Wishing you all a loverly mothering sonday. Why worry about what cant be changed. I hope you are all managing ok out there? Leaving you with lots of love. Know I am here. I will likely do something meditative for you later on & if not today? I am setting up a closed group for my offerings that you can join, for free, for the next month at least; then i will look at getting it sustainable, if i need to. If anyone needs a chat too? Dont be shy to get in touch. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Introducing Rebekah from WhOListIxX

I am delighted to be able to offer a full range of physical therapies, massage, reflexology, crystal healing, angel reiki (of which I am a Master Teacher of).

I offer a multidimensional transformational range of services, catering for a diversity of needs. I have been practising for 9 years and am based in M31. I have a private clinic and also offer my services within the local healthy living centre.
Read more here - https://www.promotinglocal.co.uk/listing/wholistixx/
Rebekah has been treating me for various ailments . I am confined to a wheelchair and when contacted her regarding my frozen shoulder she decided that a course of remote healing would be the best way of getting round my problem. we proceded with the healing program and I was absolutely amazed at the results it produced am so grateful to Rebekah and I will certainly continue to use her in the future .

'Experience holistic SYNERGY!!! Private work &
Affordable therapies in communities. 1-1, groups/events...
Access to and for all is my philosophy!

Hello, my name is Rebekah. I am a Holistic Synergist and dedicated to using natural skills I've developed, alongside my extensive life experience, to help you improve your quality of life; whatever that means to you. Having trained as a therapist and worked in the addiction and general well-being field, I am equipped to offer counselling; either in person or via Skype, alongside Angelic reiki(I am

Operating as usual


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Sitting in the eye and regrouping calmly , whilst nature takes its course...#reBalancer


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Happy Mondays 😎


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Treasure beckons as the uprooted rise up with clarity of purpose, ideals firmly held, swaying willing nurture in, that strengthened branches, reach heights I ain't nerver been..#armyofthekind #letsglowglobal #sacredreciprocity


SONday blessons... keeping on clearing the way... #armyofthekind #freedomisalive #serviceoversurface


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Join for free #freedomisalive on Facebook @rebekahsynergist for things to facilitate aligned healthy choices.... meditation, sacred dance, yoga and creative well being by myself and also my teachers plus peers. #letsglowglobal #armyofthekind #mAAtineMotiOn


And for all the has nots? And those things I have done as well? I am humbled and resting in humility and Grace #rebalancer #divinereordering #mAAtineMotiOn


Day dreaming and creating whilst being kissed by this glorious sunshine...am living some Bliss


Word from the wise ...stand for something else fall for anything 💔 many ways to the one whom loves without conditioning #armyofthekind #mAAtinstillness #letsglowglobal


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Blessed chooseday all...v
Choose Life #letsglowglobal


Magical may times...let's see less of the tricks this month & more of the Right moves being made...playing the April fool was fun; now I am back with renewed energy in balancing state of being. May time to ground in all I've done and to nurture the budding trees...now they've all rooted deeply. #mAAtinEmoTiOn #reBalancer #thegreatuncovering #observationsoftheobserved #armyofthekind #freedomisalive #serviceoversurface


Well there I was last year & this year I'm still waiting to light a fire . Maybe the chimnea can suffice instead. Blessed 😇🙏 day and may Blessings ❣️May all days 🎂 be a Blessingways. #freedomisalive #ReBalancer #holyfiresblazeinmyheart #observationsoftheobserved #mAAtinEmoTiOn


Always stay Blessed 😇🙏 plenty more2wellcome in2....2020;
my own flame never ever died no matter if many candles flints see used 4 a Light!!! #armyofthekind #mAAtinEmoTiOn #freedomisalive


Blessed choose day ❣️💞💙🙏😇


Notes to self I send out this sonday andBlessUp All with the 🌈 same philosophy


That's about Right 😂 already!!! Morefire more love 😘


https://facebook.com/events/s/lets-meet-virtually/527149444903050/?ti=wa today 6pm in my private group. Just ask to be added #FREEDOMISALIVE #eachonereachone #armyofthekind


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https://facebook.com/events/s/chakra-clearing-meditation/557927464827196/?ti=icl . It’s available now and will be and added to as I gl❣️w on!!! I’ve made it a private group so you have to join, just as a energetic boundary thing really , so it’s a safe container for my FREE Offerings of meditation, hypnosis , movement etc. Will be creating some even tighter containers within zoom or wherever , within which to present the 5 elements bellydance I have studied via hay house .; which I received via scholarship , on the provision pay it forwards ...what better time to do that!?! #maatinemotion #armyofthekind #eachOnereachone


https://facebook.com/events/s/chakra-clearing-meditation/557927464827196/?ti=icl . Swan swam upto me to today with the Gift of Purest Love , and with Great wisdom sent me strength , patience and a renewed purpose to stay in the fl🤍w...then, with a wag of the tail feathers & total non attachment ....Glided Gracefully on!!! So do join me in this group for this or any of my free offerings during this pause to reflect & let’s move on up river and into clearer waters⚖️💚🙏🏽#armtofthekind #maatinemotion


Mother’s Day Reverence to All!!! Know no such thing as separati✨n really exists & winJoy🌷🌷🌷


GOOD ORDER & DIRECTION 🤝💆🏻‍♀️🧖🏼‍♀️💃🏻🦋🕸🕊🌱🌞🌻✨🌍🥑🥜🍋🏋🏾‍♀️🧘🎤🥁🙏🏽🎯


Just breathe in Peace & open to the all pervading LOVE energies flying around this magnificent OmniVerse⚖️❤️🙏🏽be still and kn👁w👼🏽


https://facebook.com/events/s/free-onlinelive-meditation-com/1030945250632069/?ti=icl. Let’s simply be Present for one another and lean into nature’s example🌱


🤪Blessed chooseday and lets choose well🤩Just to clarify this class is postponed until at least April . I will put together and offer classes via a private Facebook group , if this postponement has to go on any longer than that. I am also setting up a Facebook group to support you through these challenging times with live meditations and processes that you can go back to as well. Please get in touch via message to express your interest in being added to the group. I also offer 1-1 live video classes and therapy sessions now as well, which people are finding very useful 🤗Morelove to you all & let’s Dance on at every opportunity ❤️⚖️🙏🏽

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💚💚💚was a loverly bath and you really could get a few uses out of one of you wanted so very Good value as well.
Service announcements,product reveal & musings from my heart
Let off some steam ....if you haven’t already discovered and integrated a regular yoni steaming practice ladies ? Then I...
Joy to the world 🥳🥳🥳
I woke feeling off and it’s amazing why some time spent in stillness and allowance can do...afterwhich I went to collect...
Blessed chooseday everyOne💆🏽aaaaaaaah!!!🦄
Fantastic space kindly subsidised by OUR Sale west! Reflexology , massage, reiki, meditation. From £15 an hour. £5 Taste...
TOMMOROW at Sale west CommUnity centre, Newbury avenue. *HOLISTIC TASTER DAY* 07443419055 to book or just come along. Ju...
Really enJoying this!!! ThanxX for yOur Presence!!!👣👣🙌😇✌🏼️❤️👼🏽



*** Cedar Road
M31 4LY

General information

I AM fortunate in that I am subsidised within my BLUESCI venues, and, therefore able to offer some therapeutic sessions at a lower rate. This includes the Older and Privileged, unwaged/low income. This pay what you can investment is £15 an hour. I do offer half hour slots for £10. (£7.50 at Bluesci venues for the unwaged/£10/ £20 an hour for waged.) An investment of £25 an hour otherwise is standard. I am here to be of service, therefore those in genuine financial hardship, and need may still benefit, at my discretion.xX
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