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Timeline photos 28/01/2022

Content Planning...

Are you giving yourself time each week or month to plan your content?

I haven't always but I now create my content every week for two hours. One hour on planning and one hour on creating and scheduling.

How do you plan your content?

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Are you using a scheduler for posting your charity's content?

If so which one? I love Agorapulse and It makes my job more streamlined.

The reports are excellent, the inbox and listening tools saves so much time because you don't need to keep coming in and out of each platform.

They now have the Canva design tool integrated (and everyone loves Canva). Plus, you can analyse what your competitors in your field are doing.

Plus charities can apply for a reduced price so remember to ask. To trial Agorapulse visit the link

What scheduler do you use?

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Hello, one of the best things about my job is developing relationships and managing communities.

I'm celebrating community managers everywhere for all of the great work they do 🥳 Have you thanked yours?

Kate x

Timeline photos 21/01/2022

Hooray! It's the weekend.

What are you planning on doing to relax after a busy week?

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Hello & welcome!

I'm Kate & I work with individuals and teams within charities to develop social media strategies to help grow awareness & fundraise on Facebook & Instagram. Along with 1:1 and in-house team training in organic social media.

I also provide social media management & community management.

Get in touch via DM or via email at [email protected]

Timeline photos 17/01/2022

Do you feel blue in January?

I don't mind the winter months but I do prefer feeling warm.

So I like to daydream about the spring and summertime 🌞

How do you pick yourself up?

Photos from Socially Shaw's post 18/06/2021

Our CF family and friends have been super busy wearing yellow and taking today in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust's .

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to take part and donate 💛 As it's Dyl's birthday I will not be able to post individual dedication posts but we are truly grateful for all of your support 😃

I hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone 💛


Good morning all, I am doing some research and I would love to know...

What makes a great Facebook Group? Think about the groups you are part of and why you visit them regularly.

Here are just a few things to help you think about that but add your own as well. It would really help me so thanks in advance 😀

Do you stay (in groups) because of the topic?

Do you stay because you like the other members?

What makes a great Facebook Group host?

What do you hate about Facebook Group groups?

How often do you actively engage in a group? And why?

Can you give me examples of some brilliant groups you are a member of and why you are a member of that group?

What keywords make you think of the positive groups you are a member of i.e. community/trust/likeminded/care/relationship/great products/services and any others you can think of.

Thank you!

Timeline photos 18/03/2021

Instagram has reported that they are introducing new features and resources to support parents and teens who use the platform.

They have developed new parent guides to complement the current parent guides available currently.

They want to make the platform safe for teenagers so that they can use it to "strengthen connections, practice social skills and find supportive communities".

What do your teenagers use Instagram for?

Image description: Background neon stars and purple dashes. Socially Shaw logo. Blue rectangle frames the text. The text says Instagram new features to make platform safer for young people.

Timeline photos 14/03/2021

Happy Mother's Day you wonderful lot!

I hope you're getting lots of love and appreciation from your loved ones today 😊

Image Description: Yellow background with logos and a hashtag. A large neon pink heart merges with a smaller neon heart as though they are cuddling. The text says Happy Mother's Day Mamas.

Facebook adds a path to partnership for its Level Up creators 11/03/2021

Facebook adds a path to partnership for its Level Up creators

Source: Matt Navarra

Facebook adds a path to partnership for its Level Up creators Get on your grind.


My little helper this morning 🥰🐶

Yoshi the Border Terrier is the best study buddy a gal could ask for.

Who keeps you company when you're working?

Image: Photo of a sleeping dog.

Socially Shaw now takes appointments on their Page. 28/02/2021

Socially Shaw now takes appointments on their Page.

Socially Shaw now takes appointments on their Page.

Happy Customers 25/02/2021

I love to receive positive feedback. It really makes me feel proud of the work I have done with others.

Here is a short snippet from Thuha's testimonial about our work together. I completed social media management for a company Thuha was working with which included hashtag research and content creation.

Thank you for your testimonial Thuha 😄

Do you like to receive positive feedback or does it make you uncomfortable? Tell me in the comments 👇

Image: Testimonial from client on a pink glittery heart.


Social Media Workshop with Socially Shaw in Collaboration with Brown Paper Festival

Had a wonderful zoom call with Megan from Brown Paper Festival yesterday and we even filmed a little video to introduce the workshop happening THIS Friday 🌟

We’ll be covering 5 main topics ...
🌟 Planning
🌟 Scheduling
🌟 Design
🌟 Creating Videos
🌟 Inclusion Tools

So for an hour on Friday evening at 8pm we’ll be chatting and passing on lots of tips to help you make your social media life easier !!

Book your ticket now over on the website in the comments below 🌟
Friday 26th February
8pm on Zoom
£20 per ticket

We look forwrd to seeing you there!!

Video: Shows Megan and Kate discussion Friday nights social media workshop.

Timeline photos 21/02/2021

Come and Join me and Megan from Brown Paper Festival to learn about how to manage your social media in 5 easy steps.

The workshop takes place on Friday 26th February at 8pm £20.

This workshop is perfect for you if you:

⭐ Are a busy business owner.
⭐ You struggle to be consistent on your social pages.
⭐ You need help to plan your content.
⭐You want to know what tools to use for planning.
⭐You want to know what tools to use to create easy videos.
⭐ You want to reach more of of your customers on social media.
⭐ You know how useful social media is but find fitting it in too much.

If you're interested in investing in a workshop that will help you to save time and use social media tools that both Megan and I use and love for our businesses sign up today! Link is in the comment section below.

See you on Friday 😊

Image: Information image saying when the workshop is with Kate from Socially Shaw and Megan from brown Paper Festival.


Hi everyone,

I've just joined Brown Paper Festival community as I will be guest speaker talking to host Megan about how I work with small businesses and charities to help them put systems in place to utilise their social pages so they can gain more sales and engagement while juggling work, home life and play and I can't wait!

Megan and I met today to prepare for our workshop next Friday 26th February at 8pm via zoom where we will discuss 5+ tools to help small businesses with their social media.

We will cover on the night:
⭐️ Tools that you can use to help you plan your posts effectively and consistently to save you time because time is so important when you run your own business.

⭐️ How to save time by using schedulers. Schedulers will change your life! Plus these ones have fantastic free versions.

⭐️ Design tools and how to be consistent across your socials

⭐️ Tools to create video (don't worry I hate video too but I have some tips up my sleeve).

⭐️ Inclusion Tools so that you are reaching as many of your customers as possible.

So, if you would like to join us on Friday see the link in comments and I'll see you on Friday!!

Socially Shaw updated their business hours. 18/02/2021

Socially Shaw updated their business hours.

Socially Shaw updated their business hours.


Are you half term ready?

Running a business is a juggle at the best of times but during half term in a pandemic is super power🦸🏽🦸🏼‍♂️Well done to everyone getting s**t done.

Tell me about your coping strategies for this week below.

Image: This video shows a woman tapping her head and rubbing her tummy to demonstrate multitasking.


🎧Do you listen to the radio? Or Podcasts?🎧
Here are 3 of my absolute favourite social media for business podcasts to sink your ears into.

I had wanted to count them down like Top Of The Pops but they're all number one in my eyes/ears 🤩

🎧 The Janet Murray Show: Janet Murray is the queen of content👑. A former journalist, Janet lives and breathes copy, she is an expert in sales, audience building and content strategy and planning. Her Reels are fantastic and she has designed in my opinion, the best Social Media Diary & Planner. You can find my affiliate link in my bio over on Instagram.

I love Janet's podcast because it is informative and full of value and 100s of fantastic ideas for anyone using social media for their business. Janet also sends daily emails and has tons of courses to meet everyone's needs. I'm currently taking part in which I'm really enjoying.

🎧 Andrew and Pete's Atomicast: Andrew and Pete have been best buds since they met in University where they studied marketing. They now have an amazing membership specifically aimed at small business owners and hold an annual event called ATOMICON (which I'm looking forward to attending in November). You can now access this members only podcast by clicking the link in their bio and trialling their membership for just £1!! It's well worth a listen. If you would like to know more subscribe to their YouTube channel.

🎧 Business Anchors Podcast ⚓ by brothers Dan Knowlton and Lloyd Knowlton founders of Knowlton Marketing. The podcast is very informative, funny and full of stories about the marketing lessons they have learned, the cringey mistakes they have made and of course their successes both personally and while working in digital marketing. It's like fun house- because It's a whole lot of fun with prizes to be won. Yes really. AND I think it has one of the best theme tunes ever. Tune in and enjoy. You can also find them on YouTube.

Which podcast would you recommend? Save this post and share it with your small business friends and colleagues. They'll thank you for it.

Image: Images of podcast hosts.

Be Seen & Grow Your Business!

Hello there!

I’m Kate and I work with small businesses & charities like yours to help you use Facebook & Instagram to promote your business.

Are you posting but not getting the responses you need and want? Perhaps you’re stuck for content ideas? Or do you feel stumped when it comes to strategy?

Well if this sounds like you, never fear, KATE IS HERE! I love to help people find their social media superpowers 🦸💥🦸🏿‍♂️ and as your super side kick I will help you to make your business the best it can be on social, so get in touch with me today!

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Social Media Workshop with Socially Shaw in Collaboration with Brown Paper Festival
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