have appointments booked in I will be in contact with you.
I thank you for your understanding.
Regards Keri xx


Hi everyone things have changed and from the 8th august you will have to wear a face mask when coming to your appointment.
The leisure centre is back open now and you can come straight down to me just walk in and go to the desk they will have your name there so they Know I will be expecting you.
Thank you


A month has passed by already seen re opening
just want to thank everyone of you for all your support since being back it’s been lovely seeing you all again.
Thank you also for following all the salon rules. I will be now asking for you all to please wear a mask when coming in.
Thank you again look forward to seeing you all. ❤️💕

[07/05/20]   Looking forward to being back at work tomorrow can’t wait to see you all.
I think I have got round to getting in contact with you all if I haven’t please message me or phone me and I will sort an appointment out for you.
My next available appointments are Friday 14th august I have a few spaces Wednesday 26th august then after that it is middle of September.
All emails have been sent as well if you haven’t received it please let me know and I will re send to you.
Thank you again to you all for being supportive and patient with me with getting round to getting you all booked in like I’ve said if I have forgotten anyone please please either give me a call give me a text and I’ll get you booked in as soon as I can.

[07/03/20]   After a very busy week the shop is all clean and ready for opening on Monday.
For all the clients I have spoken to already if you haven’t received email yet will be with you by Sunday.
Clients I haven’t contacted yet I haven’t forgotten about you just got a lot of sorting to do with my diary with clients appointments that have already been booked in before lockdown.
I will be phoning you all over the next week.
Thank you all for your support looking forward to each and everyone of you again in the salon. ❤️


Here is a look at what has to be followed. When i phone you all i will answer any question you have. Hope its all clear for you to understand.
I do have a questionnaire that needs to be filled in (children aswell) with you details this can be done when you arrive or if you txt/PM me you email i can send over to you IF EMAIL TO YOU NEEDS TO BE PRINTED OFF AND BROUGHT TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.
Thank you I know all seems a lot at the moment but this is what I have to follow at the moment so I hope you all understand xx

[06/29/20]   UPDATE..
Good news i am aloud to open things are going to be very different to start with for you all.
With the leisure centre still closed i will only be working monday -friday when the leisure centre re opens i will be working weekends again.
PLEASE PLEASE bear with me now as from tomorrow i will be contact you all for your appointments i am Limited to the amount of people I can do throughout the day you many have to wait a little long till i have space to get you in BUT i promise you all that I will get you in you just need to bear with.
I am looking forward to see an each and everyone of you again ♥️xx

[06/25/20]   Hello everyone
Just a quick update i have send everything to the Leisure Centre that they have asked for all i can do now is just wait untill they get back to me.
I know you all want to get your hair done as its been a long time now...but at the moment it is out of my hands until I know I'm hoping I will find out as soon as possible fingers crossed by the end of this week.
Then next week i will be phoning you all to sort appointments out.
All I ask please be patient with me as you can imagine phone's everything are going mad at the moment I'm trying my hardest to get back to every single one of you but please bear with me by next week I will be in contact with all of you and you all will have an appointment in.
Thank you for your support through this horrible time that we're going through and fingers crossed it won't be long till I'll be back in the salon and seeing you all again. ###

[06/23/20]   GOOD NEWS.
Goverment has said we can open 4thjuly.
Just need to wait to see what get said in tonights announcement and wait for the guidelines that I have to follow.
As you all know i am based in the lord bulter Leisure Centre so all depends if i am aloud in to open. So please all be patient with me as I need to get in contact with them to see first if I'm allowed to open as soon as I know I will be in contact with you to book appointments for you all.
I will post on here my opening day for those that have appointments book for july they are still all booked in i will be in contact with you all still.
Thank you and fingers cross i will see you all very soon xx

[06/16/20]   Hope your all keeping well. At the moment my diary for appointments are still closed as it is in talks to open on 4th july BUT nothing has been set yet from the government and we haven't had guidelines yet , I dont want to open my diary for appointment and then have to cancel you all if things change and I cant open.
I have got a waiting list started so drop me a txt/message on here and will add to you to.
Things are going to be very different when i am aloud to re open again so please bear with me i will get round to getting you all booked in when i can.
Really missing each and everyone of you cant wait to be back open to see you all.💕💕
Thank you again for your support over these last couple of months been lovely hearing from some of you. ###


Sorry i have been quite on here for a while i am still here if you need any advice.

Still cant open yet as there is no date set got to wait till 4th july for a date to re open.

Good news for you all i am busy at the shop getting it all ready. Picture to follow soon doing the things i wanted to do from day one but as you all know been to busy to do it all cant wait for you all to see it when i am aloud to reopen again.
Missing each and everyone of you sending love and hugs to you and thank you for your support and patience at this time. 💕😘💕

As members of the government taskforce, the NHBF, along with invited industry businesses, trade bodies and medical experts, is currently reviewing the draft government guidelines for hair and beauty salons, and barbershops to return safely to work.

We do not yet know when the final guidelines will be published and are currently for England only.

We’ve been in contact with Scottish and Welsh governments. They haven’t published anything yet but as soon as information for Scotland, Wales and N Ireland is available we’ll publish it.


Hope your all keeping safe and well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. Just wanted to share this with you all.
If anyone got any questions about hair or anything else just drop me a message or here or give me a txt. See you all soon. Xx


Hi everyone hope your all keeping safe and well.. really looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you soon. Xx

Just something for you all to see I have just done this to get my certificate so all ready for when I am back to work.


Update for you all. Fingers cross I can be back working soon.. missing seeing you all now, hope your all keeping well, as soon as i know i am aloud back working i will be in contract with you all for the ones that have missed appointments already. Xx

[05/11/20]   To those who think our career is ‘JUST HAIR !!!
Saw this on a fellow stylists page and it rang so true.

‘People do not realise what you do and many take it for granted! I laugh every time a person next to me says what do you do? I put a proud smile on my face and say HAIR. Their expressions are priceless. Yes, I’ve met some amazing people doing JUST HAIR all around the world!

This is what I do, it’s just hair, right?

It's just hair - When I got to be a part of your wedding day!

It's just hair-When I was there for your first date!

It's just hair:-When I prayed for you and cried when you told me a family member or YOU had cancer.

It's just hair-When you told me you were getting divorced/separated.

It's just hair-When we had so much fun doing your prom hair.

It's just hair-When I had the honour of giving you your first colour.

It's just hair-I was the first person you told you were expecting!

It's just hair-When you looked forward to relaxing in my chair.

It's just hair-When you got offered your dream job and nobody else knew but me and you!

It's just hair-When you met the person of your dreams and they proposed!!

It's just hair-When all you wanted in the whole world was a hug from your stylist because you knew I’d give it to you with open arms!

It's just hair-When you lost your job and didn't know what you were going to do.

It's just hair-When you had a terrible day and looked forward to being able to vent without being judged.

It's just hair-When you are about to go on holiday and can't wait to tell me all about it on your next visit.

It's just hair-When you bought your very first home.

It's not "just hair”for any of us in this industry!!!!’

We have touched the lives of so many people, so, to all of our clients, thank you for being very special people in our lives - I miss you and hope to see you soon.

And to other ‘JUST HAIR STYLISTS”. You are amazing!

Stay Home.
Protect the NHS.
Save lives.

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Todays colour and cut with a plait after as to hot to wear hair down today. Xx
This is my beautiful daughter getting her done before her school disco. As faith says to me 'mum I love it from where yo...




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