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Was so happy when my personal order came....as I've been away where I couldn't get hold of it for a month, and my skin has been upset. Great start to my chooseday to indulge in a lovely pamper with a mask made with the yummy formula that I can rely on. #ReBalancer #mAAtinEmoTion


These products really are that Good he will want to use them. And really helps the skin that shaves too. Soften his edges & draw him closer💚💚💚


💚We’ll be selecting 500 orders at random from all the orders placed on the

14th February

to receive an additional free mini 5ml Glow Berry! We hope this comes as a sweet Valentine’s surprise for those lucky 500 💚


Break up the stay in and keep cosy with some friends whilst having a pamper & earning yourself at least some of the fantastic products for your time . Get in touch to see what we can create together. I sometimes lend my wholistixx services as well to help your partaay along🖐🏽


Https://www.tropicskincare/wholistixx . Feed your skin 💚💚💚with the nourishment , not the nasties. Remember everything you put into your skin goes into your system . We must do better , know we know better🙏🏽


Don’t MISS OUT on your Christmas treats. Last date for guaranteed delivery in time is tommorow(18th) message me with individual local orders or you can use the website if you prefer https://www.tropicskincare.com/wholistixx. Have a loverly day folks💚💚💚


A few ideas for stocking fillers . Delivery usually takes a couple of days 💚💚💚


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10%off TODAY on purchases of £60 and over . You can get the whole abc skincare collection and even indulge yourself in the deluxe version , saving yourself some money & helping save the planet💚💚💚


I have created multiple income streams so that I am ever closer to my dreams, one of which is as an ambassador for Tropic. It’s heaven on the skin, I just loved it so much and shared it✅ you could too 🖐🏽☝️
We are swiftly approaching the holiday season & aside from purchasing some loverly skin and hair nourishment for your family and friends or stocking up on your makeup? Why not consider holding a pamper partaay & receiving 40% in tropic goodies for you enJoying a great evening in with friends? Love the skin you are in 💚💚💚moreways!!!


Happy fridays🥳🥳🥳I am absolutely Loving my journey so far with Tropic. My skin is never felt so good nor looked so radiant, and I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on namebrand products that weren’t as effective. Am so happy to have found my skin saviours. I’ve also found the products to be great value for money as well & the way my senses are treated each and every time I use them, has made my morning and evening skincare rituals into something I would never miss. I’ve even been building up my makeup collection each time I put in an order and am extremely impressed with that as well. I am offering £10 wholistic facials to anyone who wishes to try the products throughout October. Pm me to book yours , or why not host a party and get it plus 40% in products for your time instead. I happily support you! All facials can also be booked as a complimentary gift from me alongside my main services https://www.wholistixx.co.uk


Oooooh and throughout August too? Throw a loverly pamper partaay🧖🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️🧖🏼‍♂️If you are local to me and want to host but are stuck anyhow? You can use my space and /or I will help you, if you wish.🥳


Happy fridays🌞🌞🌞I have been using the sunscreen and can highly recommend. It works in such a way that it reflects the harmful rays & really protects , minus the potential harm caused by chemical sunscreens✅💚🌱and we just keep on winning awards too🥳I LOVE that every single person who has purchased gets so much Joy from using these products. I also LOVE how my skin looks and feels so much better after just a couple of months🌈💃🏽& that I can now also combine facials into my other services. Works really well💆🏽‍♀️

itv.com 10/07/2019

How to simplify your holiday beauty bag

https://www.itv.com/thismorning/style-beauty/how-to-simplify-your-holiday-beauty-bag 🧚🏽‍♀️our makeup palette is featured 💚and I will be definitely investing in our discovery kit for travelling too. Pain in the rear having to condense things how we do , so these items are so very useful .

itv.com We all struggle to fit our bulging make-up cases in that tiny plastic bag at the airport. Well worry no longer! Bryony is here with her top secrets for your holiday must haves, including how to reduce the liquids, to beat the 100ml limit.


Helen's Tropic Treats

aaaaaaw the reciprocity is such a wonderful part of being on board with a team of conscious women yaaaay and heres to more fun, laughter and sharing the love on to others!!! happy humpday peeps Xx

Self care Sunday!!


Ooooooh get on this loverly offer & support the planet too🖐🏽💚👋🏽


I resonate soooo very much with the story behind tropic , am in much admiration of susie ma & you know you are into a winner when Lord Sugar backs you too🤝☝️🌱in honour of tropic’s 15th BIRTHDAY🥳 I am giving away 2 deluxe wholistic facials. All you have to do in order to win? Is let me know that you would like to. You also have to live close enough to either come to me in M31, or I can reach you (I have big wings🦋)but sorry , Manchester area & 30 mins radius from M31, only. When I am more established I will do a nationwide GIVEAWAY😎 . You could always help me out by sharing this post anyways🖐🏽ThanXX


💚🤝💚Oooooh my birthday soon too...THIS is a purrfect addition to any bathroom. I use a tiny amount and rub on my skin before my shower. Hits all the senses & when I rinse it off, leaves my skin like silk...👀go on treat yourself or someone you love & celebrate with us🥳🥳🥳


Susie Ma - Founder of Tropic Skincare and The Apprentice Star | Humans of Business Ep7

Here’s something to inspire you , just like this sunshine coming through today here. Double grateful!!! https://youtu.be/S1WkDO1DdbM

“Life is so short, spend all your time working hard but also laughing and enjoying life.” Susie Ma, named EY award's Rising Star in 2018, she is the founder ...

sarahkirbyblog.com 02/06/2019

Sarah Kirby Cruelty Free Blog: Design Your Look With Tropic's Colour Palette | AD


sarahkirbyblog.com A lifestyle blog about vegan and cruelty free living, beauty, food, minimalism, interiors and travel.


Helen's Tropic Treats

Happy chooseday people! Choose well ness👏🏽💚🎉

A few of our favourite things!!


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Have you been asked about Tropic as a MLM? Have some of your friends watched the BBC documentary and questioned what you do?

I was going to type up my response but our lovely Deborah Fallis has already responded in the most powerful way so please take the time to read her wise words.... Thank you Deborah! 💚

'You may have seen or read about a BBC documentary that aired last week about multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, which investigates the negative impacts they can have.

There were two or three companies mentioned that we're probably all familiar with (not Tropic as we are not an MLM company) but I wanted to let you know a bit more about our business, why we sell in this way and why we are most definitely not an MLM.

Tropic are a Direct Selling company, using ‘social selling’ as our method. We use this method because we do not sell - and will never be sold - in shops. The reason for this is because for a beauty or skincare product to be sold on a shop shelf, it has to have various preservatives, parabens and toxic chemicals added to it. Tropic is 100% natural (made with only plants, flowers, fruits, berries and seeds) so you will never see it on a shop shelf. We started with a 15 year old girl, Susie Ma, selling her Body Smooth on a market stall.

The sales team was only established in 2013 after Lord Sugar became Susie's business partner, and that’s because our four founding ambassadors approached Susie and suggested she increased her sales from the market stall by building a sales team of self employed women, who could sell when they wanted to sell, as much as they wanted to sell, and make themselves some money at the same time.

Our Ambassadors invest in a £198 Starter Kit which includes all the tools they need to make their business successful. That's it.
There is also no monthly subscription fee to be an Ambassador and no minimum monthly targets to meet; an Ambassador can make as many or as few sales as suits them and their lifestyle.

We are actively encouraged NOT to purchase products upfront and definitely not to carry any stock. Instead, any product sales Ambassadors make are freshly made and dispatched from our HQ in Surrey to our customers, meaning that products are freshly made to order, rather than being months or even years old (as they are when we buy from a shop) when we put them on our skin.

Another very important difference from an MLM structured business is that Ambassadors don’t get paid for recruiting other Ambassadors into their team. Our structure is heavily product focussed and Tropic have one of the most generous commission structures in the industry.

We are six years old now and in that time have won over 150 prestigious awards in the beauty industry, we are the fastest growing skincare and beauty company in the UK, we have featured 3 years running in the Sunday Times, featured in Forbes magazine, won Best Emerging Brand...but 6 years ago our founding four ambassadors had no idea the 6 products they had available to sell would grow into a multi million pound business - all of them at the beginning took a leap of faith because of something every single ambassador since has in common - we love the products and our infinite purpose - to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.

At the heart of it all, we are a carbon neutral (carbon negative in fact), vegan, cruelty free beauty company - registered at Companies House as a Beauty Company - who is reducing waste and constantly looking at ways to impact the planet (and the people on it) positively. We share the products because (a) we love them and (b) we believe in Susie’s mission to bring safe products to a wider audience. Without an advertising or marketing budget and without selling them the traditional way, this is how we do it.

So there you go, I hope that helps you understand a little bit more about this fabulous company that so many people still don't know a lot about - Tropic is clean, green, ethical and most definitely not an MLM. 😁'


💆‍♂️Don’t forget dad deserves & secretly really enjoys to look after his skin too😉.



👑🎉I am soooo looking forwards to switching my makeup over too. The way the skincare products are nurturing my skin, it’s really a no brainer💚https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=L5DeP-gbrlg

Tropic Skincare have now launched their Colour Palette - a DIY, build your own palette with over 50 products to pick from! With everything from blush to eyes...


What fun we are having whilst these wonderful nourishing products sell themselves . Anyone for a win-win? Am looking for teamies...get in☝🏽🌱😇👑💚🖐🏽🎉


💚Here’s where you will find product information, skincare & natural beauty tips , plus products to enhance your life, not just your skin🤝like this one, pure lagoon...my skin is so much clearer and am feeling so soothes. Also had zero new breakouts since I started using it🦋🎉




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WhOlistixxskincare's cover photo




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